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, 2003

Construction has started or will start on several long-awaited Jackson Township Projects. At a special Board of Supervisors meeting held on Monday, August 18th, a bid was awarded to Capitol Construction Company of Windber, PA to replace the roof on the Township Municipal Garage. Capitol Construction was the low bidder and was determined to be qualified by P. Joseph Lehman Engineers to perform the job. The bid came in at $34,996.00 which was well below the other two bids received. Work is slated to begin in September and be completed within 90 days.

Another project which has gotten the green light to proceed from the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority is a walking track at the Senior Center. The cost is $68,000 of which $30,000 came from the Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources and the remainder from the Community Development Block Grant Program. The 2/5 mile track will be 8 feet wide and paved around the perimeter of the property behind the building. Along with the walking track will be four additional benches added and a flagpole for the Center. The walking track will be open to the public for everyone to use and enjoy. The Senior Center will also be installing equipment for a new Exercise Room at the Center. The new Exercise Room is being paid for by funds raised by the Senior Center members.

Work should also begin in early September on the Leidy Park Ball Fields Project. This project will be funded by a $15,000 DCED Grant received with the help of State Rep. Tom Yewcic. Additional funds will be used from money received from select timbering done at Mitchell Park. The project will lay out two ball fields at Leidy Park, install a stormwater system and a walking trail. The project was developed by the Jackson Twp. Recreation Commission with the help of the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority. Work is being done by the 12th Congressional District Regional Equipment Center.

Another project to begin is the installation of water lines to Solar Street near the Route 22 area in Mundys Corner. This project will provide water to 7 families and is also made possible through Community Development Block Grant funds.


If you received this newsletter and your name or address information is incorrect, or if you know of any resident of Jackson Township who didnít receive it, please call the Township Office at 749-0725.


Many residents have expressed their desire to have street lights installed at various Township intersections over the years. The main concern has always been the safety of vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Earlier this year a street light was installed where Old Nanty Glo Road turns off of Route 271. Mr. Bob Albright who resides just off of Old Nanty Glo Road stated the need for a street light to be installed at that location at several Township meetings. Supervisor Bruce Baker asked him to get a petition with the signatures of neighbors in that area as additional support for the light. The new street light was so well received by the residents of that area that the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a motion at their March meeting to direct the Jackson Township Planning Commission to do a study of all intersections throughout Jackson Township.

The Planning commission considered many factors in their study including, safety, traffic flow and those roads going off of busy US Route 22 and State Route 271. The Planning Commission voted at their August 18th meeting to recommend that the Board of Supervisors consider the installation of 35 street lights. The Supervisors voted to approve the installation of the lights at their meeting the following week. The new street lights will be installed at the following intersections:

Adams Avenue & Rose Branch Street
Adams Avenue & Poplar Street
Adams Avenue & Woodland Street
Adams Avenue & Leidy Lane
Adams Avenue & Swigle Mountain Road
Adams Avenue & Newcomer Road
Adams Avenue & Ogden Street
Anderson Drive & Route 271
Benshoff Hill Road & Route 271
Benshoff Hill Road & Sharkey Road
Benshoff Hill Road & Blackburn Road
Blackburn Road & Kepple Road
Bracken Street North & Route 271
Bracken Street South & Route 271
Bracken Street & Leidy Lane
Bracken Street & Marhefka Drive
Brazil Lane & Kissel Lane
Courter Avenue & Route 271
Fords Corner Road & Finntown Road
Fords Corner Road & Loraine Road
Gillin Lane & Stoneridge Street
Griffith Avenue & Route 271
Harmony Drive & Blackburn Road
Loraine Road & Turkey Path Road
Moshannon Drive North & Route 271
Moshannon Drive south & Route 271
Ogden Street & Route 22
Patton Terrace & Route 271
Pike Road & Swigle Mountain Road
Pike Road East & Route 22
Pike Road West & Snyder Road South
Rose Branch Street & Fairview Avenue
Rose Branch Street & Griffith Avenue
Rose Branch Street & Brazil Lane
Simmons Lane South & Route 271

Bruce Baker, Chairman of the Planning Commission said "Additional lights may be added in upcoming years but at least this is a start in the right direction to help make Township intersections safer for residents".

The Cambria County Bicentennial already has a wide variety of events scheduled for next year to help celebrate itís 200th anniversary. The County Bicentennial Committee asked that each municipality appoint representatives and also consider holding a Community Event to help celebrate the County's 200th Anniversary. Those who represent Jackson Township are Donna Davis, Denny Dixon and Paulette Baker.

There will be a "kick-off" meeting held on Tuesday, October 7th at 6:30 pm at the Jackson Township Senior Center to discuss organizing a local event that will be held sometime in the Summer of 2004. The event would take place around the area of the Jackson Twp. Vol. Fire Company and the Senior Center and could involve food, crafts and entertainment. Of course heritage and history would also be involved to "tie in" with the 200th anniversary of Cambria County. Representatives from local churches and organizations have been invited to designate a person to be on the committee. The public is invited to attend if they are interested in providing input for this event or volunteering in some capacity.

Should the event be successful, it could possibly become an annual community festival / event for Jackson Township. If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering, please feel free to contact Donna Davis 749-7865, Denny Dixon 749-7433 or Paulette Baker at 322-1863.

Greg Shaffer of Crouse & Company along with Brad Minemyer and Brian Stewart of Waste Management unveiled their proposed Landfill Gas Conversion Project at the August 28th Board of Supervisors Meeting. The project would involve construction of a Gas Conversion Plant on the Laurel Landfill site along with the construction of a pipeline to transport the landfill gas. This first phase is expected to cost 4 million dollars and should be up and running sometime this Fall after necessary permits and right-a-ways are obtained. This project will recycle landfill gas into usable natural gas and is a "win-win" situation for everyone. Currently the gas is burned off through a "flare" system and not being recycled. Mr. Shaffer estimates that there is currently enough gas from the landfill to satisfy the household needs annually for 2500 to 3000 homes and estimated that amount would double in the coming years.

The conversion process would involve compression, dehydration and removing other chemicals and Carbon Dioxide before it could be useable natural gas that could benefit consumers. A contract is being negotiated with a supplier to purchase the natural gas from the treatment plant. The PaDEP is also very supportive of this project since it involves recycling .

The potential total cost of the project will be 12-13 million dollars. The first phase will tie in the Laurel Landfill with the proposed second phase bringing in the Shade & Southern Alleghenies Landfills via a 33 mile pipeline. Another benefit of the project is that it could add up to 10 years of additional life to the Laurel Highlands Landfill. The project would create only a few permanent jobs but multiple temporary construction jobs. Most of the 12-13 million dollar project cost should be spent locally helping to benefit the local economy.

Solicitor Bill Barbin mentioned at the August 28, 2003 Board of Supervisors Meeting that he had an inquiry about where an adult book store could locate within Jackson Township. The Board of Supervisors unanimously recommended that the Jackson Township Planning Commission review a proposed Zoning Amendment.

The Township has recently received several calls from Township residents raising concern over increased taxes due to the County Tax Assessor visiting properties and recording new construction and alterations to existing structures not previously picked up by the County Tax Office. The County Tax Office was behind in picking up new construction and alterations in Jackson Township for many years. Some people have heard rumors associating the tax increase with Zoning in Jackson Township. To set the record straight, zoning has nothing to do with the increase in tax assessments. This is merely the efforts of the Cambria County Tax Assessment Office catching up on unrecorded improvements to structures.

Since the "pay per bag" system was introduced to Jackson Township, the garbage bags have never been taxed. This was the case even at the beginning of this year. The reason there was never any tax is that residents are actually paying for a service and not just a garbage bag. A problem arose this year when a Pennsylvania State Auditor was conducting an Audit at the Sheetz Convenience Store in Mundys Corner. He interpreted that the bags should be taxed and Sheetz was instructed to start charging tax on the bags. Waste Management was notified of this problem and they are investigating to see what can be done to rectify the situation if at all possible.

Garbage Bags for Jackson Township are currently available for purchase at three locations. They include Sheetz in Mundys Corner, Vinco Pharmacy along Route 271 and Bi-Lo in the Vinco Shopping Center. A fourth location will be added in the near future. Direct Value Outlet in Mundys Corner will have Township Garbage Bags available beginning September 12th. The fourth location will offer residents more choices for their convenience.

Submitted by Police Chief, Bob Fatula
JUNE - JULY, 2003

911 Calls Dispatched to Police 568
Reportable incidents:
Criminal Mischief 19
Theft 14
Harassment by Communications 10
Assault 7
Disorderly Conduct 4
DUI (Driving while under the influence) 6
Public Drunkenness 3
Vehicle Theft 3
Burglary 2
Drugs 2
Criminal Conspiracy 1
False Reports to Police 1
Harassment 1
Hit & Run 1
Open Container 1
Receiving Stolen Property 1
Terroristic Threats 1
Under Age Drinking 1
Total Accidents Handled: 5
Non-Traffic Citations issued: 11
Traffic Citations Issued: 329
Criminal Charges Filed: 33
Assault 6
Disorderly Conduct 6
DUI (Driving while under the influence) 6
Public Drunkenness 3
Theft 3
Drugs 2
Criminal Conspiracy 1
False Reports to Police 1
Harassment 1
Hit & Run 1
Open Container 1
Receiving Stolen Property 1
Underage Drinking 1

One of the greatest privileges in the United States or in any society is to vote. Voting is one of the most patriotic acts you can ever do. In addition to important Federal, State and County elections, Jackson Township will also be electing two Supervisors, one Constable and two Auditors. For the Supervisors, one will be for a six year term and the other for a two year term. In any election, be sure to elect the candidates whom you feel would best represent you. Elections are often won or lost on a handful of votes and sometimes even a single vote. Your vote does count and whom you elect could greatly impact the country, state, county and community you live in.

A brand new fire truck named "ATTACK 42-5" arrived at the Fire Station on August 1st. Jetta Ehrhart, Secretary said "We welcome all residents or those interested to stop by the Fire Hall at any time to take a look." She also wanted to remind residents that Ambulance Memberships have been mailed out in recent weeks. If you did not receive a Membership and would like to purchase one or have any questions about Membership, please contact the Fire Company at 322-3155 and someone will be happy to assist you.

There are many upcoming events that may be of interest to residents of Jackson Township. The Ladies Auxiliary will hold a Jewelry Raffle at the Fire Hall on Saturday, October 4th. For tickets or additional information, call 322-3155. Fire Prevention Week is scheduled for the week of October 5h thru October 11th. The Annual Jackson Township Halloween Parade will be held on Sunday, October 26th. The Parade line-up starts at Noon at Rose Branch Street & Griffith Avenue. All children and "young at heart" are invited to participate! Treat tickets will be available at a later date at the Fire Hall. Another upcoming event will be the Annual Turkey Raffle which will be held on Saturday, November 22nd. If you have any questions or need additional information on any of these events, please feel free to call the Fire Hall at 322-3155,

In one final announcement, the Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company has been chosen to host the Volunteer Firemenís Association of Cambria County and Vicinity Convention in the year 2005. The Firemenís Convention last year was a huge success and residents can look forward to the Fire Company being host once again.

In the July 9th, 2003 issue of the Nanty Glo Journal, it was incorrectly reported that Jackson Township joined C.O.G. (Cambria County Council of Governments) to enforce the proposed Pennsylvania State Uniform Construction Code. This information was incorrect. Jackson Township along with 20 other Townships in Cambria County are proposing a local agency similar to the Cambria County Sewage Enforcement Agency which successfully enforces "on-lot" sewage regulations mandated by the PaDEP. By combining resources and efforts, a local agency can be cost effective and timely in addressing residents concerns..

In response to concerns raised across the State, House Bill 1654 was introduced to exempt minor home repairs from permit requirements under the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, Act 45 of 1999. This bill would define "minor repairs" as nonstructural repairs made to residential structures that cost $1,000 or less. This bill is an attempt to make the UCC easier to implement.

The State Department of Labor & Industry is making changes to the Administration and Enforcement Regulations of the Code to address a number of concerns. L & I is expected to release the revised regulations for final approval and implementation in the near future according to the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors. For more information on the UCC, log onto www.dli.state.pa.us (click on "Building Code" under Quick Links, then choose "Implementation Update".

A new program is now available in the State of Pennsylvania and is available to Senior Citizens 60 years of age and older who earn less than $980.00 per month. According to Janet Reese, Director, each person eligible will receive a 40 lb. box of food which includes a block of cheese, canned milk, powdered milk, 4 cans of juice, assorted fruits and vegetables in cans and canned pork. If you or anyone you know is interested in this new program, they can call 749-8990.

The program was announced at the July 24th Board of Supervisors Meeting. At that meeting the Board also voted unanimously to make a contribution of $1000 to help support the Food Pantry which serves about 300 families, half of whom are from Jackson Township. The Pantry depends highly upon volunteers and contributions to keep providing for those in need.

The Jackson Township Senior Center elected new officers for the upcoming year. Re-elected are Frank J. Singel-President, Alice Gary-Vice-President and Mary Govekar as Secretary. Newly elected is Philip Boyer as Treasurer. Bob Seaman completed his term of service working with Americorps as the Senior Center Activities Director. According to Americorps, Bob had the most hours served of anyone in the region. We wish Bob the best in his future endeavors.

Several upcoming events are open to the public. They include Security at Home & Away which will be held on Thursday, October 16th at 11:00 am. Sheriff Bob Kohlar will talk about scams and what you can do to protect yourself against them. Since the elderly are generally a target for thieves and scams, it is important that they consider attending. Mr. Kohlar will also answer any questions addressed on this subject. Flu Shots are scheduled for Thursday, October 30th from 9 to 11:30 am. Conemaugh Home Health will administer the flu vaccine to people 50 years of age and older as well as for those 18 years and up who are at who are at high risk (chronic illness such as diabetes, cancer, lung disease, etc.). Conemaugh Home Health does not administer the vaccine to infants and children. For Medicare Part B and Security Blue recipients, Conemaugh will bill their insurance. All other recipients will be charged $15.00. Blood Screenings are scheduled for Saturday, November 15th from 7 to 9:30 am. The blood screen is a complete Multiphasic Blood Screen with Lipid Profile. Donation is $20.00. (PSA optional for additional $35.00). If anyone is interested they can call Betty Lybarger at 322-3327 every Tuesday thru Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm for an appointment.

Seniors in the community may be interested in the AARP Senior Community Service Employment Program. Those 55 years of age and older with limited income may be eligible for employment if work is available. Those in the program normally work 20 hours per week. If any seniors in the community are interested in the program, they should contact SCSEP at 239 Main Street, Suite 210, Johnstown, PA 15901 or by calling 536-0691.

There are many events for members such as dinner dances, bus trips, bingo, card nights, movie nights, computer classes and more. The Jackson Center is one of the most active in Cambria County. If you are interested in joining the center, you must be 50 years of age or older. To inquire, call 322-3327 Tue.-Thur. From 9 am to 3 pm.

Protective barriers are being installed around the two brick pillars recently constructed as part of the new Handicapped Accessible Entranceway to the Senior Center. Construction has also begun on the Walking Track around the Center grounds.

The Jackson Township Senior & Handicapped Activities Center is an independent center. Frank Singel, President, said "We would like to thank all of the volunteers for the work they put into making the Center a success. With their help, the Center will continue to grow and improve."

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, a fraternal organization formed from the merger of Lutheran Brotherhood Insurance and the Aid Association for Lutherans will be donating a 15' aluminum, three-row set of bleachers to be used at Leidy Park. The group will also volunteer to assemble the bleachers which will cost approximately $800.

Dave Shoemaker of Coyote Street is the Financial Director of the Johnstown Chapter of Thrivent. Thrivent takes profits from sales of insurance and other products and contributes them back to the communities. The Johnstown Chapter encompasses 6 counties. This past year nearly $33,000 was put back into local work service projects and charitable causes. Mr. Shoemaker approached the Jackson Township Recreation Commission earlier this year and asked them if there were any projects that they could assist with and the new bleachers were mentioned since the Leidy Park Project will be under way shortly which will add two ballfields and a walking trail.

Thrivent is comprised of all volunteers. Past projects have helped local organizations including the Miners Community Food Pantry, Nanty Glo Library, Ebensburg Veterans Park and various other recreation projects. One upcoming project will be wrapping up 1000 lbs. of beef to be distributed to local food pantries. Another event will be a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser for Norma Keyser to help pay outstanding medical bills for a terminal family illness. The dinner will be held at St. Pauls Lutheran Church and is scheduled for September 28th from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. A donation of $5.00 per adult and $3.00 per child is requested. For additional information, contact Dave Shoemaker at 749-7016 or Pastor Lynn Sanner at 322-3961.

Driveway Permits
- The Supervisors voted unanimously to waive the permit fee on existing driveways having alterations or modifications made to them. Permits will still be required but no fee will be charged. The current $25.00 fee will still be in effect for new driveways only.

Roads - Paving and Seal Coating projects were completed on more than 2 dozen Township roads. "Despite the rainy weather this Summer, the projects were completed on time and with favorable results" according to Roadmaster, Dave Bracken. The Jackson Township Road Crew also did an excellent job in addressing concerns residents had with driveways going on to the newly paved roads. The Road Crew also had a lot of drainage problems to address as a result of the unusually wet Spring and Summer. Roadmaster, Bruce Baker stated "We hope this yearís "jump start" effort to improve the roads within the Township can be the beginning of having one of the best maintained local road systems in Cambria County" . A letter was also sent to Pennsylvania State Transportation Commission requesting that they consider eliminating the "S" curve that is located on the border of Jackson & Middle Taylor Townships. This is in hopes of getting this project on the PennDOT projects plan. In other news, Denny Mackell, Road Foreman is retiring after completing 22 years of service to Jackson Township. We all wish Denny the best in his retirement!

Recycling - Earlier this year the rubber protecting one of the recycling openings was deliberately cut from the bin at Mundys Corner. Repairs were made by Dolan Welding. At the Mundys Corner location, a cement pad will also be installed under the recycling bin. This will make it easier for Waste Management to remove the bin when itís full and will also keep bits of glass and metal from going onto the parking lot area. At the Senior Center Recycling Bins location in Vinco, magazine recycling is now available on a regular basis for your convenience. Just a reminder that by recycling, the number of garbage bags you use can be greatly reduced.

Sewer Authority - The Board of the Jackson / East Taylor Sewer Authority would like to take this opportunity to recognize their fellow Board Member, Donald Karlinsey who passed away on July 12, 2003. Don served on the Authority Board for eleven years and has served the community well. The Board would also like to welcome John A. Hamula who will serve out the remainder of Mr. Karlinseyís term. John is a well-known, local businessman who is familiar with the area. The Authority is excited about having John on the Board and is confident that he will be an asset to the Authority as well as the Community.

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