June 27, 2002

The Jackson Township Supervisors held their regular meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the municipal building. Members present were David Bracken, Bob Stephens, Bruce Baker, Dave Hirko and George Gvozdich. The meeting was called to order by David Bracken, Chairman, with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Public Comments:
Steve Yurasek - Asked if power line from Conectiv would go through the Mayer Farm. Steve also asked where the water line would cross Benshoff Hill Road. Supervisor Bracken said the power line would not cross the Mayer Farm to his knowledge and he also explained where the water line would cross.

Clair Michaels - Asked what the update was on the re-opening of the Bethlehem Mine 38? Supervisor Bracken said as far as he knew they were still drilling and progressing with the project.

Will Michaels Jr. - Asked if it was possible to get a copy of the draft minutes before the next meeting. Supervisor Bracken said when the minutes were approved, he could access them at anytime. Mr. Michaels also asked how many non-conforming properties were recorded so far under the zoning ordinance. Supervisor Bracken didn’t know the number at this time.

Ed Westrick - Asked if it was possible to get monthly reports from the Police Chief, Roadmaster and Road Foreman. Supervisor Bracken said that the records were available at anytime for Township residents to view at the office. Supervisor Stephens stated he was in favor of having monthly reports.

Will Michaels - Asked if there was any kind of contamination at the proposed ball field site on Leidy Lane in the area near the old Bethlehem Mine. Supervisor Stephens suggested putting an item on the agenda concerning this matter. Mr. Michaels also asked if any building permit was issued for Conectiv. Solicitor Gvozdich said no building permit was issued yet.

Bill Headrick - Stated that answers to questions during the public comment period should be included in the official minutes.

Bob Benedict - Asked what the permit cost would be for the proposed power plant. Supervisor Bracken said that wouldn’t be determined until Conectiv applied for a building permit.

Robert Pavic - Asked why a part of Courter Avenue isn’t paved by their residence. Solicitor Gvozdich said that the Township Supervisors never adopted that part of the road to his knowledge.

Joe Baxter - Questioned why Supervisor Stephens voted against accepting the high bid for select timbering at Mitchell Park being that Mr. Stephens previously pledged support to the recreation commission. Mr. Stephens said he voted no for possible legal reasons and stated that he did support the recreation commission and made several offers of help.

Business Meeting:
Motion Baker, second Bracken, to approve the minutes of the previous meeting, Vote - Baker & Bracken - yes, Stephens-abstained

Township Reports:
General Fund - 6/1/02 - $ 87,600.93; Receipts of $ 130,148.98; Disbursements of $63,656.69; Balance 6/27/02 - $ 154,093.22

Capital Reserve Fund - 6/1/02 - $ 629,365.83; Receipts - $ 50,385.82; Disbursements - $ 10,767.50; Balance 6/27/02 - $ 668,984.15

Letter from Miltech Energy Services, Inc. stating that they submitted a Surface Coal Mining Permit to the PA DEP. The permit is for Ebensburg Power Company to transport coal refuse from an abandoned refuse pile and use it as fuel and then transport back ash and finally reseeding the entire site.

Letter from Cambria County Association of Township Supervisors asking if the Township would be interested in finding out more about lower Health Insurance Costs. Supervisor Bracken added this item to the agenda.

Letter form Tim Davis, Secretary of the Jackson Township Zoning Board recommending a brochure similar to one used in Cambria Township to be available to anyone interested in building or buying real estate in the Township.

Motion Stephens, second Baker to approve a minor subdivision for Tom & Judith Opdenhoff with the condition that a road on the subdivision drawing be marked as private. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Baker, second Stephens to approve a minor subdivision for Shari & Mark Gillin with the condition that a Mylar copy is submitted and matches the copy that was reviewed by the Supervisors. Vote-3 yes.

Representatives Nancy Sullivan, Jon Wiese and an engineer from Conectiv Energy gave a brief presentation on the Power Plant Project off Dishong Road. Ed Westrick, Steve Yurasek, Bill Headrick, Bill Pavic, Will Michaels and Bob Benedict all asked questions concerning the project. Nancy Sullivan said that an open house would be held in the Township and advertised so all interested citizens could attend and learn more about the project.

Bill Headrick reviewed the Auditors recommendations from the 2002 audit with the Township Supervisors.

The Township Supervisors reviewed quotes received from three independent CPA firms on doing a 13 month audit from January 1, 2001 thru January 31, 2002. Supervisor Bracken said that it wasn’t necessary for an audit to be done at this time and the Supervisors could possibly be surcharged for unnecessary expense being the Township auditors already preformed this duty. It was discussed about having an independent CPA firm do the audit for the year 2002 but no action would be taken until a later date.

Motion Baker, second Stephens to add Addendum # 1 to Ordinance # 89 concerning the qualifications for the position of Township Manager. The addendum would consider years of work in the private sector instead of government only. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Bracken, second Baker to appoint Supervisor Baker to be a Township Roadmaster and an employee of the Township. Vote - Bracken & Baker-yes, Stephens-no.

Motion Stephens, second Baker to approve Resolution 02-05 revising the Zoning Permit Fee Schedule to include a 50% reduction in fees for non-profit organizations. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Baker, second Stephens to implement a Purchase Order System for Township purchases. Up to $1000 would be authorized by the Secretary-Treasurer or a Supervisor. Over $1000 would require a combination of 2 signatures from either / or the Secretary-Treasurer or Supervisor (s). Vote-3 yes.

Motion Bracken, second Baker to approve an increase of $500 to the already pledged $500 to the Jackson Township Girls Softball Association. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Baker, second Bracken to transfer $1000.00 from the Capital Reserve Fund - Donation to the Jackson Township Girls Softball League. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Baker, second Bracken to approve the bills from May 31st, 2002 to June 27th, 2002 - General Fund - $ 63,614.56; Senior Center Fund - $ 2,901.89; Highway Aid Fund - $ 15,643.70 Vote - Baker & Bracken-yes, Stephens abstained.

Motion Bracken, second Stephens to approve the time sheets for May 26th to June 8th, 2002 and for June 9th to June 22nd, 2002. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Stephens, second Bracken to contact Government agencies to see if any hazardous materials are on the Leidy Lane Ball Field site. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Stephens, second Baker to reply to the Cambria County Association of Township Supervisors expressing an interest in their investigating lower Health Insurance Costs. Vote-3 yes.

The Supervisors went into Executive Session to discuss compensation for the Zoning Officer.

Motion Stephens, second Baker to set an hourly wage of $10.00 per hour for preforming work beyond the normal scope of duty and also a maximum of $2500.00 per month in combined permit fees income and wages in any given month. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Stephens, second Baker to adjourn the meeting at 10:00 pm. Vote-3 yes.