June 30, 2005

The Jackson Township Supervisors held their regular meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the Jackson Township Municipal Building. Members present were Supervisors Dave Bracken, Bob Stephens and Bruce Baker along with Secretary-Treasurer / Manager Dave Hirko and Solicitor Bill Barbin. The meeting was called to order by Dave Bracken, Chairman with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Board Roll Call was taken with all three Supervisors present.

Executive Sessions Held:
Chairman Bracken
announced that an executive session was held on Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 8:00 am to discuss Police personnel matters and an an additional executive session was held on Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 9:00 am with JETSA (Jackson-East Taylor Sewer Authority) to discuss possible litigation matters. Supervisor Stephens added that it should be added that when meeting with JETSA we discussed a possible loan.

Public Comments Concerning Agenda Items:
Clair Michaels
commented on the request for the Fire Company to have alcohol at the Township ballfields. He asked whoís insurance is going to cover it if somebody gets hurt. You got to have liability insurance on that. Solicitor Barbin said I would suggest two conditions, one that we be named as additional insured on the Fire Companyís insurance policy and secondly that they also pay the wages for a policeman to be present the entire time that alcohol is being served. Clair Michaels asked, could they take out a separate insurance for that week. Barbin replied, thatís generally how they do it. I think you buy event insurance for alcohol purpose. Chairman Bracken said the Fire Company also has trained servers and they are permitted to have alcohol at 24 events a year. Will Michaels said I didnít know that. Barbin said he was going to recommend that we require those two conditions. Will Michaels said I donít see where they should have to pay for a policeman. Barbin said you never know with alcohol. At least nothing can get too far out of hand if thereís a policeman. Will Michaels asked whoís going to pay for the policeman. Barbin replied the Fire Company. Will Michaels said why not the Township and just have them there. Clair Michaels said theyíre on the payroll and you can just use them for that. Barbin said Iím just saying thatís how they do that in Conemaugh Township, Somerset County where they have Greenhouse Park. Alcohol is served there but they require the people having the alcohol to pay for a policeman to be there. Nothing can get too far out of hand with a policeman there. Will Michaels said I agree with that but I think the Township ought to pay for it. Barbin said thatís just a policy matter.

Betty Lou Shoup asked if the loan was going to be discussed tonight that Mr. Stephens had mentioned. Supervisor Stephens said no. Supervisor Baker said maybe. Solicitor Barbin said if it is, there will be public comment first as soon as the motion is made.

Motion Baker, second Bracken to approve the minutes of the May 26, 2005 and June 9, 2005 Board of Supervisors meetings. Supervisor Stephens commented that in the minutes it should have read verbatim instead of per betim. Manager Hirko asked why didnít you tell me that before since you get the minutes to review. Stephens said I wanted it to be a matter of record what transpired last month. Hirko said thatís the purpose of getting the minutes almost a month ahead of time. Stephens said I wanted to show something. A vote was then taken. Vote-3 yes.

Township Financial Report:







$     68,552.94

$ 194,896.78

$    187,453.59

$     75,993.13


$ 1,362,475.49

$ 104,463.38

$    133.250.43

$ 1,333,688.44


$    132,945.57

$       290.97

$              .00

$    133,236.54


$     24,895.58

$    3,776.60

$       2,092.60

$     26,579.58

Manager Hirko read the ending balances as of June 30, 2005 and noted that the Capital Reserve Fund reflected two months of Landfill Fees received.

Stephens, second Baker to approve the bills for the period of May 27, 2005 through June 30, 2005. Vote-3 yes.

General Fund

Highway Aid Fund

Senior Center Fund

$      187,453.59

$           .00

$      2,092.60

Township Police Report:
The May, 2005 Police Report submitted by Police Chief Bob Fatula was presented. The figures for April were as follows: 911 Calls dispatched to Police were 414. Reportable Incidents were 60 broken down as follows: Theft-9, Criminal Mischief-8, Harassment-8, Underage Drinking-7, DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-5, Trespassing-4, Assault-3, Disorderly Conduct-3, Burglary-2, Drugs-2, Reckless Endangerment-2, False Identification to Police-1, Fleeing from Police-1, Forgery-1, Identity Theft-1, Threats-1, Unsworn False Information-1 and Vehicle Theft-1. Non-Traffic Citations Issued-14. Traffic Citations Issued-35. Accidents Handled-10. Criminal Charges Filed were 37 broken down as follows: Underage Drinking-7, DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-5, Harassment-4, Theft-4, Assault-3, Disorderly Conduct-3, Threats-3, Drugs-2, Reckless Endangerment-2, False Identification to Police-1, Fleeing from Police-1, Forgery-1 and Unsworn False Information-1.

Manager Hirko read a letter received from Jetta Ehrart, Secretary of the Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company requesting permission for the use of alcohol on the Township ballfields for the week of the Cambria County Volunteer Firemanís & Vicinity Convention being held July 22-30, 2005.

Old Business:

New Business:
Baker, second Bracken to hire James Braunns as a part-time police officer. Supervisor Stephens said we hired Mr. Braunns on December 30th and I donít recall Mr. Braunns submitting a letter of resignation or the Supervisors voting on accepting his resignation nor do I remember the Supervisors voting to fire Mr. Braunns; therefore I contend that Mr. Braunns is still an employee of the Township and thereís no need to hire him. A vote was then taken. Baker & Bracken-yes, Stephens-no.

Motion Baker, second Stephens to approve Police Hiring Policy. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Stephens, second Baker to grant request of the Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company to permit the use of alcohol on Township ballfields at Mitchell & Leidy Parks during the week of the Cambria County Volunteer Firemanís and Vicinity Convention being held July 22, 2005 through July 30, 2005 under the conditions that the Fire Company name Jackson Township as additional insured on their insurance policy as well as pay the wages of a policeman to be present while alcohol is being served. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Baker, second Stephens on transferring $ 133,250.43 from the Capital Reserve Fund to the General Fund - $97,070.82 to Kukurin Contracting for Pike Road Water Project, $15,000.00 to Jackson Township Water Authority for loan for Ogden Street Water Project, $12,500.00 to Wyse Memorials for Veterans Monument, $4,475.44 to Naugle Insurance for July Installment and $4,204.17 to P. Joseph Lehman Engineers for work on Comprehensive Plan and Stormwater Management. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Stephens, second Baker on approving the time sheets from May 22, 2005 through June 4, 2005 and June 5, 2005 through June 18, 2005. Vote-3 yes.

Other New Business:
Baker, second Bracken to contribute $250,000 from the Capital Reserve Fund to JETSA to assist with the Brazil Lane & Cherrywood Sewer Extension Project contingent upon receiving bids and project financing in place. Supervisor Stephens asked if this was a donation or a loan. Supervisor Baker replied contribute, a donation or contribution to help them get this project done. The motion was then opened for public comment. Betty Lou Shoup said why would you give money to the Sewer Authority. I do not agree. You should give it to the Fire Company because everybody in the Community benefits from the money we give them. I can see you loaning the money to the Sewer Authority at 1 or 2% and that way we can get our money back. We are losing by just giving it to them. If you want to upgrade that section, get one or two grants. If you give to the Sewer Authority, theyíre a business. If you give to the Fire Company, theyíre not a business. So if you give to the Sewer Authority where are you going to put a stop to this. Everybody that comes in. . . are you going to give them money. I can see loaning but I disagree with outright giving. Don Knopsnyder said I have to agree with Betty. I can see loans with a nominal interest but not outright financial giving. Will Michaels said Iíll agree with that because my understanding was it didnít benefit the whole of the Township, especially this large of a sum. I know of other projects that were turned down. Solicitor Barbin said the Township is making the Wagner Road Water Project happen by designating Community Development Block Grant monies rather than use the money across the Township to repair peopleís houses. We made a decision to concentrate the Community Block Grant money for the last three years for Wagner Road. Thatís a really good use for money. Legally youíre permitted to make a grant as the Sewer Authority is an Agency of Government. Itís not a private business. The Water Authority and Sewer Authority are Government Agencies. The Fire Company is a private business organization but they serve such a strong public purpose that itís almost treated like Government but technically they are a private business. Itís not my business to say this but you got millions of dollars coming in over the next 10-15 years. Youíre going to spend that money in one way or another. At least with the sewer and water lines when you look back 10 years from now you will have something to show for $250,000 of the Landfill money. Iím not saying you shouldnít buy trucks or good equipment but when those trucks are all scrapping in the junk yard, youíre going to have a sewer line on Brazil Lane and youíre going to have new houses built that generate more taxes for you. Thatís public policy and not legal policy. I can just tell you itís legal to do this. Baker said it is going to benefit the whole community because itís going to help keep their rates down. Weíre going to expand the opportunity to build new homes and help people who need help. Theyíve got failing systems that got to be corrected. They need help with them. George Burkey said at the time we started the Sewer Project back in 1998, this Township was under orders by PaDEP to clean-up Cherrywood. The septic systems that were put in there were all malfunctioning. We had raw sewage and the Township went over there and cleaned up raw sewage coming out of drain pipes into those areas. The guys were working in raw sewage in the ditches. Inadvertently, Cherrywood was left out of the first project and Brazil Lane because the engineer didnít know the houses were there. Itís a far distance from where the lines are right now and to get to there you donít have no population. In fact, thatís the trouble that itís going to cost us more money to do this project. This is the first project that we want to do and this is the reason, because the Township was under the DEP ruling to get that cleaned up, the Sewer Authority is trying to help the Township and we feel now that if the Township helps us, we can do this. We are looking for grants and money. Weíve gone to Mr. Murtha every year since we started along with the State Legislatures and we havenít gotten a dime yet because our rates are at a level where they wonít give you a grant. Right now, just like Mr. Stephens said at our meeting the State tells us that if your water and sewer rates arenít up to $112 dollars, youíre not going to get a grant. Right now the sewer rates are $35.00 from JETSA plus the $7 or 8 dollar minimum charge that the City collects for the treatment of the sewage, youíre talking 40 some dollars for sewage and $27 for water so weíre not paying out $112 per month. If we put the sewage in for Cherrywood & Brazil Lane and put the burden on the 2,000 people who started this system, is it fair to them to raise their rates $5 or $6 per month just to give sewage to Cherrywood and Brazil Lane. So in order to keep the rates where theyíre at or at least close to where theyíre at we need at least $500,000. We are looking for grants in other places and as soon as Government budgets come around we may be looking at $400,000. Weíre also looking at different financing situations with Pennvest or RUS so weíre not looking just for grants. Weíre looking and everything and trying to keep our rates where they need to be. Shoup said I just disagree with giving you the money sir. I realize what youíre saying but I believe in responsibility for the community and you should have to pay it back at even 1%. Everybody says about getting the money from the garbage dump. Everybody thought that Bethlehem Steel in Franklin Borough was the golden calf that couldnít be killed and theyíre in distress. Do you want to let it get to the point where Jackson Township becomes a distressed area when the garbage dump can no longer take our stuff and we spend this money for projects. Iím not against them getting the money. I just think they should have to pay it back. Baker said you said it all. The Landfillís not going to be there forever. We need to work with our Authorities and get our infrastructure built so we have a tax base we can rely on and survive on in this Township without raising your taxes sky high. We need to get this infrastructure built and we need to do it while we have the means to do that. Shoup said I still feel they should have to pay part of it back. I do not feel it should be an outright grant. Like I said, the Fire Company benefits the whole community. Nobody came along and helped me when it came time to my sewage in. I paid it myself. Steve Yurasek said youíre arguing now about putting sewage in. Why didnít you take the money from that fund and put the water down Wagner Road since they were directly affected by the garbage dump. Thatís where the incomeís coming from but no, that wasnít done because those people didnít count. They werenít the highest priority here. Sure, if you put sewage in Cherrywood, I stand to gain. . I own a corner in Cherrywood but Iíll be damned if I want to see the Township spending money like this. Iím like this lady. .youíll pay it back. You borrow it, you pay it back just like everybody else does. Zelda Dugan said if Jackson Townshipís going to give them $250,000 how much is East Taylor going to give them. This is the Jackson-East Taylor Sewer Authority. How much are you getting from East Taylor. . nothing. Barbin said this only benefits properties in Jackson Township. East Taylor technically doesnít want to do it from everything I understand because they donít want East Taylorís bills to increase and pay for a project in Jackson Township and I donít mean any disrespect with your point Steve, but how far do you go with making people pay it back. Do you make people get other grants to pay it back. The whole Township has to move ahead at some point and if you only do little things here and little things there you end up doing nothing ever. Nothing ever gets done because East Taylor said we wonít approve the plan because we donít want our customers to pay the cost of it. Well. . they redid the plan so itís solely in Jackson so East Taylor doesnít have to approve it so the Jackson people who need help can get help. Are you going to charge the people in Cherrywood special tap fees to make up the cost. Yurasek said to me I donít expect the rest of the Township to subsidize. I own a corner and Dave Bracken can tell you, I can not get a building permit to build a house on that property because thereís too many sewage systems in there that donít work now. I could sell my lot and give it to my daughter to build a new home but not at the expense of everybody else. Thatís not the way you treat neighbors. Baker said concerning the water project on Wagner Road the whole project is more than we have money for and this is just a little piece of the pie. Yurasek said down there should have been number one priority. If you lived down there below that dump youíd say the same thing but you donít live down there. Chairman Bracken said it should been done in Ď82 Steve and they wouldnít sign up for the money. They would not sign up to pay the tap ins. Yurasek said Larry Custer had played this Township. Barbin said weíve already designated almost $500,000 for this project and you can say all kinds of things and argue all kinds of things but the point is on Wagner Road, the money is set aside and the project is moving ahead, just not quite as fast as some would like. Will Michaels said well, $500,000 would bring it up right now and why ainít the Township pushing for it. We canít get our water unless itís from Nanty Glo but High Ridge will bring it up for $500,000 and there donít need to be any pumps or nothing. Itís already high enough to reach us. Donít look at me like a dummy because I know about it. Barbin said Iím trying to figure out how to respond to that. The project has moved ahead and we were told by Larry Custer that he is moving ahead with the project. Clair Michaels said what, heís told us that the last three years. He always circumvents the questions heís asked. Every time one of the citizens asks him a question, he circumvents the thing so he donít have to give him an answer. Barbin said water on Wagner Road is the highest priority and the Township has dedicated all of itís CDBG grant monies. Clair Michaels asked if the Township is going to give us $5-7 thousand for it to help us out. I donít think so if that was needed. We might need more, I donít know but are they going to give it to us. Weíre the ones who take all the garbage from the dump and stink and everything. If other people would smell the stink around the garbage dump like I do, theyíd be belly-achin for months. Baker said Rizzoís just contacted me and asked me information regarding bedding material and theyíre moving on the project. Manager Hirko said Rizzoís is the engineer and theyíre working on it. Barbin said people feel strongly about it that a good, formal written answer is in order and maybe have Dave ask Larry Custer for something in writing. Nobody disagrees that water on Wagner road is important. Weíre hoping to get the Federal Government to pay for it with CDBG money and then you donít have any arguments and if we can get Federal money, we want to use it. Yurasek said Larry Custer sent me a thing on several projects in Cambria County. All of those projects have no bearing whatsoever. . theyíre for water, for parks but he never has the money for Wagner Road. He always has an excuse when he comes here and a song and dance for us. Barbin said the answer is to ask for a report on the status of the project. Hirko said he would talk to Larry Custer to request it. Barbin said but the Township has 1.3 million and paying money to the Sewer Authority is not going to change the Townshipís ability to deal with Wagner Road if they had to. Yurasek said that money can go so fast on a lot of different things. Barbin said that always happens but at least sewer lines are something that lasts forever and a few hundred homes will have a sewer problem solved. I donít know if those are higher class people or what. Having sewer problems solved is something thatís worth thinking about just like your water problems weíre thinking about. Will Michaels said the Cherrywood sewage problem should have been solved a long time ago. Barbin said I thought there was a problem with the engineer. Will Michaels said you should have personnel watching that. Barbin said you could argue that but these sewer projects are really big and complicated and we rely on the engineer a lot. Stephens said we ought to get back to the motion and discuss that. Iíd like to deal a little bit with facts and figures. Approximately two years ago as I recall there were about 214 people would be involved, some comprised of East Taylor in conjunction with the Cherrywood. At that time it was 1.75 million. I broke it down and it came to $13, 500 per residence. At that time, the State recommendation was not over $3,500. Anything over that was brining an unfair situation on the residents of the Township. Since that time Iím sure the cost has went up some and East Taylor has decided that theyíre not going to participate and it dropped the number of people down to about 198. Burkey said there were 14 homes in East Taylor Township where they rejected it and didnít want it. Stephens said back about three weeks ago I learned that one of the engineers told them that the Stateís recommendation is now acceptable to have up to $112 per month for sewage and water. We have to get out and realize that people on fixed incomes. . .people in Jackson Township and Cambria County have a much higher percentage on fixed incomes than most anywhere else in the United States outside of Florida. Weíve got to be extra, extra careful we donít raise the rates to such a high point that people are forced out of their homes because they canít pay sewage, canít pay water and canít pay increased taxes on fixed incomes and in conjunction we have to take into consideration what this is doing for the young people. We just had an article in the paper yesterday where the Tribune did an article about the "brain drain" and the kids leaving and the number of people leaving the County and leaving the Township. We have to take all those things into consideration and on top of that we have to be extra careful and I was concerned about this the minute we loaned the Water Authority up to $35,000. Once you start making loans, itís awful hard to say no. Where does it end. If we loan money now. . .weíre not a loan institution. Even if we give the same rate that we get back, weíre getting into a situation where, are we flexible. What most of you maybe donít know is that the Sewer Authority has approximately $400,000 in savings that they need to hold in an escrow account in case something happens. At this time we got 1.3 million. We have more than 4 times the responsibility they have and we only have 3 times as much money. So theyíre in a more flexible position than we are so we have an income as far as finances are concerned to hold in an escrow account. All of these things have to be weighed. Grant money has been applied for and Iím under the impression I believe it was Rouse. Burkey said RUS plus Farmers Home if they finance the system for 40 years. Stephens said thatís been applied for already for next year. If somebody gets in a bind, weíre here to help. I am very, very cautious about ever getting on this program to lend or give money because where does it end. Rodney Paul said if East Taylor Township doesnít want to participated, why donít they create their own Authority and see how much money itís going to cost them to run their side of it. Bracken said in other words Bob, youíre saying weíre turning our backs on the Township. Stephens said Iím not saying weíre turning our backs. Theyíre asking for something and we have as much right to say no as they have to ask for it. It might not be good business sense. Baker said when one of their pumps go down and they have to replace it to the tune of $182,000 thereís half of what theyíre sitting on to maintain their system. What happens when nobody can no longer use their septic. What happens when DEP comes in here and Fords Corner, Cherrywood where we donít even like to work on the roads because all youíre doing is cleaning shit out of ditches. This system is needed. . . today itís "x" amount of dollars, tomorrow itís ten times that. Weíre not loaning money to everybody that comes with their hands out. We have a Water Authority, we have a Sewer Authority and we have a Fire Company. You can not put money in any better place than those three items. Stephens said weíve been at 1.3 million for the last year. . .weíre stagnant. For one year all the money thatís come in, almost $600,000 is gone. We got to get a hold of where our finances are. Bracken said, donít get me started. Baker said now we spent over $1,000 in legal fees over the Police Department and Bob Stephens and last year we spent $35,000. Do that ten times Bob and thereís $350,000 or $100,000 more than we want to contribute to them. Will Michaels said point your finger at yourself. Stephens said how much did you spend on suing me for $34,000. Dick McDowell asked Mr. Burkey to repeat the first part of what he said. Burkey said before the first sewage project, DEP was after the Supervisors to clean up Cherrywood. McDowell said after the Supervisors, not the Sewer Authority. Burkey said they didnít even exist at that time. Weíre trying to help them out and theyíre trying to help us out. Will Michaels said what can DEP do to the Township if they donít clean it up. Burkey said they could stop us from building any houses. Baker said you wonít put an addition on your house either. You wonít put an addition on your home if your failing septic system doesnít pass. Barbin said they could order the Township to enforce the law and they you could charge each resident $8 to $10,000 per shot per homeowner and that would not be a nice thing to go to all of those people in Cherrywood and make them put in sand mounds in their front yards. I had a guy down the street do that and on his property, his whole front yard is a sand mound. Baker said you can talk about not being able to afford the sewer bill. . .what about not being able to afford to update your system. Barbin said that would be a real hardship. Bracken said thereís the possibility if they come in that weíd have to do that with every single system that was built. Barbin said you would try to do everything possible to cooperate. Bracken said we just did another project for $97,000 to put a water line in on Pike Road and now if anything happens to the water line from Nanty Glo weíll have another source of water for the whole Township. Barbin said Nanty Glo would actually have another source too. A vote was then taken. Vote-Baker & Bracken-yes, Stephens-no.

Public Comments:
Steve Yurasek
said weíve heard about making an overlay to the Zoning Map so we can find out where the water lines lay so have of a house is not in one zone with the other half in another zone. I was at Kimballs the other day picking up a bunch of specs for jobs and they said the whole County is done and the maps are available and there shouldnít be a problem. Where are we at in this. Manager Hirko asked if that was the GIS mapping they were referring to. Yurasek said the whole County is done. Supervisor Baker said we just explained this to you Steve that we have the GIS map and fortunately the County started on this end and Jackson is the only one thatís done. Lehman and Sutter have that and weíre working on the Comprehensive Plan. Hirko said they havenít gotten to the point on that project to show individual tax map parcels. Thatís coming but itís a very expensive phase of that project. Yurasek said I donít want to mention the manís name for giving out information but he told me all you got to do is take the property map of the County and lay it over the Zoning map and that would tell you where you lay. In other words the property lines would show up on the Zoning Map and youíd be able to stop this where half of a house is in one zone and half in another zone. Barbin said Sutter is preparing a map or comprehensive map. Now the Zoning Districts. . you know as well as I do when you talk about Route 271, there are Zoning Districts that cut across. . .they may go through houses. . I donít know but they definitely run across property lines and there are some places where people may want to keep that and some may want to correct that if there is this new, better map available but that will have to be done by the method of the Ordinance. Youíd actually be changing the line. Youíd have to go through advertising, public comment, public hearing and then doing it to change the lines on the map. Yurasek said when the State engineers were here, they said they would be able to run the Zoning according to the property lines so that a personís house if you went out the front door you wouldnít be in Commercial and out the back door youíre in Residential or Farming. He said that wouldnít occur anymore once the map was done. Barbin said you canít compare the Comprehensive Plan Map to the Zoning Map. With the Zoning Map you must change it by Ordinance with advertisement and public hearing. I think he met theyíre capable of fixing it at that point. Yurasek said the only way this thing will be straightened out is if somebody takes the Township to court. Barbin said no. . .when the new map comes in Steve and that is looked at by the Planning Commission and they make recommendations for changes which may not be all the changes talked about but may be some of them. Theyíll come up with a list of proposed changes and map revision and that will be advertised. Map revision must be posted on the ground and the hearing people can sound off on what they think about it. Yurasek said if you have a house and go out the front itís Residential and the back itís Farming and the Township knows youíre not going to do anything because you need 5 acres for Farming. It was wrong from the start but you didnít want to listen. Barbin said it will be capable to change it but it will not solve it by itself Steve. Yurasek said everybody says we donít have the map but if they want to go to Kimballs with me tomorrow, weíll get the map. The maps are done and the County is done and all we need to do is put the property map over it. Baker said youíre right and heís right. It can be done itís going to be done but for it to be legal, you have to go through the process he said. Barbin said you got to go through legitimate procedures to do it. Itís going to take several time consuming steps to get done and the first step is for Sutter to finish his part of the work. We agree. . we know theyíre there and they will be joined. Yurasek said maybe you guys need to get together and go to Kimballs some day. Theyíll lay it out for you and show you exactly. Barbin asked didnít Steve from the GIS Center come here. Hirko replied yes and we have disk with the ariel photography. Barbin said Kimball is working under contract with the County for that and the guy from the County that manages that is Steve Kosis. Barbin said the local Government has to make the changes. Baker said the Township has it here, the Water Authority, Sewer Authority, Lehmanís, Sutter all have it who we authorized to have a copy with a user agreement.

Barry Emerson a gentleman in the first house on County Line Road has got an old green van parked across the road. We were down there during the Fund Drive and tried to reason with him and there was no reasoning. Is this a private road. Manager Hirko replied it was a private road. Emerson reminded him of what that mountain is like in the fog. We put a note on the board at the Fire Hall about it and hopefully nobody will forget about it when they go in the fog on that road and broadside that van with an ambulance or fire truck. Hirko said I had a conversation with him about that and even his daughter called in and theyíre concerned with children playing on the road and people using it as a turn-around and heís not going to budge. Emerson said we talked last night at the meeting about sending him a letter to try to reason with him a little more. Supervisor Baker said we can talk to him but we have no authority to do anything and he probably knows that. Hirko said now the garbage trucks canít get through so everybody will have to haul their garbage out to Admiral Peary Highway. Emerson said thatís where their addresses are. Hirko said there are two County Line addresses also. Solicitor Barbin said PennDOTís got a problem coming when 22 gets limited access. Hirko said I heard the one "jug handle" wasnít accessible and the gentleman did say once thatís completed and the people start using the "jug handle" to turn around, he may move his van back. Emerson said emergencies donít wait for vans. Weíve had a lot of problems in the Township but nobody ever blocked a road with a van. Chairman Bracken the other people on the road could have a Civil Action. Emerson said maybe we should take the sign down. Barbin says 9-1-1 wonít allow that as the signs are needed for identification. Emerson said I just thought maybe somebody in here knows him and could reason with him and the lady who has the kids down there. Theyíre mad at the people who live in the trailer is the whole problem. Let us send them a letter and maybe that will do something. Barbin said and if you have a fire down there at that point, it becomes an emergency and then you run the fire truck right through the van. Emerson said it would damage the fire truck. We would have to take the truck down to the other end of the road and it would just take several minutes longer. Bracken said itís pretty hard to make that turn, especially with traffic on the road. Barbin said and County Line Road goes out on the State Road so we canít even regulate the driveway. Will Michaels said I know lots of other things that went on in the Township that shouldnít have been done, but again, itís their property. Baker said if I drive up your road and you have it blocked with your car and I hit it, is it your fault. Barbin replied if it looks like a public road. The key is what you know when youíre doing it. Hirko said thatís more of a right-of-way down there with many families using it. I even mentioned the possibility of somebody driving down there at night and hitting the van he could possibly held liable and said if youíre going to continue to do that Iíd check with an attorney. Barbin suggested he should call his insurance company and they can give better answers about liability. Hirko said no matter what I said, he wouldnít budge.

George Burkey asked on the Fire Company requesting having alcohol during the Firemanís Convention, it wasnít specified whether the Fire Company had to pay for the Police Officer. Solicitor Barbin said the motion was made with the recommendations of having additional insured on your policy and paying for a police officer.

Chairman Bracken made several announcements. The first announcement was that the Board of Supervisors next scheduled meeting will be held on Thursday, July 28, 2005 at 7:00 pm at the Jackson Township Municipal Building. An announcement was made that the Jackson Township Heritage Festival will be held on Saturday, July 16, 2005 from 10:00 am -7:00 pm and Sunday, July 17, 2005 from Noon to 6:00 pm. There will be lots of food, entertainment and activities each day. On Saturday, a Battle of the Barrel Competition at 1:00 pm and benefit dance featuring the Fabulous Flashbacks from 7:00 - 11:00 pm will benefit the Aaron Rusin Scholarship Fund. A dance will also be held on Sunday featuring the Polka Family Band from 6:00 - 9:00 pm. For anybody who doesnít know it, Aaron Rusin is a fireman who was killed in Iraq. A final announcement was made stating that the Cambria County Courts will sponsor a Youth Fair at Mitchell Park as part of their Anti-Drug & Alcohol Awareness Program. The event will be held on Tuesday, July 19, 2005 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and is for elementary and high school students. Admission is free and there will be free refreshments, t-shirts, games and prizes. There will also be drawings for giving away free sweatshirts and bicycle helmets.

Baker, second Stephens to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
David M. Hirko, Secretary