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Spring, 2005

The Jackson Township Supervisors negotiated a new five-year contract with Waste Management for garbage and refuse. The new garbage contract calls for quarterly payments as follows:

Year 1 $ 36.00 per quarter
Year 2 $ 36.90 per quarter
Year 3 $ 37.82 per quarter
Year 4 $ 38.77 per quarter
Year 5 $ 39.74 per quarter

Garbage collection is on a voluntary basis and residents must contact Waste Management for the service. Even though the collection service is not mandatory, each household must be able to account for where their garbage goes as there is a "County-wide" Solid Waste Ordinance in effect. According to the new contract, the quarterly fee is less than any surrounding neighboring municipalities and offers greater service to residents including unlimited curbside garbage service which entitles customers to place unlimited household trash and large items such as appliances (with Freon removed and tagged by a certified technician), carpet cut and other bulky items if bundled in 4' lengths no greater than 50 pounds and furniture at the curb for weekly pick up. Even items such as grass clippings and Christmas trees can now be picked up. This means that there will not be a formal Spring Clean-Up this year being that items can be put out for pick-up at ANY time during the year.  To sign up for the unlimited curb service, residents may call 1-800-677-4884. All participating residents will be provided a sticker each quarter identifying them as a Waste Management customer. Stickers should be placed in a highly visible location such as a mailbox, fencepost, garage window, etc. A lost sticker will be replaced one time for free. After that there is a $10.00 charge.

Customers should call Waste Management at 1-800-677-4884 to report any service issue including a missed pick up within 24 hours so that they may correct the problem in a timely manner. If the problem is still not resolved, feel free to call the Township Office at 749-0725. The following items will not be collected at curbside or accepted at the landfill: dirt, rock, brick, stone, liquid paint (paint cans containing dried paint may be placed at the curb with the lid removed), car parts, batteries, tires, any explosives, hazardous or toxic chemicals. If you are moving you will need to contact Waste Management to inactivate or transfer your service. In addition, each household in Jackson Township is entitled to receive one free pass for one trip to the landfill per quarter. Landfill passes can be picked up at the Jackson Township Municipal Building. For those who choose not to subscribe to the new quarterly system and have minimal garbage due to recycling, burning or compost piles, etc., the landfill passes will be a way that they can dispose of any other garbage or large items free of charge once each quarter. A public convenience center is located directly past the landfill scales where all waste can be easily unloaded, eliminating the need to be in the landfill work area.

The Supervisors put much time and thought into accepting the bid for the new quarterly system. The Supervisors only received one bid and that was from Waste Management. There was an optional bid from Waste Management to continue the bag system but the price would have gone up to $2.50 per "green" bag during the first year and increased every year afterwards. There was also the issue of sales tax that the stores were forced to charge being the bags were viewed by the State as a material item and not a service making the bags even more expensive. With the proposed new bag rate, residents would have been paying $26.50 for a roll of 10 bags. Many complaints were received over the past several years that the bags were too small and would rip too easily. It is hoped that with a more convenient way to get rid of garbage and accumulated junk that there will be less illegal dumping as well as burning items that probably should not be burned. The Supervisors hope that this new system will in no way discourage residents from recycling. It is important to recycle for environmental reasons even though recycling is not mandatory in Jackson Township. Each resident and household must decide whether they wish to recycle or not.

The Jackson Township Heritage Festival Committee will hold a full-course spaghetti dinner at the Jackson Township Fire Hall in Vinco on Saturday, April 23, 2005 from 4 to 7 pm. The dinner will include Spaghetti & Meatballs, Tossed Salad, Rolls & Butter, Dessert and Beverage. The cost is $6.00 per adult and $3.00 for children under 10. If you would like to purchase tickets you can do so by contacting Kim Hirko at 322-3433, Paulette Baker at 322-1863, Donna Davis at 749-7865 or Gina Mumau at 749- 8996. All proceeds will go towards the 2005 Jackson Township Heritage Festival. Door prizes will also be awarded. Invite your friends and neighbors and treat your family to an evening out while helping out a worthy cause.

If you received this newsletter and your name or address information is incorrect, or if you know of any resident of Jackson Township who didnít receive it, please call the Township Office at 749-0725.

If you have a junked vehicle that needs removed from your property and youíre not sure how to go about it, perhaps the following information will help. Al Gillin who operates a licensed junkyard along Adams Avenue has agreed to tow any junked vehicles that you would like to have removed from your property. According to Mr. Gillin, in most cases there will be no charge to any Township resident for this service unless there is great difficulty getting to the vehicle to pick it up. If you wish to have junked vehicles removed from your property, you may contact Mr. Gillin at 322-4366 to see if you qualify for this free service.

Jackson Township has several elected positions that will be on the ballot for the May 17th Primary Election. Those include a 6 year term for Township Supervisor. Other positions on the ballot include Tax Collector, Assessor, Auditor and 2 School Board members. Be sure to know what candidates are running so you can make a wise and informed decision when it comes time to vote.

Jackson Township welcomes anyone interested in serving on a Authority, Board or Commission to submit a letter of interest in the event that any openings should occur. If you are interested, your letter would be kept on file at the Township office where you would be contacted if an opening would occur. Authorities include the Sewer Authority and Water Authority. Commissions include Planning & Recreation. There is also the Zoning Hearing Board. All letters should be mailed to Jackson Township Supervisors, 513 Pike Road, Johnstown, PA 15909.

Cambria County GIS Mapping under the direction of Steve Kosis recently completed the Jackson Township portion of the GIS Mapping Project. GIS mapping begins with ariel photography. The photography is then put into digital format for use in computers where layers of additional information can be added. This information can include sewer lines, water lines, street names, culverts and drainage facilities, schools, churches, tax parcel information, electrical pole numbers, wetlands areas, soil conservation areas and much more. The amount of information that can be recorded on the computer are endless. One example of a potential use could include a business that wanted to locate in a certain area. By just clicking the mouse a few times they could immediately find out whether the site has sewage or water and even what the taxes are on that property. GIS mapping is becoming more and more widespread across the US and some states such as North Carolina & Virginia having the entire state in GIS format. Pennsylvania is slowly coming on board but we can be proud that Cambria County is taking a lead to develop this new technology. In the future you will be able to click on your home computer and actually find out information about your property, tax information or community without making a trip to the County Courthouse. Currently the GIS information is being used by Jackson Township to help develop a new Comprehensive Plan. Richard L. Sutter & Associates of Hollidaysburg is working on the new plan through Lehman Engineers. According to Mr. Sutter, the GIS technology gives invaluable information in making an accurate analysis of current and future land use in a community. The information will also be used to help develop a Master Recreation Plan as well. Future uses for Jackson Township could include having the Jackson Water Authority & the Jackson-East Taylor Sewer Authority create layers showing where sewer and water lines are located. Ebensburg Borough plans on mapping the new Salt Lick-Ebensburg Water Line and will share the mapped "layer" showing the line going through Jackson Township with us. Another use could include showing where drainage culverts and pipes are located. The information can then be shared with other users such as engineers, Cambria County, 911 & Emergency Management, the Cambria County Industrial Development Authority, PennDOT, State & Federal Governments, Fire Company, realtors, business owners and even individual residents.

Plans are progressing for the construction of a Veterans Monument / Memorial to be erected at Veterans Memorial Park located between the Jackson Township Senior Center & the Jackson Township Fire Hall. The Supervisors made a motion to authorize the advertisement for bids for the monument. The Jackson Township Recreation Commission is still working on the final design of the monument. A "pentagon" shaped monument is being favored to accommodate as many names as possible. The monument is proposed to be built on a "star shaped" base with a flag on each point of the star. Lighting and other features complementing the monument are being added as well. So far there have been nearly 500 applications with the names of Veterans submitted for the monument. Applications have been submitted from many locations throughout Pennsylvania and many other states including Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia. If you wish to see the Veterans that have submitted applications so far, you can go to the Township Website at www.jacksontwppa.com and see the complete list of names. If you know of a Veterans name you would like to submit, you can mail in the form in this newsletter. You may also obtain forms at the Municipal Building, Senior Center, Sewer Authority or Water Authority Building or the form can easily be printed out from the Township website. The only criteria to qualify to have a name on the monument is that you must be a Veteran and that you must have resided in Jackson Township at some time in your life. Mr. Bill Kish, a local Jackson Township resident who works for the Veterans Affairs Outreach Administration is helping to verify the Veterans status and members of the Jackson Senior Center are helping verify the residency of the applicant. This project has truly become a community effort with many residents getting involved and helping to build a database of Jackson Township Veterans names in order that they can be honored. Several residents even voluntarily made contributions towards the monument. If you would like more information on the monument feel free to contact Joe Baxter, Chairman of the recreation Commission at 322-3291 or Al Slippy, Vice Chairman at 322-1983.

PennDOT met with the Jackson Township Supervisors on March 18, 2005 at the Jackson Township Municipal Building to discuss safety concerns with the new Rt. 22 construction project between Mundyís Corner and the Indiana County line. The meeting was in response to a letter dated February 18, 2005, sent to PennDOT by the Jackson Township Supervisors regarding the intersections at Rt. 22 and Chickaree Hill Road / Mile Hill Road and the intersection at Rt. 22 and Fords Corner Road. The Supervisors requested that the Department evaluate the feasibility of incorporating an overpass structure at the Rt. 22 & Chickaree Hill / Mile Hill Roads intersection and an underpass structure at Rt. 22 & Fords Corner Road intersection, including access ramps to and from Rt. 22. The current design plans utilize at-grade intersections that allow full access at these locations. Dave Sherman, PennDOT Project Manager, and representatives from L. Robert Kimball & Associates presented several design options for each intersection to the Township. The options included grade-separated intersections at both locations, full height continuous concrete barrier through the intersections, slotted left-turn lanes with mountable curb, a signalized intersection at Rt. 22 & Chickaree Hill / Mile Hill Roads, and various combinations of these options. The design options were presented and the advantages and disadvantages of each were discussed. The first option discussed was the as-designed intersections with full movements permitted to and from Rt. 22. This design meets all State and Federal design criteria for sight distance, stopping distance, etc.; however, due to the frequent dense fog conditions and the concern for the safety of crossing traffic, the Dept. of Transportation is in agreement to provide an extra level of safety at each location. L. Robert Kimball engineers presented plans of each intersection with structures included to allow full movement to the East and West along Rt. 22 and the local roads. The grade-separated options, as suggested by the Township Supervisors, were shown to be unfeasible due to the additional right-of-way requirements, additional environmental impacts, and prohibitive costs: (approximately $2.5 million at each location). The full height barrier option would provide efficient through travel along Rt. 22 and improve safety at the intersections; however, left turns and cross traffic would be eliminated. The Township Supervisors considered this option to be too restrictive to the local traffic which would be forced to travel to the jug-handle locations to reverse direction.
The slotted left-turn option incorporates a mountable curb barrier between the east and westbound traffic on Rt. 22 within each of the intersections. This will allow both right and left-turns from Rt. 22 onto the intersecting roads, but will restrict cross traffic and left-turn movements from the side roads, allowing only right turns onto Rt. 22. The proposed jug handle turnaround, located less than Ĺ mile west of the Chickaree Hill Road intersection, and the additional access points being designed and installed just east of the Fordís Corner Road intersection will provide safe and efficient access to eastbound and westbound Rt. 22 from the side roads. The installation of a traffic signal at the Rt. 22 & Chickaree Hill / Mile Road intersection would allow full turning movement capabilities to and from Rt. 22; however, due to the absence of any traffic signals on existing Rt. 22 between Ebensburg and Blairsville, traffic stopping on Rt. 22 could increase rear-end collisions at this location due to driver expectancy and the limited visibility caused by frequent dense fog conditions. Additionally, the existing and future traffic numbers at this intersection do not meet the established warrants for a traffic signal. After a thorough discussion of the possible combinations of options for each intersection, it was the consensus of the group that the slotted left-turn lanes at each intersection would be the most feasible alternative. Dave Sherman has presented this option PennDOT for approval. The design engineers from L. Robert Kimball will finalize the design and PennDOT will have the plan revisions incorporated into the Rt. 22 construction plans.

The Jackson Township Senior Center will host a special Memorial Day Ceremony on Monday, May 30th at 11:00 a.m. The ceremony will honor the service men and women who were killed in all wars. The event is open to the public and it is hoped that the turnout will be as good as the highly successful Veterans Day Ceremonies held in years past with over 100 individuals attending plus numerous television stations and reporters. As in the past, the Johnstown VFW Post 155 will have their Honor Rifle Team in attendance as well as other participating groups and a special guest speaker to be announced. Light refreshments will be served. The Center is also trying to get names of all service men and women from the Township who died in any of the wars in order that they can be honored at the Ceremony. Names can be submitted to Frank Singel by calling 322-3327 or Dave Hirko at 749-0725.

The 2005 Jackson Township Heritage Festival promises to be bigger and better than ever! This year the entertainment line-up for Saturday, July 16th will include the Jackson Township Senior Line Dancers, Classic Clowns, John Robertson Magic & Illusion Show and Clay Bowser. There will also be a dance from 7 to 11 featuring the Fabulous Flashbacks who put on a wildly popular oldies show you wonít want to miss. The Flashbacks are being sponsored by the Jackson Twp. Vol. Fire company. This year, magician John Robertson will perform his magic at the festival and you can expect to see anything from making animals appear and disappear to sawing someone in half to raising someone off of the stage. His magic appeals to young and old alike. Sundayís line-up will include Jackson Townshipís own Masters led by John Lythgoe who will perform gospel tunes. In the afternoon you can enjoy Beaver Creek who were at the festival last year and performed some great Bluegrass music. Beginning at 6, come to enjoy the Polka Family Band who perform throughout the east coast and the Midwest. They are from the Harrisburg area and put on a show that is entertaining to all performing a variety of music including of course, polkas! If itís food you enjoy, the line-up will include American fries, BBQ hamburgers, chicken tenders, chippers, cole slaw, enchiladas, French fries, fresh fruit cups, funnel cakes, gobs, grilled hamburgers & hot dogs, halushki, hot dog & kraut, hot sausage sandwiches, kettle korn, Philly steak & cheese sandwiches, pigs-in-a-blanket, potato salad, pulled pork sandwiches, rosette waffles, strawberry shortcake, tacos, taco salads and tossed salad. There are more applications yet to be turned in so the selection include something for everyone!  Other activities planned are to include a wide variety of crafts and booths, games for children, bingo, Big Bouncy Bunch of Fun, model train display, miniature ponies, petting zoo and a historical display from the Nant-Y-Glo Tri Community Historical Society.

At this years festival you may notice that the festival grounds (Veterans Memorial Park) will look a lot better with recent landscaping done and trees planted. A decorative bridge will also be constructed to connect the Senior Center & Fire Company parking lots. Jackson Township is also very positive on the probability of receiving grants to install lighting and electrical facilities at the park sometime during 2005 - 2006. Volunteers are also needed to help with the Festival. Some areas where help is needed are helping out with childrens games and activities, working at the information booth, emptying garbage cans and delivering ice and pop to vendors. For those of you who would wish to have a booth at the Heritage Festival this year, contact Dave Hirko at 749-0725 or Paulette Baker at 322-1863 or mail in the application in this newsletter. There are many expenses to hosting the festival and the budget is over $9,000 for 2005. In order to put on a successful festival this year we are once again counting on local support. We would like to THANK the following sponsors who have stepped up so far including Waste Managment, The Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company, Amfire Mining, Dolans Welding & Steel Fabricating, Dominion Peoples, Atlantic Broadband, Hagerich Auto Sales, Cambria County Commissioners, Rep. John P. Murtha and Vantage Physical Therapy.  If you or your business would like to be a sponsor, please call Dave Hirko at 749-0725 or mail in the application in this newsletter. By being a sponsor you will be recognized in advertisements in the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat & all five Mainline Newspapers as well as flyers and posters displayed throughout Cambria County. In addition a program distributed to everyone attending will also recognize those helping to sponsor this event. We hope youíll consider being a part of the Jackson Township Heritage Festival in 2005.

Barnes, Saly & Company, Certified Public Accountants have completed the Township Audit for calendar year 2004. Mr. Terry Shook of Barnes, Saly & Company said the audit found a "clean opinion" on the financial statements and there were no problems encountered during the Audit or disagreements with Management over accounting matters. He added that they did not identify no unusual transactions and thanked the office staff for being extremely cooperative. A Liquid Fuels Audit was conducted for PennDOT earlier in the year and everything was found to be in good order and meeting all requirements of the Audit.

Submitted by Police Chief, Bob Fatula
December, 2004 - January, 2005
911 Calls Dispatched to Police: 720
Reportable incidents: 92
~Criminal Mischief-14
~DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-10
~Disorderly Conduct-7
~Receiving Stolen Property-3
~Public Drunkenness-2
~Underage Drinking-2
~Corruption of Minors-1
~Reckless Endangerment-1
~Vehicle Theft-1
Total Accidents Handled: 39
Non-Traffic Citations issued: 26
Traffic Citations Issued: 66
Criminal Charges Filed: 60
~DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-10
~Disorderly Conduct-7
~Public Drunkenness-4
~Receiving Stolen Property-3
~Underage Drinking-2
~Criminal Mischief-1
~Corruption of Minors-1
~Reckless Endangerment-1

The Laurel Highlands Landfill offers recycling. Tires can also be put in a recycling bin for a minimal cost of $1.00 per normal-sized vehicle tire. This does not apply to any commercial establishments.

The Jackson - East Taylor Sewer authority would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Pete Yanko for serving on the Sewer Authority Board for the past ten years. Mr. Yanko, owner of Yanko Trucking, is from East Taylor Township and served both Townships in a professional manner and will be greatly missed by the Board and staff. Mr. Yanko was replaced by Thomas B. Casella, also of East Taylor. The Sewer Authority has made funding application to the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development (RUS) for the new Act 537 Plan Extension for the Cherrywood / Brazil Lane sections of Jackson Township. The Authority has received notification that RUS has reviewed our application and the Authority is eligible for Rural Development financial assistance; however, they are unable to encourage further processing at this time. Based upon the funds available for this program over the last two fiscal years and the number of applications reviewed, or pending, they anticipate that funds for which we are competing will be available after fiscal year 2005. If and when RUS notifies the Authority to proceed with the project, they will analyze the amount requested in more detail to determine funding for this project.

Larry Custer, Executive Director of the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority held two meetings earlier this year on CDBG entitlement funds available for Jackson Township. Jackson Township is one of only five entitlement communities in Cambria County that receives CDBG funds on an annual basis. To be an entitlement community you must have over 4,000 in population with qualifying low to moderate income levels. Feedback and ideas were received for use of future funds. Some of the ideas for future projects included housing for Senior Citizens as well as the installation of sewer lines along Route 22 as well as areas north including Lorain Road, Finntown Road and Fords Corner road. The Board of Supervisors committed the 2005 funds along with the previous three years towards construction of a water line to serve 22 families on Wagner & Pintail Roads. Added to the project will be an extension to serve additional residents along Chickaree Hill Road who are currently not served by water from Vintondale Borough are to be included in the project. Paul Rizzo & Associates have been hired to perform engineering work for the project which is projected to cost approximately $500,000.00. According to Mr. Custer, there is a program where those who are low to moderate income will qualify for free tap-in fees. From 1984 through 1987 CDBG Programs were used to construct storm drainage culverts, piping and inlets, on various streets within Vinco. An amendment to the 1986 program (coupled with a $50,000 RIRA grant and two $10,000 Legislative Initiatives Grants) developed a tennis court, basketball court, softball field, bleachers and amenities at the Mitchell Memorial Park in Vinco. In 1988 and 1989, CDBG grants were utilized to construct a wastewater collection line to 14 residents in the village of Loraine. The 1990, 1993 through 2000 CDBG Grants developed an activities center for senior citizens and for handicapped persons in a vacant school building in Vinco. An extension of a wastewater collection line to 11 residents along White Street has been completed from using grant monies from the 1991 Program. The 1992 CDBG Program constructed a waterline extension to six residents in Mundys Corner. Housing owned and occupied by Low to Middle Income persons with special needs is being rehabilitated throughout the Township with monies from the 1998, 1999 and 2000 CDBG Programs. Larry Custer said that the CDBG Grant Program has already helped to rehabilitate about 9 homes in Jackson Township for the handicapped and disabled with special needs who are low to middle income. Several recently completed projects were done at the Senior Center including new handicapped accessible entrance, new horseshoe pits, a walking track and a picnic pavilion. An additional project in Jackson Township involved extending water lines to 8 families along Solar Street in the Mundys Corner area. If you have any questions concerning the CDBG program, please feel free to contact Larry Custer at the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority at 472-6711.

The Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company will hold their annual Fund Drive from June 6 thru June 10, 2005. The Fire Company wishes to thank all those who have participated in the many events and fundraisers over the years and that they greatly appreciate the support of the Community. This year at the Heritage Festival, Jackson Township EMS will hold a short Community Education Program lasting approximately Ĺ hour and is open to everyone. The program will focus on strokes and heart disease and is sponsored by the American Heart Association. A specific date and time will be announced. Also at the Heritage Festival this year, the Fire Company will hold itís "First Annual Aaron Rusin Battle of the Barrel" competition on Saturday, July 16th. Competition should begin at approximately noon or 1:00 pm. All proceeds from this competition and the sale of any food will be donated to the Aaron Rusin Scholarship Fund at Central Cambria High School. For the residents who may not know, Aaron was a member of the Fire Company and was serving his country in Iraq when he was killed in the line of duty on October 10, 2004 at the age of 19. Each year after, the Fire Company plans to hold this "Battle of the Barrel" competition in his memory. After the competition, the Fire Company wishes to invite everyone to stay and enjoy the festival as well as the musical entertainment of the Fabulous Flashbacks which will be appearing on stage under the tent in the Fire Company parking lot from 7 to 11 pm. After the Heritage Festival ends, Jackson Fire Company will be busy getting ready to host the Cambria County & Vicinity Volunteer Firemenís Association Convention once again. The Convention will be held from July 23rd through July 30, 2005. There will be lots of entertainment and food and everyone is welcome to attend and support our Firemen. The Festival & Convention promise to be a fun time for all!

The Senior Center as usual is alive and active with many events. There will be a "55 Alive" Driverís Course for those of 55 years of age or older presented by AARP at the Center on Thursday, May 19th and Friday, May 20th. The cost is only $10.00 and is open to the Community. Sign-up is required by April 30th as space is limited. In most cases, auto insurance premiums are reduced as a result of taking the class. A Senior Horseshoe Tournament will be held on Thursday, June 16th at the Center. Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals will be awarded. Last year over 55 seniors from throughout Cambria County participated. Other upcoming events include bus trips to see the musical "Hairspray" in Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls, Mountaineer Race Track & Casino and the Rainbow Dinner Theater in Lancaster. For information on any of these or other events and activities, contact the Senior Center at 322-3327.  The Center is also proud that itís Silver Sneakers Exercise Classes have been so well received. There are three classes a week, one each on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday that last about 45 minutes. Silver Sneakers is offered to Medicare-eligible members of Highmark and Blue-Cross-Blue Shield. The Jackson Senior Center is the only one in Cambria County to offer this program. The new exercise room is also open with state-of-the-art machines members can use for just $1.00 per visit. There are currently about 8 machines that offer 16 different exercise options. The Seniors are participating in a special project by spearheading a drive to help wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC. The number one request at Walter Reed Hospital is for phone cards as the wounded soldiers have to pay for their own long distance calls home. Many have to ration their calls home because of the cost. To help the soldiers with their calls, the Center is accepting donations to purchase phone cards or you can donate actual phone cards to help out in this area of need. All phone cards will be mailed to Walter Reed and then distributed as needed. Anyone interested in visiting or taking a quick tour of the Center is invited to stop in. The Center offers a computer room, pool table, exercise room, crafts room and a community room with a 60" television. Membership offered to those age 50 and older is constantly growing and is only $10.00 a year.

Jackson Township groups over the years have participated in various litter clean-up programs sponsored by PennDOT and Pennsylvania Cleanways. While being a great program, PennDOTís Adopt-A-Highway program is for State Roads only. Now Jackson Township has a similar program where Township roads can be adopted as well. Your group of neighbors, church, business or organization is welcome to participate by adopting a Township road or street.  By adopting a highway you would be required to perform a minimum of 2 litter clean-ups per year. Some groups may want to do more than that depending on the need. If your group wishes to adopt a road, Jackson Township will provide gloves, safety vests and garbage bags for the clean-up effort. Your group will also have a name plate posted on the road that you have adopted. At the time of the clean-up, release forms must be signed by those participating. Jackson Township currently has 15 groups involved in cleaning up various sections of 16 roads within Jackson Township on one of the 3 available programs.  According to Don Godish who is in charge of the Adopt-A-Highway program for Cambria County, Pennsylvania has more volunteers in this type of program than any other State in the US. These programs encourage community pride and will help make Jackson Township a cleaner place to live.  If your group of friends, neighbors, organization or business would be interested in adopting a Township Road or a portion thereof, please feel free to contact the Township Office at 749-0725.

Groups in Jackson Adopt-A-Highway Program:
Courter & Fairview Avenues
Neighbors Who Care
Griffith Avenue Neighbors Who Care
Harmony Drive Neighbors Who Care
Kissell Lane Neighbors Who Care
Mile Hill Road Mile Hill Road Neighbors
Pike Road West Neighbors Who Care
Your Street Your Group or Business?
(Are you interested in this program? Call the Township Office at 749-0725)

Groups in PennDOT Adopt-A-Highway Program:
Benshoff Hill Road Neighbors Who Care
Chickaree Hill Road Waste Management - Laurel Highlands Landfill
Dishong Mt. Road Committee to Preserve Rager Mountain
Route 271 Nanty-Glo Moose
Route 271 Pike Grace Brethren Church
Swigle Mt. Road Swigle Mountain Neighbors
US Route 22 Appalachian Chiropractic
US Route 22 Cambria Co. Christian School
US Route 22 Chickaree Ridge Runners
Snowmobile Club
US Route 22 St. Pauls Lutheran Church

Groups in Pennsylvania Cleanways Program:
Adams Avenue Jackson Twp. Troop 204 Cub Scouts
Fords Corner Road Residents of Fords Corner Rd.
Pike Road East Jackson Twp. Troop 204 Boy Scouts

~Amfire Mining Update
At a meeting on March 24th with Governor Ed Rendell, representatives from Amfire Mining announced that between the Madison Mine along Swigle Mountain Road and the new proposed Cresson Mine they would be creating 310 high paying jobs with benefits. If you wish to apply for a job, you can call Amfire at (724)-532-4346. Amfire plans to make a 60 million dollar investment between the two projects. The coal from Amfireís Madison Mine is anticipated to be used for the proposed SunCoke "coke" plant slated to be built in Cambria Township near Ebensburg.

~Route 22 Project Update
The new Route 22 project is moving full speed ahead. Structures are being razed and utilities are relocating services in order that the $35 million project can get underway. Most of the actual highway construction will take place next year and through 2006. New Enterprise is the General Contractor for the project and a Summer of 2007 completion date is projected. A letter from the Supervisors, Police & Fire Departments was recently sent to PennDOT in an effort to ask that they to reconsider the construction of an overpass at Chickaree Hill Road and an underpass at Fords Corner Road to help make the intersections on the new 22 safer. The Central Cambria School Board, Waste Management and Nanty Glo Borough have all expressed support for the safety concerns as well. PennDOT recently met with the Supervisors to look at possible revisions that would make the intersections as safe as possible while not being cost prohibitive.

~Crouse & Company Landfill Gas Project Update
The landfill gas conversion project proposed by Crouse & Company is still "on track" and it is hoped that the project will be presented before the Jackson Township Planning Commission at their April 19th meeting at the Municipal Building.

~Drug & Alcohol Youth Fairs Scheduled
The Cambria County Courts are once again sponsoring Drug & Alcohol Youth Fairs in an effort to provide children with the knowledge and information of the harmful effects that come with the use of drugs & alcohol. The program has been a success for the past nine years with the help of local police, fire and ambulance departments. There are two events scheduled for Jackson Township. The first one will be held at Leidy Park near Mundys Corner on Wednesday, June 8, 2005 while the second one will be held at Mitchell Park in Vinco on Tuesday, July 19, 2005. For additional information and times on the Youth Fairs contact Carol Lacey, Youth Fair Coordinator at 472-1494.

~Poles Moved to Improve Safety
Two utility poles were recently moved off the right-of-way at Leidy Lane near Leidy Park to improve safety. There has been much concern over the location of the poles as well as past accidents. The Supervisors were concerned that the potential existed for a serious accident or even fatality to occur. Obtaining an easement was necessary and the cost incurred by Jackson Township was over $7,000 after Penelec submitted a bill to perform the work necessary. Even though the Supervisors felt the cost should be that of Penelec, no work would be done by Penelec until the bill was paid. Ultimately, the Supervisors decided that protecting lives and the residents safety were more important than the cost incurred and that the bill could be debated afterwards while not holding up the safety improvements needed.

~High Speed Internet Now at Senior Center
The Jackson Township Senior Center now offers a computer room that is open for members. There are now 10 computers up and running with Atlantic Broadband High-Speed Internet. Atlantic Broadband said as many as 20 computers could eventually be hooked up for one low monthly rate. Members are invited to use the computer room at any time during regular Senior Center hours. The 10 computers were donated by Conemaugh Health Systems and hooked up through a network by Township resident Guy Ellenberger. The network allows members to print copies to a centrally located printer. In addition to the computer room, the Senior Center office was also hooked up to the high-speed internet. It is expected that many Seniors will enjoy browsing the internet as they do not have computer access at home. Also with the rising cost of postage and telephone bills, many will enjoy using email to keep in touch with family and friends for free!

~Students Involved in Township Projects
Several students are carrying out community projects while qualifying for Boy Scout Eagle Projects as well as Senior Projects for Central Cambria School District. Ryan Hirko & Matt Ocipa have signed up to do a stream clean-up which will be used for the public participation of Jackson Townships MS4 Stormwater Permit with the PaDEP. The project will involve cleaning up streams and outfalls which are considered part of the Hinckston Run watershed as well as stenciling "no dumping lettering" at various locations. Other projects carried out by Jackson Township youth completed or in progress include an inventory of street signs and painting guardrail at Mitchell Park by Aaron Henry, putting reflective tape on utility poles and trees near the roadway done by Mike Schenk and rebuilding a set of bleachers at Leidy Park being done by Ryan Davis. We appreciate all of the efforts being done by youth to improve and beautify Jackson Township.

~Police Complaint Policy Adopted

The Board of Supervisors approved the adoption of a Police Complaint Policy at their March 31, 2005 meeting. The Policy will enable Jackson Township to handle internal complaints from Police Officers or external complaints from Residents. The procedure will involve a complaint and a response and then a decision can be made. If the decision is unfavorable to one of the parties, they will also have the right to appeal.

~New Backstops Installed at Mitchell Park

The installation of two new backstops was recently completed at Mitchell Park. The project was carried out by Laurel Highlands Fence at a cost of $12,550.00. A grant in the amount of $5,000.00 from the Cambria County Commissioners as part of their Community Initiative Program helped to defray the cost.

~Pike Road & Ogden Water Projects Moving Forward
The Supervisors approved the cost estimate submitted by Wray & Hegemann Engineers of $104,324.30 and enter into an agreement with the Ebensburg Municipal Authority to begin work on the project. This project is being entirely funded by the Township. The Ogden Street Project cost is $52,708.10 and will be paid for by the Water Authority with the help of the Supervisors in the form of a loan for $35,000. Work should begin on both projects within the next few months.

Jackson Township has a valuable source of information to help keep you informed. If you havenít checked out the Township Website, please feel free to visit
www.jacksontwppa.com The website is constantly updated with new information. As always, you can read the monthly approved minutes of the Board of Supervisors Meetings and check out the updated Calendar of Events to find out whatís going on in Jackson Township. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see on the Jackson Twp. Website, please call Dave Hirko at 749-0725 or email to office@jacksontwppa.com

There is always something new on the Jackson Township Website. If you havenít explored the website, itís a great way to know whatís going on in your community. Here are some new items that may be of interest:

~Calendar page updated to include various activities and events going on in Jackson Township.

~Jackson Heritage Festival complete with details on entertainment, food and activities. An online application is available for vendors & crafters.

~Kidslinks page updated with lots of new fun, educational and cool links for Jackson Townships younger residents to enjoy!

~Links page updated with lots of new links that may be of interest to you and your family.

~Police page updated with various articles for citizen safety including ATM Safety, Auto Theft, Frauds-Scams & Cons, Home Security, Internet Safety and Internet Safety for Kids.

~Supervisors page updated with approved minutes from Board of Supervisors monthly meetings.

~Taxes page updated with information on the Homeowner Tax Relief Act.

~Veterans page is updated to reflect those who have served in the Armed Forces from Jackson township. Those who submitted application for the proposed new monument are highlighted and indicated branch of service. An online application is available for you to submit a Veterans name for the monument.

JOIN JACKSON ONLINE NEWS Township residents who have access to the internet can now join our new email group to receive up-to-date Township news by email. We would like to invite you to join Jackson Township Online News where you can receive online newsletters, announcements, and important information concerning Jackson Township. To subscribe just go to the Jackson Township website at www.jacksontwppa.com and subscribe to the Jackson Township Online News by entering your email address in the space provided. You will then be sent a confirmation verifying that you wish to subscribe to the online news. You must return the confirmation via email to be added to the newsletter list. We also encourage you to invite others to join. If you encounter any problem signing up, just email us at office@jacksontwppa.com or call us at the Township office at 749-0725 and you can be added manually.

If you are planning on a building project be sure to visit or call either the Jackson Township Office at 749-0725 or Harry Baker, Zoning Officer at 322-1425. Your project could involve zoning, stormwater or planning. Also with the new Pennsylvania State Uniform Construction Code, inspections may be required as well. Be sure to allow plenty of time to get any necessary permits prior to building. By doing this, your project can be addressed in plenty of time before you actually begin construction. Also if you are planning to pave or alter your driveway, a driveway permit is required. Roadmasters Bruce Baker & Dave Bracken said that driveway permits are not to inconvenience residents but are necessary to make sure there is a swale or pipe to direct stormwater. They also make sure that driveways are not higher than the road so snow plows donít catch the edge of the driveway. When a driveway enters onto a Township road, a safe sight distance is also very important. PennDOT requires permits for driveways entering onto State roads within the Township.

The Internet is an opportunity for you to interact with people. It provides a communication link to businesses, entertainment, and education. Through the Internet you can interact with people from other towns, cities, and countries. You can learn about other cultures, customs and lifestyles. It is an opportunity to make new friends and learn more about the world in which we live. However, the Internet by design is an anonymous media. This aspect can make it easy for someone to use the Internet for criminal means. Because you are 'speaking' with someone via your computer, it is nearly impossible to verify many things about that person. These may include:

The Personís Identity - The Person with whom you are speaking may not be using their real name. It is possible with some Internet Service Providers (ISP's) to check the account information of someone you've had contact with. However, that person may have been using someone else's account or may have provided false information to the ISP.

The Person's Description - We often take for granted the ability to see the person we are speaking with. However, on the Internet nothing can be verified. You can not use your eyes to verify the person's age, race, or even gender. The Person's Location - On the Internet it is very easy for someone to say they are one place, when in reality they could be around the corner or across the country.

The Person's Intentions - Most people use the internet for honest and honorable intentions. However, someone who exploits the Internet, especially criminals and con artists, can seem very straightforward at first, but they are experts at manipulation. They use confidence-scams, or even just friendly conversation, to make you believe what they want you to believe. Then they have you act on that belief.

Connection Security - Internet security is very important and new technologies are being developed everyday to ensure your protection. However, there are persons out there who know how to intercept communications. Your communication with a known friend or acquaintance could be seen by others. There is also no guarantee that the person you are 'speaking' with is acting alone or uses good security with your information.

Common sense tempered with caution is still your best protection. Listed below are some safety tips you should use when communicating on-line.

1. Do not give out any personal information, home address or phone number. If you are using a 'nickname' don't give out your real name to anyone you don't know. If you are listed in the phone book, they can use it to find you.

2. Do not give anyone your account password. No legitimate and reputable ISP will send you a message or e-mail asking for your password or account information. Many hackers know how to send you messages that appear to be from your ISP. If you receive one of these messages contact your provider immediately!.

3. Do not give out any personal account information such as internet account or personal financial accounts (credit card or checking/saving accounts) until you are absolutely sure of their credibility and connection security.

4. Do not arrange a personal meeting with anyone you have met on the Internet unless, and until, you are able to verify their true identity and can arrange the following:

5. Meet in a public place that is well lighted and busy.

6. Meet during busy business hours and not close to closing or after dark.

7. Arrange your own transportation to and from the meeting.

8. Bring a friend; Double-date. DO NOT meet the person alone!

A stranger you meet on the Internet is just like a stranger you meet in a bar, restaurant, or on the street!! Use the same precautions you use in these situations, when meeting people on the Internet!!

If you do have suspicions about someone you may have spoken with on the Internet, or if you have in someway been offended or threatened, contact your service provider immediately. Give them as much information about the situation as possible. This should include any contact information, such as on-screen name, account information (name, address, phone, account number) and/or e-mail address. You should also be straight-forward as to how you were offended or threatened. Most ISP's provide on-line information on reporting such incidents. Be familiar with your provider's procedures.

The Internet has opened up a virtual world of information for anyone with a computer and an on-line connection. Children not only learn about computers, but are able to access more information from more sources more quickly than from any other medium. However, children need to learn the rules of the road, and learn how to protect themselves from the pedophiles, abusers, and con artists that may be lurking behind their screen. With a little bit of planning and appropriate adult supervision, children can explore and learn while minimizing, or eliminating the dangers of being abused or exploited. Just like in a park or public place, a child's best defense is a sound value system and a plan. Teach your children about exploitation, pornography, hate literature, and violence. Teach them what to do when something they see is troubling or bothersome to them.

1. Set aside time to explore the Internet together. That way, you can set the examples of how suspicious messages or people are appropriately handled, and you may be better informed yourself.

2. Monitor your children when they are on line. If your child becomes uneasy or defensive when you enter the room, it might mean that they are involved in something unusual or forbidden.

3. Choose an Internet Provider that has parental control features, and learn how to use them. Or, you may purchase commercial blocking software to screen out sites by content and key words you find objectionable. Such blocking is very effective, and is already done by local libraries and schools.

4. Tell children NEVER to give out personal information, such as address, telephone number, or their parent's name. They should NEVER send pictures of themselves to anyone they don't know, or that YOU have not met in person.

5. Assume NOTHING about anyone you or your child may meet on-line. Pedophiles and con artists can easily assume the on-line identity, language and apparent interests of a child of any age and sex in order to lure and entice them to respond as they might to a real person. Unless you have met someone in person, what appears to be a chatty 15-year- old girl might actually be a 45-year-old male pedophile.

6. If you or your child comes across material that you find pornographic, threatening, or otherwise offensive, it might well be a violation of law. Save the material, and contact your local law enforcement agency.

Another resource is the National Center for Missing or Exploited Children. They function as a national clearinghouse for tips and leads regarding the sexual exploitation of children. You can call the 24-hour Child Pornography Tipline at 1-800-843-5678, or make your reports on-line at their website, www.missingkids.com. They will compile and forward the information to the appropriate state, federal, or local law enforcement agency for action.