Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Jackson Township
Brownie Troop # 40913

New Brownie Troop # 40913  was formed in Jackson Township met for the first time on October 6th.  Glenna Ditchcreek is the leader and Ginny Hockensmith is the Assistant Leader.  They are meeting twice a month, every other Tuesday from 6:00 - 7:30 pm.  Since the troop is new and many of the girls were new to scouting so they decided to work on the Brownie "Girl Scout Ways" Try-It Badge.


Being a Girl Scout makes you a part of a very special group of people!  The Girl Scout Ways Badge has many activities that show some of the things that Girl Scouts from all over the world know.  The girls were introduced to "The Girl Scout Promise" and to help them learn it in a fun way - they worked in groups to put together a puzzle showing the words to the Promise.  The group getting the puzzle together first, then had to read the Girl Scout Law out loud to the rest of the group.  The competition was fierce but fun!  What great teamwork for a new group of girls!
The girls were taught the Girl Scout Sign and the Quiet Sign.  They learned some characteristics of a Brownie Girl Scout (and all Girl Scouts for that matter) - Friendly and helpful, to be considerate and caring and to respect authority.  They made two friendship bracelets - one for themselves and one to give to a friend.  Glenna read them "The Brownie Story" which was a tale told at the beginning of Brownie Girl Scouting in 1926.  Each scout was given an action to go along with the story - such as when the word "Granny" was read - a designated scout would raise her arms and say "Oh My!" or when the word Brownie was read, another scout would give the Girl Scout Sign and say "Be Prepared" (the Girl Scout Motto).  There sure was a lot of giggling going on!  They learned the "Brownie Smile Song" and for a snack had apples cut in the shape of a "Brownie Smile" with peanut butter.  To close their meeting, the group was joined by Adrianne Kuhar, a Cadette Scout from Troop 40937.  She helped the new scouts to join hands for the Friendship Circle and the Friendship Squeeze.  The finale was a double chorus of the song "Make New Friends but Keep the Old" and joining hands to form the Friendship Circle where each girl made a wish and squeezed the hand of her nearby friend until it traveled the entire circle.


As a Brownie, a girl will have hundreds of chances to learn new things, make new friends and find out what is important to her.  Girl Scouts have the opportunity to learn about their community and their country and to make the world a better place. All girls are welcome to join in Girl Scouting.  There are many adult opportunities available as well. All current available troops for the Jackson Township Area are listed on the township website www.jacksontwppa.com/organizations.htm or interested parties may contact the Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania Johnstown Office at 814-536-5371.

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