February 26, 2009


The Jackson Township Supervisors held their regular meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the Jackson Township Municipal Building. Members present were Supervisors Dave Bracken, Bruce Baker and John Wallet along with Secretary-Treasurer / Manager Dave Hirko and Solicitor Bill Barbin. The meeting was called to order by Bruce Baker, Chairman with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Board Roll Call was taken with all three Supervisors present.

Executive Sessions:

Public Comments Concerning Agenda Items:

Wallet, second Bracken to approve the minutes of the Board of Supervisors Meetings held on January 29, 2009 and February 12, 2009. Vote-3 yes.

Township Financial Report:







$        9,895.02

$ 217,222.87

$     223,258.98

$       3,858.91


$  1,447,453.09

$  13,687.43

$     144,516.64

$ 1,316,623.88


$          895.32

$           .90

$                .00

$         896.22


$      29,521.00

$    2,646.38

$         2,766.14

$     29,401.24


$      62,264.74

$        62.79

$                .00

$     62,327.53

Bracken, second Wallet to approve the bills for the period of January 30, 2009 through February 26, 2009. Vote-3 yes.

General Fund

Highway Aid Fund

Senior Center Fund

$     223,258.98

$          .00

$       2,766.14

Township Police Report
The January, 2009 Police Report submitted by Police Chief Bob Fatula was presented. The figures for January, 2009 were as follows: 911 Calls dispatched to Police: 216 Reportable Part I Crimes: 3 broken down as follows: Larceny-3 and Burglaries-1. Reportable Part II Crimes: 11 broken down as follows: DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-4, Stolen Property-3, Disorderly Conduct-1 and all others-3. Calls Resulting in Cases: 10, Total Arrestees: 5, Total Suspects: 2, Total Victims: 7, DUI Arrests: 3, Traffic Citations: 16, Non-Traffic Citations: 0, Total Warnings: 0.

Notification of Traffic Control Signs Placed Per Ordinance # 139:
Chairman Baker
announced, new stop signs placed at both ends of Pine Lock Street.

Manager Hirko
said, we received a letter from the East Taylor-Jackson Little League Boosters and they are asking for our annual donation of $1,500.00 to support the 2009 Season. They are the largest sports league that we have in the Township.

Old Business:

New Business:
Larry Custer
of the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority said, Iíd like to update the Supervisors on two of the projects that are ongoing here in the Township and also Iím requesting that the Supervisors consider filing the application for the 2009 Community Development Block Grant Program. Yesterday, we held pre-job conferences with Lumadue Excavating of West Decatur. Lumadue was the successful bidder on the Chickaree Hill Road water extension and was also the successful bidder for the Loraine Road sanitary sewer system extension. The contract for Chickaree Hill Road was about $325,000. The contract for Loraine Road was $145,000. All of these activities are being paid for with prior Community Development Block Grant Program monies including the competitive grant which the Township received in 2006. We did hold our pre-job conferences. The work on Chickaree Hill will begin in about 2 weeks. The work on Loraine Road will begin about May 1 1st when the contractorís done with Chickaree Hill. Iíve given Dave all the documents and heís keeping his file cabinet full of my correspondence. What I am asking the Board to do tonight is to pass a resolution for the 2009 Community Development Block Grant Program. We held the two public hearings. We had a few people, in addition to the Supervisors, show up at the public hearings and I believe the consensus of everyone was to continue with the sanitary sewer improvements for Loraine Road so thatís what we propose to do. This Contract when it was first awarded were the 2007-2008 monies. What weíll probably have to do is combine the 2009-2010 monies to get the next extension which should bring us close to the Fords Corner Road intersection.

Motion Bracken, second Wallet to approve Resolution # 02-09 to approve use of 2009 CDBG Funds for Loraine Road Sewer Project. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Wallet, second Bracken to authorize the submission of the PennDOT application for 2009 County Aid for road projects. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Wallet, second Bracken to approve Land Exchange Agreement with the Pennsylvania DCNR for the Jackson Township Business Park Project. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Bracken, second Wallet to award bid to Amark Environmental for Asbestos Removal at the NAPA Building in the amount of $4,800.00 pending receipt of a signed contract. Vote-3 yes.



Amount of Bid

Bristol Environmental

$         11,900.00

ATI Air Technology

$         10,470.00

Shade Environmental

$           9,675.00

R. L. Abatement

$           8,999.00

American Contracting Ent.

$           5,242.00

Flagship PDG

$           4,950.00

Amark Environmental

$          4,800.00

Motion Bracken, second Wallet to approve Capital Reserve Fund bill list for the period of January 29, 2009 through February 26, 2009 and transfer $ 144,516.64 from the Capital Reserve Fund to the General Fund. Vote-3 yes.



Purchase Detail


Air-Vac Inc.

Crack Sealing Machine

$   45,871.68

BCI Floor Specialists

New Flooring at Sr. Center Building

$   42,391.00

American Rock Salt

Rock Salt

$   11,519.43

Jackson Township General Fund

February 10th Payroll

$   10,000.00

Hegemann & Wray Engineering

Swigle Mountain Road Water Project

$   10,000.00

New Enterprise Stone & Lime


$     6,540.75

Luther P. Miller

Fuel & Heating Oil

$     6,284.72

R. L. Asbestos

Senior Center Asbestos Abatement

$     5,670.55

Ebensburg Office Supply

2 Fireproof Filing Cabinets

$     3,988.51

Richard Sutter & Associates

Planning & Consulting Work

$     2,250.00




Motion Wallet, second Bracken to authorize the advertising of bids for Heating Oil, Premium Unleaded Gas, Regular Unleaded Gas and Diesel Fuel. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Wallet, second Bracken to approve annual contribution to the East Taylor-Jackson Little League for $1500.00. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Bracken, second Wallet to hire Attorney Thomas Swope Jr. as special council at the rate of $125.00 per hour to represent Jackson Township at the upcoming Zoning Hearing where the Greater Johnstown Water Authority will seek a variance to erect a windmill test tower. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Wallet, second Bracken to authorize Solicitor to prepare and advertise an Adult Violent Sexual Offender Ordinance for Jackson Township. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Bracken, second Wallet on approving the time sheets from January 25, 2009 through February 7, 2009 and February 8, 2009 through February 21, 2009. Vote-3 yes.

Other New Business:

Public Comments:
Steve Yurasek said, I donít know if any of you went by on Adams Avenue there at the bottom of Devlinís Hill but when we had that heavy rainstorm, the pipe was full and it was coming out on the road. Well, that wouldnít be no significant thing but now you got a pumping station below there. If it washes that pumping station out, youíre gonna dump it right in and down into the reservoir. When Warren Oil tried to get a variance to put tanks in, it was quite an expensive ordeal. . they were concerned with the reservoir. . . . well here. . youíre a lot closer to the reservoir and if you dump the sewage right in the reservoir which will happen if it washes the pumping station out and why somebody wouldnít have proposed putting a bigger culvert in and carry the culvert just a little bit below the pumping station with the water. . .you wouldnít have that possibility. I mean. . the sewage guys worked their hearts out down there and Mr. Burkey can verify that down there by the pumping station by my antique store. They kept Kamzik busy just hauling the stuff away because they couldnít handle the water so what happens if you get two disasters at the same time? You only got two employees. What are you gonna do? I mean. . .wouldnít it be cheaper to put a pipe in under the road. . . a bigger pipe and even if you have to raise the road a little bit in that dip. . . you could be sure that itís not gonna wash out your pumping station. Supervisor Bracken said, well the State come down and looked at that one time and said why should they put a bigger pipe in when somebody put a 36" inch pipe right below it. Yurasek replied, Iím not talking about my place. . .Iím talking about the bottom of Devlinís Hill. My place. . I ainít worried about that. Iím concerned with the water thatís right above the reservoir there . . right on the Smith property down on the corner. . .we got a pumping station. . .theyíre puttin it in now. . . finishing up. Chairman Baker said, the Sewer Authorityís engineer designed that and DEP approved the permit. Yurasek said, in other words, it doesnít matter if it happens. Supervisor Wallet said, I think itís something worth keeping our eye on. . I know where youíre coming from. Yurasek asked, what about this heavy rain? Believe it or not, the same incident happened. . in fact. . John. . you may have worked in the thing down there in Bedford at Hydnman. You may have worked on the one at the river wall there where the stone gave in. . . I was working down by the sewer plant. Exactly the same thing happened there because they didnít carry the culvert. . the water ended up in half the town. You know. . an ounce of prevention. . . Baker said, the other night when the engineer was here said all the planning is for a 100 year flood. Guess what we had here recently?. . .a 200 year range. Clair Michaels said, we had a 500 year one just a little over 30 years ago. Baker said, so you plan for 100. . .even if you put a 36" in. . . should you put a 48" in? Hind sight is 20/20. Dick McDowell added, Iíve lived in that area for a good while and seen it overflow many times in there and I agree with what heís saying. It would be a good idea to increase the size of that pipe and extend it past that pump station. Michaels said, one other question. . if that floods that out, is there gonna be raw sewage runnin in that reservoir? Whoís gonna be responsible for it?. . the Township. . .Sewage. . or both of them? Wallet said, if it floods that out, youíre talking about tippin the whole unit over and it would take a lot. . but thatís not to say it canít happen. George Burkey said, thereís a stream across from Sheetz and when that overflows then it starts it all. It goes from that pump station to the next one to the next one. Wallet asked, arenít they sealed? Burkey replied, yeah and we had them all sealed up again but what can you do when thereís all that water. When thereís a flood, thereís a flood and you canít help it. Yurasek said, John. .you know a tank. . I donít care how heavy a concrete tank is. . itís like a battleship in the ocean. . . when it starts to float, itís comin out. McDowell said, they put a lot of fill material around that big manhole too where that pump station is and it could wash out real easy. Baker said, weíll take a look at it. Wallet added, point well taken.

Chairman Baker
announced, The Board of Supervisors next regularly scheduled meetings will be held on Thursday, March 12, 2009 at 8:00 AM and Thursday, March 26, 2009 at 7:00 pm at the Jackson Township Municipal Building.

Wallet, second Bracken to adjourn the meeting at 7:16 pm. Vote-3 yes.

Respectfully submitted,
David M. Hirko, Secretary