Section 506 - "A" Agricultural District

The purpose of the Agricultural District is to promote and preserve prime agricultural land, agricultural security areas, environmentally sensitive areas, forestry, and areas of natural and historic significance and for providing uses and development as are compatible with this objective. In order to regulate a direct adverse effect on the public health and safety, a High Density Agricultural district has also been established for certain uses.

A. Permitted Uses
1. Agriculture.
2. Horticulture.
3. Animal Husbandry.
4. Forestry and Selective Timbering.
5. Stables.
6. Hatcheries.
7. Greenhouses.
8. Nurseries.
9. Sales of "Home Grown" Products.
10. One-Family Residences.
11. Uses Permitted in a Conservancy District(s).

B. Accessory Uses
As permitted in the R-1 One-Family Residential District.

C. Uses By Special Exception
Home Occupations as permitted in Section 905.

D. Non-Permitted Uses
Telecommunications Towers and Antennas.

Based upon the consideration of the following factors, including, but not limited to, prevailing wind, topography, paths of odors during thermal inversion, obstructions in the path of exhausted air, visibility of the operation, special protection waters, water resources, soils suitability, local and regional transportation infrastructure, areas for application of manure, agricultural security areas, and effect/affect on adjoining lands/people, and as a result of the extensive undermining of the township by the bituminous mining industry, the offensive odors/noxious fumes and/or noise emitted and/or generated by certain processes, operations and/or businesses, and the desire of the township to protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the township through community planning efforts, the following Uses are determined to be Non-Permitted Uses in this District:

1. Surface Mining.
2. Mobile Home Parks.
3. Commercial Uses.
4. Industrial Uses.
5. See also Section 410 - General Conditions.

E. Setback
All setbacks - 50 feet.

F. Height
1. Maximum height of one-family dwellings thirty-five (35) feet.
Maximum height of agricultural structures sixty (60) feet or seventy-five (75) feet for farm silos.

G. Lot Area
The minimum lot area for every building hereafter erected or altered shall be two (2)acres for residential dwellings, and a total of five (5) acres for all non residential buildings.

H. Percentage of Lot Coverage
As permitted in R-1 One-Family Residential District.

I. Dwelling Standards As permitted in R-1 One-Family Residential District.

J. Off-Street Parking and Loading Facilities
Shall be provided as required in this ordinance.

K. Special Conditions
No building or structure shall be erected upon slopes in excess of 25% grade unless the architectural design conforms to the landscape in a manner minimizing site preparation and excavation work.

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