Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

 Trick or Treat
Photo Gallery - 2011

Trick or Treat night was held on Thursday, October 27th from 6 to 8 pm and the children and young-at-heart were out in full force collecting their goodies!  Here's some photos taken at during the night  at several locations including the municipal building where free treats were given out to those stopping by.

It's Elvis performing in front of the Fire Hall!

Destiny is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

Cookie Monster!

Pretty Little Witch


A Little Angel on Adams Avenue by Fire Hall

Army Guy

Cute Blue Monster


Cowgirl & ??

Very Scary!

Arrgh. . I'm a Pirate!

Trick or Treating at Vinco Pizza

This light makes me look more scary!

How's this pose?

Is this better?

Making our way through the neighborhood

The Gang

We're ready to go!

Check out these costumes!  What do you think Bart?

Do you think our buckets are big enough?

Who says Trick or Treat is just for kids?

The Devlin family ready to go!

Can we go yet?

First Trick or Treaters at Municipal Building

Thanks for the candy!

You never know what you'll see next!

Flower Children a Transformer

Poncho & Barbie!

Aren't I cute?

The kids keep on comin!

Give us our candy!


Where's the candy!

Another group of Treaters arrive

We're here!

Family Affair

How's this girls?

We love Trick or Treat!

More coming through the door


Oh my. . it's a French's Mustard!



Fun for all ages

More kiddos

A Fox Racer & Mr. M & M

A Cute Lil Elephant

Now. .this is the way to Trick or Treat

Guess who?


How do I do this Halloween stuff?

A Happy Witch


Even a little rain won't stop the Treaters





The Jester

Clowning Around

Yummy. . . candy!

Is this scary enough?

Dorothy arrives at the Mun. Building

Coreigh as Snow White

I think I forget my candy bag

Pap Pap & Coreigh

Halloween Decoratings greet Trick or Treaters

Any candy left?

Pretty Little Dancer

Mark, John & Bruce dressed as Twp. Supervisors

Let us in!


2 more with a Domino!

Wait a minute!

Thomas Tank Engine

Treats for everyone!

Scooby Dooby Do


Is this the candy store?

Fun for everyone!

Let's take a break

Three more treats please!


Spiderman & Pirate

Two cute little pirates!


The Line Up

Brad and his little green monster

Yes. . I am dressed as a baby watermelon!


Cat Woman & Batman

Howdy Pardners


Little Chick

Trick or Treat Trio

More just keep on coming!

Who let the dawgs out?

Do you like my skeleton costume?
Pretty Witch

Little Zoe & Tina

The Jester & Snow White

Little Goldfish

Snow White!

If you have any Trick or Treat night photos to share, contact the Township Office at 749-0725 or send an email to office@jacksontwppa.com   Hope everyone had a good time and see ya'll next year!

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