Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Girl Scout Troop 40937
Ghost Town Trail Clean-Up
May 5, 2009


On Tuesday, May 5th, 2009, the Mundys Corner Cadette Girl Scout Troop 40937 finally got their chance to clean up a portion of the Ghost Town Trail in Nanty Glo.  Prior attempts to do the clean up didn't work out due to weather, a snow storm and then a night of rain and hail.  Despite starting to rain at 5:00 pm again, we decided that we were "going for it" and as the parents called to see if we were still on, they were told to just dress for the weather  - rain gear, boots, snow pants or whatever they needed!  They met behind the Nanty Glo Fire Company in the pouring rain but by the time they started down the trail, it was reduced to a drizzle.  Soon the rain ended completely!  The scouts tramped through the wet weeds and brush to collect 8 bags of trash including a tennis shoe, deflated basketball, towel, pillow case, hose, tent, cans, bottles and papers.  The girls were all over the place looking for trash to clean up.  They walked approximately a mile down the trail and back.  Other than wet muddy feet and damp hair on all, the only other casualty was Adrianne Kuhar who lost a boot in the wet, dark swampy muck!  The other girls just pulled her out and then rescued the boot and kept on cleaning.

Weather didn't dampen these girls spirits!

Bags still empty. . let's get started!

We're ready!

I found some trash.

Enough with the pictures already!

I see some stuff down here.

They split into two groups and when they met up at the end there was lots of chatter, "We found this", "Did you see that?", "What did you get?"  It was amazing to see these girls get so excited over the trash they found and cleaned up!  This was their second time cleaning the trail.  They cleaned the same portion about 2 years ago when the Scouts were Juniors and asked what Service Project they wanted to do.  Their response was "Clean the Trail" so they went at it again.  They also voted to do a Newspaper Recycling Collection Day in the Township so plans are being made for that as well.  These "green" service projects are part of their requirements to earn their "Eco-Action Interest Project Patch".  Cadette Interest Project Patch requirements are much more involved and time consuming to earn than patches from some of the younger age groups.  As the girls get older, more planning and participation on their part is needed.  Troop 40937 has been very dedicated this year.

This isn't an easy job to do.

Garbage pickin in the brush.

Tryin to avoid the water.

This sure is a dirty job but somebody gotta do it!

Apple Blossoms on the Trail.

Nature's beauty all along the way.

In keeping with the "Three R's" - reduce, reuse and recycle, hopefully they have helped to "reduce" at least some of the waste that people leave when they use the trails.  If they see and hear that groups such as Troop 40937 are out there, maybe they will care and wait until they find a trash can to throw away their garbage instead of using the trail.  Troop 40937's desire is to keep nature areas and trails clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Wow. . .it will be great to get this thing out of here.

What is it and how did it get here?

Lots of garbage cleaned up!

What are you lookin at?

All in a good days work.

Group picture everyone!

Proud to help out.


Having a well deserved pizza outing at Al's!

Smile perty!

Great job girls!

For all of their hard work, the Scouts were treated to pizza at Al's Pizza in Nanty Glo.  Al is amazed each time they clean the Trail at the amount of trash they actually find.  He like many people who use the Trail have thanked them for their work and caring.  Carol Kuhar, Troop 40937 Leader thinks she has the best Troop of girls and she is always so proud of them for working together as a team to accomplish goals at each meeting or event.


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