March 28, 2002

The Jackson Township Supervisors held their regular meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the municipal building. Members present were David Bracken, Dowey Croyle, Bob Stephens, Dave Hirko and George Gvozdich. The meeting was called to order by David Bracken, Chairman, with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Public Comments:
Don Knopsnyder - Asked how much the ongoing lawsuits and litigation was costing Jackson Twp. taxpayers. He also asked the township to consider equalizing the three voting precincts or making two larger precincts, one being either Pike Grace Brethren Church or St. John Vianneys Church where there is plenty of off-street parking.

Betty Lou Shoup - Commented that any voting precinct must be handicapped accessible.

Eugene Kist - Asked when the township will be prepared to buy non-conforming properties that don't comply with the zoning ordinance. He also questioned what all the bills were at the township.

Steve Yurasek - Commented that the current sewage system was not designed for multiple family or industrial capacity and questioned who would pay for increasing the capacity. He also commented about the "rock dump" at the top of Pergim Hill being zoned agricultural.

Bruce Baker - Stated that he didn't agree with Penn State's information on the "rock dump" Steve Yurasek was referring to.

William Michaels - Spoke on his opposition to the Zoning Ordinance.

Robert Benedict - Questioned building that was being constructed on Route 271 in front of Tee Time and stated that he felt it was not on solid ground. He also asked where the Connectiv Power Plant was being built in the township.

Eugene Kist - Questioned whether the Zoning Ordinance would permit Coal Burning Power Plants.
Clair Michaels - Questioned if Pike Grace Brethren Church was handicapped accessible.
Ed Westrick - Asked if Bethlehem was re-opening Mine 38 on Swigle Mountain Road.

Business Meeting:
Motion Croyle, Second Bracken, to approve the minutes of the previous meeting, Vote - 3 yes

Township Reports:
General Fund - 3/1/02 - $ 41,564.25; Receipts of $ 43,966.79; Disbursements of $ 41,451.91; Balance 3/28/02 - $ 44,079.13

Capital Reserve Fund - 3/1/02 - $ 506,495.35; Receipts - $ 28,492.23; Disbursements - $ 2065.00; Balance 3/28/02 - $ 532,922.58

Letter from the Cambria County Solid Waste Management Authority on illegal dumping activities.
Letter from Dowey Croyle stating he was resigning as Supervisor due to personal family concerns.

Police Chief Robert Fatula awarded Officer Chris Lytle an award for rescuing a man sleeping from a burning home on Brazil Lane. Don Ochenrider and Charlie Grove representing the Jackson Twp. Fire Company commended Officer Lytle.

Opened bids submitted for Heating Oil, Premium No Lead Gas and Diesel Fuel. Bids were received from Ebensburg Oil & Gas Company and Ashbridge Oil Company in Johnstown.

Motion Croyle, second Stephens to accept Ashbridge Oil's bid pending the township solicitors review. Vote - 3 yes.

Motion Croyle, second Bracken to re-advertise for the invitation of bids for the sale of a township truck for a second time. Vote - 3 yes.

Motion Croyle, second Stephens to accept the District Magistrates final offer to renew their lease of office space at the Jackson Township Senior Center Building. Vote - 3 yes.

Motion Croyle, second Stephens to adopt Resolution 2002-04 to make the Occupancy & Use Permit a graduated fee scale ranging form $5.00 to $25.00 based on the cost of the building project rather than the current flat fee of $25.00 Vote - 3 yes.

Motion Croyle, second Stephens to authorize the Township Clerk to apply for notary certification. Vote - 3 yes.

Motion Croyle, second Stephens to approve Minor Subdivision of Donald & Elaine Furman. Vote - 3 yes.

Discussed what to do with the Recycling Bins outside the Jackson Township Municipal Building due to people using it for garbage or dumping things that can't be recycled such as toilets, tv's, construction materials and barbed wire. Rather than removing the Recycling Bins, it was suggested that the large open lids be retro-fitted with openings similar to those at the County Recycling Bins at the Jackson Township Senior Center in Vinco.

Motion Croyle, second Stephens to investigate having the large lift doors on the recycling bins retro-fitted with openings that would only allow people to insert recyclable small items. Vote - 3 yes.

Motion Croyle, second Stephens to accept the resignation of Dowey Croyle with regret. Vote - 2 yes. Dowey Croyle abstained.

Motion Croyle, second Bracken to approve the transfer of $ 2065.00 from the Capital Reserve Fund for legal fees. Vote - Croyle & Bracken-yes - Stephens-no.

Motion Croyle, second Stephens to approve the bills from March 1st, 2002 to March 28th, 2002 - General Fund - $ 41,451.91; Senior Center Fund - $ 2143,06. Vote - 3 yes.

Motion Croyle, second Bracken to approve the time sheets for February 17th , 2002 to March 2nd, 2002 and March 3rd, 2002 to March 16th, 2002. Vote - 3 yes.

Motion Croyle, second Stephens to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 pm. Vote - 3 yes

Respectfully Submitted
David M. Hirko, Secretary