August 25, 2005

The Jackson Township Supervisors held their regular meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the Jackson Township Municipal Building. Members present were Supervisors Dave Bracken, Bob Stephens and Bruce Baker along with Secretary-Treasurer / Manager Dave Hirko and Solicitor Bill Barbin. The meeting was called to order by Dave Bracken, Chairman with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Board Roll Call was taken with all three Supervisors present.

Public Comments Concerning Agenda Items:
Clair Michaels
said I was wondering that youíre taking $18,000 out of the Capital Reserve and $11,713.50 to Kukurin for Water Project on Pike Road . . . .is that a grant or are we loaning that to them. Is that a grant weíre giving to the Pike Road residents or is that a loan? Iíd like to get an answer on that so we can all know what weíre doing with it one way or another or you can even write me or Iíll give you the five bucks for a registered letter so I get the right answer so I can bring it back here and read it next month. Iím entitled to that. If you need my address itís 313 Wagner Road, Vintondale.

Stephens, second Baker to approve the minutes of July 28, 2005 Board of Supervisors meetings. Vote-3 yes.

Township Financial Report:







$     58,384.35

$   85,613.84

$      81,426.17

$     62,572.02


$ 1,278,114.77

$   54,619.05

$      18,129.58

$ 1,314,604.24


$     47,349.81

$       277.39

$               .00

$     47,627.20


$     27,651.48

$    2,437.50

$        2,473.20

$      27,615.78

Baker, second Stephens to approve the bills for the period of July 29, 2005 through August 25, 2005. Vote-3 yes.

General Fund

Highway Aid Fund

Senior Center Fund

$     81,426.17

$          .00

$      2,473.20

Township Police Report:
Bracken announced that no police report was available at this time.

Manager Hirko
said weíve received a letter requesting a contribution from the Minerís Community Food Pantry and theyíre asking for a donation. They do this every year and they say about half of their 300 families are from Jackson Township and they estimate serving 1400 people and they currently are out of money to purchase food and their Dept. Of Agriculture grant ended in June and theyíre going to have trouble meeting needs for August, September, October and probably into November. Last year we donated $1000.

Old Business:

New Business:
Mr. Larry Custer
of the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority gave an update on the Wagner Road Water Project. He said he made a written report in the form of a letter. He handed out a letter he had written to Mr. Robert L. Stephens to the Board and interested residents at the meeting. The letter was in response to a letter Mr. Stephens wrote to Mr. Custer dated July 1, 2005. Before Custer began Ed Coleman made several comments and said, I have a letter to read but I didnít sign in to speak. Custer asked if he could see the letter and Coleman replied no, Iím not giving it to you. I called the people in Harrisburg and when I find out whatís going on, Iíll let you know. Custer proceeded to read the letter as follows: Thank you for your recent letter concerning the status of the Wagner Road / Pintail Road Water System Project, to extend a new waterline to approximately 22 residences. Please accept my apologies for not responding to your letter earlier than this date, but I wanted to provide you with the best updated information. To date, the Jackson Township Board of Supervisors has allocated $496,749 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Entitlement funds towards the project, from Federal Fiscal Years 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. CDBG monies are entitlement and comes to the Township. . .the Township holds a public hearing, gets comments from it's citizens on how they would wish to use and spend the CDBG money. We've been receiving these funds since about 1982 and activities that have been done include stormwater, roadway improvements, wastewater extension projects, water projects, demolition and site clearance, housing rehabilitation for disadvantaged people. As you can see the Township Board of Supervisors have allocated the last four years of CDBG money in a large amount towards this project as this is a priority project. They've made no bones about that. No other Federal / State monies have been secured; however, tapping fee assistance for income-eligible owner-occupied properties will be available through the Cambria County Tapping Fee Assistance Program as administered by the Cambria County Redevelopment authority. For those people who are income eligible meaning low to moderate income who own or occupy their properties, they'll be eligible for tapping fee assistance. The Environmental Assessment Record was reviewed and approved by the Commonwealth on August 3, 2004, for approximately 20,000 L.F. (3.8 miles) of 6" waterline and related appurtenances along State Highways and Public Gamelands. This Environmental Assessment took a lot longer than normal as you have to look at all the environmental concerns, any proposals by the State along the right-of-way on State Roads and this particular project follows along a State Road for a great distance plus it's adjacent to State Game Lands and State Game Lands don't want water lines on their property so we've had to work it out. Requests for Proposals for Engineering Services were solicited, and an Agreement to Provide Engineering Services was negotiated on March 10, 2005, with Paul C. Rizzo Associates Inc. of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, in the amount of $56,192. This money involves design of the water line plus construction and inspection services. We don't know at this time yet what Easements we will need and in some cases Easements cost money. . it just depends on the particular situation. The Engineers met with the Jackson Township Water Authority and my staff and myself on June 8, 2005, to review the project and drawings that PennDOT have provided on the new water line that they put under Route 22, we looked at the rules and regulations of the Water Authority and what do they require and spent a considerable amount of time with the Water Authority. We met with Karl Smith and four board members along with 2 engineers. Topographic surveying began shortly after that date, for the layout and routing of the proposed waterlines. Topographic surveying outlines the location of the new pipe, any structures such as culverts, telephone poles, man-made structures, wetlands and things of that nature. The water lines are placed in order that they will not cause any additional environmental concerns. The most recent engineers estimate places the construction cost of the project at $615,303, thus a shortfall of funds exist. . . close to about $150,000. I met with State officials in June, 2005 and discussed the possibility of a competitive CDBG Program Application which would include the remainder of the shortfall and a waterline extension along chickaree Hill Road towards the Borough of Vintondale to serve approximately 15 additional residences. Jackson Township gets an entitlement which means they are entitled to receive money if they make a proper application. The State allows us to make a competitive application on behalf of the Township, other townships or municipalities, construction projects, housing rehabilitation. . any project that is eligible and fundable under the CDBG Program. I've met with them before and for a project that benefits about 20 residences, the cost was approximately $600,000. They said that's $30,000 per residence which is the top of their scale. I looked at it and met with Rich Wray, the Township and talked with some of the people on Chickaree Hill Road and there's about 15 homes down there that don't have public water and they're interested in getting public water. To make them part of our competitive application for $500,000 there would be enough money to do Wagner & Pintail Roads along with Chickaree Hill Road and I gave them numbers and it brings the cost to less than $30,000 per residence and they are more favorable to that. There's a high incidence of low to moderate incomes in this area and they acknowledge that and that's a very important part of the application as well. Also additional engineering and environmental assessment must be done. An Application will be submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development for additional monies, prior to the new Fiscal Year as suggested by the Commonwealth. If additional funds are approved for the project this year, the additional environmental review, design and engineering will occur during the subsequent six months after approval; allow two to three months for permitting; and construction could begin for the $1 M project in the Fall of 2006 if all goes well. . . no promises and that's a lot of if's. I trust this information is satisfactory and generally answers the questions posed in your letter. If you desire additional information, please do not hesitate to contact my office. Ed Leck asked why a Pennvest loan couldn't be applied for to do this project. Custer said the Township is not an Authority and couldn't apply for this loan. Leck asked why the Water Authority couldn't apply for it. I can see using the money from CDBG to help the residents out but we're going to have that loan for over 30 years and who's going to collect the capital from the water line. Once this lines in, won't it go to the Water Authority. Custer replied, yes. . Jackson Township Water Authority. Leck said they would then make the income off the 25-30 residents. .correct? Is this just too much for Pennvest or is it not feasible. I don't understand why a Pennvest loan couldn't be obtained from the Water Authority who is the actual owner of this thing. Looking at putting CDBG funds from multiple years of 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. . I don't know what you're getting each year but it's a sizeable chunk. I can see where you're kicking some in to help out but you shouldn't have to carry the whole load. I've been there and done this on other water authorities. So why are we committing all this CDBG money when the Water Authority hasn't even applied for a Pennvest loan. By then applying for a Pennvest loan, future CDBG grants could then be used for somewhere else and we have no idea what's going to happen in the Township in the future in 2007, 2008 and 2009 and you're committing the money ahead of time and the people of Wagner Road are getting it all while the rest of the Township is out of luck. Custer said your Water Authority already has a number of Pennvest loans. I understand that 10 years ago when they did a Pennvest loan, this area was considered for water lines and at that time, a majority of people who would have gotten water did not want the water. Several residents said that was a lie. Chairman Bracken asked everyone to be orderly and speak one at a time. Will Michaels said when the Banks landfill went in, when they got their permits, the whole thing was dropped. They needed water up there and they still don't have water. I remember when they were going to take the water and there was something with the DEP and after they got their permits, it was dropped. Clair Michaels said the whole deal was dropped and everybody had their money paid too and they started sending money back. Custer said that was my understanding. Will Michaels said well they were lying big time to you. If it wasn't feasible here how many years ago, it sure wasn't feasible back then and I'm talking nineties. Custer said I'm not going to talk about what the Water Authority did or did not do. All I know is the information I was given is what I related to you. I don't know why no water was provided to the landfill. . why wouldn't they provide water. I can't address that but what I do know is that six years ago a couple of the ladies at the public hearing asked that the Township start allocating funds towards that and they have now for four years. Will Michaels said you have here 3.8 miles. . is that the total even going down Chickaree Hill Road. Custer said that only includes Wagner Road and Pintail Road. Will Michaels said I've told you before that I felt there would have been water there how long ago and it would have come from High Ridge and it's two miles away from my house. I know why. . it's control. Custer said High Ridge would have had to construct a water storage tank. Will Michaels said everything was there in their plan. Custer said George didn't tell me that. . from High Ridge. Leck asked if there was a 572 plan out there. There should have been one. Custer said no. . that's a water plan. . .537 is for sewage. Solicitor Barbin asked when you will know of the success of the Competitive Application. Custer said generally they let us know about 2 months whether it's approved or disapproved. In the meantime you have $496 thousand dollars there but do I understand correctly that this isn't holding up the project and the engineers moving ahead. Custer said correct. Barbin said we're not stopped waiting for something to happen. Will Michaels said we've heard so much about next year should be starting construction and nothings ever happened. Barbin said you need to keep asking for follow-up reports. Custer said you're going to have cost such as the tank, pumping station, operating cost to run electricity, grease for the motors, checking the tank all the time. This line will go to Route 22 and then down the hill. Will Michaels said High Ridge is cheaper than what this Township was and it's better water. . .everybody I talk to on High Ridge says it's a much better water. Custer said you need water and the Township has good water. Will Michaels said the thing that I'm looking at is control and the Township and you and everybody, they want control of what our lives are. Custer said we had public hearings and you asked me to help you get water and that's what I'm doing. Steve Yurasek asked, who's controlling this CDBG money. . does the Township have this money or do you have it. Custer said neither of us have the money. It's a reimbursement program. Yurasek said you don't have the money so in other words, somebody else is taking the interest off it. Custer said no. . the Commonwealth has that. . .this is a reimbursement program. We spend for a $10,000 engineering bill and submit it to the DCED and they give us money to pay the bill. Yurasek said why couldn't the Township have taken the money out of the Capital Reserve Fund and put these people water down. . . the Landfill is where you're getting the bulk of the money, then when you get this so called money back in you put it back. Barbin said the Township doesn't pay these bills. Larry Custer pays the bills. The Redevelopment Authority administers the project. Yurasek said we loaned the Sewer Authority money. .we didn't loan it to them. . we gave it to them. Doris Shirk said, why can't they give us any. A $250,000 donation. They took our water and why can't they give us a little bit of help. We paid all that money in 1990. . .$400 for us to get water so they could get into the Landfill and what happens. . . they ruin our water because they didn't have liners and now they come in and put liners in and it's supposed to be alright. . .the water don't run downhill? We live right below that water and that Landfill and they took our water and we should be able to get at least some of that money back to help us out. In 1990 you got a letter here at the Township and there is a copy of that letter that the water was unfit for public use or any kind of use and they wanted it replaced immediately and that was in 1990 and if we have to get a lawyer to prove it we will. There is a lawyer in Pittsburgh right now that's gonna look over this. They took our water and I think they have a right to give a little money back. So if people want to hear from a lawyer here, that's what's going to happen if we don't soon get something resolved. People are getting cancer and I have cancer. People are getting cancer like crazy down there and this was before we found out the water was contaminated. How many years have we drank it and you don't want to do nothing about it because it's only 22 homes. The Township puts water everywhere they don't need it. . .Pike Road. . they don't want it. . . Brazil Lane. . they don't want that stuff. . . and the people that are desperate and need it. .we can't get help and that's a bunch of bullshit from the Township. Custer said if you feel that the Landfill took your water then you have every right to consult an attorney and there is a legal recourse for places that take your water whether it be deep mining, strip mining or whatever. There's a procedure to follow. Shirk said the Township got a letter that the water was unfit and they needed to replace it. Custer said the Township is not responsible for water. Shirk said the Water Authority is. Custer said but the Township or Supervisors are not. They're not responsible for sewage either. Shirk said why don't they give us a $250,000 donation then? Can't the Township help the people out on Wagner Road. Joe Baxter went to ask a question. Custer said you probably want to know about a recreation grant. You already received one for $30,000. Itís a grant to install play equipment at Leidy Lane playground. We donít have a contract yet. I canít begin the design work till I meet with some of you on recreation so if you want to set a date up, let me know. Baxter said he heard they were going to be cutting back on the CDBG grant money. Custer said that was correct. Baxter asked, are we going to still be able to get more money for this water project. Custer said the last four years has been a steady decline of about 5% each year. This year the Township received about 112,000 -114,000 this past year so youíre looking at a 10-12% decrease. The money is going over to Iraq to build their sewer, water and housing. Baxter said, but you still have a chance to put more money towards that project on Wagner Road. Custer said correct and Iím pursuing the competitive application. Manager Hirko asked, what assurance is there that the funds that are committed stay dedicated and wonít disappear if they cut back on this program. Custer said the contracts with the State. They canít take that money away. Supervisor Stephens asked Larry on the Wagner-Pintail Road Project if weíre off about $125,000, if we didnít wait, is the project in a position now where we can go ahead with it if we came up with the $125,000. Custer said as soon as the engineering and permitting is done, thatís correct. Stephens said since you added to it from Wagner Road down to Vintondale an additional approximately 20 customers, the grant money for that project is a half million. Custer said the cost of that is about $300,000. Stephens said, Iím trying to establish whether the grant money would still be available if we went ahead with the project and came up with the $125,000 to facilitate getting this water in as quickly as possible. Custer said if Bill gave us a check for $125,000 and we went in and did the project and then we got a grant, could we pay Bill back. . . no. Money given can not be reimbursed. Barbin said theyíre moving ahead right now and they havenít stopped a single thing on the project while waiting for this $125,000. Theyíre designing, theyíre permitting and theyíre moving ahead with the acquisition maps. We should know on the competitive application in 1-2 months whether theyíre going to get it. At that time, we should be asking where do we stand and if he tell you I didnít get the competitive grant, then you either wait for another year of CDBG monies or you contribute from Township money to make up the difference for the existing Wagner Road Project and thatís a policy decision. Everybodyís in favor of it but waiting two months to make that decision is not going to hold the project up. The project is going ahead anyway but the real thing to do is, donít forget about this and in November say, where do we stand and what are our options and how much time to we have to wait, do we wait to collect the money is it better for us to go ahead and contribute the money. Stephens said if given the two months, the money comes through or we come up with the money, if we went ahead with this project and started construction and put it in. . . doing that, what effect would that have if any on the Pintail Road and what effect would it have on us being able to get grant money for the Vintondale road project. Custer said, youíre short about $150,000 or so for the Wagner Road portion of the project. . .not considering the Chickaree / Vintondale portion of the project. Barbin said you could still go and help those people later in another project with grants. Custer replied yes. If you came up with the money for the Wagner / Pintail Road part of the project, that is what would be done. Stephens said, and it wouldnít have any effect on being able to get the grant money for Chickaree Hill. Custer said it would benefit because youíd have water past the "Y". They would have access to a public water line. Their project would then be cheaper because of the water line access in close proximity. Stephens said if weíre putting in 3.8 miles of line to service 22 customers and 8/10 of a mile or whatever it is would have about 20 customers. Custer said itís only Ĺ a mile. Stephens said it would be less per residence.

Motion Stephens, second Baker to approve subdivision and Land Development Plan of Rager Mountain LP. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Stephens, second Baker to table approving Highway Occupancy Permit and Municipal Mitigation Fee Agreement between Rager Mountain LP and Jackson Township due to all the signed documents not being available. Vote-3 yes.

Chairman Bracken said a discussion was to be held on a Sewer Service Agreement between Redevelopment Authority of City of Johnstown, Jackson-East Taylor Sewer Authority and Jackson Township but Terry Stein or Greg Shaffer were not present so at this time we will by-pass that.

Motion Stephens, second Baker to table entering into Sewer Service Agreement between Redevelopment Authority of City of Johnstown, Jackson-East Taylor Sewer Authority and Jackson Township due to all of the documents not being available. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Stephens, second Baker to authorize contribution of $1,000.00 to help support the Miners Community Food Pantry. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Baker, second Stephens on transferring $ 18,129.58 from the Capital Reserve Fund to the General Fund - $11,713.50 to Kukurin Contracting for Pike Road Water Project and $6,416.08 to P. Joseph Lehman Engineers for work done on Comprehensive Plan & Stormwater Management. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Baker, second Stephens on approving the time sheets from July 17, 2005 through July 30, 2005 and July 31, 2005 through August 13, 2005. Vote-3 yes.

Other New Business:

Public Comments:
S. Thomas Romeo
read a letter he at written to the Jackson Township Supervisors and Township Residents: I am Samuel Thomas Romeo. I am responding to an allegation made about me by Supervisor Mr. Robert Stephens at the July 13, 2005 Zoning Board Hearing. He alleged that Tom Romeo kept 20 jobs out of Jackson Township as a result of the Zoning Ordinance. He apparently based this on my comment in 2002 at a Township meeting where comments about the first draft of the proposed Zoning Ordinance were invited. The issue involved where new businesses in the Township could be located. I commented in 2002 that this provision may adversely affect the establishment of new businesses and that my associate and I were planning a business which may possibly impact as many as 20 jobs, but that we may not locate in the Township if this provision was not changed. That was the only public comment I have ever made about the zoning Ordinance. No jobs have ever been taken or kept out of Jackson Township by me. Not one dollar of income tax revenue to either the State of Pennsylvania or to the Berkheimer local tax has been lost through my work. In fact, these tax records reflect that my work has resulted in increased amounts being added to both of these taxes. Therefore, I categorically reject and deny Mr. Stephens' allegation. The following are the facts: (1) I have never discussed with Mr. Stephens any detail of my career, my employer, its name or the actual work which I perform. Thus, he has never been given any first hand information about my work upon which to base his allegation. (2) Tonight is only the second time that I have even been in the same room as he. (3) My comment in 2002 was my own opinion as to a possible subsequent detrimental effect upon our desire to locate a business in Jackson Township. My comment is not even close to Mr. Stephens' allegation that I had actually kept out or taken 20 jobs our of Jackson Township. (4) When the Ordinance was passed, the provision which I commented about had been clarified to me that the locating of some businesses in residential areas is permitted, thus, long ago, removing this as an issue for me. In fact, I am a supporter of the Ordinance. (5) I have not even spoken to Mr. Stephens since 2002. These facts demonstrate that Mr. Stephens made the allegation without possessing even a scintilla of evidence or fact to support it. I can not, and do not speak as to Mr. Stephens' activities regarding other township residents, but in my case I believe that he acted deliberately and dangerously. distorting my 3 year old comment to apparently enhance his own image to the Township at the expense of my reputation. The poverty of mind, which he has shown in my case, proves to me that I must be very careful in my comments and dealings with Township issues where he may be involved. I find his action in making this allegation to be reckless, unacceptable and unbecoming of that which is expected from an elected official.

Rodney Paul said speaking on behalf of the Fords Corner residents with the Route 22 project and Fords Corner Road being closed at this time, I was just wondering if nothing has been done to this point that maybe you can speak with the Fire Department with the detour due to the road construction about getting Nanty Glo Fire Company and Blacklick Ambulance be set up temporarily due to the construction that when the Fire Company gets called for a fire or an emergency that Nanty Glo be sent at the same time. Chairman Bracken said itís all been taken care of and addressed.

Will Michaels said at the last meeting Mr. Baker made a comment about his supporting the $250,000 and I felt that was real reckless and that wasnít even in line with what the Capital Reserve is supposed to go for and as many comments as I made before, I donít see a lot of change and this is supposed to be a democracy, not a dictatorship. Itís bad when people donít get answers and youíre getting really reckless with the money that youíre spending.

Ed Simmons gave the Supervisors three photos showing water runoff from Route 271 onto his property. Is there any current ordinance on the books to deal with this. Itís highway drainage coming down off the highway and goes down onto my farm about 300 yards. There were pipes they put under the highway and it just keeps getting worse. Itís already crossing the sewer lines and tearing them up. The water comes off through Fred Sells place, thatís one of them but thereís several properties along the highway. Chairman Bracken said our best bet would be to contact the State and give it to them. Simmons said Fred is wanting to improve his property a little bit and heís talking about extending the existing pipe thatís already there but the only trouble is, heís extending it towards me which will only aggravate that problem. Solicitor Barbin said pipes installed end up not being big enough later. Simmons said it accelerates the water which means more damage. Barbin said new development comes under stormwater management and if somebody builds a new house today, they have to meet certain requirements. If thereís a lot of development along 271 and itís already out there, it doesnít come under the ordinance. Simmons said he had another concern and said I guess any existing junkyard you have is grandfathered, right? Barbin replied, right. Simmons said I have another person up there that is extending their junkyard on our farm and Iíve talked to them about it in addressing it and have not succeeded at all in getting a response. Is there any ordinance in the Township that could help in my getting a response? Barbin said, so theyíre actually coming on your property with the junkyard. Simmons answered, correct. I donít know if he has to have setbacks. . .I know heís allowed to have it. . itís grandfathered. Barbin said and obviously you know you have a private right for trespassing but youíd rather avoid that kind of stuff. Simmons said I just want to solve the problem. Barbin said it could be a zoning violation and the coming on your propertyís a rather new thing. Simmons said, itís kind of new but itís been there for a long time. Barbin said, the Ordinance is only a couple of years old and things that happened before the Ordinance are grandfathered. Simmons said, so I would have to address this privately? Bracken asked, does this have anything to do with the land deal? Supervisor Baker replied no itís property up above that. Barbin said if they just came across onto your property recently it would be a zoning issue but if itís been there before the Ordinance, itís a private issue. Simmons asked, how much money are we trying to save in the Capital Reserve Fund? Bracken said it depends on what we get from the Landfill. Simmons asked, do you set any percentage aside for long-term saving? The reason I ask that is I came from a previous Township where we had monies that came from power companies. They did set aside a certain amount of money and they eventually built up quite a war chest to the point where nobody in the Township had to pay school taxes or road maintenance because you got it out of that fund invested over twenty years which turned into well over four million dollars. Baker said weíve been talking long and hard about that. Clair Michaels said donít tell us a lie. Baker said, excuse me, weíve been talking long and hard about that but thereís a fine line when it comes to investing taxpayers money. Weíve had a few people come in and what they wanted us to do was not legally possible. Simmons said he was just asking about having a fund that would gain interest and somewhere down the line the Landfill will not be there. Baker said exactly and thatís why we need to build our infrastructure. Simmons said when you lose that money you would have to make it up some other way. Manager Hirko said there are two Capital Reserve Accounts. . PLGIT Plus which is a long term investment account and then we have an account at Ameriserv. There is a little over 1 million dollars in PLGIT which is the long term investment account and we have not touched that since it went over a million dollars. That million dollars has been there. Iím not saying weíve added a lot to it either but that million dollars has not been touched itís in a the long term investment. Simmons asked what about interest rates? Hirko said interest rates were really low for awhile but itís gone up recently. Barbin said PLGITís close to 3% right now. Hirko said it was really low for awhile, even less than 1%. . .all the banks were low, but itís gone up now and you can tell by the interest weíre receiving. Betty Lou Shoup asked if the interest on that loan stays in the long term investment account. Hirko said all the interest that comes into that particular PLGIT account with the one million dollars in stays in that account.

George Burkey said, first of all Iíd like to thank you for the grant that you gave us, not just the Sewer Authority, but the 2,000 customers we have and the 200 weíre going to get. At our last meeting because of the grant you gave us, we voted to go ahead with the project and weíre going to put sewage over there on Brazil Lane and Cherrywood. We instructed the Engineer. . . in order to get Pennvest money you have to have all of your permits and the design . . .so we instructed the Engineer to do the design work and get all the permits ready so we can go to Pennvest and get the money and do the project.

Chairman Bracken
announced that the Board of Supervisors next scheduled meeting will be held on September 29, 2005 at 7:00 pm at the Jackson Township Municipal Building.

Motion Baker, second Stephens to adjourn the meeting at 7:56 pm. Vote-3 yes.

Respectfully submitted,
David M. Hirko, Secretary