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Fall, 2007

Whether you're talking about new housing or attracting commercial and industrial development to create jobs, all agree that the key to future growth in Jackson Township is building infrastructure. Infrastructure can be many things including highways, communications, sewer and water. With Route 22 nearing completion, we now have a four lane highway which provides access for those who commute to jobs in nearby towns and cities such as Ebensburg, Johnstown, Richland, Indiana and Altoona. Soon Cambria County will have a County-Wide Wireless Communications System in place. This is all great news which makes Jackson an attractive place to live and work in. One area that the Supervisors are addressing is the development of additional sewer and water lines. Completed last year was a sewer line which goes from the Laurel Highlands Landfill, across Route 22 and down Dishong Mountain Road. This line was privately financed by Waste Management and is owned by the Johnstown Redevelopment Authority. Residents along Dishong Mountain Road can tap into the line for free if they choose to do so. The Jackson - East Taylor Sewer Authority is getting everything in line to get the Brazil Lane - Cherrywood Project off the ground. Easements were obtained and testing done and they have applied to Pennvest for a loan. The Project cost is approximately 4 million dollars and when completed will provide public sanitary sewer lines to nearly 200 homes. In addition, the Project will open up opportunities for new home development as well as allow for the building of public restrooms at Mitchell Park. The Jackson Township Water Authority is working with the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority on the Wagner Road-Chickaree Hill Road Water Project. Many people in this area have had water problems for a number of years. Construction should soon begin after bids are opened and an award is made to the lowest qualified bidder. The 1 million dollar project will provide public water to approximately 45 homes. Looking ahead, the Supervisors have already done a survey of households to explore the possibility of public sewage in the Fords Corner Road area including Lorain Road, Finntown Road, Turkey Path Road and other streets. The results showed that 72% of the households were in favor of public sewage. In addition the Cambria County Sewage Enforcement Agency did testing in the area as well which showed that at least 70% of the septic systems in the area were failing. Additional exploration of feasibility and funding sources is being pursued for this area as well. Other areas being considered for public sewage are Route 22, Pike Road West and Whitetail Road. In the area of water, the Supervisors are also exploring the possibility of the development of a public water line along Swigle Mountain Road, an area that has experienced water problems over the years. This area has also seen many new homes built over the last several years. Sometimes sewer and water projects can take 3 to 5 years before construction can actually take place. Much of this is dependent upon what funding sources, grants or loans are available at that time. When designing projects, gravity flow is of importance to help reduce costs and make them more feasible. Although it's a long process to develop the sewer and water lines, it will pay off to the community and residents in the long run. Some of the benefits could be new housing helping to expand the tax base, new commercial businesses and industries that will help create jobs that will help to keep our children and grandchildren in the area instead of moving away from family and friends. Some may say we can't afford to do this but looking at the benefits we could gain through future growth and jobs, how can we afford not to?

The Jackson Township Fire Company will hold it’s annual Halloween Parade on Sunday, October 28, 2007 at 2:00 pm. The lineup will be at the intersection of Rose Branch Street & Griffith Avenue beginning at 1:00 pm. Prizes will be awarded to parade participants in various categories. Treat tickets can be obtained at the Fire Hall prior to the parade or by calling 322-3155.

The Jackson Township Senior Center will host their 5th annual Veterans Day ceremony on Monday, November 12, 2007, Veterans Day at 11:00 am. The ceremony will take place at Veterans Park in front of the Veterans Monument / Memorial. There will be a special guest speaker representing the armed forces and several dignitaries. Frank Singel, President of the Jackson Township Senior Center will act as Master of Ceremonies. Menoher VFW Post 155 will also participate with their Honor Rifle Team and Corey Shrik, a Sophomore at Central Cambria High School will provide special music. Others expected to participate will be Jackson Township Troop 204 Boy Scouts, and Pastor Drew Walther, pastor of Singer Hill Grace Brethren Church who will represent the local clergy. Most importantly, you’re invited to attend to honor those who have served over the years.

If you received this newsletter and your name or address information is incorrect, or if you know of any resident of Jackson Township who didn’t receive it, please call the Township Office at 749-0725.

The Jackson Township Supervisors recently adopted a new Subdivision Ordinance which supercedes the original one adopted in 1980. According to Bruce Baker, Supervisor and Planning Commission member, the new Ordinance was worked on over the past 18 months at Planning Commission Meetings. In addition several public meetings were held. Baker said, "Some of the highlights on the new Ordinance include streamlining the process for doing subdivisions and adjusting the requirements for major and minor subdivisions as well. In addition it get's us current with State & local regulations and being compatible with the Township's Zoning Ordinance." Don Knopsnyder, Chairman of the Planning Commission added "This was long overdue. This brought it up-to-date and in compliance with the latest changes in the Municipal Planning Code. It's basically pulling us from 1980 to 2007." The new Subdivision Ordinance was completed with the help of Richard Sutter & Associates of Hollidaysburg who perform planning and consulting services for Jackson Township.

The Jackson Township Recreation Commission will be sponsoring it’s 2nd Annual Light Up Night on Saturday, November 24, 2007 from 5 to 8 pm at the Jackson Township Senior Center and Veterans Park. Last year’s event was jam packed with hundreds turning out. The evening will include the Festival of Trees, a outdoor tree decorating contest with prizes awarded in three categories. They are businesses, organizations & groups and families. Plaques will be awarded to the top 3 businesses and cash prizes of $50, $25 and $10 will be awarded to the top three winners in the organization & groups and family categories. Each person attending will receive a ballot where they will vote for their favorite tree in each category. Trees will be provided and erected for you at a cost of $10.00 per tree (entry form attached in this newsletter). Light up night will also feature over 15,000 lights throughout Veterans Park. Santa Claus will once again make his special appearance. In this newsletter there is also a "wish list" which can be turned into Santa that evening. Photos will be taken with Santa for a minimal cost and refreshments will be available. Several groups will also be singing Christmas carols to round out the evening. Light Up Night promises to be a great time for all! If your group would like to participate in Light Up Night or you would like to enter a tree in the contest or just inquiring about additional information, feel free to call the Municipal Building at 749-0725.

For the second year, a Township-wide Holiday Lighting Contest will be sponsored by the Jackson Township Recreation Commission. Last year’s contest had 26 entries and far more are expected to enter this year. Prizes to be awarded will be $100 for first place, $75 to second, $50 to third and $25 to fourth place. In addition all winners and honorable mentions will receive a plaque acknowledging their award. Judges will come from outside of Jackson Township to eliminate any bias in judging. Last year’s winners were 1st Place, Gary & Gayle Devlin-Adams Avenue, 2nd Place, Brad & Arlene Gorsuch-William Penn Avenue, 3rd Place, Darren & Melissa Devlin-Hunt Road and 4th Place, Al & Karen Pagano-Old Nanty Glo Road. Two others received honorable mentions. They were Sam & Marsha Amenti-Brazil Lane and Jeff Nischalke-Sharkey Road. Anyone wishing to enter the contest must have their light displays up by December 15, 2007 and have an entry blank turned into the Township Building (entry form attached in this newsletter. Judging will take place on Thursday, December 27 or in the event of inclement weather, December 28. Winners will be announced by Monday, December 31st. If you have any questions on the contest, feel free to contact the Municipal Building at 749-0725.

The Jackson Township paving and seal-coating road projects are completed for year 2007. The Jackson Road Department paved Rose Branch Street this year and worked on patching and repairing many other roads throughout the Township. Roads that were seal-coated (tar & chipped) include Adams Avenue from Rt. 271 to Harmony Drive, Blackburn Road from Harmony Drive to Kepple Road, Bracken Street from Rt. 271 to Rt. 271, Brazil Lane from Rosebranch Street to Jude Drive, Courter Avenue from Rt. 271 to Harmony Drive, Dry Run Street from Leidy Lane to Warrior Street, Fir Street from Balsam Street to Balsam Street, Harmony Drive from Route 271 to Route 271, Kissell Lane from Rosebranch Street to Brazil Lane, Pike Road East from Swigle Mountain Road to Route 22, Pine Lock Street from Ogden Street to Stagers Road, Shepard Street from Rosebranch Street to Mitchell Park, Thomas Street from Adams Avenue to end, Trout Street from Leidy Lane to Warrior Street and Warrior Street from Coyote Street to end. Once again, the Jackson Road Department did the preparation work while New Enterprise, low bidder, did the seal-coating. Jackson also did other maintenance work including drainage, berm and shoulder work and line striping. Pennzoil Drive was recently paved through the efforts of JARI and a $50,000 grant obtained from Sen. John Wozniak. JARI awarded the low bid for this project to Quaker Sales of Johnstown. The total cost of the paving project was $69,986.50. For those who have wondered why more roads are seal-coated verses paved, the answer is simply cost. As the price of oil has gone up, the cost of paving a road has sky-rocketed. Being that Jackson Township and Cambria Township jointly purchased a paving machine this year, that helps somewhat in reducing the cost of paving and each year the cost difference between paving and seal-coating will be evaluated.  The road projects are part of an ongoing plan to maintain all Township roads and insure that they are in the best condition possible for residents to safely use and enjoy.

Often you only hear the negative when it comes to discussing the youth of today. Jackson Township Troop 204 Boy Scouts is working through the community to dispel that myth and emphasize the positive impact young people are making today. How you ask? Currently 6 members of Troop 204 are working towards their Eagle badge, the highest achievement you can receive in Scouting. Sometimes you hear of 1 or 2 but six is almost unheard of in this day and age. Jackson Township and its residents will benefit as all six candidates are doing projects for the Township.  Two projects have been completed. Frank Brown, son of Sandy & Ben Brown, did landscaping around a tree at Leidy Park that was planted in memory of Aaron Rusin who was killed in Iraq. In addition a stone was laid in place honoring all veterans from Jackson Township and a park bench was constructed as well. Ben Grove, son of Janet & Dave Grove, completed two stream water clean-ups as well as stenciled storm drains warning people that "no dumping" is permitted. His project will be included in Jackson Township’s submission of it’s MS-4 Permit to the PaDEP which is renewed every year. Four other Eagle Scout Projects are underway. Keith & Cory Henry, both sons of Marlene & Chuck Henry, are both carrying out projects at the same time. Keith Henry is painting all 124 fire hydrants in the Township and working with the Jackson Township Water Authority. In addition he is using GPS tracking to chart all of the hydrants and creating a master list and map, something that will be of great benefit to the Water Authority, Fire Company and Township. Cory Henry will be performing work in the newly created Bio-Diversity area of Leidy Park. Since the initial planting, the area needs some attention. Some of the work being considered includes the installation of a trail, adding additional mulch, straightening out several trees, planting of additional shrubs and wild flowers as well as considering items such as a solar powered water feature or bird houses for the habitat area. In addition a table and several benches will be added in order that park-goers can enjoy the area. A.J. Pagano, son of Karen & Al Pagano, is working on landscaping an area around the flag pole at Mitchell Park. This would include the planting of low maintenance shrubs and flowers as well as adding several benches. Also at Mitchell Park, Aaron Dreikorn, son of Denice & Eric Dreikorn, will be doing landscaping around the park rules sign which is at the entrance of the park. Aaron also plans to build several picnic tables for the park which is very heavily used during the summer months. Last but not least, let’s not forget the scout leaders. Having six members going for the highest ranking award in scouting is a reflection on having great leaders. Leaders of Troop 204 include Rodell Snyder, Karen Whited and Ben Brown. Leaders and Scouts alike are to be congratulated on this major accomplishment and making Jackson Township proud!.

A local Community group, Neighbors Who Care is seeking names of Jackson Township men and women who are serving in the United States military. Similar to last year, the group plans to send "care packages" to those serving in order that they will arrive sometime before Christmas. Last year, the group sent packages to 14 individuals serving in the military. Boxes contained such items as snacks and goodies, stationery, personal-care items and magazines. The group feels this is an excellent way to show a small token of appreciation to these men and women who are making a sacrifice for our Country. The Nanty Glo Post Office helped with last year's mailing by furnishing boxes and labels. If you know the name of an individual from Jackson Township serving in the military and you would like them to receive a "care package", you can furnish that name by calling 322-1678 or 446-6237.

The 4th Annual Jackson Heritage Festival was quite successful drawing record crowds over the 3 days of activities. The weekend kicked off with the Concert At The Park which featured 6 bands and was promoted as an "Under 21" event. Special thanks to Wade James for coordinating the bands and sound system for this years event. Saturday & Sunday were packed both days with large crowds enjoying entertainment rotating on two stages as well as a wide variety of food, crafts and lots of other activities. Many of the food vendors this year were so busy that they actually ran out of food on Saturday and had to re-stock for Sunday. New this year was an organized program of childrens games for ages 5 through 12 which was organized by Kelly Lundgren and Kathy Bortz. Another event that was very received was the Cutest Baby Contest. Of course, the fireworks were a big hit as always and on Sunday, many festival-goers got their first glimpse of a real live alpaca from Alpaca Ventures of Johnstown.. Plans are already underway for a bigger and better 5th annual Heritage Festival next year. The Festival is a great opportunity for family, friends and neighbors to get together for a weekend of fun, food and entertainment. Each year more and more people from outside the area attend as well. Work has already begun on booking entertainment for Heritage Festival 2008 and inquiries have already been received from several vendors for next year wanting a booth. 

We would like to thank all those who participated or helped in anyway to make this year’s Heritage Festival a huge success! Those who deserve special thanks include:
Valewood Farms
CHILDRENS CRAFTS: Cambria County Community Arts Center

Kathy Bortz, Jackson Troop 204 Boy Scouts, Kelly Lundgren
CONCERT AT THE PARK: Wade James, Betty & Dave Perry
FIREWORKS: John Bahorik, Sara Jane Leckey
GARBAGE DISPOSAL: Waste Management
HAYRIDES: A. J. Devlin
HOT OIL DISPOSAL: Valley Protein
LIGHT TOWER: Cambria Equipment
PARKING & SHUTTLE: Bob Albright, Mick Bezek, Bob Bombach, George Burkey, Tim Burkey, Donna Davis, Tim Davis, Dave Hagerich, Paul Hagerich, Jackson Twp. Fire Police, Mercik's Ideal Market, Dave Mumau, Eric Reitler, Tom Wray
SIGNS: Cooper Signs
SPONSORS: Waste Management, Amfire Mining, L.Robert Kimball & Associates, Highmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Dolan's Welding & Steel, Ameriserv, Askew-Houser Funeral Homes, Conemaugh Health Systems, Martin Marine, Mercik's Ideal Market, Naugle Insurance, Barnes Saly & Company, C & G Savings Bank, Committee to Re-elect John Wozniak, Cooper Signs, First Commonwealth Bank, C & R Service Center, Friends of PJ Stevens & Milan Gjurich, Martin Oil Company, P. Joseph Lehman Engineers, Rose Excavating, Warren Oil and Wix Pix Productions.
STAGE: Construction Equipment Services Inc.
TRACTOR DISPLAY: Ron Ballow, A.J. Devlin, Dulashaw Farm & Home Center, Ed Nischalke
TRIBUNE-DEMOCRAT ADVERTISING: BCI Flooring, Cooper Signs, Jerry Gilkey Pools, Kaschalk & Sons Construction, Lorrco Steeler Shop, Park Hill Drug, Pit Stop 271, P. Joseph Lehman Engineers, Tire Outlet & Brake Center, Tops It Off, Vinco Pharmacy

OTHER VOLUNTEERS & HELPERS: Rick Adams, Bob Albright, Cathy Bortz, Donna Davis, Teri & Tim Davis, Beth Fetzer, Aaron Henry, Corey Henry, Keith Henry, Kim Hirko, Jackson Twp. Fire Police, Jackson Twp. Heritage Festival Committee, Jackson Twp. Recreation Commission, Jackson Twp. Police Department, Jackson Twp. Road Department, Jackson Twp. Senior Center, Jackson Twp. Supervisors, Jackson Twp. Volunteer Fire Company, Kelly Lundgren, Gina & Dave Mumau, Shannan Mumau, Carolyn Patrick, Betty & Dave Perry, Dave Shoemaker, Shane Simmons, Al Slippy, Tom Wray

Without the support of the business community, local churches and organizations and volunteers, this would not have been possible. If you didn't get to attend this year, make sure you do next year. . . you missed a great time right in your own back yard and an event that you can be proud to invite those from outside Jackson Township to attend. It takes many volunteers to pull off a successful event. If you would like to help with the 2008 Heritage Festival, please contact Dave Hirko at 749-0725.

Every wonder how to dispose of any old batteries from cars, trucks, lawn mowers, tractors, etc. that you may have laying around your property? They are considered hazardous so you cannot put them out with your garbage. You can however drop them off at Naugles Auto & Truck Sales free of charge where they will see that they are properly processed for disposal or recycling. Naugles Auto & Truck Sales is located at 3309 William Penn Avenue near Mundys Corner. If you have any questions concerning battery disposal, please contact Eric Naugle at 659-7429.

The Jackson Township Recreation Commission is sponsoring a Holiday Bus Trip to Pittsburgh on Saturday, December 8th. We have reserved 2 touring buses from Lodestar Bus Lines which will depart Jackson Elementary at 9 am. The day begins with 2 hours at the famous Pittsburgh Strip District where you can get your food products for your holiday baking or some great bargains for Christmas gifts. From there you will then have 4 hours at one of Pittsburgh’s newest shopping complexes, "The Waterfront". The Waterfront has all kinds of shops and stores, a huge Loews Cinema Complex and over 30 restaurants of all price ranges and types of dining to choose from. There is everything from fast food to fine dining. . your choice. The last stop on the tour will be Hartwood Acres which features over 2 million Christmas lights and is one of largest holiday lighting displays in the United States. We will arrive back at Jackson Elementary at 10 pm. This trip will really get you in the holiday spirit! Cost is only $20.00 per person and includes your admission into Hartwood Acres. This trip is open to everyone and reservations are on a first come, first serve basis. To reserve your seats, just complete the registration form in this newsletter or call the Municipal Building at 749-0725. Your payment will confirm your reservations for the trip.

Have you ever wondered how you can serve the community you live in? Jackson Township welcomes anyone interested in serving on a Authority, Board or Commission to submit a letter, note or email saying you are interested in serving on a Board o Authority in the event that there are openings. If you are interested, your letter would be kept on file at the Township office where you would be contacted if an opening would occur at which time you could accept or decline. Authorities include the Sewer Authority and Water Authority. Commissions include Planning & Recreation. There is also the Zoning Hearing Board. Another group where participation is encouraged is the Historical Preservation Committee. All letters and notes should be mailed to Jackson Township Supervisors, 513 Pike Road, Johnstown, PA 15909. You may also drop it off in person at the Municipal Building or you can send an email to office@jacksontwppa.com By volunteering you can make a difference in your community. Any and all inquiries would be greatly appreciated!

The Chickaree Ridge Runners will be holding Snowmobile & ATV Drag Races on Sunday, October 21st and Sunday, November 4th, 2007 and January 13th, 2008 beginning at noon. The races will be held rain or shine. Registration begins at 10:00 am and the kitchen opens at 8:00 am. Classes will be available for everyone. For more information visit their website at www.chickareeridgerunners.com or call 749-9931.  Snowmobile Safety Classes will be held this fall at the Chickaree Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club Clubhouse for PSSA Region 9 at Saturday, November 17th. The event is sponsored by Martin Marine. Pre-registration is required. Class is limited to 30 students. For more information on the classes or to register you may contact Clint Elias (724) 349-5369 or Ron Rearick at (724) 354-4395.

If you have a junked vehicle that needs removed from your property and you’re not sure how to go about it, perhaps the following information will help. Al Gillin who operates a licensed junkyard along Adams Avenue has agreed to tow any junked vehicles that you would like to have removed from your property. According to Mr. Gillin, in most cases there will be no charge to any Township resident for this service unless there is great difficulty getting to the vehicle to pick it up. If you wish to have junked vehicles removed from your property, you may contact Mr. Gillin at 322-4366 to see if you qualify for this free service.

Residents Cashing In On Scrap Metal
Many residents are getting top dollar on scrap metal. This includes automobiles that may be sitting on your property. EMF Industries of Franklin Borough accepts old vehicles and pays for the scrap metal value which has been up dramatically this year. The phone number for EMF is 536-5047.

(Submitted by Chief Bob Fatula)

June, 2007
The figures for June were as follows: 911 Calls dispatched to Police: 204. Reportable Part I Crimes: 13 broken down as follows: Larceny-6, Burglaries-4, Assaults-2 and Robberies-1. Reportable Part II Crimes: 19 broken down as follows: Vandalism-5, Stolen Property-2, DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-1, and all others-11. Calls Resulting in Cases: 23, Total Arrestees: 7, Total Suspects: 6, Total Victims: 25, DUI Arrests: 1, Traffic Citations: 2, Non-Traffic Citations: 1, Total Warnings: 0.

July, 2007
The figures for July were as follows: 911 Calls dispatched to Police: 232 Reportable Part I Crimes: 11 broken down as follows: Assaults-6, Larceny-3 and Burglaries-2. Reportable Part II Crimes: 23 broken down as follows: Disorderly Conduct-6, Vandalism-6, Stolen Property-4, DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-1, Embezzlement-1, Public Drunkenness-1 and all others-4. Calls Resulting in Cases: 25, Total Arrestees: 8, Total Suspects: 0, Total Victims: 15, DUI Arrests: 1, Traffic Citations: 10, Non-Traffic Citations: 7, Total Warnings: 0.

August, 2007
The figures for July were as follows: 911 Calls dispatched to Police: 283 Reportable Part I Crimes: 20 broken down as follows: Larceny-16, Assaults-2 and Burglaries-2. Reportable Part II Crimes: 15 broken down as follows: Stolen Property-5, Fraud-3, Embezzlement-2, DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-1, Public Drunkenness-1, Vandalism-1 and all others-2. Calls Resulting in Cases: 35, Total Arrestees: 6, Total Suspects: 3, Total Victims: 22, DUI Arrests: 1, Traffic Citations: 10, Non-Traffic Citations: 6, Total Warnings: 0.

The Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company has several upcoming events they would like to announce. On Saturday, October 13, 2007 there will be a Jewelry Raffle. Tickets are still available. The Gun Raffle scheduled for Sunday, October 21st is sold out. The Annual Turkey Raffle is scheduled for Saturday, November 17th at 7 pm and tickets are still available for that event. For tickets or additional information on all of these events, contact the Fire Company at 322-3155. Another upcoming fundraising event will be held on Friday, November 16th when Wally Hines Photography will be at the Fire Hall to take family portraits. These make great gifts for the upcoming Holidays and ½ of the proceeds will go back to benefit the Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company. Look for a letter in the mail for more details on this event. Once again, the Fire Company will sponsor their Annual Halloween Parade to be held on Sunday, October 28th at 2 pm. There will be bands, floats, marching groups and hundreds of children in their favorite Halloween costumes! All children and adults are welcome to march in the parade. Line up will be at the intersection of Rose Branch Street & Griffith Avenue beginning at 1 pm. Prizes will be awarded in various categories. Treat tickets can be obtained at the Fire Hall prior to the parade or by calling 322-3155. Just a reminder that Ambulance Memberships are due to be turned in to the Fire Company. If you have not yet mailed yours in, please do so as soon as possible. Just a note that this is separate from the Annual Fund Drive. The long awaited new Fire Truck is being built by Four Guys of Meyersdale and will cost over $400,000. The truck should arrive at Jackson Township some time in late October. Although the Fire Company has raised several hundred thousand dollars, they are short of the total amount needed. If you or your business has not contributed towards the new truck, they would greatly appreciate any contributions to help reach their goal. They are also checking into a low interest loan, but the more money they raise, the less they have to borrow. The Jackson-East Taylor Dive Team (JET) has been sent out on numerous water searches for stolen quads. In addition the Dive Team and members of the Fire Company using ATV's assisted Revloc Fire Company in a missing persons search. The Fire Company has also been active in having members certified for Firefighter I & Firefighter II from the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy. As always the Fire Company wants to express their heart-felt thanks for the support they have received from Jackson Township whether it be from the Fund Drive, supporting fundraisers or private contributions. They want everyone to know that they enjoy serving the Community in which they are so well supported. From the Fire Company and Auxiliary they would like to wish everyone a safe and happy upcoming Holiday Season.

When the idea was first brought up at a Heritage Festival Committee meeting, everyone thought it was cute and we should try it but never did anyone anticipate how wildly popular this contest would be. At the onset we didn't have any entries but within a month before the Festival, 20 entries came in and we had a contest on our hands! To keep the voting on a simple and fair basis, it was decided that voting would be simply .25 per vote. The photos of the babies were displayed at the Heritage Festival on poster boards with pastel colored gift bags in front of each picture. Only the first name of each baby was listed by the photo. When a vote was purchased, a ticket was issued which that person could deposit in the gift bag of whom they felt was the cutest baby. Many people would purchase a vote or two while some would purchase 10, 20 or even 40 votes at a time. Voting ended at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday and the tickets were counted and winners declared. Earning first place honors with 233 votes was five-month old Audrey Madison Gokey, daughter of Kristin and Michael Gokey of Harmony Drive. Earning 2nd Place with 216 votes was 11-month old Jacob Simon Russell, son of Brittany Krupe & Simon Russell of Fords Corner Road.Third Place with 149 votes went to Tyler Brubaker, 6 months, son of Melissa & Stephen Brubaker of Cherrywood Drive. Prizes were a $100.00 US Savings Bond for 1st place, $75.00 US Savings Bond for 2nd and a $50.00 US Savings Bond for 3rd Place. The contest was such a hit with everyone and even those who didn't vote admired the photos of the 20 babies. Plans are already in the works for next years contest. All Jackson Township babies 2 years of age and younger are eligible to enter so start looking for that cutest photo to submit to the contest which will be held July 19-20, 2008.

The Senior Center has several upcoming events they would like to announce. Cambria County Coroner, Dennis Kwiatkowski will be at the Center on Thursday, October 18th to talk about the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program and the aged population. Depression is not a normal part of aging and yet suicide rates among the elderly in our area are close to 50% higher than that of the nation. On Saturday, October 27th Conemaugh Health will hold a Community Blood Screening from 7 to 9 am. This is a complete Multiphasic Blood Screen with Lipid Profile. After July 31, you can call 322-3327 to schedule an appointment. Cost is $25.00 and refreshments will be served. Flu Shots are scheduled at the Center for Wednesday, October 31st from 9 to 11:30 am. They will be administered by Conemaugh Home Health to people 60 years of age or older and for those 18 years of age and up who are at high risk (chronic illness such as diabetes, cancer, lung disease, etc.) For additional information, contact the Center at 322-3327. Rex Davis, Apprise Coordinator will be at the Center on Wednesday, October 3, Tuesday, November 27 and Wednesday December 19 to discuss the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program. For more information or to schedule an appointment for any of the above events, contact the Senior Center at 322-3327. Every Thursday at 1:00 pm, the Center is showing an afternoon movie donated by All the Right Movies. Members are welcome to take time to relax and enjoy a current movie in the Community Room on the Center's large screen TV. If you are in need of work, age 55 or over and qualify within the set income levels, you may be eligible for the Senior Community Employment Program Service. For more information on the program, contact the local National Council on Aging Senior Employment Program in Johnstown at 536-0691. The Silver Sneakers Program is still going strong with over 50 individuals taking advantage of the program. Anyone who is a Medicare-eligible member of Highmark or Blue Cross-Blue Shield can participate. A new class will be held once a week called Yoga Stretch. For more information, contact the Senior Center at 322-3327. Once again this year, the Center will be participating in a Sock It To Us Program to help the Retired Senior Volunteer Program & Foster Grandparent Program. From now through the end of November 30th, if you or anyone you know would like to donate NEW socks (any sizes) for adults or children, drop them off at the Center in the box on the coat rack across from the reception table. The socks will be donated to the Cambria County Children & Youth for needy children, Victim Services, Women's Help Center and human service agencies and shelters throughout Cambria County. This helps keep the needy children and adults warm in the winter! Your help would be greatly appreciated in this effort.  Bible Study will resume starting at 9 am on Thursday, October 11th and will continue every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. Pastor Drew Walther of Singer Hill Grace Brethren Church has graciously agreed to lead the study group. The Center has many special weekly events for the membership including lunch 3 times a week, parties, bingo, knitting, line dancing, weekly Pinochle Party, speakers and events on health issues concerning the aged population, monthly blood pressure screenings, weekly movies, ceramics, computer use with high-speed internet access, beginners computer classes and a exercise room with 11 machines available. In addition there are monthly CamTram bus trips to different shopping areas in Westmoreland, Indiana, Blair, Somerset and Cambria Counties. Anyone interested in visiting or taking a quick tour of the Center is invited to stop in. Membership offered to those age 50 and older is constantly growing and is only $10.00 a year. The Center opened on May 10, 1998 and have just recently issued their 648th membership card. The Center relies on volunteers to operate and stay open. It's a great place to meet and socialize. If you are interested in being a member or volunteering, please contact the Center at 322-3327.

The Jackon-East Taylor Sewer Authority continues to make strides towards making the Cherrywood / Brazil Lane Sewer Project a reality. Keller Engineers has submitted all of the necessary paper work on August 28th to Pennvest for funding. However, due to the fact that Pennvest does not have enough money to fund every project in the State, they have devised a point ranking system to determine who will be eligible for the money. The point ranking system is very strict and points are given out for malfunctioning septic tanks, brown fields, boroughs, mandated orders and for economic development. The Cambria County Sewage Enforcement Agency had Sewage Enforcement Officers visit nearly 200 homes that will be affected by the new project to see who has malfunctioning on-lot systems. In the Cherrywood, Adams, Leidy and Kagey Street areas affected by the new project, 68% of the systems were malfunctioning with 91% of the property owners in favor of sewage. In the Brazil, Pudliner, Rose Branch and Kissel areas of Jackson Township, 39% of the on-lot systems are malfunctioning with 70% of the property owners in favor of sewage. JETSA will only receive points for the malfunctioning on-lot systems; however, since they only need four million dollars, depending on how much money is left, the project could get funded. JETSA will not know until the end of October regarding the funding. In other matters, Joe Baxter has resigned as Chairman of the Board due to his work schedule conflict. Since Mr. Baxter does not know from month to month if he will be able to attend the meeting, he felt that it was best for the Authority to have someone in the leadership position who can definitely attend the meeting every month. The Board made a motion to accept his resignation as Chairman. George E. Burkey, Vice-Chairman, automatically moved to the position of Chairman and the Board then made a motion to appoint Joe Baxter as Vice-Chairman. JETSA has started to use the new billing software along with the new bill cards. The Authority has received positive feedback on the new billing cards. Also effective with the August billing period, the JETSA Board has voted to increase the penalty to $2.50 on any delinquent bill. The Authority Board is hoping that this increase will help with the rising cost of postage when the Authority has to send their bill in a separate envelope or notify their customers with delinquent accounts.

The Water Authority is hoping to have their new billing system complete for the October billing cycle. The programmers still have a few unique situations they need to work out before the system can go "live". A trial run will be done by the Water Authority and if the numbers on the new system match the ones on the old DOS system, they will start billing with the new system in November for water used in October. The PaDEP inspected and passed the Ogden Road Water Line Inter-Connection on September 4, 2007. Karl Smith immediately started to install meters on the Jackson Township Water Authority's portion of Ogden Road. As long as the weather permits, all meters should be installed before November. Letters were sent to all residents within the 200 foot tap-in limit stating the tap-in costs and the deadlines to physically tap-in to the system. The Wagner & Chickaree Hill Roads Water Project is moving forward. The Cambria County Redevelopment Authority opened bids on September 13, 2007. This line, when completed, will supply the residents with a reliable source of clean drinking water. Along with the Ogden Road residents, the water lines will increase property values and provide for added fire protection. With this said, once water is running, customers should notify their insurance carrier as having fire hydrants will in most cases lower your insurance premiums.  Although the actual cost of water will remain the same at $27.42 per 3,000 gallons or less and $5.75 for each 1,000 additional gallons per month, other miscellaneous rates and charges will be modified or added. Miscellaneous charges include the following: Certificate of mailing-$25.00, Posting of delinquent accounts of any kind-$25.00, Services rendered during regular working hours-$25.00, Services rendered after working hours or weekends-$40.00, Services on frozen water meters-$35.00, Non-sufficient funds-$25.00, Set-up of new account-$25.00, Termination fee for non-payment-$50.00 and re-activation fee for non-payment-$50.00. Deposits are $150.00 per mobile home for customers who become occupants of a mobile home after October 1, 2005. Any mobile home park accounts with a lot deposit less than $150.00 who are shut off for non-payment must pay the difference to increase the deposit to $150.00. Tap charges are now as follows: 3/4 inch-$600.00 plus additional cost, 1 inch-$700.00 plus additional costs, Vacant lots-$550.00 plus additional costs and taps larger than 1 inch-Actual cost of installation plus 10%. Additional costs include but are not limited to road boring costs and fluctuation in the cost of materials.


~Who’s New Around the Township
We would like to welcome those who have been recently appointed or hired by Jackson Township. Barry Gehosky was appointed to the Zoning Hearing Board to fill the remaining term of Sam Marchu who resigned due to health reasons. Two former Police Officers of Jackson Township have also returned to serve on a part-time basis. They are Jeremy Scislowicz and Mark Westrick.

~Jackson Youth Fairs a Success
The Cambria County Courts and Judge Gerald Long held two Youth Fairs this year in Jackson Township. Both were successful according to Carol Lacey, Coordinator. The first event was held at Leidy Park on June 20th and the second one was held at Mitchell Park on July 24th. Both were very well attended with over 60 youth attending at Leidy Park and over 50 youth at Mitchell Park. The purpose of the Fairs is to make young people aware of the dangers and harmful effects of using drugs & alcohol. Besides the educational aspect of the events, the youth attending had a fun time with free refreshments, t-shirts, games and a chance to win some great prizes such as sweatshirts and bicycle helmets. In addition a special drug dog demonstration was done at the Mitchell event. The program has been a success for the past eleven years with the help of local police, fire and ambulance departments.

~Don't Forget To Vote
Election Day will soon be upon us Tuesday, November 6th. One of the more important local races is that of Jackson Township Supervisor. The position begins January 1, 2008 and is a six year term. Winners from the Primary who will be listed on the ballot are George Cooper, Democrat and John Wallet, Republican. Other local races will include School Board, Auditor and District Magistrate. On the County level, all three Commissioner positions are listed on the ballot as well.

~2010 Census Already?
We may only be in 2007 but the United States Census Bureau is already busy preparing for the 2010 Census and has had numerous communications with Jackson Township. Preliminary meetings have been scheduled and things should really swing into high gear in 2008 as this is a massive task and undertaking even for the United States Government.

~Central Cambria Coalition News
The Central Cambria Coalition comprised of Jackson Township, Cambria Township and Ebensburg Borough continues to work together on various projects. Currently a Steering Committee was formed with 3 members from each municipality meeting on a regular basis to provide input to a Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan. The Project has moved forward thanks to the Coalition receiving a matching grant for $42,500. from the Dept. of Community & Economic Development. The planning process will take approximately 18 months. Additional public meetings will be scheduled at a later time. Richard Sutter & Associates is the acting consultant for this project. The group is looking at additional equipment as well including a Hot Box and Crack Sealer. The Hot Box is basically a hot paving mix transporter while the Crack Sealer is just as it sounds, sealing cracks in pavement. By jointly purchasing equipment, savings can be achieved by all plus grants can be applied for making the cost even less. This worked out very well with the joint-purchase of a paving machine by Cambria & Jackson Townships where a $25,000. grant was received. Work continues on the development of a Central Cambria Recreation Map & Guide which will list all of the recreational facilities and areas within the Central Cambria Coalition area.

~Jackson 2008 Municipal Map & Guide
Jackson Township is currently working with Municipal Publications of Home, PA to publish a 2008 Municipal Map & Guide. The last one that was done was in 2004 and a copy was mailed out to every home and business in the Township. In addition the maps are often requested at the Township Building by delivery people, realtors, developers, new residents and a host of others who have an interest in Jackson Township. The map is published at no cost to Jackson Township and is paid for entirely by advertisements placed by businesses, groups and organizations. We wish to thank all those who have placed advertisements to help make this 2008 edition possible. There are quite a few updates from the last publication and the new format will be that the size of a fold-up road map that you can easily stick in a drawer or glove compartment. The new Map & Guide should be mailed out in January of 2008.

~Fishing Derby Article Additional Thank Yous
We would like to thank two businesses who helped sponsor the Fishing Derby who were omitted in the last newsletter. They are Portage National Bank who donated a gold dollar coin to each child participating and Ameriserv who donated a $50.00 Savings Bond which was awarded to Tanner Gaunt, winner of a free drawing. Thanks to both of these businesses for their generous contributions to help support this event. Also thanks again to the owners of the Woodland Park Campground for hosting this event.

~Book Mobile Continues Through Fall
Over the summer months, the Johnstown Cambria County Library Book Mobile made several visits each month to the Jackson Township Senior Center. According to Trudy Myers, it was originally supposed to be a temporary location to fill a vacancy on the summer schedule but it was received so well that the Library had decided to schedule dates throughout the fall.
The dates and times are as follows:
Oct. 15 Monday 4:30-5:15 pm
Oct. 29 Monday 4:30-5:15 pm
Nov. 9 Friday 4:30-5:15 pm
Dec. 3 Monday 4:30-5:15 pm
Dec. 17 Monday 4:30-5:15 pm
The Bookmobile is for all ages and just anyone who loves to read. This is a great way for students to get the books they need right here in Jackson Township. If you love to read, come visit and support the Bookmobile.

~Hunt Road Speed Limit Posted
Speed limit signs of 25 mph were recently posted along Hunt Road from Benshoff Hill Road to the East Taylor Township line. The road was previously not posted and the Township had received several complaints of vehicles traveling too fast going towards Hinckston Run Dam which is fast becoming more popular as a local recreational area for fishing and boating.

~Sr Center Handicapped Ramp
The Supervisors are addressing the Sr. Center Handicapped Ramp which from appearance looks badly deteriorated. Lehman Engineers did an inspection last year and found the structure to be safe but in need of repair. Weighing the cost of repairs verses erecting a new ramp, it became apparent that it would make sense to look into a new one. Invitation for bids will be put out this fall for a steel handicapped ramp as opposed to a concrete one.

~Traffic Study Requested For Chickaree Hill
The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a motion at their July 26th meeting to request that PennDOT perform a traffic study on Chickaree Hill Road to see if a reduced truck speed limit is warranted. Walt Hobson of PennDOT Engineering District 9 in Hollidaysburg notified Jackson Township after completing a Speed Limit and Hazardous Grade Study that the grade from Route 22 to Laurel Ridge Road (landfill) does not warrant a lower truck speed. The current speed limit on the upper section is 45 mph. The lower section of Chickaree Hill Road from Wagner Road to Vintondale already has a lower speed limit posted for trucks of 30 mph due to the steeper grade.

~Poles Moved For Improve Safety
Two poles were moved along Adams Avenue, 1 by Penelec and 1 by Verizon. The area was between Vinco and Devlins Hill and the two poles were literally on the roadway with pavement around them. An easement was obtained by the Township and the work done by both utilities. The old poles are to be removed by the utilities.

~Jackson Continues Benshoff Hill Agreement
The Board of Supervisors voted to continue into the 3rd year of a 5 year agreement with PennDOT requiring Jackson Township to perform winter maintenance on Benshoff Hill Road in exchange for reimbursement of $8,236.80 from PennDOT. In the event of a severe winter, there is also a formula that would allot additional funds to Jackson beyond the designated amount.

~Liberty Museum Update
The Tri-Area Museum & Historical Society continues work on restoring the old Liberty Theatre in Nanty Glo to become a permanent museum. This Museum will represent the history of Nanty Glo Borough, Blacklick Township, Jackson Township and Vintondale Borough. Architectural plans have been developed and much preliminary work has already been done on the 1.2 million dollar project which to date has been 29% funded. The first floor features various areas including mining, the depression, World War II, early family life, farming, lumbering and Native Americans. In addition a stage and multi-purpose area is proposed along with a kitchen, media room, restrooms and storage areas. The 2nd floor is proposed to be primarily a storage area. Many groups have volunteered their time to help out with the Project and some businesses have offered large discounts on building materials. You can check out some of the progress made at the museums new website which is: www.thelibertymuseum.com  If you wish to make a contribution to the Museum or help out in any way, please contact Jim Toth at 472-7271.

~Board Approves Dye Test Ordinance
The Supervisors authorized the Solicitor to draft a Dye Test Ordinance for Jackson Township and the Jackson-East Taylor Sewer Authority to review. The Dye Test Ordinance does two things. First it authorizes JETSA to perform tests if they believe there is a problem and secondly, when an individual sells a house, they have to get a certificate from a plumber saying that there are no improper things going into the sanitary sewer system. Nanty Glo recently adopted one and other communities in the Greater Johnstown area will be asked to do the same. The Board approved the Dye Test Ordinance at their Sept. 27th meeting.

~Supervisors Support Food Pantry Efforts
A contribution of $1000 was given to the Miners Community Food Pantry to support their annual fund drive. According to Janet Reese, it takes about $1000 per month operate the Food Pantry which she estimates serves 300 families from Jackson Township. The Food Pantry expects to receive a grant from the Department of Agriculture around Thanksgiving but until then, funds are needed to continue operating.

~Jackson Hit With Heavy Rains & Flooding
Jackson Township along with many other communities in Central Cambria County were hit with extreme rains and flooding during an August rain storm. The line of thunderstorms came down across the counties of Butler, Armstrong, Indiana and right into Jackson Township before continuing in a southeasterly direction. Some of the hardest hit areas were along the Route 22 corridor and in the Mundys Corner area. Many ditches and driveways were washed out along with widespread basement flooding. It was estimated that this area received 4-5 inches of rain in one hour and up to 8 inches of rain for the day.

~Police Department Updates With Tasers
Following the national and local trend, the Jackson Township Police Department recently purchased two tasers. Tasers often can eliminate the need for the use of a gun and offers Police Officers protection if an unruly situation would occur while making a call. Chief Bob Fatula submitted a Taser Policy which was adopted at the September Board of Supervisors meeting.

~Line Painting Scheduled For Township Roads
The Jackson Township Road Department has several roads scheduled for line painting. The roads include Adams Avenue, Blackburn Road, Bracken Street, Fords Corner Road, Harmony Drive, Kepple Road, Leidy Lane, Mile Hill Road, Ogden Road, Pike Road East, Pike Road West, Wagner Road and Whitetail Road. This service was previously contracted out until Jackson Township purchased it’s own line painting machine which allows the Township to be able to line more roads at less cost.

~Tour deToona Makes Way Through Jackson
For the first time ever, the International Bicycle Race, the 22nd Annual Tour de Toona made it’s way through Jackson Township. The race which was held on Tuesday, July 24th began at the Laurel Highlands Landfill and then made it’s way up Chickaree Hill Road, down Route 22 and exiting on to Route 271 south. From there the race went down to Mineral Point, up Beech Hill Road to Richland Township, Windber, and ending up at Cairnbrook, Somerset County. There were over 200 men and 150 women competing from all over the world. This particular race was sponsored by Waste Management. The race depends upon many volunteers. In Jackson Township there were nearly 30 individuals who volunteered to be Road Marshals and make sure that traffic would enter onto the roadways until the cyclists passed through.

~Free Recycling Containers A Hit!
Jackson Township had received about 115 free recycling containers earlier this year as part of a Central Cambria School District student's community service project. The project was centered around recycling and part of the project was receiving 200 recycling containers from the PaDEP. Initially 75 containers were ordered but they were snapped up in no time at all. A call to Central Cambria Administrative Office made another 40 available which were also gone within several days. The bins were so popular that Central Cambria had contacted the PaDEP to see if another 200 bins could be obtained. They were informed that there were no more available for this year and that they could re-apply for additional bins in the spring when they will once again become available.

~Street Light Update
Several street lights have recently been installed. They are along William Penn Avenue at the JETSA Building and another one at Moshannon Drive on the westerly side of Rt. 271. The delay was caused by poles needing replaced by Verizon. Additional lights are yet to be installed, all of which are out of the Ebensburg District of Penelec. Included in those are lights at the Municipal Building, Recycling Center, Meadow Woods Drive, Plank Road, Tyke Street, Martina Lane, Aldan Street, Arrow Road, Pike Road and Paradise Road.

~Focus On Economic Development
The Board of Supervisors continue to focus on economic development and job creation in Jackson Township. A cooperation agreement was signed with the Cambria County Industrial Development Corporation who is able to provide Jackson Township with professional services including technical assistance. Some of the ideas being looked at are the creation of a business park, working with existing businesses and encouraging new housing development.

~Route 22 Update
After nearly three years and 32.5 million dollars later, Route 22 is nearing completion in Jackson Township. Finishing work included adding a final 2 inches of blacktop, line painting, rumble strips and other miscellaneous items including seeding, fencing, delineators, shoulder work and drains. The completed road will be 15 inches thick according to Tom Helsel of PennDOT. In addition the reconstruction of the westbound off-ramp at the Dishong Mountain Road interchange has been extended to provide a safer and longer access..

~Leidy Park Improvements Continue
Several improvements have been made at Leidy Park in recent months. Those include the installation of new bleachers by the ball field and moving the old wooden bleachers to the multi-purpose field. 4 park benches were installed and 4 player benches - 2 for each field. The Leidy Park pavilion was also recently re-shingled by the Road Department. Frank Brown completed his Eagle Scout Project which involved landscaping and a new park bench. The Bio-Diversity area was completed and additional work is scheduled to be done there as part of an Eagle Scout Project by Cory Henry. This will include a trail, additional landscaping, a table and new benches. Trees have been cut near the parking area in order to allow for additional parking. Currently underway is a project made possible through a $30,000 grant secured by Larry Custer and the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority. The Project includes excavation, grading, installation of a Play Activity Zone with wood edging, crushed aggregate and geotextile fabric as well as a concrete paved walkway and other various amenities. Snyder Excavating of Jackson Township was the low bidder for installation of the new area.

~Municipal Garage To Get "Face Lift"
The Jackson Township Municipal Garage will be getting a long overdue "face lift". The Road Department recently completed painting the garage to match the Municipal & Police Buildings. In addition trim, doors and windows will also be painted white. Over the years the paint has worn off in many areas. Several years ago, a new roof was put on the main garage area.

~Christian School Flashing Signals
After nearly a year in the works, the flashing school signals were up and operational in time for the 2007-2008 school season along Pike Road at both ends of the school zone for the Cambria County Christian School. Tel-Power of Hollidaysburg performed the work which was completed in August.

~Robberies Solved in Jackson Township
A string of robberies were solved within a short time period with the arrest of Brett M. Sanderson, 19 and Christopher McAfee 18, both of the 2200 block of First Street in Conemaugh. The pair had robbed Puff-N-Snuff in the Vinco Plaza twice along with the Fueland Mini-Mart on Pergim Hill. The pair were also involved in several Indiana County and Ohio armed robberies as well. Chief Fatula attributed the arrest to "very good police work" by Jackson Officers, Jeremy Scislowicz and Michael Jacobs. .

~Sewer & Water Tap Assistance Program
The Cambria County Redevelopment Authority administers a Sewer & Water Tap Assistance Program. Qualification for the program depends on numerous factors and is geared for low to moderate income households. If you are interested in obtaining an application, they are available at the Jackson - East Taylor Sewer Authority, the Jackson Township Water Authority, the Jackson Township Municipal Building or you can print one at www.jacksontwppa.com and click on the "Sewage Link".

~Board Supports Library Fund Drive
The Board of Supervisors approved a contribution of $1000 to the Nanty Glo Library Annual Fund Drive. The Library is currently working together with the Cambria County Library System to create a county-wide automation system and are working diligently to update all their data and information. According to Richard Hakanen, President, they hope to begin using the new system by early autumn. Hakanen said "Nearly 700 of our registered patrons reside in Jackson Township".

~Supervisors Adopt Pudliner Lane
In a joint effort with East Taylor Township, the Jackson Township Board of Supervisors officially adopted Pudliner Lane at their Sept. 27th meeting. The Jackson portion has 4 homes on it while East Taylor has a much larger section with nearly 20 homes. East Taylor Township adopted their portion at their Supervisors Meeting. In addition an Inter-Municipal Cooperation Agreement has been drawn up for both municipalities to sign. The Agreement specifies that East Taylor will maintain the entire road and Jackson will compensate East Taylor for whatever amount of Liquid Fuels monies it receives from the State. Over the past several years, residents form both Townships have lobbied for a public road. An initial road study was done by Lehman Engineers for the Jackson Twp. portion and improvements had to be made at the cost of the residents before the Township could consider adopting the road. In addition a cul-de-sac had to be in place on the East Taylor end which was accomplished through an agreement with a private property owner in mid-2007.

~Free 911 House Numbers Available
The Jackson Township Supervisors in a cooperative effort of the Police Department & Fire Company want every home and business in the Township to have their 911 address number prominently displayed. In times of emergency, every minute is critical and it is important that emergency personnel be able to find you. If your house is not numbered, please stop at the Township Building at 513 Pike Road and we have free reflective numbers we can give you. The Township also has mounting plates available if you need one. Numbers are available in black or white. If you are not able to stop by the Township Building between 8 AM & 4 PM, leave a phone message at 749-0725 with your name, address and telephone number where you can be reached in order that we can get the numbers to you.

~Contribution to Home Nursing Agency
The Board of Supervisors approved a $300 donation to the Home Nursing Agency headquartered in Altoona. According to Debra Battista, Administrator for Cambria County, during the last year, they performed 209 visits to 12 children and adults in Jackson Township. The Home Nursing Agency is supported by many municipalities in the region as well as the United Way.

~Jackson Police Dept. Receives 2 Grants
Two grants were received by the Jackson Township Police Department. The first one received was for $200 from Wal-Mart and was used to purchase 2 digital cameras. A second grant of $10,000. has been received from Mountaintop Technologies through the efforts of U.S. Congressman John P. Murtha’s office. This grant can be used for whatever the Police Department is in need of.

~Cardboard Recycling Now Available
The Cambria County Solid Waste Authority added corrugated cardboard to the "blue recycling bins" located between the Municipal Building and C & R Motors at Mundys Corner. Corrugated cardboard is just about any cardboard box. Corrugated cardboard is usually brown in color and is often used for shipping and packaging. Items such as pizza boxes, cereal boxes etc. do not qualify as corrugated cardboard.

~Want to Schedule An Event At A Jackson Park?
If you are interested in reserving a pavilion for a family get-together, party or event, please contact the Jackson Township Municipal Building at 749-0725 to make a reservation. A pavilion is available at Mitchell, Leidy & Veterans Park. Other recreation facilities that can be reserved depending upon availability include baseball fields at Mitchell & Leidy and Volleyball Courts at Leidy.

~Tire Recycling Available
The Laurel Highlands Landfill offers recycling. Tires can also be put in a recycling bin for a minimal cost of $1.00 per normal-sized vehicle tire. This does not apply to any commercial establishments

~Need to Sign Up For New Garbage Service? - Jackson Township’s garbage contract provides for unlimited curbside garbage pick-up as well as any large items you have to dispose of with a few exceptions (i.e. - hazardous items, Freon, tires, etc.) If you are interested in signing up for garbage service you need to call 1-800-677-4884. The cost for 2007 is $37.82 per quarter.

Jackson Township has a valuable source of information to help keep you informed. If you haven’t checked out the Township Website, please feel free to visit www.jacksontwppa.com The website is constantly updated with new information. As always, you can read the monthly approved minutes of the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission Meetings. Check out the Calendar of Events to find out what’s going on in Jackson Township. Check out the updated pages including the Links page where there are hundreds of resources for you to use. The kids have their own links section. . just click on the Jackson Township Kids Page and check out Kidslinks. To see some of the pages that have been updated recently , click on "Whats New" on the home page. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see on the Jackson Twp. Website, please call Dave Hirko at 749-0725 or email to office@jacksontwppa.com

If you are planning on a building project be sure to visit or call either the Jackson Township Office at 749-0725 or Harry Baker, Zoning Officer at 322-1425. Your project could involve zoning, stormwater or planning. Also with the Pennsylvania State Building Code, inspections may be required as well. Be sure to allow plenty of time to get any necessary permits prior to building. By doing this, your project can be addressed in plenty of time before you actually begin construction. Also if you are planning to pave or alter your driveway, a driveway permit is required. Roadmasters Bruce Baker & Dave Bracken said that driveway permits are not to inconvenience residents but are necessary to make sure there is a swale or pipe to direct stormwater. They also make sure that driveways are not higher than the road so snow plows don’t catch the edge of the driveway. When a driveway enters onto a Township road, a safe sight distance is also very important. PennDOT requires permits for driveways entering onto State roads within the Township.

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