April 26, 2007

The Jackson Township Supervisors held their regular meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the Jackson Township Municipal Building. Members present were Supervisors Dave Bracken, Bruce Baker, Guy Ellenberger along with Secretary-Treasurer / Manager Dave Hirko and Solicitor Bill Barbin. The meeting was called to order by Bruce Baker, Chairman. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited earlier at a Public Hearing concerning a Zoning Amendment held at 6:45 pm just prior to the Board of Supervisors Meeting.

Board Roll Call was taken with all three Supervisors present.

Chairman Baker said, first I would like to welcome Guy for joining us. . thanks for helping us out. Iím sure everyone knows Guy. Guy has agreed to replace Mr. Stephens. Mr. Stephens is ill and not able to fill the end of his term and we thank Bob for the time he has put in.

Public Comments Concerning Agenda Items:

Bracken, second Ellenberger to approve the minutes of the Board of Supervisors Meetings held on March 29, 2007 and April 12, 2007. Vote-3 yes.

Township Financial Report:







$      25,680.36

$ 122,193.94

$   111,648.58

$         36,225.72


$ 1,534,639.08

$   75,085.05

$    32,103.90

$     1,577,620.23


$         539.14

$ 146,877.55

$             .00

$        147,416.69


$     23,012.87

$     2478.51

$      2,911.30

$         22,580.08

Bracken, second Ellenberger to approve the bills for the period of March 30, 2007 through April 26, 2007. Vote-3 yes.

  General Fund

 Highway Aid Fund

Senior Center Fund

$     111,648.58

$         .00

$        2,911.30

Township Police Report
The March, 2007 Police Report submitted by Police Chief Bob Fatula was presented. The figures for March were as follows: 911 Calls dispatched to Police: 361. Reportable Part I Crimes: 6 broken down as follows: Larceny-4 and Assaults-2. Reportable Part II Crimes: 28 broken down as follows: DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-10, Vandalism-7, Disorderly Conduct-2, Liquor Violations-2, Public Drunkenness-1, Stolen Property-1 and all others-5. Calls Resulting in Cases: 28, Total Arrestees: 14, Total Victims: 12, DUI Arrests: 10, Traffic Citations: 15, Non-Traffic Citations: 2, Total Warnings: 9.

Manager Hirko
said, we received a letter dated April 20th from the Cambria County Conservation District and the letter states that Jackson Township has been selected as a recipient of a 2007 Erosion, and Sedimentation Pollution Control Award. This award is presented because of your commitment to erosion control and environmental restoration and it really doesnít say what it is but I believe itís the Vinco Stream Bank Project and theyíd like to present this award at the Carrolltown Fire Hall on Wednesday evening, May 16, 2007. . signed Rob Piper, District Manager.

Old Business:

New Business:
Mr. Terry Shook, CPA
from Barnes, Saly & Company addressed the Supervisors on the 2006 Township Audit. Mr. Shook said, Iím a partner in the accounting firm, Barnes, Saly & Company located in Johnstown and our firm does the audit for the Township of Jackson, Cambria County and Iíve registered highlights of our Audit. I think Dave has a full copy of the Audit Report and you can certainly look at that. Our Audit field work was completed on February 10, 2007. Our Audit Report was actually completed and done on February 26 and all those things were submitted properly to the DCED at that time. The Audit Report expressed a clean opinion of the financial statements. . that means the numbers. . .as you seen, we found no problems with them. . we found them to be presented in accordance with general accepted accounting principles. We encountered no problems during our Audit. . . we did not identify any unusual transactions in everything we looked at and there were no disagreements with management or Township on any accounting or auditing matters. Basically what weíre saying is based upon our Audit, everything we saw looks clean plus a clean opinion of all those statements. Iíd like to explain a little about the financial highlights of the year 2006. . .the cash balances at that time were just recently updated on what they are now. About this time for the year 2006, total revenues were 2.6 million. . total expenses were roughly 2.4 million which left revenue over expenses for the full year of $278,444. . .revenue over expenses. Also in our presentation on the front page, there are 2 little graph presentations. . on the first one it shows a breakdown of revenues for 2006 and where the money came from. . the 2.6 came from. Roughly 20% of that comes from taxes, $529,000., another 2% from permits, 1% from fines. . the Landfill actually contributes 27% of all that total which is $710,000. State funds provide about $215,000. or 8%. . .miscellaneous sources. . another 6%. . .transfers between funds is roughly 36% of all the incoming money but thereís corresponding outflow on the other graph that shows whatís going out of other funds versus into other funds. Expenses for 2006 again total 2.4 million dollars roughly. General Fund. . general operations of the Township account for 8% of that total. . $194,000. Public Safety was $370,000. or 16% of the total. . . .Streets, Highways, Roads. . 19% or $450,000. and Recreation, Miscellaneous and Transfers in and out. . you can see those as well. The second page real briefly shows the change in revenue growth over the last 3 years 2004, 05, 06 and between those categories, the Landfill, State Fund, Fines, Permits, Taxes. . what the relationship has been the last couple of years. . what has gone up. . what has gone down. . . and the same for expenses over the past three years and the change in those expense classifications the last three years. . . and at the bottom are two graph presentations on taxes and where that moneyís coming from and how itís changed during the last 3 years. You had a total tax revenue of $529,000. in 2006. . 65% came from Earned Income Taxes as per 1% assessment. Real Estate Taxes accounted for 29% and other sources, other taxes. . . Transfer Taxes were the biggest item there accounted for 6% of all tax revenue. . . and again for the last 4 years and how those amounts have changed. As you can see the last 4 years, Real Estate Taxes have kind of maintained a steady. . .it growing but maintaining a steady pace. Earned Income Tax experienced a pretty good increase in Earned Income Tax Revenue. .roughly $40,000. over the prior year. Thatís kind of the summary from our Audit Reports

Motion Bracken, second Ellenberger to approve subdivision of Ed and Bonnie Nischalke. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Ellenberger, second Bracken to accept resignation of Mark Westrick as a part-time Police Officer for Jackson Township. Vote-3 yes. Chairman Baker said, I would like to say weíre accepting this resignation from Mark simply out of respect for him. I am disappointed due to the fact that the Department was not able to work out a schedule that was accommodating to him, but I do vote yes.

Motion Ellenberger, second Bracken to adopt Ordinance # 149 amending Zoning Ordinance # 118 to cover various miscellaneous items. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Bracken, second Ellenberger on transferring $ 32,103.90 from the Capital Reserve Fund to the General Fund - $10,499.25 to Rayís Lawnmower for commercial grade lawnmower, $9,542.99 to American Rock Salt, $4,000.00 to Hegeman & Wray Engineers for work done on Fordís Corner Sewer Project, $3,711.66 to Naugle Insurance for April installment and $1,500.00 for contribution to East Taylor-Jackson Little League. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Ellenberger, second Bracken on approving the time sheets from March 25, 2007 through April 7, 2007 and April 8, 2007 through April 21, 2007. Vote-3 yes.

Other New Business:

Public Comments:
Steve Yurasek
said, I want to thank you for putting Mr. Ellenberger on as a temporary Supervisor. . you made a very good choice. Heís an intelligent man. Chairman Bracken answered, we believe so to.

Eugene Kist said, same comment. . .also. . do you realize. . it was just on the news this evening that thereís a robbery every 11 seconds. . whatís going on. . .itís all over the United States. Whatís anybody trying to do about it? You canít blame your Police Department. . . who will you start blaming? We have to start blaming ourselves. You go to your Courts. . they smack them on the fingers and turn them loose.

Charlotte Blough asked, is it possible that I could get a copy of the minutes of April 12th 8 am meeting here at the building? Chairman Baker answered, sure. Blough continued, and I would like to get a copy of Mr. Stephenís resignation letter. Baker replied, okay.

Chairman Baker
announced, the next Board of Supervisors next scheduled meetings will be held on Thursday, May 10, 2007 at 8:00 am and Thursday, May 31, 2007 at 7:00 pm at the Jackson Township Municipal Building.

Bracken, second Ellenberger to adjourn the meeting at 7:14 pm. Vote-3 yes.

Respectfully submitted,
David M. Hirko, Secretary