July 10, 2008

The Jackson Township Supervisors held their regular meeting at 8:00 a.m. at the Jackson Township Municipal Building. Members present were Supervisors Dave Bracken, Bruce Baker and John Wallet along with Secretary-Treasurer / Manager Dave Hirko and Solicitor Bill Barbin. The meeting was called to order by Chairman Bruce Baker with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Board Roll Call was taken with all three Supervisors present.

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Old Business:

New Business:
Wallet, second Bracken to adopt Resolution 07-08 approving the transfer of Restaurant Liquor License # R-12044 into Jackson Township from Nanty Glo Borough. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Bracken, second Wallet to ratify that the subdivision of John Sirko Jr. was properly recorded. Vote-3 yes.

Other New Business:

Public Comments:
Steve Yurasek
commented, I highlighted this in the Township Newsletter. . .does that mean that we canít use dogs to hunt anymore? The reason I asked that question is plain and simple. There's a resident of Jackson Township who's a State Policeman. He hunts up on my property. . he's been up on my property since he was a teenage boy with his dad which was a cop. The dog don't read signs so when it comes to a property line he don't go. . nope. . I can't go over the property line and the way that reads . . .this dog can't hunt. Manager Hirko replied, I think that's dog's running loose. Yurasek said, you could say that . . .I'll just give you a little scenario. . .up there in Westmont where you come out of Brownstown. . . .people put a sign in their yard that says "no deer allowed". Well. . the other night my wife and I were up there and we were visiting my relatives and 3 deer were in the yard. Deer can't read signs . . well. . it's the same way with dogs. You know these dogs that are chasing a rabbit. . they can't read those signs. Supervisor Wallet said, I don't think it was intended for hunting at all. Yurasek said, maybe it wasn't intended but it says under control. Solicitor Barbin said, if the dog runs over on somebody elses property and does some damage, probably you're going to be in trouble under the dog low. If the dog runs off of the property and you call it back and it comes back, probably the Magistrate is going to say. . . no. . you have it under control. It does say under control and control is normally leash, fence. . whatever but with hunting. . your hunting dog better listen to your commands. Yurasek said, he hunts on my property and other properties. Barbin continued, if the dog doesn't return, he's not under control. My dog would return, he's not a hunting dog. Supervisor Bracken added, I think what Steve's saying is that when you get a hunting dog chasing rabbits, he's not going to come when you call. Yurasek said, I think you got to make something there . . . because of hunting season there's some kind of allowance for this. Barbin said, but this is a question if you are allowed to over rule State law. . . .some you are. . some you aren't. . which ones do you want to push and which ones do you want to fight. Chairman Baker added, and there again I think the point is that when you put it out there like that, it makes people think. Barbin said, it wasn't intended to say look. . .if your dog's loose, we're coming after you. Hirko said, the complaints we're receiving are not from hunting. . it's for people walking along streets and having aggressive dogs that are loose coming out and biting people. Baker added, Steve. . .for instance the parks have signs saying no dogs allowed in them but we don't stand there and watch for dogs going in. Hirko said, our police have actually been called out. . .some people don't keep dogs under control and they're sort of vicious and people are afraid to walk certain streets now. That's where that came from. Yurasek said, I have something else. . .do you know what the cost of those Warren Oil hearings were? Baker said, we never tallied it up if that's what you're asking. Yurasek replied, it would be nice to know what it cost. Barbin said, the Township spent substantial money on those and as a result of them, the Township received additional stormwater control, additional containment around the tanks and a fire protection system added to the tanks. . .those are the three things that came about as a result of the hearing. Yurasek said, if you would have contacted the DEP they would have sent a representative. He would explained the law to them and if you don't meet the requirements of the DEP, they can pull the tank. . trust me. Barbin replied, I understand that but we got three additional protections that DEP didn't require. We got containment on that whole property. . .they have to put stormwater management on the whole property and it wasn't on their original permit . . we got fire protection on the tanks and their expert told us fire protection isn't required anymore by the State & Federal government. We have fire protection on there because there are houses close by so was the cost of the hearings worth getting those additional protections? . . .maybe . . maybe not but at least we got something out of it. The Township received benefits out of the hearings. You're right. . what DEP says is what is going to be but we can tag extra things on . . just like on the dog issue. Our zoning is a hodgepodge. . you know that from looking at the map. We don't have a separate Industrial District and over here is only Residential and here is only Commercial. What we have is a map that marks out what everything was and it avoided fights because it recognized all the existing uses that people had. By Warren Oil you got six house there. . what would be the effect if you had fire or smoke on the houses? It would be pretty bad. The drainage goes into the Salt Lick Reservoir . . it warrants additional protection and the Township paid that to make sure it was safe and had full protection. Not all hearings are about that. . sometimes you spend all kinds of money and get nothing in return. . in that one we actually got three things out of it. This is why we compromised with them. . . they agreed to do some additional things and we agreed not to go any further. We had to have a hearing and have someone from Warren with authority. . .the manager up here couldn't make those decisions . .someone from the North Carolina headquarters had to do that. Baker said, they were happy with that compromise . . otherwise they wouldn't have agreed to it. Yurasek added, it's cheaper to settle it here rather than take it on to Pittsburgh. That would have cost some big money. Hirko said, they did have to reimburse us for over $2,000. to cover certain cost such as advertising, engineering and other expenses so we did get something back from them. Yurasek said, one other thing. . .on those Athey loaders, in the newsletter it doesn't say what the price was. Baker said, the price was $16,000. and the second one purchased was for basically parts. Yurasek finished, that's all the comments I have. . I ain't here to rile nobody's feathers.

George Burkey said, the Sewer Authority has that GPS System now and we hired three part-time people for summer work. . college kids. They got all of Contract 6 done . . yesterday they put in the computer and it shows the drawings, maps and everything. . it will show you exactly where everything's at now . . anytime you want to find a manhole or whatever. We found one down here in a yard that was covered with 8" of dirt . . they filled their yard in and covered the manhole. It was hard to find that thing. . now with the GPS System, we can just walk over and go right to it so we'll have everything on the whole system eventually on the computer down there. Supervisor Wallet asked, is that software compatible with the water too? Burkey said, we talked about getting you guys in with us but nobody ever did anything. . .we had to have it. Chairman Baker said, that we were told you wanted your own unit because you were using it so much that you didn't want to share. Burkey replied, right now but once were finished, then it would be ok. Wallet said, it would be nice to have them both on there. Baker added, and with our GIS System, we could put all those overlays on. Solicitor Barbin said, the Township having GIS information on culverts and drainage could be real valuable. Having a record of which ones constantly need maintenance would be valuable and you know that because you've been here a long time but if you're not here, keeping a paper record is real valuable. Baker said, it would be good for one calls too. . .you would know where all the pipes and culverts are. . if there's nothing there, you wouldn't have to go out and mark it. Barbin asked, who would the Township contact about costs and sharing. . that's something you don't want to buy two of. Burkey said, the software is about 4 or 5 thousand or close to that. Since the Redevelopment Authority worked us into it, we had to do it so we had to get the machine no matter what. Baker said, we'd have to get the engineer to put them on the map. Burkey said, there's a program that comes with the machine. Baker replied, but not for the GIS where you can put overlays on a map. That program cost thousands. Manager Hirko said, there were three price ranges and the mid-range was something like $12,000. to $15,000. Burkey said, that's probably for the auto-cad but our engineers. . .they're putting it on auto-cad over there. We're putting it on with the software that came with the machine. Wallet said, let us know George if you would be interested in us going in with you. Burkey replied, that's what we said originally. Baker added, and the Township also . .we could have all of our infrastructure on one system. Hirko said, it's really nice using the interns because they can dedicate that time to that. Burkey said, they're also checking for infiltration while they're doing it. . checking manholes and view ports and some of them they can't find so we're going to have to get after them. . .people cover them up in their yard. Barbin said, periodically you should send something to the Redevelopment Authority saying, this is what we're doing so that everyone knows what each person's doing kind of thing. We don't need the data. . just that you got interns, you got GPS, you're checking the manholes and that kind of thing. The Redevelopment Authority has to report to the State every quarter plus it's a good idea to let everyone else know because you have a good idea or way of doing it, we all hear and may be able to use better ways too. Somebody may have not thought of using interns and interns are the way to go with some of this stuff. Burkey said, the one kid is going into engineering and one to St. Francis. Steve Yurasek said, it's really nice going into an area and you know the locations of water lines and everything else. Hirko added, and when it's online, Realtors and others can look at a property right away and know if there's public water or sewer. Wallet said, you have all that information at your finger tips and there's no question about it. . once that data's in there, it's in there.

Chairman Baker
announced, The Board of Supervisors next scheduled meeting will be held on Thursday, July 31, 2008 at 7:00 pm at the Jackson Township Municipal Building. The 5th Annual Jackson Heritage Festival will be held on Saturday, July 19, 2008 from Noon - 9:00 pm and Sunday, July 20, 2008 from Noon to 6:30 pm. There will be lots of food, crafts, games, activities, hay rides, petting zoo and a tractor show.  There will be Fireworks on Saturday at 9:30 and special concerts including: Friday from 7-10 The Johnstown Classic Rockers along with a Car Cruise-In, Saturday, The Fabulous Flashbacks from 7-11 and Sunday, NOMAD from 6-9 pm. The Cambria County Courts will sponsor a Youth Fair with emphasis on drug and alcohol prevention at Leidy Park in Mundys Corner on Wednesday, July 30th from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Admission is free and there will be free refreshments, t-shirts, games and prizes given away including sweatshirts and bicycle helmets. All students from elementary through high school are invited to attend and bring a friend.

Motion Bracken second Baker to adjourn the meeting at 8:18 a.m. Vote-3 yes.

Respectfully submitted,
David M. Hirko, Secretary