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Fall, 2004

The Cambria County Commissioners have awarded Jackson Township a $5,000 Community Initiative Grant for developing recreation at Township parks. The grant is given under the condition that the Township will provide matching funds for the project. 17 other Cambria County communities are also among the first to be recipients of the new grant program. The Recreation Commission recommended that two new backstops be installed at Mitchell Park to replace the existing ones which are badly deteriorated. The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the project at their September 30th meeting. The Commissioners received 23 grant applications in all and expect that the ones not approved this year will be approved in next years round. Each municipality will be eligible to apply for a Community Initiative Grant once every four years.

Jackson Township in conjunction with the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority can look forward to new playground equipment to be installed at Leidy Park over the next three years to be valued at approx. $25,000. Jackson was one of 5 communities in the County chosen for a new playground. There are no required matching funds from the Township and the project will be entirely paid for through grants received. The new playground equipment will be a welcome addition to the developing Leidy Park.

Jackson Township is looking for volunteers to assist in a stream clean-up for Hinckston Run. The actual date and time will be arranged based on the availability of volunteers. The clean-up is part of Jackson Townships ongoing Stormwater Management Program. Any interested individual(s) or organization(s) should contact the Township Office at 749-0725.

The Jackson Township Fire Company will hold itís annual Halloween Parade on Sunday, October 31, 2004 at 2:00 pm. The lineup will be at the intersection of Rose Branch Street & Griffith Avenue beginning at 12:00 Noon. Treat tickets can be obtained at the Fire Hall prior to the parade or by calling 322-3155.

If you received this newsletter and your name or address information is incorrect, or if you know of any resident of Jackson Township who didnít receive it, please call the Township Office at 749-0725.

The Jackson Township Planning Commission recommended to the Board of Supervisors that they consider a proposal by Richard C. Sutter & Associates to begin the process of developing a new Comprehensive Plan. The Board unanimously agreed that a plan is needed as growth is inevitable with the reconstruction of US Route 22 taking place. Nearly every progressive community has a Comprehensive Plan in place. Sutter & Associates of Hollidaysburg specializes in planning including developing Comprehensive Plans. Factors taken into consideration include housing, utilities, transportation, physiography, economics, recreation, agricultural, police & fire protection, population, historical, cultural, solid waste and a host of other considerations. Focus groups will be developed with residents from Jackson Township who have common interests such as business owners, farming, recreation, emergency services, etc. Also several public meetings will be held. According to Sutter about 70-75% of the costs can be defrayed from available grant monies. Sutter & Associates is working with the Township Engineer, P. Joseph Lehman in helping the Township develop the Plan. According to Richard Sutter, a Comprehensive Plan is like a "blueprint for the future".

Jackson Township groups over the years have participated in various litter clean-up programs sponsored by PennDOT and Pennsylvania Cleanways. While being a great program, PennDOTís Adopt-A-Highway program is for State Roads only. Now Jackson Township has a similar program where Township roads can be adopted as well. Your group of neighbors, church, business or organization is welcome to participate by adopting a Township road or street. One group, Neighbors Who Care has already stepped up to the plate and has expressed interest in adopting several roads in Jackson Township. By adopting a highway you would be required to perform a minimum of 2 litter clean-ups per year. Some groups may want to do more than that depending on the need. If your group wishes to adopt a road, Jackson Township will provide gloves, safety vests and garbage bags for the clean-up effort. Your group will also have a name plate posted on the road that you have adopted. At the time of the clean-up, release forms must be signed by those participating. Jackson Township currently has 14 groups involved in cleaning up various sections of 15 roads within Jackson Township on one of the 3 available programs. According to Don Godish who is in charge of the Adopt-A-Highway program for Cambria County, Pennsylvania has more volunteers in this type of program than any other State in the US. These programs encourage community pride and will help make Jackson Township a cleaner place to live. If your group of friends, neighbors, organization or business would be interested in adopting a Township Road or a portion thereof, please feel free to contact the Township Office at 749-0725.

Groups in Jackson Adopt-A-Highway Program:
Courter & Fairview Avenues / Neighbors Who Care
Griffith Avenue / Neighbors Who Care
Harmony Drive / Neighbors Who Care
Kissell Lane / Neighbors Who Care
Pike Road West / Neighbors Who Care
Your Street Your Group or Business?
(Are you interested in this program? Call the Township Office at 749-0725)

Groups in PennDOT Adopt-A-Highway Program:
Benshoff Hill Road / West Jackson Homemakers
Chickaree Hill Road Waste Management / Laurel Highlands Landfill
Dishong Mt. Road / Committee to Preserve Rager Mountain
Route 271 / Nanty-Glo Moose
Route 271 / Pike Grace Brethren Church
Swigle Mt. Road / Swigle Mountain Neighbors
US Route 22 / Appalachian Chiropractic
US Route 22 / Cambria Co. Christian School
US Route 22 / Chickaree Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club
US Route 22 / St. Pauls Lutheran Church

Groups in Pennsylvania Cleanways Program:
Adams Avenue / Jackson Twp. Troop 204 Cub Scouts
Fords Corner Road / Residents of Fords Corner Rd.
Pike Road East / Jackson Twp. Troop 204 Boy Scouts

We are pleased to announce that the Jackson Heritage Festival will become an annual event! Everyone who attended had a great time and we received hundreds of compliments from those attending as well as vendors who set up at various shows saying how well run and organized the festival was. In fact, some went so far as to say this was the best thing Jackson Township ever did! It definitely helped to bring everyone together in the community and many enjoyed seeing friends and neighbors they don't often see otherwise. The variety of food, crafts and excellent variety of entertainment drew a very nice first year turnout despite gloomy weather forecasts. We would like to thank all those who participated or helped in anyway to make the festival a huge success! Those who deserve special thanks include:

The Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company
Waste Management
Amfire Mining
Direct Value Outlet
First National Bank of Pennsylvania
Dolans Welding & Steel Fabricating
Ameriserv Bank
Hagerich Auto Sales
Mercik's Bi-Lo Supermarket
Vinco Pharmac

In addition, many others helped to contribute in someway including the Jackson Township Supervisors, Jackson Township Road Department, Jackson Township Recreation Commission, Jackson Township Senior Center, Heritage Festival Committee, Donna Davis, Paulette Baker, Dave Hirko and others too numerous to mention. Special thanks also goes out to those advertisers who helped to sponsor a two page advertisement in the "Weekender" section of the Tribune-Democrat. They are Vinco Pizza, Martin Marine Sales, BCI Floor Specialists, Cooper Signs, Park Hill Dairy Queen, Direct Value Outlet, Pit Stop 271, Parkhill Drug & Wellness Store and Warren Oil Company. Without the support of the business community, local churches and organizations and volunteers, this would not have been possible. This was truly a community effort with a chance for everyone to be involved. Planning is already under way for a bigger and better festival in 2005. If you didn't get to attend this year, make sure you do next year. . . you missed a great time right in your own back yard and an event that you can be proud to invite those from outside Jackson Township to. It takes many volunteers to pull off a successful event. If you would like to help with the 2005 Heritage Festival, please contact Dave Hirko at 749-0725.

Jackson Township can be proud to have many roads completed. One of the most noticeable improvements is the paving of Loraine Road. Prior to the paving many drainage improvements were also made. The Road Crew along with Roadmasters Dave Bracken & Bruce Baker did an excellent job in assisting with the road paving and sealing projects and are to be commended. It was also a challenge getting the job done due to the extra heavy rainfall received this year. Streets that were paved entirely or in part were Kagey Street, Loraine Road and Woodland Street.. Roads that were seal coated entirely or in part included Adams Avenue, Blackburn Road, Bracken Street, Price Street, Glenn Street, Hunts Road, Kepple Road, Loraine Road, Mackall Street, Maple Leaf Street, Marhefka Drive, Mile Hill Road, Price Street, Sharkey Road, Simmons Lane, Wagner Road. The road projects are part of an ongoing plan to maintain all Township roads and insure that they are in the best condition possible for residents to safely use and enjoy.

The Jackson Township Recreation Commission is busy working with a consultant, Pashek Associates Inc. from the Pittsburgh area to submit an application to the Department of Conservation & Natural Resources for a grant to develop a Master Recreation Plan for Jackson Township. By having a Master Plan, Jackson Township may be eligible for larger grants for future recreational projects. Municipalities with master recreation plans are looked upon more favorably as opposed to those who donít have one in place or just apply for one individual recreational project. The plan will provide information and input for recreation based on the needs of Jackson Township. The Recreation Commission would like to thank all those schools, churches and organizations who submitted letters of support which were submitted with the Grant Application.

Submitted by Police Chief, Bob Fatula
May, 2004 through August, 2004
911 Calls Dispatched to Police: 1,533
Reportable incidents: 122
Criminal Mischief-18
DUI (Driving Under the Influence)-13
Disorderly Conduct-6
Domestic Violence-5
Public Drunkenness-5
Underage Drinking-3
Vehicle Theft-3
Curfew Violation-2
Protection from Abuse Violation-2
Child Abuse-1
Furnishing Alcohol to Minors-1
Fleeing from Police-1
Intimidating a witness-1
Resisting Arrest-1
Terroristic Threats-1
Total Accidents Handled: 34
Non-Traffic Citations issued: 15
Traffic Citations Issued: 307
Criminal Charges Filed: 52
DUI (Driving Under the Influence)-13
Disorderly Conduct-6
Public Drunkenness-4
Underage Drinking-3
Curfew Violation-2
Protection from Abuse Violation-2
Domestic Violence-1
Furnishing Alcohol to Minors-1
Fleeing from Police-1
Intimidating a witness-1
Resisting Arrest-1

The Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company is once again sponsoring the annual Halloween Parade to be held on Sunday, October 31, 2004 at 2:00 pm. Additional details are in a related article on the first page of this newsletter. Another upcoming event is the annual Turkey Raffle which will also be held at the Fire Hall. Everyone is invited to attend! As always, bingo is held every Sunday evening at the Fire Hall. For additional information on any of these events, call 322-3155. Congratulations are in order to the members of the Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company for being the GRAND CHAMPIONS at the 2004 Cambria County and Vicinity Volunteer Firemenís Convention. The members practiced and worked very hard sharpening their skills for the various competitions. This really brings the Fire Company members together where they can showcase their skills and abilities. Five of the "life time" members competed alongside the younger guys for points that went towards winning the Grand Champion trophy. Jackson Township can be proud to have such a dedicated group of firemen. To win this award in a county-wide competition is a great honor. In addition to the Grand Champion Award, Jackson Township had a chance to showcase their fire apparatus and equipment. Jackson earned a first place trophy for their ambulance being recognized as the best appearing and equipped EMS unit. They also took first place for best appearing and equipped light rescue truck, first place for best appearing and equipped brush truck and a first place trophy for best appearing and equipped utility truck. Their Fire Engine also took a second place trophy as did the Bucket Brigade Team. Three second place trophies were received for the Golf Team and at the Central District Convention, Jackson Township took second place in the "Battle of the Barrel" competition. Once again, our CONGRATULATIONS go out to the Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company members for earning all of the above mentioned honors and awards. On a sad note, Gypsy Allbaugh passed away in June. Gypsy was one of the original members of the Fire Company. The Fire Company members extend their condolences to Gypsyís family. The Jackson Township Fire Companyís members would like to extend their sincerest and best wishes to everyone for the upcoming holidays.

A Veterans Day Ceremony will be held on Thursday, November 11, 2004 at 11:00 am at the Jackson Township Senior Center. For those who attended last year, the event was a huge success with one of the largest turnouts in Cambria County. Last yearís event marked the dedication of the newly installed Community Flag Pole as well. This year, the ceremony will include Post 155 (Giestown) VFW Rifle Team, Jackson Township Troop 204 Boy Scouts & Cub Scouts, Betty Lybarger, Pastor Rick Clark of Pike Grace Brethren Church as well as a special guest speaker representing the military to be announced. Refreshments will be served. The Center encourages everyone to attend as a way to honor and thank all Veterans as well as honoring all those who are currently serving in the Armed Forces fighting for the cause of freedom for all.

Lots of activities and events are scheduled for the Jackson Township Senior Center making it one of the most active Centers in Cambria County. Here is a sampling of some upcoming events and projects. On Tuesday, October 26 from 1:30 to 3:00 pm, Windber Medical Center will be at the Center to give free flu shots to active, inactive, retired miners and spouses as well as widows and widowers of miners. If you are in one of the mentioned categories, you can take advantage of the free flu shot program. On Wednesday, October 27th from 9 to 11:30 am Conemaugh Home Health will administer the flu vaccine to people 50 years of age and older as well as those 18 years of age and up who are considered to be high risk (chronic illness such as diabetes, cancer, lung disease, etc.) Conemaugh Home Health does not administer the vaccine to infants and children. For Medicare Part B, UMWA, The Funds or Security Blue recipients, Conemaugh Home Health will bill their insurance. Those not on any of the above mentioned programs will be charged $20.00. For those paying, receipts will be given for them to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement. The Center along with Priority Care from Conemaugh Health Systems is holding a Community Blood Screening on Saturday, October 30 from 7 - 9 am. It is a complete Multiphasic Blood Screen with Lipid Profile. The cost is $20.00 per person. The Center holds blood screenings twice a year. Call 322-3327 between the hours of 9:00 am - 3:00 pm to schedule an appointment. Participants must fast for 12 hours to ensure accurate results. Refreshments will be served. The Jackson Senior Center is now a Participating Fitness Center for the SilverSneakers Fitness Program. The SilverSneakers classes focus on strength training, flexibility and range of movement using dumbbells and resistance bands. A ball and a chair are provided for balance. Classes are offered four times a week: Tuesday at 1:15 pm and 2:15 pm and Thursday at 9:00 am and 10:00 am. Call the Jackson Senior Center at 322-3327 to see if you are eligible. The Center is knitting hats and mittens to be given to needy children over the Christmas Season. If anyone knits or crochets and wishes to help with this project, please contact the Center. The Senior Center will supply the yarn needed to make the hats and mittens. This is one of the many "community outreach" projects performed by the Center members in order to spread goodwill to those in need. Another charitable project scheduled involves helping Foster Children. This project is in association with the Retired Mens Club of Johnstown and involves collecting good, clean luggage that individuals no longer use or plan to throw out. If you have any luggage that would qualify that you wish to donate to help needy Foster Children, please drop them off at the Jackson Senior Center at 200 Adams Avenue in Vinco anytime Tuesday thru Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm. Still another program is the "Sock It To Us Program" that begins in October and ends November 19th. Working with The Retired Senior Volunteer Program, this cause invites everyone to donate new socks for adults or children and to drop them off at the Center. If anyone wishes to participate in this project, drop the socks off at the Center anytime Tuesday thru Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm. The socks will be donated to Cambria County Shelter Care, Victim Services and Children & Youth Services where they will be distributed to needy families to help keep them warm during the winter season. Other events include several bus trips including one to the Pennsylvania Opry in Mercersberg, PA and another to the Mountaineer Racetrack & Casino in West Virginia. Both trips are being organized through Repine Travel. Many other events are scheduled for Senior Center members only including a Halloween Dinner Dance, Christmas Dinner and Annual Childrenís Christmas Party. The Center currently has about 500 members. If you are interested in becoming a member, you can contact the Jackson Senior Center at 322-3327.

The Water Authority is happy to announce that the Mundyís Corner tank completion date was October 4, 2004. The tank has been off-line since July of this year for refurbishing. Other than the rain, the project had no complications. The tankís refurbishing was paid for through the Authorityís Depreciation Account with no monies being borrowed. Work has begun on the Ebensburg-Johnstown water line which will run from the Salt Lick Reservoir in Mineral Point all the way through Jackson and Cambria Townships to Ebensburg. This line will benefit approximately 30 Jackson Township homes along Adams Avenue and Ogden Street. With city water available, fire hydrants will installed and in turn, the homeownerís insurance premiums will be reduced. The ten hydrants to be installed in Jackson Township were approved at the September 30th Board of Supervisors Meeting at a cost of $750.00 per hydrant. Any resident within 200 feet of the new line will be required to tap into the system. A representative from the Jackson Township Water Authority will be contacting those individuals within the upcoming year. The new line will also make it more economical to add additional lines in the future to serve residents on other roads and streets off of Adams Avenue & Ogden Street. Maintenance workers, Karl Smith & Dave Smith have been busy with several line breaks over the summer as well as responding to 61 Pennsylvania One Calls. On August 26th they attended a PRWA (Pennsylvania Rural Waterworks Association) Seminar in Tyrone concerning distribution components and disinfection. By attending the seminar they will receive six contact hours towards PaDEP requirements. Karl also attended a 3 Rís (Roles, Responsibilities, Regulations) seminar in Greensburg on September 15th which counts for 2 contact hours with the PaDEP.

The Jackson Township - East Taylor Sewer Authority was awarded a $10,000 grant by the Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development commission that will save local ratepayers more than $200,000. The money will be coupled with $32,000 provided by the Authority to install 490 feet of steel casing under Route 22 west of Mundys Corner. The Sewer Authority is working in conjunction with PennDOT who is widening Route 22. While everything is tore up due to the reconstruction process, the Authority is installing pipe that would allow for the possibility of installation of future sewer lines along or north of Route 22. The Authorityís anticipated savings by not having to dig up the road itself will be approximately $208,000. The line will enable expansion of the sewer system to more than 45 homes in the future. The Sewer Authority is still in the process of trying to obtain a grant to continue with their Cherrywood / Brazil Lane Sewer Extension. The Board Members and their Solicitor have met with all local Legislators in hopes of obtaining a $500,000 grant. The Board is opposed to raising the rates to expand and feel that the only way this project can move forward is by obtaining grant money from the Legislators. The Authority has yet to hear from the Legislators as to the availability of any grant money. The Authority would like to welcome two new employees to their staff. They are Tim Burkey and Brian Daughenbaugh, both from Jackson Township. They have been hired as full-time Maintenance Workers / Inspectors. The Authority is pleased to have them on board and know they will represent both Townships well. The Sewer Authority would also like to extend itís best wishes to Jim Maderia who served as a maintenance worker for six years. Mr. Maderia left to seek other employment opportunities and the Authority Board Members and Staff wish him all the best in his new endeavors.

The installation of additional street lights in phase II of a well received program is underway. Most of the additional thirty-five street lights will be installed in the near future. If you know of an intersection or dangerous location where a street light would greatly improve safety, please contact the Township Office at 749-0725.

A walking track around the perimeter of Leidy Park was recently completed by Capitol Construction Company, low bidder for the project at a cost of over $13,000. The walking track is the latest improvement that will help to make Leidy Park a valuable resource for recreation and related activities for Jackson Township residents. Other recently completed projects at Leidy included a new ballfield and playground equipment. Future improvements are also planned.

~SUPERVISORS ADOPT RAYMOND & EAGLE DRIVES - The Board of Supervisors adopted Raymond Drive & Eagle Drive at their September 30, 2004 meeting. Prior to adopting the streets which are just off Route 271 South of Vinco, the residents along those streets completed an application which was followed by an inspection of the streets by the Township Engineer. The report from the Engineer required residents to make drainage and other improvements before the Board could consider taking over the roads. The improvements are being made and a survey of dedication was presented to the Board which voted unanimously to approve the roads as part of the Jackson Township Road System.

Several improvements have been completed at the Jackson Township Senior Center. One of the more recent improvements was the installation of a split rail fence around the park area behind the Center. This work was completed as part of the Walking Trail Project and involved Community Development Block Grant Funds. Protective barriers were installed around the main entranceway to the Center and the recycling bins were relocated to the side of the parking lot in order to provide a better view of the park area behind the Center. A concrete pad was also replaced where the side doors of the Center opened onto. Other improvements are planned including additional lighting and electric facilities for the park area behind the Center.

~TOWNSHIP PURCHASES NAPA PROPERTY - The Jackson Township Supervisors recently approved the purchase of the former NAPA Auto Parts property adjacent to the Municipal Building Property. The property where the Township Municipal Buildings are currently located is bordered on one side by a cemetery and on another by privately owned homes. The only possibility to acquire additional property for any proposed future buildings or additions would be the NAPA Property.

~WAGNER ROAD WATER PROJECT MOVING FORWARD - According to Larry Custer of the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority, survey work will begin soon on the long awaited Wagner Road Water Project. Mr. Custer said "This is a major step forward for the project". Residents of the Wagner & Pintail Roads area have experienced water problems over the years. The project is being made possible by the Board of Supervisors commitment to use Community Development Block Grant Funds towards the project which will cost nearly half a million dollars.

~BRUCE BAKER APPOINTED TO COUNTY ASSOCIATION OFFICE - Jackson Township Supervisor Bruce Baker was nominated to fill the position of Second Vice Chairman of the Cambria County Association of Township Officials which represents Townships from throughout Cambria County. Mr. Baker accepted the position which will give Jackson Township an active role in the Cambria County Association. Some of the past accomplishments of the Township Association include organizing the Cambria County Sewage Enforcement Agency as well as the Cambria County Building Codes Agency. By townships joining together, they can act more efficiently in meeting State & Federal requirements and laws while providing service to local residents.

~RECREATION COMMISSION WELCOMES NEW MEMBERS - The Jackson Township Recreation Commission would like everyone to welcome itís two newest members, Ashley Baxter and Jacqueline Crusan. Both have been active in various sports as well as local organizations and have expressed a willingness to serve on the Commission. The two new additions will complete the nine member Board. Earlier this year the Commission welcomed members Tim Davis and Gina Mumau. The Commission is very active and everyone will be able to contribute to the various projects underway including the development of the Master Recreation Plan. If anyone is interested in helping with Recreation, you can call the Township Office at 749-0725 or attend one of the Recreation Commissions meetings which are held the third Tuesday of each month at 8:00 pm at the Jackson Municipal Building.

~LANDFILL GAS PROJECT MOVING FORWARD - Keystone Renewable Energy, a division of Crouse & Company is moving forward with their 13 million dollar project that will convert landfill gas into usable natural gas for household consumption. According to Greg Shaffer, the financing is currently in place and contracts have been signed. Keystone will soon be presenting their proposed project before various Jackson Township Boards and Commissions for any required permits and approvals necessary.

The Jackson Township Supervisors approved a donation of $1,000 to the Miners Community Food Pantry. According to Janet Reese, Director, it takes about $1,000 a month to stay open. Reese estimates that the food pantry serves approximately 150 families from Jackson Township.

It was incorrectly reported in the Summer edition of the Jackson Township News that Lynx Lane would no longer have direct access to Route 22. After checking with a PennDOT official in charge of the Route 22 Reconstruction Project, the access to Dishong Mountain Road will be in addition to the current Route 22 access.

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If you are planning on building project be sure to apply for a building permit.. This is now State Law with the passing of the Pennsylvania State Uniform Construction Code. Be sure to allow plenty of time to get your permit prior to building. By doing this, your permit can be addressed in plenty of time before you actually begin construction. Also if you are planning to pave or alter your driveway, a driveway permit is required. Roadmasters Bruce Baker & Dave Bracken said that driveway permits are not to inconvenience residents but are necessary to make sure there is a swale or pipe to direct stormwater. They also make sure that driveways are not higher than the road so snow plows donít catch the edge of the driveway. When a driveway enters onto a Township road, a safe sight distance is also very important. PennDOT requires permits for driveways entering onto State roads within the Township.