Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania


Jackson Heritage Festival
5K Race - Run & Walk Event - 2011
Click here for Official 5K Race Results

Officer Phil & son

Jackson Twp. Police on hand

Officers Kristy Vaught & Jeremy Freoni (Superman)

Over 130 taking part in the 1st ever 5K Run / Walk Race

Discussing the upcoming race

The crowd assembles

And they're off!

The runners lead the way!

Here they come!

And then the walkers are off

Runners going up Adams Ave. and then to Rose Branch Street

Great morning for exercise!

Even babies are in the race

Officers Freoni, K. Vaught & P. Vaught

Runners coming down Adams over the finish line

Professional timing services were used for exact times

Almost there!

Is that a young boy with a blue bucket on his head?

Congratulations to all
those who completed the
race!  See you next year!


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