Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Girl Scout Troop 40937
Paper Drive - September 12, 2009


Girl Scout Troop 40937 held a paper drive on Saturday, September 12th which turned out very successful!  All papers were deposited in the Cambria County Solid Waste Authority newspaper bin for recycling.

Advertising the "Drive"

They should see this sign!

Let's fill this baby up

This is a good start

Newspapers anyone?

Manning the Bin

Smile girls!

More papers. . . .

Keep em comin!


Paper Drive Headquarters

This way people

It's filling up

That's alotta papers!


Way to go girls.

Newspaper bin filling up

I got it

Good work

Normal look

Crazy look

How's this one?

Holding down the fort

Finishing up the day

Box girl

How many girls can fit under a box?

Look what I can do!


     If you saw a  trailer of “Big Blue Bins”  at the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Mundy’s Corner over the weekend, the Cadette Girl Scout Troop #40937 was holding a Newspaper Recycling Drive from 9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon on Saturday, September 12, 2009.  You may have also seen flyers and posters donning our community. 

     Our Cadette Troop has been working on their “Eco-Action” Patch by participating in several community service projects and being exposed to educational programs on recycling, reducing and reusing.  We started the year with making bird houses and having discussions on what they and their families could do to be more environmentally aware.  Dan Lovrich and Jennifer Flowers, from the Greater Johnstown Water Authority came to our meetings and discussed water conservation and preservation with us.  They were amazed with the knowledge our girls already had on the subject. Our troop then had to vote on a community service project that would help our local environment.  Knowing how motivated our girls are in this area, it was no surprise when they voted to do two projects.  In the spring, we walked and cleaned a portion of the Ghost Town Trail near the Nanty Glo entrance.  We collected approximately eight bags of trash during that event. They also voted to hold a Newspaper Recycling Drive.  Not only did they want to recycle newspapers but they wanted to make the community aware that recycling is good for our earth and that we have recycling bins located within our own township and surrounding areas. 

     With the help of Dave Hirko, Township Manager, we had flyers made, which the girls posted at many of the local businesses.  They gave the flyers to everyone they came in contact with - family, friends, neighbors.  The information was posted on the Jackson Township Website, local church bulletins, in libraries and newspapers.  Information was sent home from many of our area schools.  The troop was very creative in making posters and getting the word out into the community.  We passed out approximately 450 flyers. 

     Tim Dull, the Educational Coordinator, with the Cambria County Solid Waste Authority, helped us to reach our goals.  Over the years, he has worked with our local schools and my troop, teaching recycling and helping students make good choices for caring for our environment.  As the troop leader, I talked with him several times on coordinating our event.  He was instrumental in getting Mike Lieb to deliver recycling bins for our troops use.  Not only did we want to recycle newspapers, but we wanted to get the word out, we want people to continue to recycle!  Tim provided a handout that the scouts could give to those who brought us newspapers. This flyer held all the information on what can be recycled and where the “Blue Bins” are located within our communities.  Because he is so dedicated and believes in this cause, he made a surprise visit to our event, further encouraging and motivating our troop to continue “Taking Care of our World”.

     As for the day of the event, though the sky was overcast and we thought it would rain at any time, the weather could not have dampened the spirits of our scout troop.  The girls were so excited when they arrived at the church parking lot and saw that “Big Blue Bins” were delivered for our project.  They checked those things out from top to bottom.  It’s one thing to unload papers from the cars of your family (they have to support you and your projects) but when people from throughout our community started arriving with bags, boxes and trunks full of newspapers - I think the girls were amazed by the support that was given to them.   They couldn’t wait to unload the vehicles and pass out the reminder flyers to the drivers.  They were all very friendly and talkative to the contributors.  (I’m sure some contributors were overwhelmed with the rush of scouts as they parked their cars and opened their doors - they were met with 4-5 scouts all wanting to take their donations of papers!) 

     Because of the involvement of our family, friends, area businesses and community, we feel our paper drive was a success.  We were able to fill approximately  a bin and a half with newspapers.   What a great opportunity for our scout troop.  They have learned about caring for our local area of the Earth, they had to work together to have a successful  event, they saw that they are not alone out there, they had the support of their families, friends, area businesses, and the community and they had a fun time doing it!  We can all do a little something to care for our planet - by working together, we will succeed!

In all, the newspaper bins were filled to capacity and at least half full a second time. Congratulations on a job well done!


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