August 18, 2006

The Jackson Township Supervisors held their regular meeting at 8:02 a.m. at the Jackson Township Municipal Building. Members present were Supervisors Dave Bracken, Bruce Baker, Bob Stephens along with Secretary-Treasurer / Manager Dave Hirko and Solicitor Bill Barbin. The meeting was called to order by Dave Bracken, Chairman with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Board Roll Call was taken with all three Supervisors present.

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Old Business:

New Business:
Baker, second Bracken to authorize change order to Veterans Park Lighting Project in the amount of $22,998.00. Supervisor Baker asked, what was the original bid amount? Manager Hirko replied, around $127,000. Supervisor Stephens asked, was that just for the lighting? Hirko replied, lighting and electrical supply. If you look at the items on the handout, the original bid covered lights and . . . Stephens asked, now itís gone up another $22,000 . . . up to $149,000? Hirko said, there originally was no concrete secured bases. . it was just light posts stuck in the ground which stemmed from something Hite Company gave us a couple of years ago. Solicitor Barbin said, and embedded poles are done. . .they can be embedded without concrete. If the contractor when he looked at the job told you that he thought for all the money youíre putting into this, putting in concrete bases would be a lot better value over time. Hirko said, over time the ones embedded in the ground could work loose. Barbin said, thatís an additional $11,000. Hirko said, thatís the big item. Barbin said, and then thereís another $11,000. of pluses and minuses of other things the contractor has suggested to make it a better project. Hirko said, there was one panel in the shed. . . if you look at Item 1, it originally quoted a 125 amp sub-panel. . .that was not adequate for that whole project and thatís why theyíre saying a 200 amp sub-panel. That involves Item 1 & Item 2 on the first page. Item 3. . .it has the reasons there. Barbin asked, did you have the engineer look at this? Hirko replied, yes I did and Al Slippy. Barbin asked, what did the engineer say about this? Hirko said, itís consistent with their original bid. Barbin said, so the prices theyíre giving us in the change order are consistent. Hirko replied, thatís what he said. Also on the changes, there was the lighting of the Senior Center sign and Fire Company signs that were not included in the original bid. They were light up signs that have never been lit. Item 12 says adding 2" underground conduit for future low voltage wiring. . . if they ever want to do anything with sound or cable, the conduit is in the ground. If the ditch is open they can easily put the pipe in there and then they could just feed wire anytime they wanted to do something. Down the road, if you did that, youíd have to tear up the whole park. The big item is the concrete bases. . . if not concrete, they could work loose over time, Chairman Bracken said, they probably would. Hirko said, you could end up with a light post leaning. Baker asked, this is all proper as far as change orders go? Barbin said, youíre allowed to do a change order if there are things that were unanticipated or not thought of. If these are things that should logically be done at the same time, thatís good, thatís legitimate and itís done on a regular basis on sewer and water projects. . . you discover things as you go along. . this is value engineering. . . you get more for your money if you spend a little more. You got to watch what you are paying and thatís why we asked the engineer to review it. Baker asked, on the original bid was there an or equal or acceptable for the items listed? I understand there are change orders but typically a change order may be something such as color. Barbin said, you could do change orders to put in an additional streetís worth of pipe. You could be getting to the end of a water project and say I want to do a change order and I want to run the pipe two more blocks down the road. Doing it right now is cheaper than bidding a whole new project and pay for mobilizations and expenses. Itís done all the time and approved by the State on Pennvest projects. Thereís no law that says anything about change orders and thereís no question you can go to in the Township Code or State Contracting Law that says change orders are allowed under these circumstances. Baker said, thatís my concern exactly. Barbin answered, thereís no law that discusses it at all and itís done all the time. Itís done all the time because itís practical and bottom line, you only do it if itís beneficial to the people you represent. Do you believe this is a good benefit to the people you represent or no . . . I hold the contractor to the original contract and if you want to do something else later, weíll do it later. Which one of those two decisions make the most sense and is the most beneficial to Jackson Township? Hirko said, just as an example, if you look at Item 3 which is a panel on an island in the parking lot of the Senior Center and the signs. . .theyíre going to be boring under the parking lot so you donít want to have do something like that later if you donít have to. Baker said, all the items listed that could be done with minimal impact at a later time. . . Hirko said, yes. . .if down the road you want to put some lights in the pavilion, that can be done with minimal impact where youíre not going to tear up the ground. The items in the change order involve parking lot or major ground work. Stephens said, those items that could be done in the future. . this project is going to be an expensive project. Hirko said, weíve already received a $45,000. grant and weíve applied for another grant of $40 to 45,000. I sent the application in for this yearís portion. Barbin said, I guess thatís the underlying question. . . do you plan on doing extra work some time in the future?. . .this extra work theyíre describing. . .do you think they can do it some day in the future? Baker said, if we donít start using these parks, we arenít putting any more money in them. Hirko said, thatís the purpose of the Americorps person. Barbin asked, arenít the ball fields used? Hirko said, Mitchell is used. . .Leidy isnít. Baker added, thereís more grass on the infield of that ball field than there is the outfield. There were a handful of games there at Leidy. . thereís other things too. . .we want to do some other work at Veterans Park. Barbin said, thatís your most accessible park. .right? Baker said, probably because of the Fire Hall and Senior Center. Hirko said, itís probably used the most year round because of the walking track. . . Mitchell is more seasonal. Barbin said, and thatís part of the reason for your economic people wanting to sell land from Loraine Park. . .the part of Loraine Park thatís not park. . maybe somebody could build a house there and bring tax dollars in. Baker said, you canít keep dumping money into things that you donít use. Barbin said, the change order request is suggestions for improvement. . you wouldnít technically have to approve it. . . you could. . .especially if itís a building type project. Stephens said, over the long haul if you have to come back and do it, itís going to cost more later on. Hirko said, the concrete bases were intended and everyone was talking about them but nobody knew those lights werenít concrete base type lights. That was something that just wasnít anticipated. John Lythgoe is working on scheduling some concerts at the park and there may be other events as well. Bracken said, the Festival seems to be growing. Hirko said, thatís a one time thing but the park does seem to be used more. . you have Veterans Day and Memorial Day. . but I think there could be a lot more things happen down there. The Senior Center just had a horseshoe tournament for the County. Baker said, although Iím not really pleased with these changes, they are most beneficial to the contract we already let. Hirko said, if the additional grant comes through, we should have about $90,000. in grants towards the project. Itís a lot more money than a matching grant. Barbin said, remember that itís all prevailing wage work too. Hirko said, if you remember the low bid came in at $90,000. and that contractor had to withdraw their bid being it was not at prevailing wage so the next lowest bid was $37,000. more which shows you the difference. They want to start work on Monday and thatís the purpose of having the meeting today. That way theyíll know exactly what all they have to do when they come in. Barbin said, thereís also a note on the bottom concerning bond fees with the increased cost. Hirko said, my encounters with Schultheis so far have been very good . . .theyíre going to a good job. A vote was then taken. Vote-3 yes.

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Chairman Bracken
made an announcement that the Board of Supervisors next scheduled meeting will be held on Thursday, August 31, 2006 at 7:00 pm at the Jackson Township Municipal Building.

Baker, second Stephens to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 a.m. Vote-3 yes.

Respectfully submitted,
David M. Hirko, Secretary