Section 504 - "I" Industrial District

The "I" Industrial District is intended to permit and encourage industrial development that will be so located and designed as to constitute a harmonious and appropriate part of the physical development of the Township, contribute to the soundness of the economic base of the Township, provide opportunities for local employment close to residential areas, thus reducing travel to and from work, and otherwise further the purposes set forth in the initial paragraphs of this Ordinance. The limitations on use, height, and lot coverage are intended to provide for modern light industrial development in an urban environment. Residential and general commercial uses are considered not compatible and are prohibited, as well as any use which would substantially interfere with the development or continuation of the industrial uses and structures in the district.

A. Permitted Uses
In this district, the land and structures may be used, and structures may be erected, altered, enlarged and maintained for light industrial uses listed hereunder, provided:
- No explosive materials or processes are involved.
- No smoke, fumes, odor, dust, noise, vibrations or glaring light is noticeable from outside any lot in this district.
- The use is not offensive by reason of emission of refuse matter or water-carried waste.
- There may be retail sale of products on the premises, when such sale is clearly incidental to the permitted industrial use.

Various light industrial and distributive uses including fabricating, assembly, storage, parking and other space uses incidental to the following:
1. Food and kindred products.
2. Apparel and other products.
3. Lumber and wood products.
4. Storage Yards.
5. Furniture and Fixtures.
6. Paper and allied products.
7. Printing and publishing.
8. Plastic materials and synthetics.
9. Miscellaneous petroleum and coal products.
10. Leather and leather products.
11. Stone, clay and glass products.
12. Fabricated Metal products.
13. Forestry.
14. Non-electrical machinery.
15. Electrical equipment.
16. Transportation equipment.
17. Trucking and warehousing.
18. Wholesale trade.
Any other compatible type of light industrial use not specifically listed herein when authorized by the Zoning Hearing Board.

B. Accessory Uses

1. A single mobile home used as a dwelling for a watchman of an industry on same site provided lot size is two (2) acres or more and mobile home is connected to public water and either public sewers or approved on-lot system. The minimum floor area shall be four hundred (400) square feet and shall not exceed seven hundred (700) square feet.

2. Accessory use of building customarily incidental to the above uses and as regulated by this Ordinance.

C. Use by Special Exception
1. Junk yards as permitted in Section 906.
2. Surface Mining as permitted in Section 907.
3. Telecommunications Towers and Antennas as permitted in Section 909.
Mine portals and related facilities.

D. Non-Permitted Uses - Based upon the consideration of the following factors, including, but not limited to prevailing wind, topography, paths of odors during thermal inversion, obstructions in the patch of exhausted air, visibility of the operation, special protection waters, water resources, soils suitability local and regional transportation infrastructure, areas for application of manure, agricultural security areas, and effect/affect on adjoining lands/people, and as a result of the extensive undermining of the township by the bituminous mining industry, the offensive odors/noxious fumes and/or noise emitted and/or generated by certain processes, operations and/or businesses, and the desire of the township to protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the township through community planning efforts, the following Uses are determined to be Non-Permitted Uses in this District:
1. Farming.
2. Residential dwellings.
3. Commercial establishments.
4. See also Section 410 - General Conditions.

E. Set Back
No building or structure shall be erected or enlarged unless the minimum yard areas and setbacks are provided as follows:
1. Front Yard - seventy-five (75) feet.
2. Side - twenty-five (25) feet.
3. Rear - fifty (50) feet.
If proposed structure is to be adjacent to a Residential District, a buffer area of ten (l0) feet shall be added to the aforementioned setback adjacent to that Residential District.
For construction of a new structure adjacent to a railroad, no setback standards are required.

F. Height
The maximum height of buildings hereafter erected or altered shall be as follows:
All buildings shall be a maximum of forty-five (45) feet or three (3) stories
The height of any accessory apparatus for newly erected or altered buildings shall not exceed seventy-five (75) feet.

G. Lot Area
The minimum lot area for all industrial buildings hereafter erected or altered shall be one (1) acre with a minimum width at building line of one hundred fifty (150 feet).

H. Percentage of Lot Coverage
The building area shall not exceed forty (40) percent of the lot area and no more than twenty-five percent (25%) shall be used (excluding the building area) for paving.

I. Off-Street Parking and Loading Facilities
All parking shall be provided as required in this Ordinance.

1. Signs
Shall be provided as required in this Ordinance.

2. Special Conditions
In addition to the site plan requirements under Article IV, any other authority approval required, when applicable, such as Department of Health, PennDOT, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Labor and Industry, and similar organizations shall be obtained before applying for zoning approval or an occupancy permit. Said authorizations shall accompany plans at the time they are submitted to the Township for review.

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