October 12, 2006

The Jackson Township Supervisors held their regular meeting at 8:00 a.m. at the Jackson Township Municipal Building. Members present were Supervisors Dave Bracken, Bruce Baker, Bob Stephens along with Secretary-Treasurer / Manager Dave Hirko and Solicitor Bill Barbin. The meeting was called to order by Dave Bracken, Chairman with the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

Board Roll Call was taken with all three Supervisors present.

Public Comments Concerning Agenda Items:
Steve Yurasek said, those windmills up above Portage. . . the cranes are up there. . I have some pictures in the car I just brought in. . . .they got one up if you want to see it. . itís up to you. They ainít tearing up the whole mountainside like everybody was saying. The sites are very neat and put in amongst the trees. . .theyíre beautiful.


Old Business:
Supervisor Baker said, the one high bidder on the car. . do we need to do anything with him?. . .to give it to the next highest bidder? Solicitor Barbin asked, what was the problem? Baker replied, he said he didnít want it. Barbin added, he said he didnít want it. . you requested him to go forward and in a week. . . he has not submitted any of the documentation required. . .thatís enough. Motion Baker, second Stephens to award the bid for the sale of the 1999 Ford Crown Victoria Police Vehicle to the second highest bidder, Vehicle Outfitters of Valley Grove, West Virginia for the sum of $802.13. The motion was opened to public comment. Steve Yurasek asked, is there a big difference in the amount heís paying and the original bidder? Baker answered, about $1000.00. Yurasek said, we should make him come with the $1,000.00. Baker responded, there was no bid bond. Barbin added, if there was a bid bond, we would have held it. Supervisor Stephens asked, what was the Vehicle Outfitters bid on it? Baker said, $802.13. A vote was then taken. Vote-3 yes. Baker asked, the other items that we rejected. . do we need anything formal to re-advertise them? Barbin answered, no. Yurasek said, they bid a job and then they realize they canít do it for what they bid it for. . . .case-in-point thereís a job Iím working on right now. Their bond wasnít calculated in so they give it to me which cost them a lot more money. . but their bonding company got to come up with the money. Barbin added, once they enter into a contract. . . once they sign the contract, then theyíre performance bondís due. Baker said, his excuse was he didnít know there was over 200,000 miles on it.

Other New Business:

Public Comments:

Chairman Bracken
announced that The Board of Supervisors next scheduled meeting will be held on Thursday, October 26, 2006 at 7:00 pm at the Jackson Township Municipal Building.

Solicitor Barbin commented, just to make clear for authorization. . .if East Taylor Township acts to move ahead with Pudliner Lane, my intention is to advertise that ordinance for the October 26th meeting. . . I understand that you guys said that was okay. I just thought since we are meeting, I may as well bring it up and make it clear thatís what weíre doing. Theyíre meeting is tonight and theyíll call us Friday morning. I have certified mail letters to go out to the people Friday if East Taylor authorizes the solicitor to go ahead with the road. They donít have to ordain theirs since they already maintain it. I just wanted to say this out in the open and weíll advertise a public hearing for the next meeting. This is based on if East Taylor adopts it.

Motion Baker, second Stephens to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 a.m. Vote-3 yes.

Respectfully submitted,
David M. Hirko, Secretary