August 26, 2010

 The Jackson Township Supervisors held their regular meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the Jackson Township Municipal Building. Members present were Supervisors Bruce Baker, John Wallet and Mark Westrick along with Secretary-Treasurer / Manager Dave Hirko. Solicitor Bill Barbin could not be present for the meeting due to another obligation. Chairman Baker said, could we please have a moment of silence for a good friend we lost, Harry Baker. Eugene Kist said, may I make a comment about Mr. Baker? Mr. Baker was a survivor of Pork Chop Hill . . very few people come off there alive and he was a member of the Marine Corp. and he served Jackson Township. . a very good man. The meeting was called to order by Bruce Baker, Chairman with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Board Roll Call was taken with all three Supervisors present.

Executive Sessions:
Chairman Baker
announced, an Executive Session was held on Thursday, August 5, 2010 from 7:30 to 9:00 pm to discuss personnel matters.

Public Comments Concerning Agenda Items:
Steve Yurasek said, I only have one short comment. You see where our Capital Reserve Fund is. Chairman Baker replied, everyday. Now that weíre comin into winter, weíre gonna need money to pay the bills for the winter maintenance and itís gonna take a lot more money from there. Eugene Kist asked, How many police officers do we have? Supervisor Wallet replied, five. Kist said, 19 police officers and I think thereís 19 crimes listed here. Baker added, thereís 6 officers counting the Chief. Kist said, if you add those wages up, that comes into an awful lot of money a month. Baker replied, the police are a large part of the Township Budget. . . a very large part. Kist said, weíre gonna have to start conserving money somewhere.

Westrick, second Wallet to approve the minutes of the Board of Supervisors Meeting held on July 29, 2010. Vote-3 yes.

Township Financial Report:







$ 154,647.94

$ 36,264.22

$       55,823.03

$  135,089.13


$ 710,028.99

$ 16,946.92

$ *    28,543.50

$  698,432.41


$ 219,748.67

$       46.92

$       66,493.36

$  153,302.23


$   31,512.90

$   2,620.80

$         1,648.97

$   32,484.73


$    1,799.54

$          .41

$                .00

$     1,799.9

* $28,543.50 represents bill paid directly from the Capital Reserve Fund to Berkebile Brothers for work done on Mitchell Park.

Wallet, second Westrick to approve the bills for the period of July 30, 2010 through August 26, 2010: Vote-3 yes.

General Fund

Highway Aid Fund

Senior Center Fund

$     55,823.03

$      66,493.36

$       1,648.97

Township Police Report
The July, 2010 Police Report submitted by Police Chief Bob Fatula was presented. The figures for July were as follows: 911 Calls dispatched to Police: 285 Reportable Part I Crimes: 4 broken down as follows: Larceny-3 and Assaults-1. Reportable Part II Crimes: 19 broken down as follows: Vandalism-3, Alcohol-1, Disorderly Conduct-1, DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-1, Receiving Stolen Property-1 and all others-12. Calls Resulting in Cases: 17, Total Arrestees: 11, Total Suspects: 2, Total Victims: 9, DUI Arrests: 1, Traffic Citations: 46, Non-Traffic Citations: 13, Total Warnings: 0


Old Business:

New Business:
Westrick, second Wallet to appoint Al Boring as a member of the Jackson Township Recreation Commission to fill the remainder of the position left vacant by Tim Davis. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Wallet, second Westrick to appoint Terri Modic as a member of the Jackson Township Recreation Commission to fill the remainder of the position left vacant by Karl Smith. Vote-3 yes.

Motion Westrick, second Wallet on approving the time sheets from July 25, 2010 through August 7, 2010 and August 8, 2010 and August 21, 2010. Vote-3 yes.

Other New Business:

Public Comments:
Nicole Burkett commented, Iím the President of Central Cambria Midget Football League with ties to the School District and I was asking the Township to see if there was a place where we would be able to have a bonfire here for the elementary kids, roughly around 300 students aging from about 5 to 12 years of age. Normally they try to go up to the High School for the bonfire night that they have every year but itís pretty much for the High School kids. We go there with hundreds of little kids that want to have their names called out or want to celebrate themselves as a team and we were hoping. . I know itís kind of last minute . . that there would be some type of place where we would be able to provide that for them. We intend to send out flyers through the School District. . to the Elementary School to invite everyone from both Ebensburg and Jackson Elementary and that all students parents and everyone would be invited to come down to wherever we hold it. Obviously weíll provide anything that would need to be provided. I talked to the Fire Hall already and they said they would be more than happy to make sure that they would be there to support us and weíll do any type of clean-up or anything like that and follow any type of protocol that would be required for any type of field use or insurance, parking or any time restraints. . whatever. Chairman Baker asked, do you have a date in mind? Burkett replied, actually we weíre hoping to be able to do it before their games started which the games are scheduled to start on September 11th which is a Saturday. I know itís somewhat short notice so we were hoping maybe Thursday before since Friday they have a game. Baker asked, do you have a time in mind? Burkett replied, Iíd say 6:30 to 8:30 I would think. Iím not real good when it starts getting dark out. I donít want it too dark because of young children and I canít keep them out too late because obviously, theyíre elementary kids. Normally the bonfire in Ebensburg starts at 7 but they only have one team, one squad of cheerleaders. We have 7 cheerleader squads and 7 football teams so we want to make sure each child getís announced with their name and stuff like that. Baker said, we did have an opportunity to talk about it because thereís been several people calling and such and we decided that we donít have a problem with that. . . do it over at Mitchell Park. Burkett replied, thatís great. Baker said, we would suggest the parking area back by the pavilions. . .thatís just bank shale there so Iím sure that it could be cleaned up. . . by the brand new pavilions. I donít know what you plan on burning but if itís pallets, make sure you get the nails out. Burkett said, everything would be donated and we weíre going to talk about regulations with the Fire Department too to make sure what we can or canít burn, how far would the kids have to be away and that kind of thing.

Baker said, we think itís a good thing you do with the Midget Football and we would support that bonfire for you. Burkett replied, thanks. . I appreciate that because weíre hoping that it continues whether we have to go back in forth like a bonfire in Ebensburg then a bonfire in Jackson but with the support of the Township, it helps with the School District and stuff. Baker said, well. . itís nice to have stuff like that in our Township. Burkett asked, now, do you need anything from me as far as like written agenda or any type of protocol weíll be following or papers and things form the Fire Hall to have everything on record? Baker replied, I think just a copy of your flyer would be sufficient. Obviously, everything that weíre talking about is official, itís on the minutes so we have your word that youíre gonna take care of it. Burkett said, I appreciate that. Thank you. Clair Michaels asked, can I ask you a question? Are you only gonna have one or are you gonna have maybe another one later on? Burkett replied, well. . they only actually have 6 games and the tackles only have 5 games for the season so itís pretty short. As much as Iíd like to say Iíd have another one, maybe in the future since itís only the first year and we can always make it bigger next year. Baker said, everyone suggests seeing how this goes and then look at next time.

Eugene Kist said, is there any way you can put in the Township Newsletter about Mr. Baker? He survived Pork Chop Hill. . thereís very few survivors. Manager Hirko said, Iím sure we could write something up. Kist said, he told me when he come off of Pork Chop Hill, his shoes were shot, his clothes were shot and he run into this guy that said, donít worry Harry, weíll take care of you. That was his brother, Quartermaster, and thereís very few survivors from off there. Chairman Baker said, Iím sure thereíll be a remembrance in the Newsletter with a picture.

Barry Rouzer commented, Iíve lived in this Township my whole life and Iíve seen a lot of Supervisors come and go and Iíve really seen this Township prosper in the last 10 years. Right now, I think we have 3 Supervisors that match no other Township around. Mr. Baker has a business and economic times are not good right now, Mr. Wallet, Supervisor for Merlo for many years and he brings a lot to the table and the type of work he does, he can bring that to the table and Mr. Westrick who has a Bachelors Degree and is head of a security for a college. Again, all three of our Supervisors now are second to none. Thank you gentlemen. . well done. . a great job in the past. Thank you three gentlemen and youíll work well in the future and this Township is really gonna prosper. I just wanted to make that comment.

George Burkey said, I just wanted to report on a Meeting we had with the Management Committee of the Cambria County Tax Collection Committee. They had a meeting and they interviewed two potential businesses that will collect the Earned Income Tax. They only had two that responded. They had another one but it was from out around Harrisburg somewhere. . I donít remember the name but they came in late and they werenít scheduled that day. They havenít clarified yet whether thereís another interview. The two were Berkheimer and I think the other one was Central Tax Bureau. Berkheimer Associates come in even lower than what youíre paying now. . less than 2%. Chairman Baker replied, thereís a lot more money involved now. Burkey said, yes. . collect the whole County. We have to make a decision. . the whole Board has to have a meeting and select whomever so it will be this month that we do it and then youíll be notified who will collect the tax but it wonít start until 2012. With Berkheimer youíre gonna be in good shape because they already got all your records. If it were to be somebody else. . the second one. .they werenít the lowest bidder and there was some . . .some of the stuff they were talking about. . they werenít up to par with Berkheimer so my opinion, Berkheimer got the edge right now. Like I said, they may interview this other person but they said to keep Sept. 9th open for a possible meeting around that time. We have to make that appointment this month so youíll know this month or September who the Collector will be for the County. Everything has gone a lot smoother from the first couple meetings we had. Baker said, where they were rocky. Burkey said, thereís a lot more cooperation between the municipalities now and thereís a lot of Township members on the Management Committee and things like that so it did work out a lot better than what I thought it would. I thought all along Berkheimer was one of the best in the business to collect these taxes so hopefully weíll soon know who theyíll select but I just wanted to give a report on that.

Steve Yurasek asked, did you see here in the paper awhile back where two of the State Legislators weíre gonna put a bill in to do away with all the Townships. . the lowest level will be at the County and the State. .that will be it. Youíll have no control over nothing within your municipality. It will all be controlled by the County and the State. Supervisor Wallet said, we passed a Resolution opposing that last month. Yurasek said, well everybody ought to. Chairman Baker said, last night at our County Association Meeting. . weíre gonna lobby PSATS with a Resolution to fight that too. Nothing good can come of that. Wallet added, that was brought out two years, three years ago at the PSATS Convention in Hershey where a gentleman from Governor Rendellís office stood up and made a speech of how inefficient we are and supported doing away with Second Class Townships and merging them in with the cities and boroughs. Yurasek said, if you merge into the City of Johnstown youíd be back into being broke again. Wallet said, itís all about the money. Thatís what itís all about. Eugene Kist said, if they keep going like that, youíre municipalities donít have a bit to say and itís gettin worse. I called about gettin a Passport and they want $130 for a Passport but at the same time they want your Birth Certificate. I said I donít know if I can find it. I said, what about my Military Discharge and they wonít honor it but you have to have your Birth Certificate and Passport if you want to go out of the country but these terrorists and that. . .they didnít have Passports to come in here, did they? You canít let them keep going the way theyíre going. Baker said, hopefully tomorrow, Rendell will make an announcement in Wellsboro at 11 am to announce our share. . they gonna tax these Marcellus wells and theyíre gonna announce the Municipal Share of that tax so weíll see if it all stays at the State or the County or trickles down. Manager Hirko said, there was an email come out from PSATS and theyíre saying they expect that to be favorable to the local municipalities. Yurasek said, if the wells are in this Township, the tax money needs to be in this Township to benefit the people here. . not going down there to Harrisburg or Washington or someplace so they can have a party. Clair Michaels said, I was gonna say, thereís a lot of States that only the County is the lowest government. I donít know if you guys knew that or not. Thereís probably more States that have the County government that is the lowest government than there is Townshipís and cities in the Country. Baker said, this could be nothin but trouble. Kist said, we can at least come here and know a little bit. . if you have to go to Harrisburg, forget about it. You may not agree, but we still have our say so. Clair Michaels said, when you talk to these people in those States that have it, they really donít like it but theyíre stuck with it because they have no say so. Betty Lou Shoup asked, is the government trying to away with some, like Franklin, to have them combined. . is this what thatís about. Ourís is a good Township but look at the places that voted and people turned down. . Franklin, Cover Hill and whoever the other ones were. Is this what theyíre tryin to do with this? Hirko said, theyíre talking about all of them. Shoup asked, how are they gonna help Franklin? Baker replied, theyíre not. Yurasek said, when the County takes control, they ainít gonna get nothin. Shoup said, is it trying to to get the smaller ones to combine together? Clair Michaels replied, theyíre not trying to get the smaller communities together. . theyíre just gonna take over everybody. . it donít matter if youíre a good Township like Westmont. . they wonít get half of their tax base that they have. The County will get all the tax bases. Kist said, if you get somebody in Harrisburg, they say you do this, you do that. . I donít ever want to see that happen. We canít afford it. Itís gonna be the people thatís gonna suffer. We have to start fighting for your rights. Wallet said, no. . this is the way I feel local government should be. Clair Michaels said, this is why our government was set up like this years and years ago. Wallet said, so your local government is in touch with the people. Clair Michaels said, because local government has local problems. Kist said, your judges and lawyers are runnin this country. . nobody else but your judges and lawyers. Years ago you didnít have to be a lawyer to be a judge. Theyíd say Mr. Wallet, youíre a judge. . you sit there. . . all you do was say guilty or not guilty. You didnít have to have a law degree to do that and you got your same wage and went back to your old job but the people let them get away with this stuff. We better start going back to the old days.

Chairman Baker
announced, The Board of Supervisors next regularly scheduled meetings will be held on Thursday, September 9, 2010 at 8:00 AM and Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 7:00 pm at the Jackson Township Municipal Building.

Westrick, second Wallet to adjourn the meeting at 7:21 pm. Vote-3 yes.

Respectfully submitted,
David M. Hirko, Secretary