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Winter, 2011

As we start out a new year with new opportunities and challenges, it is a good time to reflect over the progress, accomplishments and challenges of Jackson Township over the past year. Itís also a time when we must look at the coming year and develop a course that will lead Jackson Township into a bright future for generations to come.

Economic Development
Jackson Township continues to pursue the development of a business park that hopefully will lead to hundreds of new jobs and a more solid tax base for the community. Developing a business park is a long process but much is going on behind the scenes. A land trade agreement with the DCNR has been signed by the State and a final deed is being drawn up. Helping with the development of the park is a RCAP Economic Development Grant for $500,000 that was received with the help of State Rep. Frank Burns. The Supervisors are committed to this project that could have a big impact on the entire region and are working closely with the Cambria County Industrial Development Authority, Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development Commission and (JARI) Johnstown Area Regional Industries. In addition Jackson Township has been working through elected officials including Congressman Mark Critz, PA Senator John Wozniak and PA Representative Frank Burns. Richard Sutter & Associates, planning consultant, has been instrumental in the initial planning stages of the project and Keller Engineers has assisted with preliminary engineering work and arranging for various studies and permits. Work continues with Babcox & Wilcox cleaning up a large "boney pile" located near Route 271 and Loraine Road. The boney is being transported to a co-gen plant in Ebensburg and used as fuel. The site will eventually be completely reclaimed. At the end of January, First National Bank of PA had decided to leave Jackson Township without a bank. The Supervisors went on a search for a new bank and there were several interested but Somerset Trust was the first to make a commitment and quickly worked to establish a new branch in the Vinco Plaza beginning in February. According to Henry Cook, President, this was one of the fastest branch openings ever. Somerset Trust quickly got involved with the community supporting many groups, events and activities such as the Jackson Heritage Festival and they were a major contributor to the installation of lights at the Mitchell Field. Jackson Township has also inquired with a potential developer of a senior housing complex. Many residents have expressed the need for senior housing in the Township over the years. Several major commercial projects took place in 2010 including a 1.7 million addition for a Multi-Purpose Building at Jackson Elementary School, new building for Wyse Memorials and a nearly $750K makeover of the Sheetz store in Mundys Corner. The Sheetz store is being used as a model for renovating 150 other similar stores in the growing chain.

Planning For The Future
The Jackson Township Planning Commission continues to lay the ground work for development that is certain to come in the future being that Jackson Township has lots of undeveloped land and much of it is along or near the new Route 22 corridor. Some of the items currently being addressed are revisions to the Subdivision Ordinance, Nuisance Ordinance to address unmaintained properties, vehicles and abandoned buildings and other issues, amending the Zoning Ordinance and a new Zoning Map which is specific to individual parcels. The new parcel specific In addition Jackson Township as part of the Central Cambria Coalition has been working with Cambria Township & Ebensburg Borough on a Phase II Planning Initiative with the help of a Shared Municipal Services Planning Grant from the DCED for $32,500. Phase II Planning involves bringing each community's Subdivision and Zoning Ordinances up-to-date with current laws, regulations and to the standards of the Municipal Planning Code. Although the three municipalities would retain their individual Ordinances, there would be coordination in zone classifications and along border areas where one municipality meets another. The Zoning Hearing Board continues to serve the Township by presiding over various hearings and matters throughout the year concerning land use issues. These matters cover everything from additional oil storage tanks to Marcellus Shale Gas Well Drilling. George Burkey does a great job addressing Zoning Permits as applications are submitted throughout the year as well as addressing other problems and complaints as they came up. A great effort has been made by Jackson Township to continue working with property owners to clean up their properties. Some progress has been made with property owners cleaning up abandoned structures, vehicles, tires and rubbish but much more needs to be done. While some property owners make an effort to clean up their properties, others do not and require additional letters or action with the help of the Township Solicitor. It is the hope of the Supervisors that property owners in Jackson Township will step up to the plate and take pride in beautifying their properties. Every improvement made in the removal of junk vehicles, rubbish or abandoned structures helps to beautify Jackson Township. In an effort to step-up clean-up efforts in Jackson Township, the Planning Commission is currently developing a Nuisance Ordinance that will eventually be recommended to the Supervisors for approval. The Nuisance Ordinance will address everything from junk vehicles, rubbish and garbage to unmaintained yards and properties. Jackson Township receives many complaints on these issues and Nuisance Ordinances are quite common throughout the area. An unmaintained property next door to yours can actually decrease your property value by a considerable amount. Beginning in 2010 the function of Building Codes Enforcement was being carried out by Middle Department Inspection Agency. Jackson Township along with other Central Cambria Coalition members, Cambria Township & Ebensburg Borough made the change to MDIA. This is a change from the previous Cambria County Building Codes Enforcement Agency. Some of the reasons for the change were lower fees, being able to complete forms at the local municipal building and not having to get an exemption permit for projects that were exempt from the State Building Code. Building Permits topped an all time record 5.6 million for 2010 as compared with 1.4 million in 2009. In this total was also 12 new homes in varying locations throughout Jackson Township plus many major home additions. With many people inquiring about building and subdividing, indications are it should be another busy building year in 2011. With the recent sewer line projects completed at Brazil Lane, Cherrywood and Loraine Road and water line projects completed on Wagner Road, Chickaree Hill Road and Swigle Mountain Road, more areas have become friendly to residential development. Work is continuing on providing public sewage to Fords Corner Road, Pike Road West and Whitetail Road. Engineering has been completed and permits have been applied for. The project is definitely needed being that 75% of the homes in that area having failing on lot septic systems. Funding is being sought from various agencies and nothing can happen until funding is in place. Having a project "shovel ready" is seen as favorable when various funding agencies have money to distribute for qualifying projects. While the results of the 2010 census are not yet known and Jackson may have lost some population, looking forward, growth is still certain at some point and time in the future. With proper planning, zoning and land use, Jackson Township can have controlled growth while protecting the residents, businesses and industry that already call Jackson Township home as well as the environment.

Inter-Municipal Cooperation
The Central Cambria Coalition will celebrate its 5th anniversary in March of 2011. The Coalition was formed from the three municipalities who comprise Central Cambria School District including Cambria Township, Ebensburg Borough and Jackson Township. The group meets once a month rotating meeting locations among the three municipalities. During their four years in existence much has been accomplished. Topics that have been discussed include emergency services, equipment sharing, oil and gas drilling, inter-municipal planning, park maintenance, regional police services, recreation, sewage and water, windmills, wireless communications and zoning. Projects of the Coalition include the completion of a study for expanding sewage lines along the Route 22 Corridor completed by Keller Engineers. A study was also completed on the possibility of forming a multi-municipal police force but was determined not to be feasible at this time due to details that were not agreeable to all three municipalities. A Recreation Map & Guide was completed and distributed to residents of the municipalities as well as being available at various public buildings, hotels and businesses. The map was designed and printed by Municipal Publications and paid for entirely by ads placed from 26 local businesses and organizations. The map displays all of the recreational facilities available in the Central Cambria Coalition area. A Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan was completed with the help of Richard Sutter & Associates and a matching grant of $42,500 from the Dept. of Community & Economic Development. A steering committee was formed during the development of the Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan and they continued to meet over the past year as the Coalition worked on completing the Phase II Planning Initiative. Phase II Planning involves bringing each municipalities Subdivision & Zoning Ordinances and Zoning Map up to date. Ebensburg is completed, Cambria Township nearing completion and Jackson Township should finish up by spring. This work is being carried out with a Shared Municipal Services Planning Grant of $32,500. from the DCED. Perhaps the biggest benefit of the Coalition is the cost savings achieved through the sharing of equipment. Ebensburg Borough & Cambria Township had secured a $25,000 grant for the joint purchase of a Street Sweeper. Jackson Township & Cambria Township obtained a $25,000 grant for the joint purchase of a Road Paving Machine. The three municipalities were awarded a grant for $22,100. for the purchase of a Crack Sealing Machine. All three grant efforts fall under the Shared Municipal Services Grant Program. In 2009 the three municipalities also jointly purchased an Asphalt Hauler. The most recent venture of the Coalition has been the forming of the Central Cambria Codes Enforcement Agency which will be responsible for enforcement of the State Building Code. After weighing all the options available, the three municipalities signed on with MDIA (Middle Department Inspection Agency) for Building Code Enforcement. While the Coalition looked at the possibility of having a joint zoning enforcement officer, it was decided that each municipality would be better served by having their own individual working in that position. In Jackson Township, George Burkey has been appointed Zoning Officer. The Coalition continues to explore other areas of joint cooperation where the three municipalities are able to save money by joining forces.  For Trick or Treat Night, Jackson Township coordinated their event once again with that of neighboring East Taylor Township. Jackson also continues to work with an inter-municipal co-op called the Cambria County Sewage Enforcement Agency who is responsible for all on-lot sewage development, permits or complaints. Jackson Township is also a member of the Cambria County Tax Collection Committee which is working to make a smooth transition to a single county-wide Earned Income Tax collector. The Committee began meeting in 2009 and recently appointed Berkheimer Associates as the primary Earned Income Tax Collector for all of Cambria County. Act 32 passed by the Pennsylvania House & Senate will consolidate Earned Income Tax Collection on a County-wide basis rather than each municipality collecting their own. Each County in the State of Pennsylvania is going through the exact same process as Cambria. The new system will be implemented over the next several years and in place by the year 2012. The new system will be much simpler for employers who currently have to collect and send EIT Taxes collected from employees to dozens of EIT Tax Collectors. For a large employer with hundreds or thousands of employees, the number of tax collectors could be 100 or more.

Roads and Related Improvements
Many local road projects were completed last year to continue a concentrated effort to maintain local streets and roads on a regular maintenance program to keep them safe and in top condition for residents to use and enjoy. Due to the high cost of paving, Jackson Township has chose to concentrate more on seal coating roads. This is sometimes referred to as "tar and chipping". Roads that were seal coated entirely or in part were Adams Avenue and Fords Corner Road. The road crew also worked endlessly on patching, improving and maintaining drainage and line striping on various Township roads as well as overall maintenance. In addition they also take care of the ongoing maintenance at the three Township parks. One special project
completed this year involved stabilizing the embankment on a sharp curve on Blackburn Road and the installation of new guiderail. This improvement definitely makes that area of the road safer for those who use the road. A special thank you goes out to Ray Wyrwas and for his cooperation in granting an easement to perform work on the property adjoining Blackburn Road. Jackson Township approved another year in their 5 year contract with PennDOT to be reimbursed for performing winter maintenance on Benshoff Hill Road.

Township Remains Financially Solid
Jackson Township remains in sound financial condition for the coming year and has made budget cuts in just about every area. While revenues from the Laurel Highlands Landfill continue, they still remain at about 1/3 of what they once were. The Township regained $8,000 from a lawsuit settlement with Penelec where they charged the Township over $15,000 to move 4 poles. Jackson also was reimbursed approx. $130,000 it had invested in the Swigle Mountain Water Project once Federal & State funding became available. Funds were used in 2010 for many planned projects including the Fords Corner Sewage Project, Mitchell Park Expansion and the development of a Business Park. Additional revenue averaging about $2000 per month continues to come in from the Landfill Gas Conversion Project.  With the completion of the Brazil Lane - Cherrywood Sewer Project, Loraine Road Sewage Project, Wagner Road - Chickaree Water Project and Swigle Mountain Water Line, more homes and businesses can be built in Jackson adding to the Townshipís tax base and insuring that our local taxes continue to be one of the lowest in the County. In 2011, the development of infrastructure will continue with the extension of the Loraine Road sewer line towards Fords Corner Road. Another proposed project that is currently in the early stages of development is constructing public sewer lines in the Fords Corner Road area, which also includes Finntown Road, Loraine Road, Pike Road West and Whitetail Road. This project could become a reality if funding become available. All Township audits that were conducted by Certified Public Accountants, Federal, State & Local Agencies had no major findings for the year.

Emergency Services
The Jackson Township Police Department continues to provide 24 hour police protection. More emphasis has been put on patrolling neighborhoods to help make Township residents feel as safe as possible. Other services provided by the Police are making regular security checks to Township businesses as well providing traffic control during major events in the Community. The Jackson Police Department has a good team of officers comprised of 1 full-time officer and 7 part-time officers. A grant was received from Mountaintop Technologies for $1,700 which was used to purchase radios and a scanner. Two Youth Drug & Alcohol Fairs were held during the summer. The program is sponsored by Judge Gerard Long and the Cambria County Courts. The events which were held at Mitchell Park and Veterans Park each had about 25 youth attending plus a nice turnout of adults as well. The Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Department provided another outstanding year of service to the residents. There were many activities and events scheduled including a Safety Day at the Jackson Township Elementary School and a highly successful Open House where several hundred residents turned out. Many fundraising events were held as well which were well supported by the Community.

Recreation Plans for Growth
Recreation continues to play a vital role in the life of our community through various events and making improvements to the three parks located in Jackson Township. The Jackson Township Veterans Monument continues to serve as a way to honor all veterans from the Township. When the idea of a monument / memorial was first conceived it was thought that accommodation for 500 names would be sufficient. After an expansion which added two additional granite stones, there are currently 1129 names listed. Plans are underway for the 2011 Heritage Festival. In its 7th year, the 2010 Festival attracted large crowds and a large number of vendors, groups and organizations and continues grow and is becoming known throughout the region for quality entertainment, family friendly atmosphere and affordability. 2010 seen the completion of the long awaited Mitchell Park Phase I Project. This project was made possible with the help of a $123,600 Grant awarded to Jackson Township from the DCNR. Improvements made included extending water, sewer and electric lines, new restrooms and the construction of 2 large pavilions which will each accommodate approximately 125 people for large family gatherings, weddings, reunions, etc. The Supervisors plan on purchasing picnic tables for the pavilions and other enhancements such as horseshoe pits and bbq grills are planned. It is hoped that some of these smaller amenities can be accomplished through scout projects. In another Mitchell Park improvement, Josh Bednar completed landscaping around the Concession Stand and constructed 2 new picnic tables as part of an Eagle Scout Project thru Jackson Township Boy Scout Troop # 204.  After Phase I, a Phase II is planned if a grant can be successfully achieved. Phase II would include a 3rd large pavilion, small pavilion, a walking trail, new playground, park lighting, landscaping and other improvements. Another major improvement in 2010 was the lighting of Mitchell # 1 ball field. This project was a dream come true through the efforts of ETJ Little League and many other partners including Rural Electric who donated labor and equipment and Somerset Trust who made a sizeable financial contribution. Many people helped but three individuals deserve special recognition including Al Boring, Alan Conrad and Denny Grove as they put a tremendous amount of effort and energy into this project. An opening night ceremony was held with a huge crowd and for the first time, kids could play under the lights just like the big leagues. Jackson Township made another major commitment to the future of recreation by purchasing two additional properties in 2010 that border Leidy Lane in front of the current developed park. The properties were purchased with grants secured through the DCNR with the help of Larry Custer and the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority. With Leidy Park being used more than ever by baseball, football, soccer, cheerleading camp, scouts and other groups, parking was inadequate forcing people to park along Leidy Lane. The additional land will not only provide the additional parking needed but opens up some other possibilities for future projects being there were also two buildings on the property. Future development of the buildings could include a community meeting room, public restrooms, indoor recreational activities and storage. Any development of such a project would depend upon Jackson Township successfully receiving a grant to help with funding. The Township also made progress in attracting more groups along with activities and events to the parks. Leidy Park was used by East Taylor-Jackson Little League as an additional location, Central Cambria Midget Football League, AYSO Soccer, Cheerleading Camp, Cambria County Youth Fair and Jackson Twp. Boy Scouts for camping out. Mitchell Park hosted the Easter Egg Hunt and is already the busiest park with a full schedule of East Taylor-Jackson Little League games and tournaments. Veterans Park was host to the Jackson Heritage Festival, Cambria County Youth Fair, Memorial Day & Veterans Day ceremonies and Senior Center events. Another key focus has been providing events and activities that can involve the Community. In the spring, the 4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt was sponsored by the Jackson Township Lions Club and drew a huge crowd of excited children. The 5th annual Fishing Derby was held in cooperation with the Jackson Township Community Rod & Gun Club. Over 200 children turned out for the event held at Woodland Park just off of Rt. 22. A bus trip was offered to Baltimore Inner Harbor in June with a nice turnout. In 2011, a one day trip is scheduled to New York City on April 9th. The Cambria County Bookmobile returned to Jackson Township for the summer months by making regularly scheduled stops at the Senior Center for the benefit of children and adults alike. The 7th Annual Heritage Festival took place in July and has continued to be the most popular and well attended event of the year. In October, Trick or Treat Night went off very successfully for the 3rd year after making a come back in Jackson Township after an absence of nearly 30 years. The event was a big hit and there were no incidents reported. . just a lot of children having fun! The 5th Annual Light Up Night had a large crowd attend, thanks to the cooperation of the weather. Some of the highlights included voting for their favorite trees, a concert by the Jackson Elementary Chorus, special music from local church groups as well as the star attraction, Santa! Also in December was the 5th Annual Holiday Lighting & Decorating Contest. This year there were 13 entries received. For 2011, a host of regular events are planned including the Fishing Derby, Easter Egg Hunt, Heritage Festival, Trick or Treat Night, Light Up Night and Christmas Decorating Contest. Bus trips for 2011 will include a trip to New York City in April and possibly a Christmas Trip to Pittsburgh in December.

Preserving Our Past
The Jackson Township Historical Committee, formed four years ago, continues to actively collect and preserve any old photos and artifacts contributed from residents. Many of the items collected have been donated to the group for display purposes while photos are often copied or scanned and then the originals returned to the owner. Progress has also been made on the Tri-Area Historical & Museum Society which is in the process of renovating the old Liberty Theatre in Nanty Glo for a permanent museum. The museum will house historical artifacts from Blacklick Township, Jackson Township, Nanty Glo Borough and Vintondale Borough. The museum is appropriately named "The Liberty Museum" and could be completed in 2011. The Jackson Township Historical Committee has made significant progress in making contacts with residents who have old photos, artifacts and memories to share. The Committee is compiling notebooks with each article, photo or item categorized for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations to come.

Sewer & Water Projects Will Help Spur Growth
Sewer & Water are seen as key components to the future growth and development of Jackson Township. Over the past 5 years Jackson has seen new sewer lines completed on Brazil Lane, Cherrywood / Leidy area, Loraine Road and Dishong Mountain Road. New water lines were installed on Chickaree Hill Road, Wagner Road and Swigle Mountain Road. All of these projects were made possible with grants and low interest loans. On the horizon are several projects. The Fords Corner area is pretty much "shovel ready" and would encompass the area that includes Fords Corner Road, Finntown Road, Loraine Road, Pike Road West and Whitetail Road. As part of this effort, Rich Wray of Hegemann & Wray Engineers is working with the Township to move this project ahead. Sewage planning and testing has been completed and financing options are being explored. In addition the Supervisors have committed CDBG (Community Block Grant Funds) towards the installation of a public sewer line on Loraine Road which serves approx. 20 homes. Much of the line has been built in two phases but eventually it will go the entire way up to Fords Corner Road. A feasibility study has been done by the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority for the construction of a sewer line along Chickaree Hill Road to service an area where many of the current septic systems are failing. This line is also financed using CDBG (Community Block Grant Funds) and itís scheduled for construction to begin in the spring.  The Jackson Township Water Authority has also completed the construction of an addition to the Wagner Road water line as well as a new water line along Chickaree Hill Road towards Vintondale. The Chickaree line is made possible with CDBG funds under the direction of Larry Custer of the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority and will provide public water service to about 24 homes. This line still needs a pressure reducing station installed before it can be adopted by the Jackson Township Water Authority. The long awaited Swigle Mountain Road Water Project has become a reality and water should be soon flowing in the new line after some issues with the contractor are resolved. Construction has been completed on the line and the water tank. Residents in this area have been experiencing water problems for years and some even having to haul water. Others have had to construct new wells or can only use water on certain days.

Senior Center
The Senior Center continues to grow with well over 475 members. The Senior Center held special ceremonies on Memorial Day and Veterans Day and the adjoining Veterans Park serves as a host for special events including the Heritage Festival and Light-Up Night. The Center played host to a wide variety of activities last year including seminars and classes covering a wide variety of issues that concern Senior Citizens and the Community in general. Last year, Somerset Trust donated a new 52 inch Samsung flat screen television for the Jackson Township Senior Center. Roberta Lohr, spokeswoman for Somerset Trust said the idea was initiated by President and CEO, Henry Cook after the Jackson Township Senior Center allowed the bank to use their facilities to set up new accounts for new customers before the February grand opening of the new branch in the Vinco Plaza.

Township Faces Challenging Role
Running a Township the size of Jackson is like running a large business. There are numerous challenges and administrative tasks which seem to grow more each year. The Board of Supervisors get involved in all aspects of the Township and work to insure that Federal and State laws and policies are being followed. Some of the continuing matters being addressed by the Board are sewage regulations, sewer & water line projects, stormwater management, emergency services, building code, developing ordinances and policies, planning and zoning, recreation, economic development, historic preservation and too many others to mention. Other responsibilities of the Supervisors include directing the police and road departments as well as the administrative staff, investigating citizen complaints and concerns, bidding out materials and services, addressing road bonds and inspections, negotiating contracts, making appointments to Boards, Commissions and Authorities as well as accepting resignations, overseeing and applying for grants and countless others. Ordinances passed in 2010 included the following: Ordinance # 166 which increased the Local Municipal Services Tax from $10 to $15 with $5 going to Central Cambria School District). Ordinance # 167 which provided for long term financing for the Swigle Mountain Water Project. Resolutions were passed involving banking, opposing forced consolidation, accepting a land donation, administering CDBG funds, setting tax structure and adopting the budget. There is always a mix of pleasant and unpleasant items to deal with in the Township but the Supervisors always have the best interest of the residents at heart. The Township is always looking at improving the quality of life whether it be major park improvements or offering recreational activities, free house numbers, recycling bins or landfill passes. The Supervisors are always looking into what benefits can be offered to residents.

Residents Get Involved
Obviously, it takes a host of employees to keep everything running smoothly but we are also dependent upon residents and volunteers as well. There are countless residents that are involved in serving on various commissions, boards, authorities, the Fire Company, Senior Center, churches, schools and volunteer & civic organizations. The Township greatly appreciates all of those who serve in various capacities to help make Jackson Township a better place to live. If you are interested in volunteering on an Authority, Commission, Board or Committee, please send a note to the Jackson Township Supervisors at 513 Pike Road, Johnstown, PA 15909. Your name will be considered in the event an opening would occur. Many groups have contributed to the community. One example is Troop 204 Boy Scouts who have participated in Veterans Day & Memorial Day Ceremonies, the Heritage Festival, Light Up Night, litter clean ups and much more. Also individual scouts going for Eagle Projects have chosen to improve the community by adding park benches and landscaping, cleaning up the Bio-Diversity area of Leidy Park, painting fire hydrants and others. Other groups, churches, organizations and schools have done litter clean ups, recycling drives, dinners for Senior Citizens, contributed to the food pantry, started or contributed to scholarship funds or even sent care packages to soldiers overseas. All of these efforts help to make Jackson Township a great community to live in!

Township Alive with Activity
Jackson Township is alive with activity and considering our prime location along the new Route 22, low taxes, good school district and a family-friendly community, we are poised for growth now and into the future. A key component to keeping everyone informed on what is happening is communications. This includes holding public meetings, maintaining a website, emailing online newsletters and publishing newsletters which are mailed out quarterly to all residents. Jackson residents can be proud that the Township newsletter and website have won several awards over the years. Jackson Township also has a Facebook Page for the general public and a Facebook Group for residents who live or have lived in Jackson Township at one time or another. To find the page or join the group go to www.facebook.com and then search for Jackson Township. 2011 should be another busy year of growth and development in the Township. The Supervisors welcome you to be a contributing part of Jackson Township's future.

Jackson Township began the new year with a surplus and is debt free. The Jackson Township Supervisors passed an approved a budget for 2011 of $1,903,950.00. The breakdown is as follows: General Fund-$852,450.00, State Fund-$255,000.00, Fire Hydrant Fund-$11,000.00, Rescue Fund-$35,700.00, Capital Reserve Fund-$685,000.00 and Senior Center Fund-$64,800.00. The Township Capital Reserve Fund is nearly $700K but has decreased due to diminished Landfill revenues. With this in mind, the Supervisors have reduced or cut line items in the 2011 Budget which is the lowest since 2005. Jackson Township continues to strive to provide services for residents at the least possible cost. In addition, the Supervisors commitment to the development of infrastructure in the Township and the Business Park Project will hopefully increase the tax base for future generations to come.

The Supervisors approved Resolution 06-10 setting the tax structure for 2011 as follows: Real Estate Tax-3 and 3/4 Mills, Fire Hydrant Tax-1/2 Mill, Rescue Service Tax-1 Mill, Earned Income Tax-1/2 %, Real Estate Transfer Tax-1/2 %, Per Capita Tax-$5.00 and Local Municipal Services Tax-$10.00. There are no local tax increases form Jackson Township for 2011.

If you received this newsletter and your name or address information is incorrect, or if you know of any resident of Jackson Township who didnít receive it, please call the Township Office at 749-0725.

The Jackson Township Heritage Festival has grown quite popular during the last six years and planning is underway for the 8th Annual Jackson Heritage Festival. Last year, from start to finish, the festival brought people together from Jackson Township and surrounding communities for a weekend of food, fun and entertainment. The business community supported the event and without their help it would not have been possible. The Heritage Festival will be held this year on Friday, July 15, Saturday, July 16 & Sunday, July 17. Although many details need to be worked out, some can be shared at this time. A Car Cruise-In will be held on Friday night beginning at 6:00 pm with the Johnstown Classic Rockers performing from 7 - 10. A second band may be planned for Friday evening and more vendors should be open for business than ever as Friday night is becoming a very well attended night. Festival hours will be Noon-9 on Saturday and 12-6:00 on Sunday. Entertainment on Saturday that can be confirmed is Tree, an Irish folk music group, John Robertson who will be performing a brand new magic and illusion show and the Fabulous Flashbacks will be returning to pack the house with their famous oldies show from 7 to 11 pm. Also returning are the Bayou Bandits who perform Cajun / Zydeco music throughout the Eastern United States. They are scheduled from 2:30 to 5:00 pm on Saturday. Back by popular demand, a fireworks display is planned that evening as well. Sunday will begin with Singer Hill Grace Brethren Church holding their morning service at 10:30 am. Everyone is welcome! The Masters who are based in Jackson Township will return to perform their awesome style of gospel music. Also returning is Beavercreek, a real crowd pleaser who put on an excellent show with their own brand of Bluegrass Music from 2:30 to 5 pm and NoMAD who will perform in concert from 6:30 - 9:30 pm. Additional entertainment is in the works but not yet confirmed. As in the past, there will be continuous entertainment rotating on two separate stages. The Jackson Heritage Festival has been gaining a great reputation for having quality entertainment and many bands and groups have been in contact seeking to perform at the event. As usual, favorites returning for the kids will include clowns, face painting, hay rides, games, petting zoo, model train display and Big Bouncy jumping area.  New this year will be several activities sponsored by the Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company who will be joining forces with the Township to make this the best Heritage Festival yet! Some of those activities will include a Poker Run, Pancake Breakfast, Basket Raffle and many others still in the planning stages. Somerset Trust will also be hosting an appreciation luncheon on Friday this year for it's customers and guests once again. Last year's event was very well attended and a big success so they planned to make this an annual event! For those of you who would wish to have a booth at the Heritage Festival this year, contact Dave Hirko at 749-0725 or Betty Perry at 322-0938 to receive an application.  There are many expenses to hosting the festival and the budget is approximately $24,120 for 2011. In order to put on a successful festival this year we are once again counting on local support. If you or your business would like to be a sponsor, please call Dave Hirko at 749-0725 to receive an application. By being a sponsor you will be recognized in advertisements in the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat & all five Mainline Newspapers as well as flyers and posters displayed throughout Cambria County. In addition a program distributed to everyone attending will also recognize those helping to sponsor this event. We hope youíll consider being a part of the Jackson Township Heritage Festival in 2011.

Jackson Township's 5th Annual Light Up Night attracted a record crowd with the help of excellent weather conditions. The event was held at Veterans Park in Vinco on Sunday, November 28th. This year the park featured tens of thousands of lights which were put up by Cory Ehrhart, Brett Hoffman, Denny Grove, Dave Hirko and the Jackson Township Road Department. In addition to the fantastic lighting display, 21 Christmas Trees were cut and then erected by Supervisor Bruce Baker and the Road Department then various businesses, organizations and churches sponsored a tree for $10 and then decorated it with lights and ornaments. Groups who sponsored trees were divided into two categories. The Business and Commercial Category had 6 entries including Espe Chiropractic Health Center, Final Touch Salon and Tanning & Massage, Jannaís Hair & Tanning Salon, Kamzikís Septic & Porta-Johns, Mercikís Ideal Market and Somerset Trust Company. Over 300 ballots were cast with each ballot allowed to list a vote for their three favorite trees in each category potentially having over 1,800 total votes. The top five winners in the Business & Commercial Category earned a recognition plaque to display at their place of business. Winners were as follows:

First Place - Final Touch Salon, Tanning & Massage
Second Place -Mercikís Ideal Market
Third Place - Kamzikís Septic & Porta-Johns
Fourth Place - Jannaís Hair & Tanning Salon
Fifth Place
- Espe Chiropractic Health Center

The groups and organizations category had 15 entries including Cambria County Christian School, Jackson Elementary P.T.O., Jackson Township, Jackson Township Boy Scout Troop # 204, Jackson Township Cub Scouts Pack # 204, Jackson Township Community Rod & Gun Club, Jackson Township Lions Club, Jackson Township Senior Center, Laurel Mountain Bible Church, Liberty Museum, Northern Cambria Relay for Life, Our Village Families, Singer Hill Grace Brethren Church, St. Paulís Lutheran Church and Vinco Brethren Church. The top five winners in this category earned a recognition plaque to display plus a cash prize. First place received $100, 2nd-$75, 3rd-$50, 4th-$25 and 5th-$10. Winners were as follows:

First Place - Jackson Elementary P.T.O.
Second Place - Vinco Brethren Church
Third Place - Jackson Community Rod & Gun Club
Fourth Place-Jackson Twp. Boy Scouts Troop # 204
Fifth Place - Jackson Twp. Cub Scouts Pack # 204

A variety of refreshments and a bake sale were available from Jackson Township Troop # 204 Boy Scouts. Carolers filled the evening with song from Chickaree Union Church and Laurel Mountain Bible Church. Also Julie Lewis and Don Eppley of Vinco Brethren Church performed several musical selections enjoyed by all.  In addition, a group from the Jackson Elementary 4th & 5th Grade Chorus came out to perform several of their favorite Christmas songs. An elaborate model train display was operating in high gear throughout the evening under the direction of Phil Boyer, Chief Engineer at the Senior Center. The guest of honor for the evening was definitely Santa Claus himself! Children didn't seem to mind waiting and were excited as they gave their Christmas wish list to Santa himself! Charlie Rametta, photographer took photos of the children with Santa and this year printed them out on the spot for proud parents. The children also enjoyed coloring Christmas pictures and getting in the Christmas spirit! It was a great evening and a good time was had by all. The Recreation Commission is already making plans for next year and to add additional lights as the light display grows larger each year.

The Board of Supervisors met on January 3rd to reorganize for the New Year. Bruce Baker was appointed to the position as Chairman and John Wallet as Vice-Chairman of the 2011 Board. Dave Hirko was re-appointed as Secretary-Treasurer, Bill Barbin as Solicitor and Calvin Webb as Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor. Keller Engineers was appointed as Township Engineer. George Burkey was re-appointed as Zoning Officer and Middle Department Inspection Agency as Building Code Official. Barry Rouzer was re-appointed as Vacancy Board Chairman. There were several re-appointments to various Township boards and commissions. Darin Brown was re-appointed to a three year term on the Zoning Hearing Board as well as Craig Gibson as an Alternate Member for a three year term. Bruce Baker was re-appointed to a four year term on the Planning Commission while Terri Modic was re-appointed to a five year term on the Recreation Commission. New to the Recreation Commission is Marty Bezek who accepted the appointment for a five year term. Returning to the Water Authority with a five year term is Ray Dodson and accepting a five year appointment to the Jackson-East Taylor Sewer Authority is Don Ochenrider. Jack Houston was re-appointed to a five year term on the Central Cambria Building Codes Agency Board of Appeals.  Bruce Baker, John Wallet and Mark Westrick were appointed as Roadmasters. Bruce Baker was re-appointed as Representative to the Cambria County Sewage Enforcement Agency while Dave Hirko was appointed as Alternate Member. Bruce Baker was also appointed as Regular Attending Member to the Cambria County Association of Township Officials while John Wallet and Mark Westrick were designated as Alternate Attending Members. Dave Hirko was re-appointed as Driveway Encroachment Officer. The Supervisors set meetings dates for the second Thursday of every month for 2011 at 8:00 am and the last Thursday of every month for 2011 at 7:00 pm except in October when the meeting time will be 5:30 pm and in November when the meeting will be held on November 17th. Somerset Trust and Ameriserv were listed as Township depositories.

Jackson Township held its fifth annual Holiday Lighting Contest ever with 13 homes registering. The number of homes was down this year due to inclement weather setting in right after Thanksgiving but that didnít dampen the spirit of those entering and many pulled out all the stops! Of the 13 entries, 5 were entering the contest for the first time. Three judges from outside of Jackson Township who were unfamiliar with the names and locations within the Township agreed to volunteer to judge the outdoor lighting and decoration displays. Prizes were awarded as follows: Nina & Robert Hildebrand took 1st place honors winning a $100 cash prize. Earning the 2nd place prize of $75 was Michael Barkley. A 3rd place prize of $50 went to Melissa & Darren Devlin. 4th place honors earning a $25 prize went to Patricia & Paul Scanlan. Two honorable mentions were made. They were Deanna Gergely and Deeann Purnell. In addition to the cash prizes, all winners and honorable mentions received a congratulatory plaque complete with a photo of their display. Congratulations to all the winners! Jackson Township hopes more people will join in the fun for the 2011 Contest! If you wish to participate, now is the time to start planning your strategy to take home 2011 honors for this friendly decorating competition.

1st Place - Nina & Robert Hildebrand - Brenton Drive
2nd Place - Michael Barkley - William Penn Avenue
3rd Place - Melissa & Darren Devlin - Hunt Road
4th Place - Patricia & Paul Scanlan - Benshoff Hill Road
Honorable Mention - Deanna Gergely - Old Nanty Glo Road

Honorable Mention - Deeann Purnell - William Penn Avenue

Listed below are some of the upcoming events and activities scheduled in Jackson Township over the upcoming months:

~New York City Bus Trip
Spring is a great time to visit the Big Apple, NEW YORK CITY! Jackson Township is sponsoring a bus trip to NYC on Saturday, April 9, 2011. We will be leaving Jackson Elementary at 5 am and return home around 3 am Sunday. There are tons of things to do in NY including sightseeing, great shopping, museums, parks, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Times Square and more! Cost is only $45.00 per person, same rate as our last trip in 2008 which was highly popular. Be sure to get your reservations in early as the last trip sold out quickly. One bus is already sold out and a second one has been added.

~5th Annual Easter Egg Hunt
This highly popular event will be held on Saturday, April 16th from noon to 1:00 pm at Mitchell Park. There will be over 2000 eggs hidden filled with goodies as well as some coupons redeemable for special prizes! Making an appearance will be the Easter Bunny. The Easter Egg Hunt is sponsored by the Jackson Township Lions Club in cooperation with the Recreation Commission.

~6th Annual Fishing Derby
The Fishing Derby will be held on Saturday, May 7th at Woodland Park just off of Route 22 towards Ebensburg. Ages 12 and under are welcome and admission is FREE. Prizes will be awarded and refreshments will be available. Registration begins at 8 am with the Fishing Derby going from 9 am to 3 pm. The event will be held rain or shine. Come and bring your friends! If you have any questions or need additional information, call John Lythgoe at 749-8223 or Jackson Township at 749-0725. The Fishing Derby is sponsored by the Jackson Township Community Rod & Gun Club in cooperation with the Recreation Commission.

If you have a junked vehicle that needs removed from your property and youíre not sure how to go about it, perhaps the following information will help. Al Gillin who operates a licensed junkyard along Adams Avenue has agreed to tow any junked vehicles that you would like to have removed from your property. According to Mr. Gillin, in most cases there will be no charge to any Township resident for this service unless there is great difficulty getting to the vehicle to pick it up. If you wish to have junked vehicles removed from your property, you may contact Mr. Gillin at 322-4366 to see if you qualify for this free service.

Residents Cashing In On Scrap Metal
Many residents are getting top dollar on scrap metal. This includes automobiles that may be sitting on your property. EMF Industries of Franklin Borough accepts old vehicles and pays for the scrap metal value which has been up dramatically this year. The phone number for EMF is 536-5047.

Every wonder how to dispose of any old batteries from cars, trucks, lawn mowers, tractors, etc. that you may have laying around your property? They are considered hazardous so you cannot put them out with your garbage. You can however drop them off at Naugles Auto & Truck Sales free of charge where they will see that they are properly processed for disposal or recycling. Naugles Auto & Truck Sales is located at 3309 William Penn Avenue near Mundys Corner. If you have any questions concerning battery disposal, please contact Eric Naugle at 659-7429.

Have you ever wondered how you can serve the community you live in? Jackson Township welcomes anyone interested in serving on a Authority, Board or Commission to submit a letter, note or email saying you are interested in serving on a Board or Authority in the event that there are openings. If you are interested, your letter would be kept on file at the Township office where you would be contacted if an opening would occur at which time you could accept or decline. Authorities include the Sewer Authority and Water Authority. Commissions include Planning & Recreation. There is also the Zoning Hearing Board. Another group where participation is encouraged is the Historical Preservation Committee. All letters and notes should be mailed to Jackson Township Supervisors, 513 Pike Road, Johnstown, PA 15909. You may also drop it off in person at the Municipal Building or you can send an email to office@jacksontwppa.com By volunteering you can make a difference in your community. Any and all inquiries would be greatly appreciated!

Jackson Historical Preservation Committee
If you are interested in helping the Historic Preservation Committee, feel free to attend any of their meetings. If you have any knowledge of the history of the Township, you are welcome to share. The Committee meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Township Municipal Building at 1:00 pm.

Jackson Heritage Festival
Help plan and organize the 8th Annual Jackson Heritage Festival. Planning will soon be underway for next year's big event. If you are interested in helping out, please phone, write or email your name to the Jackson Township Office.


September, 2010
The figures for September were as follows: 911 Calls dispatched to Police: 353 Reportable Part I Crimes: 8 broken down as follows: Larceny-5, Burglaries-2 and Arson-1. Reportable Part II Crimes: 15 broken down as follows: Vandalism-6, Disorderly Conduct-2, Liquor-2, Receiving Stolen Property-1 and All others-4. Calls Resulting in Cases: 18, Total Arrestees: 9, Total Suspects: 0, Total Victims: 5, DUI Arrests: 0, Traffic Citations: 38, Non-Traffic Citations: 12, Total Warnings: 2

October, 2010
The figures for October were as follows: 911 Calls dispatched to Police: 229 Reportable Part I Crimes: 3 broken down as follows: Assaults-2 and Larceny-1. Reportable Part II Crimes: 20 broken down as follows: Receiving Stolen Property-3, Disorderly Conduct-2, Fraud-2, Vandalism-2, Drugs-1, Drunkenness-1, DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-1 and All others-8. Calls Resulting in Cases: 11, Total Arrestees: 9, Total Suspects: 0, Total Victims: 7, DUI Arrests: 1, Traffic Citations: 13, Non-Traffic Citations: 2, Total Warnings: 0

November, 2010
The November, 2010 Police Report statistics were as follows: 911 Calls dispatched to Police: 237. Reportable Part I Crimes: 6 broken down as follows: Assaults-6. Reportable Part II Crimes: 12 broken down as follows: DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-2, Disorderly Conduct-1, Receiving Stolen Property-1, Vandalism-1 and all others-7. Calls Resulting in Cases: 8, Total Arrestees: 5, Total Suspects: 0, Total Victims: 3, DUI Arrests: 2, Traffic Citations: 5, Non-Traffic Citations: 5, Total Warnings: 0.

~Be sure to check your mail box and post making sure itís secure and can withstand the weight of the heavy snow being plowed off the roads.

~Plow or shovel the snow to the right of your driveway. This will avoid the snow from being re-deposited in your driveway when being plowed by Township Road Workers.

~Use caution and slow down when driving on snowy or icy roads and be sure to leave a little earlier to arrive at your destination safely and on time.

The Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company held a very successful Open House on October 6th from 6 to 9 pm in conjunction with National Fire Prevention Week. There were approximately 300 people turn out for the event including lots of children. The event featured many fun activities including free fire truck rides and smoke trailer tours. In addition, the Open House gave residents a chance to meet and talk with the firemen and learn about fire fighting in general. Tours were also given of the Fire Department and everyone attending got a chance to check out the fire trucks and rescue vehicles. Free house numbers were also made available to those interested and there was a variety of free refreshments. The Fire Company appreciated all those who attended. .

The Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company has several upcoming events they would like to announce for 2011. They are as follows:

Casino Night Saturday Feb. 5th
Golf Raffle Sunday March 20th
Spring Gun Raffle Sunday Apr. 10th
Jewelry Raffle Saturday May 14th
Heritage Festival Fri.-Sun. July 15th-17th
Archery Raffle
Saturday Sept. 17th
Fall Gun Raffle Sunday Oct. 16th
Turkey Raffle Sunday Nov. 20th

Auxiliary sponsored "Fish Frys" will start on Friday, March 11th and continue every Friday with the last one being Good Friday, April 22nd. As always, Bingo is sponsored by the Auxiliary and is held every Sunday evening at 6:30 sharp. Turnout has been very good for Bingo and they are hoping that will continue. For tickets or additional information on all of these events, contact the Fire Company at 322-3155. The Fire Company wants to extend special thanks to their members, residents, Township employees and businesses who assisted the Fire Company in getting a generator up and running to provide power in the event of an emergency. They appreciate your help and dedication and want to say a big, THANK YOU!  New officers were elected for 2011 at their December meeting. They are: President-Tim Hofecker, Vice-President-Jason Glessner, Secretary-Angela Shoemaker, Treasurer-Mark Sloan, Assistant Treasurer-Gary Gongloff, Assistant Secretary-Sally Price, Financial Secretary-Dave Smith, Assistant Financial Secretary-Karl Smith, 2011 Trustee-Terry Crouse, Fire Chief-Tim Hofecker and Fire Police Captain-Mick Bezek. The Fire Company will once again be mailing out their annual Fund Drive letter as opposed to going door to door. The Fire Company has ordered a new ambulance with new state-of-the-art heart monitors! Improvements such as the new ambulance and generator would not be possible without a successful Fund Drive. With winter months here, please be very careful with burning candles, wood burners and kerosene heaters. Make sure your smoke detectors are working properly and flues are kept clean. The Fire Company and Auxiliary would like to thank everyone in the community for all of their continued support and wish everyone a happy, safe and blessed New Year as we start 2011.

The Center is buzzing with many activities and events. The Area Agency on Aging, along with the John P. Murtha Neuroscience Center will present 6 classes for on "Chronic Disease Self-Management Program" at the Center. The program was developed at Stanford University and is focused on people age 60 and over who either have or care for someone who has a Chronic Condition. The Program consists of one 2 Ĺ hour class once a week for 6 consecutive weeks. The class schedule will start in the spring (March or April) of 2011. Anyone interested in taking the class should register by contacting the Senior Center at 322-3327. Class size is limited to 20 and after that people will be placed on a waiting list. If enough people are interested, an additional class will be scheduled.  The Health Insurance Apprise Program are at the Center on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Jim and Barb Crissey are the Cambria County Apprise Insurance Coordinators and they are able to help seniors with their health insurance questions or problems. Call the Center to make an appointment if you are interested.  The Center will be sponsoring a "55 Alive" driverís classes for Seniors age 55 and older. The first class is two days for those that never have taken the course before. This session will be held on May 5th & 6th. The second class is a one day refresher for those who have completed the 2 day course in the past three years. To be eligible for a discount on your car insurance you need to take the course once every 3 years. Mr. David Larson will be the instructor. Cost is $12.00 for AARP members and $14.00 for non-members. You should check with your Insurance Company to verify any discount before signing up for the class.  Tax Assistance will once again be offered. In February and March a trained Tax Assistance individual will again be at the Center to assist individuals in preparing their 2010 Federal, State and Local Tax Returns as well as property & rent rebate forms. Assistance will only be given to individuals with small businesses, rentals or simple tax returns. Appointments will be scheduled every Monday evening from 6:30 to 8:00 pm starting on February 7, 2011 and every Wednesday from 9:00 to 11:30 am beginning February 2, 2011. Appointments can be made in person or by contact the Center at 322-3327.  The Strong Bones People Class continues to meet every Monday and Thursday at 8:45 am and lasts 45 minutes. The class originally was sponsored by the UMWA Health & Retirement Funds and lasted for 12 weeks after which the group continued the class on their own. For more details on this class, contact the Center.  For more information on any of the above events, contact the Senior Center at 322-3327.   The Center Knitting Club meets every Tuesday at 10:00 am to knit / crochet hats, mittens & scarves to be given to the needy children and adults. In 2010, they once again did a superb job by donating over 700 items which were then contributed to Head Start, WIC (Women, Infants & Children), Salvation Army and Jackson Elementary School. For more information on any of the above events, contact the Senior Center at 322-3327. Every Thursday at 1:00 pm, the Center is showing an afternoon movie donated by All the Right Movies. Members are welcome to take time to relax and enjoy a current movie in the Community Room on the Center's large screen TV.  Just a reminder that Pennsylvania offers a Property Tax / Rent Rebate Program that benefits eligible Pennsylvanians age 65 and older, widows and widowers age 50 and older and those with disabilities age 18 and older. The program income limit is $15,000 to $35,000 (which excludes half of Social Security income) for homeowners and raised the maximum rebate for both homeowners and renters from $500 to $650. The deadline to apply for a Rebate on property taxes or rent paid in 2009 has been extended to December 31, 2010.  If you are in need of work, age 55 or over and qualify within the set income levels, you may be eligible for the Senior Community Employment Program Service. For more information on the program, contact the local National Council on Aging Senior Employment Program in Johnstown at 536-0691.  The Silver Sneakers Program is still going strong with over 50 individuals taking advantage of the program. Anyone who is a Medicare-eligible member of Highmark or Blue Cross-Blue Shield can participate. In addition the Center has a room full of 11 state-of-the-art exercise machines that are available for member use during regular hours which are Monday 9 to 11 am and 7 to 9 pm and on Tuesday thru Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm. For more information, contact the Senior Center at 322-3327.  The Center has many special weekly events for the membership including lunch 3 times a week, parties, Bible study, bingo, knitting, line dancing, weekly Pinochle party, speakers and events on health issues concerning the aged population, monthly blood pressure screenings, weekly movies, ceramics, computer use with high-speed internet access and beginners computer classes. In addition there are monthly CamTram bus trips to different shopping areas in Westmoreland, Indiana, Blair, Somerset and Cambria Counties.  Anyone interested in visiting or taking a quick tour of the Center is invited to stop in. Membership offered to those age 50 and older is constantly growing and is only $10.00 a year. The Center opened on May 10, 1998 and have issued over 750 membership cards. The Center relies on volunteers to operate and stay open. It's a great place to meet and socialize. If you are interested in being a member or volunteering, please contact the Center at 322-3327.

Jackson Township Mun. Bldg. 749-0725
Jackson Township Fire Company 322-3155
Jackson Township Police Dept. 749-0051
Jackson Township Senior Center 322-3327
Jackson - East Taylor Sewer Auth. 322-3444
Jackson Township Water Authority 322-1262
Paulette Baker, Tax Collector 322-1863
George Burkey, Zoning Officer 322-4709

The Chickaree Ridge Runners Snowmobile Recreation and Rescue Club will hold its annual Poker Run on Sunday Feb. 13th, 2011at 1:00pm at the clubhouse. The event will benefit someone from within the community who is in need. This years event will be held in memory of Bob Wiktor who passed away unexpectedly on May 16th, 2010. Bob always took charge of the Poker Run and solicited and collected the majority of the items that were given as prizes to people who participated in the Poker Runs. If you are interested in donating a prize or making a monetary donation to benefit someone from within our community, please call Martin Marine at (814) 749-9931 or mail it to Chickaree Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club at 763 Pike Road, Johnstown, Pa 15909. Last years Poker Run raised between $2000 and $2500 for Betty Lybarger who was in a serious car accident a few days before Christmas. There will also be a trail ride following the Poker Run (if we have snow). The club will also have a sno-deo, one day trips locally, a long weekend trip to the PA Grand Canyon and week long trips to Maine or Canada. If you are interested in the club or to join check out our website at ht4www.chickareeridgerunners.com or call (814) 749-9931. Meetings are held at our clubhouse near Mitchell Field in Vinco, the first and third Thursdays of the month from Sept. thru April, and the first Thursday from May thru Aug. they begin at 8:00pm. We have free food at the first meeting of each month. A single membership is $10 and a family membership is $15 per year, the club is open to the public, anyone can join. We are a family oriented club that is active year round, we have our annual picnic at the Raystown Waterpark, an Altoona Curve game, swimming and even a cookout at Dr. Don and Cathy Leckeyís house. The club also sponsors a free Safety Course each year for students ages 10-15 who are required to complete this course if they plan on riding a snowmobile on property not owned by their parent or guardian. The course is usually held at the end of November. The club is also working closely with the DCNR to establish snowmobile trails on Rager and Chickaree Mountains. We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy and prosperous New Year!

~Whoís New Around the Township

We would like to welcome those who have been recently elected, appointed or hired by Jackson Township. Ron Allison, Jeremy Freoni and Rickey Price were hired as a Part Time Police Officers for Jackson Township. We welcome Ron, Jeremy and Rickey as they join the Jackson Township Police Department! Tom Wray was appointed to the position of Township Auditor after the unexpected passing of Toni Merlo who was just appointed in early December. She will be greatly missed! We also extend a warm welcome to Marty Bezek who will be serving on the Jackson Township Recreation Commission and Don Ochenrider who accepted a term on the Jackson-East Taylor Sewer Authority Board. Cory Ehrhart previously served on the Recreation Commission and Wendell Gillin on the JETSA Board. We thank Cory & Wendell for their outstanding service to our community!

~24 Hour Police Coverage Goal Achieved
With the addition of several Part-Time Police Officers, the Supervisors have achieved 24 hour coverage as much as can be expected. The schedule for January, 2011 is completely full with one officer assigned to a shift. It is hoped that this trend will continue throughout the new year.

~Waste Management Spreads Good Will for Christmas - Waste Management who operates the Laurel Highlands Landfill once again distributed turkeys for Christmas to those families in need. Churches in Jackson Twp. submitted a number of turkeys needed for families they considered to be needy. Approx. 46 turkeys were distributed to representatives of the Jackson churches. Brad Minemyer of Waste Management said "We are happy with the relationship we have with Jackson and we were more than happy to contribute the turkeys during the holiday season".

~Jackson Township Honors Vets
A tradition continued with the Senior Center heading up another Veterans Day Ceremony at Veterans Park. Nearly 140 individuals showed up to honor our veterans, past and present. Ret. Major Kenneth Kozar, who has over 20 years of service and served in Camp Victory, Iraq was the speaker. Others participating were Menoher VFW Post 155 Honor Rifle Team, Jackson Township Troop 204 Boy Scouts & Cub Scouts and Pastor Drew Walther of Singer Hill Grace Brethren Church. Cory Shirk, a freshman at Penn State University, sang several special music selections and Wix-Pix Productions provided a first-class sound system along with recorded music before and after the ceremony. Senior Center President, Frank Singel, acted as Master of Ceremonies. Light refreshments were served following the event. Special thanks go out to all those participating in the ceremony as well as those who took the time out of their day to remember and honor all veterans who have served or are currently serving in the military.

~Supervisors Support Nanty Glo Library
The Supervisors unanimously approved at their September 30th meeting a contribution to the Nanty Glo Library for $500. to put towards their Annual Fund Drive. The Library estimates that approximately 700 people from Jackson Township use the Library.

~Phase II Planning Nearing Completion
Jackson Township in cooperation with Cambria Township and Ebensburg Borough as part of the Central Cambria Coalition is nearing the completion of the Phase II Planning Project. This project was made possible with a grant from the DCED (Dept. of Community & Economic Development). Richard C. Sutter and Associates of Hollidaysburg was hired as the planning consultant. The project included updating each municipalities Zoning Ordinance and Map, Subdivision Ordinance and becoming more coordinated with neighboring communities. The updating of the zoning map will make it parcel specific. This task was made possible since Cambria County has computerized mapping (GIS) available. In addition, all ordinances will be up-to-date with the Municipal Planning Code. A final step of amending the Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan will take place as well.

~JETSA Sewer Authority Update
The Jackson/East Taylor Sewer Authority Board members would like to take this opportunity to "Thank" Wendell Gillen for serving on the Authority Board for the past five years. Wendell served the communities of Jackson and East Taylor in a fair, honest and professional manner. The Board members and staff wish Mr. Gillen the best in his future endeavors. Also the Board would like to welcome Donald Ochenrider as the new Board member. Mr. Ochenrider is a resident of the Vinco area and is a member of the Jackson Fire Company. The Board members look forward to working with Mr. Ochenrider.

~Loraine Road Sewer Project Update
The Loraine Road Sewer Project has passed itís Final Inspection and all outstanding maintenance issues have been resolved through Claycomb Excavating. The Nanty Glo Sewer Authority will own the line and connection notices should be sent out to residents soon. This project was made possible through Community Development Block Grants administered through the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority.

~Electric Rate Caps Coming Off In 2011
For those who donít know, electric rate caps will come off for customers in 2011. You could face higher cost and as a consumer and you have the right to choose another supplier for your electrical generation. This would not change the distribution cost portion of your utility bill but only the generation portion. In this newsletter is a two page flyer published by the Pennsylvania Utility Commission that explains how removing rate caps for electric companies may affect you.

~Swigle Mountain Water Project
The Swigle Mountain Water Project is 97% complete and the remaining 2-3% involves primarily electrical and control work and connection to the pump station. The other items consist of work with the water tank itself. People will be able to connect to the system once the project is deemed substantially complete and after a series of water treatment tests are consummated according to Rich Wray, engineer for the 1.5 million project.

~Mitchell Park Project Completed
Mitchell Park Phase I Project is now completed and a $123,000 grant closed out with the DCNR. The project consists of public restrooms, 2 large pavilions and building a road and infrastructure. The Township plans to build picnic tables for the pavilions and doing the work in-house will save a lot of money as opposed to ordering them pre-built. In addition to the tables, there will be horseshoe pits and grills in the pavilion area. Pavilions will be available to reserve this summer.

~Barnes, Saly & Company Appointed
The Board of Supervisors voted at their September 30th meeting to appoint Barnes, Saly & Company, Certified Public Accountants to perform the audit of 2010 Township records. This is the 9th consecutive year that Barnes, Saly has performed the annual audit.

~Petroleum Development Road Bond
A Road Bond Agreement between Petroleum Development Corporation and Jackson Township was approved for the continued use of .10 miles of Kepple Road. According to Petroleum Development, the usage will only involve an occasional water truck.

~Supervisors Support Food Pantry Efforts
A contribution of $1000 was given to the Miners Community Food Pantry to support their annual fund drive. According to Janet Reese, it takes about $1,500. per month operate the Food Pantry which serves 300 families or 1,400 individuals. Reese estimates that half of the families served are from Jackson Township. The Food Pantry has experienced delays in receiving a grant from the Department of Agriculture and they depend on contributions around Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to continue operating.

~Business Park Project Update
The Jackson Township Business Park Project continues to move forward. The most recent development is the finalization of a deed from the DCNR (Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources) which will complete a land trade agreement with Jackson Township. In addition a purchase option on a 33 acre tract of land was completed with Waste Management. Engineering and planning work continues as well as working towards obtaining funding form a $500,000 grant that was secured with the help of PA Rep. Frank Burns of the 72nd District.

~Lions Club Wraps Up Busy Year
The Jackson Township Lions Club would like to thank the Community for their support during the past year. Your generosity and outstanding support of their fundraisers has enabled them to provide monetary support to many Community Organizations including: Boy Scout Eagle Projects, Birthright, Cambria City Mission, 8 Local Churches, Miners Community Food Pantry, Dr. Warren Riegel Eye Glasses, Jackson Township Scholarships, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Momís House, New Day, Presents for Patients, Salvation Army and the Jackson Township Senior Center. Most outstanding was the Love Tree Collection which took place from November 29th through December 11th and was sponsored by Ideal Market and the Jackson Township Lions Club. Our community lovingly gave $1,340 and 100% of the proceeds were donated to the Miners Community Food Pantry in Nanty Glo for Christmas. Congratulations and thank you on your support! Other activities throughout the year included sponsoring the annual Easter Egg Hunt and participating in the Jackson Heritage Festival and Light Up Night. Have you ever wanted to make a difference in your Community or even the world? The Jackson Township Lions Club is looking for a few good men and women to join them at 7 PM on the second Monday of the month at the Jackson Township Senior Center. Join the Jackson Lions at a meeting and find out what the Lions Club is all about. For more information, please call Dave Perry (President) or Betty Perry (Secretary) at 322-0938 or Betty Lou Shoup (Treasurer) at 322-1678.

~Garbage Rates & Holidays For 2011
Good news! There is no increase in garbage collection rates for 2011 after the Supervisors authorized a one year extension as long as long as Waste Management agreed not to increase rates. This includes unlimited curbside garbage pick up including any large items as well as one free pass to the Landfill per quarter per household. Waste Management holidays that will delay garbage pick-up by one day for 2011 are: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. On Thanksgiving, Thursday collection will be on Friday and normal Friday collection will be on Saturday.

~Board Supports ETJ Little League
The Board of Supervisors at their November 11th meeting approved a contribution for $1500. to the East Taylor-Jackson Little League after receiving a letter requesting help from the Board. ETJ has a large number of youth who use Mitchell Park on a regular basis and is the largest organized sports activity in Jackson Township. In addition, they have started up a program for Girls Softball which has been absent from the Township for many years.

~Neighbors Who Care Gearing Up For New Year
An active local community group, Neighbors Who Care, will be conducting their Annual Membership Drive in January. Current members and former members will be receiving a mailing from the group. New members are always welcome. Annual projects or donations scheduled for the coming year will include the following: Jackson Township Scholarship Fund, sending care packages to Military troops abroad, sponsoring Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts with a special outing of their choice, Donation to Jackson Heritage Festival and Litter clean-up along Township roads and streets. Donations made in 2010 included Jackson Township Scholarship Fund, Jackson Township Boy Scouts, Jackson Township Girl Scouts, Jackson Township Heritage Festival, Veterans Day Ceremony at Senior Center, Jackson Township Lions Club Penny Cake Social, Snowmobile Club Fundraiser for Betty Lybarger and Jackson Elementary School for playground . Neighbors Who Care donated over $3,000 in 2010 to worthy causes. Funding sources included membership dues, selling a raffle ticket and proceeds form a booth at the Jackson Heritage Festival. Rick Fetzer, Chairman said, "We would like to thank all of our members who volunteer their time and all of those who make donations and contributions. Neighbors Who Care continues to seek new members to help promote our Community. If you would like additional information, contact Rick Fetzer, Chairman at 446-6237 or Janet Hagerich, Secretary at 322-4518.

~Open Burning Laws In PA
Many people often wonder what they can or canít burn in Pennsylvania. Burning is permitted if the waste is the result of normal household occupancy. Items that you are not permitted to burn include demolition waste, home insulation, shingles, treated wood, paint, painted or stained objects, furniture, tires, box springs, metal insulating rubber coating on copper wire, old television sets, appliances, automobiles, automotive parts and batteries. All of the items mentioned must be disposed of according to solid-waste regulations. Also, the Pennsylvania State Burning Laws prohibit any commercial establishments from burning refuse of any kind.  The PaDEP encourages everyone to be considerate of your neighbors by not allowing smoke, embers or ash to travel onto others properties. Jackson Township also has many options for recycling various materials and residents are encouraged to take advantage of those opportunities. Everyone also needs to pay attention to weather conditions and not to burn when itís extremely dry or windy. In the fall, this is particular dangerous as there are lots of dry leaves on the ground and one flaming ember could set a forest on fire. For additional information on open burning laws in Pennsylvania you can go to the following website:
www.dep.state.pa.us and click on "open burning". You may also call the DEPís Bureau of Air Quality at (717) 787-9702 and request copies of this information.

~Dog Gone?
Just a friendly reminder that if your dog is missing, please check with the Jackson Township Police Department by stopping in or calling 749-0051 first. Jackson Police are in charge of dog complaints and if a loose dog is reported and there is no way of identifying its owner, the dog will be brought back to the Township and housed temporarily. If noone contacts the Police about a missing dog, it will then be taken to the Humane Society in Johnstown by one of the Officers.

~Jackson Twp. on Facebook
Jackson Township is now on Facebook! One group that was formed last fall has over 450 members with more joining every week. The Group is for those who live or have lived in Jackson Township and is open to anyone who fits that description. Many have joined from all over the United States who grew up here or at one time or another have called Jackson Township "home". There are lots of photos posted on the site and many people are writing nostalgic memories of their time living or growing up in Jackson Township. To find or join the group go to www.facebook.com and then search for the group name "Those Who Live or Have Lived in Jackson Township, Cambria County, PA". In addition, there is now a Facebook Fan Page for Jackson Township. This page is being used to promote important news or events and activities in Jackson Township and in a short time has over 350 fans and is attracting hundreds of online visitors each week. Anyone is welcome to join this page whether they reside in Jackson Township or not, so feel free to invite your family, friends and co-workers. Other fan pages have also been developed for many local schools, fire companies, churches, organizations and businesses.

~Crime and Vandalism
Jackson Township is a relatively safe place to live but no community is immune to crime. This is a reminder to keep a watch over your neighborhood and your neighbors in general. If you see anything suspicious, be sure to contact the Jackson Township Police Department at 749-0051. If no officer is at the Police Station you will be referred to the Cambria County 911 Non Emergency Line and they can have the officer on duty contact you.

~Free 911 House Numbers Available
The Jackson Township Supervisors in a cooperative effort of the Police Department & Fire Company want every home and business in the Township to have their 911 address number prominently displayed. In times of emergency, every minute is critical and it is important that emergency personnel be able to find you. If your house is not numbered, please stop at the Township Building at 513 Pike Road and we have free numbers we can give you. The Township also has mounting plates available if you need one. Numbers are available in black or white. If you are not able to stop by the Township Building between 8 AM & 4 PM, leave a phone message at 749-0725 with your name, address and telephone number where you can be reached in order that we can get the numbers to you.

~Want to Schedule An Event At A Jackson Park?
If you are interested in reserving a pavilion for a family get-together, party or event, please contact the Jackson Township Municipal Building at 749-0725 to make a reservation. A pavilion is available at Mitchell, Leidy & Veterans Park. Other recreation facilities that can be reserved depending upon availability include baseball fields at Mitchell & Leidy and Volleyball Courts at Leidy.

~Tire Recycling Available
The Laurel Highlands Landfill offers recycling. Tires can also be put in a recycling bin for a minimal cost of $2.00 per normal-sized vehicle tire. This does not apply to any commercial establishments

~Need to Sign Up For New Garbage Service? - Jackson Townshipís garbage contract provides for unlimited curbside garbage pick-up as well as any large items you have to dispose of with a few exceptions (i.e. - hazardous items, Freon, tires, etc.) If you are interested in signing up for garbage service you need to call 1-800-677-4884. The cost for 2010 is $39.74 per quarter.

Jackson Township has a valuable source of information to help keep you informed. If you havenít checked out the Township Website, please feel free to visit www.jacksontwppa.com The website is constantly updated with new information. As always, you can read the monthly approved minutes of the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission and Recreation Meetings. New this year are minutes of the Jackson-East Taylor Sewer Authority. To see some of the pages that have been updated recently , click on "Whats New" on the home page. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see on the Jackson Twp. Website, please call Dave Hirko at 749-0725 or email to office@jacksontwppa.com

If you are planning on a building project be sure to visit or call either the Jackson Township Office at 749-0725 or George Burkey, Zoning Officer at 322-4709. Your project could involve zoning, stormwater or planning. Also with the Pennsylvania State Building Code, inspections may be required as well. Be sure to allow plenty of time to get any necessary permits prior to building. By doing this, your project can be addressed in plenty of time before you actually begin construction. Just a reminder that all contractors performing home remodeling must now be registered with the State of Pennsylvania. This new law was enacted in 2010 for the protection of residents from irreputable contractors and home remodeling / repair scams.  Also if you are planning to pave or alter your driveway, a driveway permit is required. Roadmasters Bruce Baker, John Wallet & Mark Westrick said that driveway permits are not to inconvenience residents but are necessary to make sure there is a swale or pipe to direct stormwater. They also make sure that driveways are not higher than the road so snow plows donít catch the edge of the driveway. When a driveway enters onto a Township road, a safe sight distance is also very important. PennDOT requires permits for driveways entering onto State roads within the Township.

Township residents who have access to the internet can now join our new email group to receive up-to-date Township news by email. To subscribe just go to the Jackson Township website at www.jacksontwppa.com and subscribe to the Jackson Township Online News by entering your email address in the space provided. You will then be sent a confirmation verifying that you wish to subscribe to the online news. You must return the confirmation via email to be added to the newsletter list. We also encourage you to invite others to join. If you encounter any problem signing up, just email us at office@jacksontwppa.com or call us at the Township office at 749-0725 and you can be added manually.

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Jackson Township!


On behalf of the Township Supervisors, staff and volunteers serving on various Boards & Authorities of Jackson Township, we extend our warmest wishes for every family to have a healthy and happy New Year!

~ Thanks! ~
We would also like to take this opportunity to recognize those who willingly served Jackson Township in 2010 and especially those who volunteer their time and talents to help make Jackson Township a great place to live.

Frank "Buck" Alexander - Road Crew
Patty Allbaugh - Central Cambria School Board
Ron Allison
Police Officer
Jeremy Amigh - Fire Company Trustee
John Bahorik - Economic Development Committee
Bruce Baker - Board of Supervisors Chairman, Roadmaster, Planning Commission, Cambria County Assoc. of Township Officials President, Cambria County Sewage Enforcement Agency Chairman, Cambria County Solid Waste Authority, Historic Preservation Committee, Economic Development Committee, Police Commissioner
Harry Baker - Zoning Officer
Paulette Baker - Tax Collector
Tammy Baker - - Historical Preservation Committee
William Barbin - Solicitor
Regina Barr - Recreation Commission Secretary
Barb Baughman - Senior Center Vice-President
Mick Bezek - Fire Police Captain
Al Boring - Recreation Commission
Bob Bombach
- Fire Police
Delores Bracken - Historical Preservation Committee
Darrin Brown - Zoning Hearing Board Secretary
Debra Buksa - Water Authority Secretary
George Burkey - Auditor, Zoning Officer, Sewer Authority Chairman, Fire Police
Tim Burkey - Sewer Authority Foreman
Mark Croft - Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator, Fire Company Trustee
Terry Crouse - Fire Company Vice-President
Donna Davis - Historical Preservation Committee
Tim Davis - Recreation Commission Chairman
Brian Daughenbaugh - Sewer Authority
Bob Ditchcreek - Central Cambria building Codes Agency Board of Appeals
Dan Ditchcreek
- Road Crew Foreman
Walt Ditchcreek
- Water Authority Board Chairman
Ray Dodson - Water Authority Board Treasurer
Tom Dolan Sr. - Economic Development Committee
Zelda Dugan - Historical Preservation Committee
Alan Eck
Cory Ehrhart
- Recreation Commission Chairman
Guy Ellenberger - Economic Development Committee
Scott Emerson - Fire Company Trustee
Bob Fatula - Chief of Police
Chris Fedora - Emergency Management Coordinator, Fire Company Trustee
Connie Fetzer - Administrative Assistant
Rick Fetzer - Zoning Hearing Board Chairman
Tim Ford - Road Crew
Jeremy Freoni -
Police Officer
Georgia Frombach - Water Authority Secretary
Al Gailey - Planning Commission Chairman
Alice Gary - Senior Center Work Program
Alfred George
- Recreation Commission
Craig Gibson - Zoning Hearing Board Alternate Member
Wendell Gillen - Sewer Authority Board Secretary
Gary Gongloff - Fire Company Assistant Treasurer
Mary Govekar - Senior Center Secretary
Shaun Gregory - Police Officer
Ben Grove - Park Maintenance
Denny Grove - Recreation Commission Vice-Chairman
Bill Headrick - Auditors Chairman
Dave Hirko - Manager, Secretary, Treasurer, Sewage Enforcement Agency, Road Encroachment Officer, Economic Development Committee, Open Records Officer
Tim Hofecker - Fire Company President, Fire Chief
Jack Houston - Central Cambria building Codes Agency Board of Appeals
Don Hrapchak
- Water Authority Board Asst. Secretary-Treasurer
Jackson Township Adopt-A-Highway Volunteers
Jackson Township Election Poll Workers
Jackson Township Heritage Festival Committee & Volunteers
Jackson Township Senior & Handicapped Center Volunteers & Helpers
Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company Members
Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company Auxiliary Members
Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Police
Steve Kauffman
- Assistant Financial Secretary
Don Knopsnyder - Planning Commission Secretary
Jim Lauffer
- Historical Preservation Committee
Linda Lesko - Historical Preservation Committee
John Letizia Jr. - Economic Development Committee, Zoning Hearing Board Alternate Member
John Lythgoe - Recreation Commission
Dick McDowell - Historical Preservation Committee
Brad Minemyer - Economic Development Committee
Terri Modic - Recreation Commission
Charles Nagle Jr.
- Police Officer
Don Ochenrider - Fire Company Trustee
Nancy Oleksa - Sewer Authority Administrative Assistant
Al Pagano - Recreation Commission
Ellen Pentrack-Ocilka - Zoning Hearing Board Vice-Chairman
Rob Piper Jr. - Water Authority Board Vice-Chairman
Ed Porada - Auditors Secretary
Rickey Price - Police Officer
Laird Rager - Planning Commission
Eric Reitler - Recreation Commission Chairman, Fire Company Assistant Secretary, Fire Police
Melanie Rininger - Police Officer
Tom Romeo - Economic Development Committee
Barry Rouzer - Vacancy Board Chairman, Constable
Jeremy Scislowicz - Police Officer
Marcia Shaheen - Central Cambria School Board
Angela Shoemaker - Fire Company Secretary
Betty Lou Shoup - Historical Preservation Committee
Frank Singel - Senior Center President, Central Cambria School Board
John Sirko Jr. - Road Crew / Asst. Shop Foreman
Mark Sloan - Fire Company Treasurer
David Smith - Water Authority & Fire Company Financial Secretary
Karl Smith - Water Authority Foreman, Recreation Commission
Ken Smith - Police Officer
Alex Svirsko - Sewer Authority Solicitor
Barb Teeter - Historical Preservation Committee
Robert Templeton - Sewer Authority Board Vice-Chairman
Philip Vaught - Police Officer
John Wallet - Water Authority Board Secretary, Board of Supervisors, Police Commissioner
Calvin Webb - Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor, Water Authority Solicitor
Bob Wenklar - Senior Center Treasurer, Senior Center Aide
Mark Westrick - Board of Supervisors, Police Commissioner
Amy Willett - Economic Development Committee
Tom Wray - Auditor, Economic Development Committee
Paul Wyrwas - Planning Commission Vice-Chairman
Steve Yarina - Fire Company Trustee
Mary Ann Zanghi -
District Justice

There are hundreds of volunteers in Jackson Township too numerous to mention who serve in some capacity for many great organizations such as the Fire Company, Senior Center, Historical Society, Schools, Churches, Food Pantry, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, Little League, Recreation & Sports, Nanty Glo Library, Civic Organizations, Election Boards, etc. Thanks for all the work you do and know that it is very much appreciated!