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Fall, 2009

The first Trick or Treat Night went off without a hitch last year and was an overwhelming success after an absence of the event for over 25 years. The date for Trick or Treat Night this year will be on Thursday, October 29th from 6 to 8 pm. This date coincides with East Taylor Township who will hold Trick or Treat the same date and time. For residents who want to participate, the protocol is simple. You just turn your porch / front door light on if you welcome trick-or-treaters to visit. If you don't want to participate, leave your light off. Also if you run out of treats, simply turn your porch / front door light off.  Children are invited to stop at the Municipal Building that evening from 6 to 8 pm to pick up a free treat. Also free trick-or-treat reflective bags will be available to pick up at the following locations: Municipal Building, Police Building, Fire Hall, Senior Center, Water Authority and Sewer Authority. During the trick-or-treat time frame of 6 to 8 pm, the Fire Company, Police and other volunteers will be patrolling Township streets and roads. It is the hope of the Supervisors that the evening will be an enjoyable, fun and safe one for all!  As a side note, the Halloween Parade sponsored by the Jackson Twp. Volunteer Fire Company will not be held this year due to the fact that Trick or Treat Night was reinstated. They said the original reason for holding the Parade was because there wasn't Trick or Treat. Now that it is being held again, they will be out in full force providing protection for the children and they will also be handing out free treats and drinks at the Fire Hall for any children who stop in to visit!

The Jackson Township Senior Center will host their 7th annual Veterans Day ceremony on Wednesday, November 11, 2008, Veterans Day at 11:00 am. The ceremony will take place at Veterans Park in front of the Veterans Monument / Memorial. Captain Blaze P. McCombie, US. Army, AR S1 will be the special guest speaker representing the armed forces. Also attending will be several dignitaries and officials. Frank Singel, President of the Jackson Township Senior Center will act as Master of Ceremonies. Menoher VFW Post 155 will also participate with their Honor Rifle Team and Corey Shirk, a Senior at Central Cambria High School will provide special music. Others expected to participate will be Jackson Township Troop 204 Boy Scouts and Pastor Drew Walther of Singer Hill Grace Brethren Church. Most importantly, you’re invited to attend to honor those who have served over the years.

Swigle Mountain residents once thought having much needed public water would never happen in their lifetime. The Project had previously received a $390,000. grant from the Pennsylvania Bureau of Abandoned Mines with actual funding coming from the Federal Office of Surface Mining and additional grants may be a possibility. Arrangements have been made between the Jackson Township Water Authority and First National Bank of PA for financing of the project. In addition preparation is underway to obtain land needed for the construction of a water tank to service the line. The Project when completed would include a 22,000 foot service line that will provide much needed water service to 42 homes. Currently, many households have to haul water or use water sparingly. The water line project will also include an upgrade to a pumping station and a new tank. The Jackson Township Water Authority will be the owner of the new line. Hegemann & Wray Engineering has been working on the new line for the Supervisors and permits have been applied for. Rich Wray has also been instrumental in working towards the financing of the line and applying for grants. The Jackson Township Water Authority has put the Project out for bid and bids were opened at the September 29th Meeting. Construction could be underway as early as mid-November.

The Jackson Township Recreation Commission will be sponsoring its 4th Annual Light Up Night on Sunday, November 29, 2009 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm at the Jackson Township Senior Center and Veterans Park. The evening will include the Festival of Trees, a outdoor tree decorating contest with prizes awarded in two categories. They are businesses / commercial and organizations / groups. Plaques will be awarded to the top 5 businesses and organizations. In addition, cash prizes of $100, $75, $50, $25 and $10 will be awarded to the top five winners in the organization & groups category. Each person attending will receive a ballot where they will vote for their favorite tree in each category. Trees will be provided and erected for you at a cost of $10.00 per tree (entry form attached in this newsletter). Light up night will also feature over 15,000 lights throughout Veterans Park. Santa Claus will once again make his special appearance. In this newsletter there is also a "wish list" which can be turned into Santa that evening. Photos will be taken with Santa by Charles Rametta, professional photographer at a minimal cost of $6.00 for one 4 x 6 color photo or 2 for $10.00. Other photo sizes are available and will be printed while you wait.  Another attraction is an elaborate miniature train display that will be running throughout the evening. Refreshments will also be available from several local organizations and businesses and several churches will also be singing Christmas carols to round out the evening. Light Up Night promises to be a great time for all! If your group would like to participate in Light Up Night or you would like to enter a tree in the contest or just inquiring about additional information, feel free to call the Municipal Building at 749-0725.

For the fourth year, a Township-wide Holiday Lighting Contest will be sponsored by the Jackson Township Recreation Commission. Last year’s contest had 19 entries and far more are expected to enter this year. Prizes to be awarded will be $100 for first place, $75 to second, $50 to third and $25 to fourth place. In addition all winners and honorable mentions will receive a plaque acknowledging their award and featuring a photo of their decorated home. Judges will come from outside of Jackson Township to eliminate any bias in judging. Last year’s winners were 1st Place-Gayle & Gary Devlin - Adams Avenue, 2nd Place-Nina & Bob Hildebrand - Brenton Drive, 3rd Place-Debbie & Bob Sekerak - Fords Corner Road and 4th Place-Arlene & Brad Gorsuch - William Penn Avenue. Three honorable mentions were given including Christine & Bob Williamson - Pennway Drive, Laurie & Scott Roberts - County Spring Drive and Melissa & Darren Devlin - Hunt Road. In addition to the cash prizes for the top 4 awards, beautifully framed plaques with the photo of each home were given to all winners and honorable mentions  Anyone wishing to enter the contest must have their light displays up by December 15, 2009 and have an entry blank turned into the Township Building (entry form attached in this newsletter. Judging will take place on Sunday, December 27th from 6 to 10 pm or in the event of inclement weather, Monday, December 28th. Winners will be announced by Thursday, December 31st. If you have any questions on the contest, feel free to contact the Municipal Building at 749-0725.

The Jackson Township paving and seal-coating road projects are completed for year 2009. Roads that were seal-coated (tar & chipped) include: Brazil Lane, Cherrywood Drive, Hunts Road, Kissell Lane, Lyle Street, Pinelock Street, Stagers Road, Wagner Road & Zurenda Lane. Once again, the Jackson Road Department did the preparation work while New Enterprise, low bidder, did the seal-coating. Jackson also did other maintenance work including drainage and berm and shoulder work. For those who have wondered why more roads are seal-coated verses paved, the answer is simply cost. As the price of oil has gone up, the cost of paving a road has sky-rocketed. Jackson Township and Cambria Township jointly purchased a paving machine last year to help in reducing the cost of paving and each year the cost difference between paving and seal-coating will be evaluated. The road projects are part of an ongoing plan to maintain all Township roads and insure that they are in the best condition possible for residents to safely use and enjoy.

Jackson Township Police Officer, Ken Smith received a plaque at the July 30th Board of Supervisors Meeting for saving the life of Jackson Township resident, Greg Kuhar. Smith said, "I was just doing my duty". The day, March 30th, started with Officer Smith doing a routine investigation when he stopped at the Kuhar residence where he was greeted by Kuhar’s grandmother. He had asked her if he could talk to Greg whom she said was in a bedroom sleeping. When Officer Smith entered the room, Kuhar was not breathing and had no pulse. He immediately pulled him onto the floor and started to give CPR and continued to do so until the Jackson EMS crew arrived. Chief Bob Fatula presented Smith with a heroism award for his lifesaving actions. Smith said, "You really don’t think about things like that until it happens, then you do what you’re trained to do.". Smith has been with the Township Police Department for 4 years. According to Chief Fatula, it is unlikely that Kuhar would have survived without Smith’s quick response. Marty Kuhar, Greg’s father, also spoke at the meeting and expressed his appreciation to Officer Smith, Chief Fatula and the Jackson Township Police Department. Kuhar said it is important for residents to know that your police officers are more than people who give you speeding tickets . . they are protecting our property and our very lives and we at Jackson Township are very fortunate and blessed. In addition to the award from Chief Fatula, Smith had also received a "Laurel" in the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat as well as a special Proclamation Award from State Rep. Frank Burns of the 72nd District.

The Jackson Township Business Park Project continues to move forward. The Supervisors awarded a contract to Keller Engineers of Hollidaysburg at their July 9th meeting for design and engineering services at a cost of $55,590. Keller along with 6 other engineering firms responded to a request for proposals and then firms were weighted on various standards. Keller ranked high in all areas plus they also had the lowest cost proposal as well. Some of the work that will be involved in this phase will include studying the area and items such as wetlands, streams, base mapping, topographic and boundary survey, environmental reviews, site potential, utilities, roads and access, soils mapping, traffic impact analysis and property research. Throughout this process, many State & Federal agencies will be notified. In a related matter for the Business Park, the Supervisors agreed to purchase 150 acres of land in East Wheatfield Township from Wenturine Brothers Lumber at a cost of $180,000. The land is necessary to complete the "land trade" with the DCNR. A signed agreement has been received from the DCNR for the "land trade" which makes the Business Park Project possible. Previously completed was a Feasibility Study by S. Patz & Associates which indicated that there is potential for the Business Park to create hundreds of jobs along the busy Route 22 Corridor. Richard Sutter, Planning Consultant, has estimated that the first phase of the Business Park could cost between $4 and $6 million to complete and create seven parcels of between 13 and 15 acres each. The Township is working with organizations such as the Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development Commission and the Cambria County Industrial Development Authority who have expertise in the area of developing a Business Park. In addition, JETSA is working on the development of a sewage line to the Business Park area. A grant of $500,000. from the Pennsylvania Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program Fund was secured with the help of State Rep. Frank Burns of the 72nd District. According to Rep. Burns, this is one of the top priorities of his District being that job creation will benefit the entire region. The Jackson Township Supervisors have also made this a top priority being that job creation was the number one concern of Township residents in a survey taken at that time.

A local Community group, Neighbors Who Care sent seven care packages to U.S. Army soldiers serving in Afghanistan. The effort for sending packages was organized by LaRue Holsopple , whose son-in-law, Capt. Carl Phillips, is a chaplain in the U. S. Army. Capt. Phillips is a former resident of Jackson Township and is currently serving in Afghanistan. Phillips noticed that many soldiers in his company were living in very rugged conditions and rarely received mail or packages from home and asked his mother-in-law if there would be a group willing to send care packages to these soldiers. Each care package contains toiletries, snacks, tablets and notebooks, writing utensils and other items. The packages also contain letters of thanks and appreciation from the Neighbors Who Care to the soldiers for their service to their country. The Neighbors Who Care provided the majority of the funding with the Jackson Township Lions Club also making a donation towards the cause. The packages were shipped through the Red Cross who is covering the cost of the postage.

The Mitchell Park Expansion Project is well underway. This summer, the Jackson-East Taylor Sewer Authority installed a new sewer line into Mitchell Park and are in the process of hooking up the Concession Stand and Snowmobile Club building into the new line. The Jackson Township Water Authority also extended a water line in order that restrooms and pavilions can be tied into it. Their help in putting these lines in is greatly appreciated!  The Jackson Township Road Department took on the job of cutting trees, taking out stumps and clearing land where the new pavilions, road and parking areas will be constructed just beyond the basketball court. This job was previously part of a bid package, but then removed when it was decided that this work could be done by the Township employees helping to keep cost down. The Project was put out for bid and six bids were received with the lowest being BCS Construction of Altoona at $358,806.00 and the others ranging all the way up to the high bid of Rhodes Construction at $612,678.00. The Supervisors are having P. Joseph Lehman Engineers revise the bid without the land clearing work and the addition of some other minor changes that may help reduce cost overall. The Project will then be re-bid with a revised spec. The larger items in the bid include the construction of a building housing public restrooms and two large pavilions. Once a bid is awarded, P. Joseph Lehman Engineers will hold a pre-construction conference. The project is being partially funded with the help of a $125,000 grant from the DCNR (Dept. Of Conservation & Natural Resources). Mitchell Park has become one of the jewels of Jackson Township and the expansion will only enhance the park even more. Residents and visitors alike praise the location, beauty and wilderness like setting of the Park. Future improvements at Mitchell Park beyond Phase I include ball field lighting, parking lot lighting, additional pavilions, new playground area, volleyball courts, walking path and landscaping.

The latest venture of the Central Cambria Coalition comprised of Jackson, Cambria Township and Ebensburg Borough is to pursue the establishment of their own Codes Enforcement Officer. This position would be responsible for enforcing the State Uniform Construction Code, Zoning Ordinances, Nuisance Ordinances and Property Maintenance issues. Some of the benefits would be having someone more familiar with all local Ordinances, regulations, geographic area, residents and businesses and how everything works together in a particular municipality. The new position would be entirely funded through permit fees. Should there be any funds received or accumulated above and beyond what it cost to fund the position and related expenditures, it could result in rebates to the municipalities or reduced permit fees. Currently Jackson & Cambria Townships are members of the Cambria County Building Codes Enforcement Agency while Ebensburg is a member of the Cambria County Council of Governments (COG). Another ongoing Project is Phase II Planning which the Coalition had received a State LUPTAP Grant in the amount of $32,499. Phase II Planning involves each municipality in the Coalition updating their individual Zoning Ordinances and Subdivision Ordinances as well as looking at other areas such as Stormwater Management, Flood Plain Management and Well Head Protection. Richard Sutter & Associates, planning consultant, is working with the municipalities individually on updating their Ordinances as well as looking for areas where there is common ground or coordination would be in order such as areas that border one another. Since Jackson Township’s Ordinances are newer, there would be much less updating necessary. The Jackson Township Planning Commission is however working on and making recommendations for revising the Zoning Map. Other topics of discussion over the last three months have involved the development of a Regional Skate Park, County-Wide Earned Income Tax Collection and equipment sharing opportunities.

Listed below are some of the upcoming events and activities scheduled in Jackson Township over the upcoming months:

Trick or Treat Night
Trick or Treat Night will take place in Jackson Township on Thursday, October 29th from 6 to 8 pm. Free treats will be handed out at the Municipal Building at 513 Pike Road so be sure and stop by!

Light Up Night
Jackson Township will be hosting it's 4th Annual Light Up Night at Veterans Park on Sunday, November 29th from 5:30 - 8:30 pm. The evening will include the lighting of the park, Festival of Trees competition, caroling, miniature train display, refreshments and of course the special guest of honor, Santa Claus himself!

Outdoor Lighting & Decorating Contest
The Jackson Township Recreation Commission is sponsoring the 4th Annual Holiday Outdoor Lighting & Decorating Contest. Lighting displays must be up by December 15th and an entry blank submitted to the Township Office. Judging will take place on Sunday, December 27th form 6 to 10 pm or in the event of inclement weather on Monday, December 28th.

The Fire Company will be hosting several upcoming events. On Sunday, October 18th there will be a Fall Gun Raffle. Another event will be their Annual Turkey Raffle which will be held on Saturday, November 21st. Many people look forward to purchasing the tickets with multiple prizes on it donated from area businesses and residents. As always, Bingo is sponsored by the Auxiliary and is held every Sunday evening. Several events including a Jewelry Raffle in May is slated for 2010. For tickets or information on any of these events, call the Fire Hall at 322-3155. On Wednesday, October 7th from 6 to 9 pm there will be an Open House in celebration of National Fire Prevention Week. There will be Fire Department tours, a chance to check out the fire trucks and meet the firemen, tours of the Smoke Trailer, free fire truck rides, free 911 house ID numbers, free refreshments and lots of activities for kids! Everyone is invited so bring the family and stop in to visit. In addition during Fire Prevention Week, firemen will be going to the local schools to teach about fire prevention and also have demonstrations with the Smoke Trailer. The Fire Department has decided not to hold a Halloween Parade this year since there is Trick or Treat Night. They said the original reason for holding the Parade was because there wasn't Trick or Treat. Now that it is being held again, they will be out in full force providing protection for the children and they will also be handing out free treats and drinks at the Fire Hall for any children who stop in to visit. This year, Trick or Treat Night is on Thursday, October 29th from 6 to 8 pm.  Ambulance Memberships have been mailed out for this year. If you have not received one, please stop in at the Fire Hall to pick one up or call 322-3155. These Memberships are very important to everyone and are separate from the Fire Company Fund Drive. The Fire Company and Auxiliary they would like to wish everyone a safe and happy upcoming Holiday Season.

The Jackson Township Water Authority continues to install new Radio Read Meters for customers throughout Jackson Township and are now 60% completed. The Chickaree Hill Road water line is awaiting final inspection before any customers can tap in. Several issues had to be resolved before the Water Authority could take over the line which was funded by the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority through the Community Development Block Grant Program. Below are some water savings tips you can use plus some useful information on locating water leaks.

Water Saving Tips Outside the Home
Use a broom, not a hose, to clean driveways, steps and sidewalks.
Wash the car with water from a bucket. If a hose is used, control the flow with an automatic shut off nozzle.
Use soaker hoses and trickle irrigation systems to reduce the amount of water used for irrigation by 20 to 50 percent.
Use mulch around shrubs and garden plants to reduce evaporation from the soil surface and cut down on weed growth.
In landscaping, use native plants that require less care and water than ornamental varieties.
Adjust the lawn mower to a higher setting to provide natural ground shade and to promote water retention by the soil.

Check Your Water System For Leaks
1. Check all faucets for drips. Replace worn and leaking washers, gaskets, pipes or defective fixtures.
2. Check for leaks on outside faucets and make sure the valve closes properly.
3. Check toilets for leaks - they are the most common cause of high bills. Check the overflow of the tank to make sure no water is running over (float level may be set too high). To check for a flapper valve leak, put a small amount of food coloring in the toilet tank after it fills. Do not flush the toilet for at least an hour or even overnight if possible. If the food coloring shows up in the bowl without flushing, you probably have a leaking flapper or plunger ball valve. If there is no food color in the tank or bowl you definitely have a leaking flapper or plunger ball valve.

The Jackson – East Taylor Sewer Authority has notified all of the new customers on the Brazil Lane - Cherrywoood Project to tap into the new extension of the sanitary sewer system. The residents were given a sixty (60) day notice to tap into the system. Approximately 105 homes have already tapped into the system. BCS Construction of Altoona has begun the Pump Station Rehab work on the old pump stations. PENNVEST is allowing JETSA to use some of the borrowed PENNVEST money to rehab the Pump Stations at a cost of approximately $50,000.00 per station. JETSA is hopeful that once the new volutes are installed into the wet wells that this will help with the odor problem coming from some of the Pump Stations.

On Tuesday, May 5th, 2009, the Mundys Corner Cadet Girl Scout Troop 40937 finally got their chance to clean up a portion of the Ghost Town Trail in Nanty Glo. Prior attempts to do the clean up didn't work out due to weather, a snow storm and then a night of rain and hail. "Despite starting to rain at 5:00 pm again, we decided that we were going for it" according to Carol Kuhar, Troop Leader. As the parents called to see if the clean-up was still on, they were told to just dress for the weather - rain gear, boots, snow pants or whatever they needed! They met behind the Nanty Glo Fire Company in the pouring rain but by the time they started down the trail, it was reduced to a drizzle. Soon the rain ended completely! The scouts tramped through the wet weeds and brush to collect 8 bags of trash including a tennis shoe, deflated basketball, towel, pillow case, hose, tent, cans, bottles and papers. The girls were all over the place looking for trash to clean up. They walked approximately a mile down the trail and back. Other than wet muddy feet and damp hair on all, the only other casualty was Adrianne Kuhar who lost a boot in the wet, dark swampy muck! The other girls just pulled her out and then rescued the boot and kept on cleaning. They split into two groups and when they met up at the end there was lots of chatter, "We found this", "Did you see that?", "What did you get?" It was amazing to see these girls get so excited over the trash they found and cleaned up! This was their second time cleaning the Trail. They cleaned the same portion about 2 years ago when the Scouts were Juniors and asked what Service Project they wanted to do. Their response was "Clean the Trail" so they went at it again. In addition to the Trail Clean Up, they also voted to do a Newspaper Recycling Collection Day in the Township. These "green" service projects are part of their requirements to earn their "Eco-Action Interest Project Patch". Cadet Interest Project Patch requirements are much more involved and time consuming to earn than patches from some of the younger age groups. As the girls get older, more planning and participation on their part is needed. Troop 40937 has been very dedicated this year! In keeping with the "Three R's" - reduce, reuse and recycle, hopefully they have helped to "reduce" at least some of the waste that people leave when they use the Trail. If people see and hear that groups such as Troop 40937 are out there, maybe they will care enough to wait until they find a trash can to throw away their garbage instead of using the trail. Kuhar said, "It's the Troop's desire to keep nature areas and trails clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy."  For all of their hard work, the Scouts were treated to pizza at Al's Pizza in Nanty Glo. Al is amazed each time they clean the Trail at the amount of trash they actually find. He like many people who use the Trail have thanked them for their work and caring. Carol Kuhar, Troop 40937 Leader said, "I think I have the best Troop of girls and I am always so proud of them for working together as a team to accomplish goals at each meeting or event."

On the heels of just completing a clean up on the Ghost Town Trail, Girl Scout Troop 40937 located in Mundys Corner decided to continue their momentum by holding a Community Newspaper Recycling Drive. The drive was held on Saturday, September 12th from 9 am to 12 noon at St. Pauls Lutheran Church parking lot. According to Carol Kuhar, Troop Leader, the Cadet Troop has been working on their "Eco-Action" Patch by participating in various community service projects and being exposed to educational programs on recycling, reducing and reusing waste materials. The idea of the Newspaper Recycling Drive was to not only recycle lots of newspapers but to also help make the community aware that recycling is good for the Earth and that we have recycling bins located within our own Township and also throughout Cambria & Somerset Counties. The girls started out by getting the "Drive" promoted and flyers were distributed to everyone they came in contact with, churches printed the information in their bulletins, information was sent home with students from schools and it was posted on the Township Website. Tim Dull, Educational Coordinator, with the Cambria County Solid Waste Authority provided the girls with a set of blue collection bins for the day of the drive and even made a visit the day of the Drive. The troop was overwhelmed with the great response from the Community and people arriving with cars and trucks full of newspapers. Kuhar said "This was a great opportunity for their Scout Troop and they have learned a lot about caring for our local area of the earth. In addition they say that they are not alone and had the support of their families, friends, businesses and the entire Community. Besides that, they had a fun time doing it!

The Center is buzzing with many activities and events. On Monday, October 26th beginning at 10:00 am, Jim Crissey, Cambria County Apprise Health Insurance Coordinator will be at the Center to discuss problems or questions you may have concerning your Medicare or Health Insurance. Mr. Crissey stops at the Center each month as an outreach to the residents of Cambria County. Flu Shots are scheduled for Tuesday, October 27th and will be administered by Conemaugh Home Health to anyone over the age of 60 or those 18 and older who are considered high risk with conditions such as chronic illness, diabetes, cancer, lung disease, etc. It is important to note that these flu shots will be the regular ones and not that for the Swine Flu. The Center and Conemaugh Health Priority Care will be sponsoring a Community Blood Screening on Saturday, October 31st from 7 to 9 am. Cost is $25 and if you want a PSA it's an additional $35. This event is held twice a year at the Center as a fundraiser. The Center now has Telehealth Equipment where individuals can take their own blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen or weight. Betty Lybarger, Frank Singel or anyone at the Center who is familiar with the unit can offer assistance or a demonstration as to how it works during regular Senior Center hours. For more information on any of the above events, contact the Senior Center at 322-3327.  The Senior Center held an election of officers for 2009-2010. Returning is Frank Singel-President and Mary Govecker-Secretary. Newly elected is Betty Lybarger as Vice-President and Bob Wenklar-Treasurer.. Congratulations to all of the officers and their continuing service to the Center. Once again this year, the Center will be participating in the "Sock It to Us" Program which runs through November 30th. The Retired Senior Volunteer Program and Foster Grandparent Program has asked if we can help with this Project to help keep our neighbors "warm". Anyone who can donate new socks (any sizes) for adults or children are asked to drop them off in a box by the coat rack next to the reception table inside the Center doors. The socks will be donated to the Cambria County Children and Youth for needy children, Victim Services, Women's Help Center and other human service agencies and shelters throughout Cambria County. The Center Knitting Club meets every Tuesday at 10:00 am to knit / crochet hats, mittens & scarves to be given to the needy children and adults. Last year they did another superb job by donating over 500 items to Head Start to be distributed among Family Services, Women's Help Center, Victim Services and the Cambria County Children's Shelter Care. This year they plan on contributing another 500 items. If anyone is interested in helping with the yearly project, you are welcome to start now so that the much needed items can be donated before Christmas. You can make the items at home if you wish and then drop them off at the Center throughout the year. Yarn donations are also greatly appreciated. Every Thursday at 1:00 pm, the Center is showing an afternoon movie donated by All the Right Movies. Members are welcome to take time to relax and enjoy a current movie in the Community Room on the Center's large screen TV. Just a reminder that 2008 Property Tax / Rent Rebate Applications must be filed by December 31, 2009. This program benefits eligible Pennsylvanians age 65 and older, widows & widowers age 50 and older and people with disabilities age 18 and older. The income limit for participation has increased to $35,000 which excludes half of Social Security Income and raises the maximum rebate for both homeowners and renters from $500 to $650. If you think you are eligible and haven't filed yet, you should do so. Applications are available at the Center. If you are in need of work, age 55 or over and qualify within the set income levels, you may be eligible for the Senior Community Employment Program Service. For more information on the program, contact the local National Council on Aging Senior Employment Program in Johnstown at 536-0691.  The Silver Sneakers Program is still going strong with over 50 individuals taking advantage of the program. Anyone who is a Medicare-eligible member of Highmark or Blue Cross-Blue Shield can participate. A new class will be held once a week called Yoga Stretch. For more information, contact the Senior Center at 322-3327. The Center has many special weekly events for the membership including lunch 3 times a week, parties, Bible study, bingo, knitting, line dancing, weekly Pinochle party, speakers and events on health issues concerning the aged population, monthly blood pressure screenings, weekly movies, ceramics, computer use with high-speed internet access, beginners computer classes and an exercise room with 11 machines available. In addition there are monthly CamTram bus trips to different shopping areas in Westmoreland, Indiana, Blair, Somerset and Cambria Counties.  Anyone interested in visiting or taking a quick tour of the Center is invited to stop in. Membership offered to those age 50 and older is constantly growing and is only $10.00 a year. The Center opened on May 10, 1998 and have just recently issued their 792nd membership card. The Center relies on volunteers to operate and stay open. It's a great place to meet and socialize. If you are interested in being a member or volunteering, please contact the Center at 322-3327.

(Submitted by Chief Bob Fatula)

June, 2009
The figures for June were as follows: 911 Calls dispatched to Police: 295 Reportable Part I Crimes: 7 broken down as follows: Larceny-4, Assaults-1, Burglaries-1 and Robberies-1. Reportable Part 19 Crimes: Stolen Property-5, Disorderly Conduct-2, Drunkenness-2, DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-1, Vandalism-1and all others-8. Calls Resulting in Cases: 18, Total Arrestees: 11, Total Suspects: 3, Total Victims: 11, DUI Arrests: 1, Traffic Citations: 22, Non-Traffic Citations: 12, Total Warnings: 0.

July, 2009
The figures for July were as follows: 911 Calls dispatched to Police: 290 Reportable Part I Crimes: 3 broken down as follows: Larceny-3. Reportable Part 24 Crimes: DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-6, Vandalism-4, Disorderly Conduct-1, Drugs-1, Drunkenness-1, Stolen Property-1 and all others-10. Calls Resulting in Cases: 22, Total Arrestees: 8, Total Suspects: 1, Total Victims: 12, DUI Arrests: 4, Traffic Citations: 23, Non-Traffic Citations: 8, Total Warnings: 0.

August, 2009
The figures for August were as follows: 911 Calls dispatched to Police: 274 Reportable Part I Crimes: 10 broken down as follows: Larceny-4, Burglaries-3, Assaults-2 and Rape-1. Reportable Part 29 Crimes: DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-7, Disorderly Conduct-3, Stolen Property-3, Drunkenness-2, Sex Offenses-2, Vandalism-2, Forgery-1, Fraud-1, Prostitution-1 and all others-7. Calls Resulting in Cases: 26, Total Arrestees: 15, Total Suspects: 2, Total Victims: 11, DUI Arrests: 6, Traffic Citations: 24, Non-Traffic Citations: 5, Total Warnings: 0.

The 6th Annual Jackson Heritage Festival was once again a big hit with local residents and visitors alike. More and more people from Johnstown, Altoona, Somerset, Indiana and beyond are attending the Festival and are giving rave reviews. The weekend kicked off with the Johnstown Classic Rockers performing in conjunction with a 2nd Annual Car Cruise-In. Although the weather was a little cool and damp on Friday & Saturday, large crowds came out enjoying entertainment rotating on two stages as well as a wide variety of food, crafts and lots of other activities. The number of booths lining the walkways of Veterans Park was about the same as last year which was a record year. The Car Cruise, organized by George Cooper, Bill Ragley, Jim Page and Eric Reitler attracted about 50-60 vehicles, down from last year due to the threat of rain. This year, a portion of Adams Avenue was shut down to accommodate more vehicles if necessary and had the weather been nice, every possible space would have had to been used. Returning this year was the Living Treasures Animal Park Petting Zoo which was a big hit with the young and old alike! Many young and old alike got to pet the 5 foot Alligator's tail. Next year they are talking about bringing in a baby Camel or Zebra so that should be interesting. Once again an organized program of childrens games for ages 5 through 12 was organized by Kelly Lundgren. Another returning event that was very received was the Cutest Baby Contest. There were also several old time tractors on the grounds for people to check out. This year Singer Hill Grace Brethren Church decided to hold their Sunday morning service under the big tent at the Festival grounds and 272 people turned out exceeding their expectations. The service was very well planned, organized and promoted and it definitely was a success in every way. The entertainment continues to be a big draw for the Festival including some of the biggest bands in the area such as The Johnstown Classic Rockers, The Fabulous Flashbacks, Jazz In Your Face and NOMaD who performed a fantastic concert complete with stage lighting, fog and the whole works! The large crowd gave them a standing ovation at the end of the evening so hopefully we can have them back next year. The Heritage Festival prides itself in having great entertainment and work has already begun on lining up the schedule for next year. Of course, the fireworks were a big hit as always filling the park with overflowing crowds. Plans are already underway for a bigger and better 7th annual Heritage Festival next year. The Festival is a great opportunity for family, friends and neighbors to get together for a weekend of fun, food and entertainment. Each year more and more people from outside the area attend as well. Work has already begun on booking entertainment for Heritage Festival 2010 and inquiries have already been received from several vendors for next year wanting a booth. We would like to thank all those who participated or helped in anyway to make this year’s Heritage Festival a huge success! Those who deserve special thanks include:

BEVERAGES: Valewood Farms
CHILDRENS CRAFTS: Community Arts Center of Cambria County

Jackson Troop 204 Boy Scouts, Kelly Lundgren
CHURCH SERVICE - Barry, Rouzer, Singer Hill Grace Brethren Church, Pastor Drew Walther
CAR CRUISE-IN: George Cooper, Jim Page, Bill Ragley, Eric Reitler
ELECTRICAL: Brett Hoffman, Bernie Waltz
FIREWORKS: John Bahorik, Don Leckey
GARBAGE DISPOSAL: Waste Management
HAYRIDES: A. J. Devlin
HOT OIL DISPOSAL: Valley Protein
LIGHT TOWERS: Cambria County Emergency Management, Cambria Tractor & Equipment
PARKING & SHUTTLE: Bob Albright, Brian Alexander, Mick Bezek, Bob Bombach, George Burkey, Cory Ehrhart, Betsy Fatula, Bob Fatula, Mark Gillin, Dave Hagerich, Paul Hagerich, Brett Hoffman, Jackson Twp. Fire Police, Dan Jones, Mercik's Ideal Market, Eric Reitler, Mary Ann Spanko, Bob Spanko, Art Thomson, Mark Westrick, Tom Wray, Steve Yarina
RINSE TUBS - Tim Burkey, Brian Daughenbaugh, JETSA
SIGNS: Cooper Signs
SPONSORS: Waste Management, Amfire Mining, Direct Value Outlet, Jackson Township Senior Center, Naugle Insurance, Dolan's Welding & Steel, Mercik's Ideal Market, Sheetz, Ameriserv, Askew-Houser Funeral Home, Atlantic Broadband, Castle Pub, Gilkey Pools, Martin Marine, Cooper Signs, First National Bank of PA, First Summit Bank, Jane's Signs & Designs, Neighbors Who Care, Opthalmic Associates, Rose Excavating, Vantage Physical Therapy, Adams Country Market, Altoona Curve and Damin Printing.
STAGE: Construction Equipment Services Inc.
TENT FANS - Jackson Twp. Vol. Fire Company
TRACTOR DISPLAY: Rod Davis, A.J. Devlin
TRIBUNE-DEMOCRAT ADVERTISING: BCI Flooring, Cooper Signs, Jackson Township Supervisors, Jerry Gilkey Pools
OTHER VOLUNTEERS & HELPERS: Donna Davis, Tim Davis, Beth Fetzer, Ben Grove, Aaron Henry, Chuck Henry, Cory Henry, Keith Henry, Marlene Henry, Kim Hirko, Ryan Hirko, Jackson Twp. Heritage Festival Committee, Jackson Twp. Recreation Commission, Jackson Twp. Police Department, Jackson Twp. Road Department, Jackson Twp. Senior Center, Jackson Twp. Supervisors, Jackson Twp. Volunteer Fire Company, Megan Kuykendall, Kelly Lundgren, Scott Mikula, Shannan Mumau, A. J. Pagano, Carolyn Patrick, Betty & Dave Perry, Ed Porada, Shane Simmons, Ashley Stratzisar, Randy Welch, Tom Wray

Without the support of the business community, local churches and organizations and volunteers, this would not have been possible. If you didn't get to attend this year, make sure you do next year. . . you missed a great time right in your own back yard and an event that you can be proud to invite those from outside Jackson Township to attend. It takes many volunteers to pull off a successful event. If you would like to help with the 2010 Heritage Festival, please contact Dave Hirko at 749-0725.

The ever popular Cutest Baby Contest was a big hit at the 6th Annual Heritage Festival for the third year in a row. To keep the voting on a simple and fair basis, it was decided that voting would be simply .25 per vote and anyone could vote at the Festival from 4 pm Friday through 4 pm Sunday. The 11 photos of the babies were displayed at the Heritage Festival a display board in plastic see-through containers where those voting could deposit their vote (ticket) in the cutest baby of their choice. Many people would purchase a vote or two while some would purchase 10, 20 or even 40 votes at a time and by the end of the contest, 1,486 votes were cast. Voting ended at 4:00 pm on Sunday and the tickets were counted and winners declared. Earning 1st Place honors with 313 votes and a $100.00 Savings Bond was Gianna Alexander, 16 months old, of Adams Avenue. Earning 2nd Place honors with 168 votes and a $75.00 Savings Bond was David Smith Jr., 2 years old, of William Penn Avenue. The 3rd Place award with 155 votes and a $50.00 Savings Bond went to Josie Adams, 9 months old of Creekside Drive. The contest was such a hit with everyone and even those who didn't vote admired the photos of the babies. Plans are already in the works for next years contest. All Jackson Township babies 2 years of age and younger are eligible to enter so start looking for that cutest photo to submit to the contest which will be held July 16-18, 2010.

The Jackson Township Heritage Festival Committee has some T-Shirts left over for sale at greatly reduced pricing. The shirts are well made and are gold with black imprint on them in recognition of the Steelers winning the Super Bowl. Originally the shirts were sold for $10 but now are reduced to $5.00 each or ½ off! Sizes available are M, L, XL, 2X and 3X. If you are interested, just stop by the Township Municipal Building or call 749-0725 to reserve your shirts.

If you have a junked vehicle that needs removed from your property and you’re not sure how to go about it, perhaps the following information will help. Al Gillin who operates a licensed junkyard along Adams Avenue has agreed to tow any junked vehicles that you would like to have removed from your property. According to Mr. Gillin, in most cases there will be no charge to any Township resident for this service unless there is great difficulty getting to the vehicle to pick it up. If you wish to have junked vehicles removed from your property, you may contact Mr. Gillin at 322-4366 to see if you qualify for this free service.

Residents Cashing In On Scrap Metal
Many residents are getting top dollar on scrap metal. This includes automobiles that may be sitting on your property. EMF Industries of Franklin Borough accepts old vehicles and pays for the scrap metal value which has been up dramatically this year. The phone number for EMF is 536-5047.

Ever wonder how to dispose of any old batteries from cars, trucks, lawn mowers, tractors, etc. that you may have laying around your property? They are considered hazardous so you cannot put them out with your garbage. You can however drop them off at Naugles Auto & Truck Sales free of charge where they will see that they are properly processed for disposal or recycling. Naugles Auto & Truck Sales is located at 3309 William Penn Avenue near Mundys Corner. If you have any questions concerning battery disposal, please contact Eric Naugle at 659-7429.

Have you ever wondered how you can serve the community you live in? Jackson Township welcomes anyone interested in serving on a Authority, Board or Commission to submit a letter, note or email saying you are interested in serving on a Board or Authority in the event that there are openings. If you are interested, your letter would be kept on file at the Township office where you would be contacted if an opening would occur at which time you could accept or decline. Authorities include the Sewer Authority and Water Authority. Commissions include Planning & Recreation. There is also the Zoning Hearing Board. Another group where participation is encouraged is the Historical Preservation Committee. All letters and notes should be mailed to Jackson Township Supervisors, 513 Pike Road, Johnstown, PA 15909. You may also drop it off in person at the Municipal Building or you can send an email to office@jacksontwppa.com By volunteering you can make a difference in your community. Any and all inquiries would be greatly appreciated!

Jackson Historical Preservation Committee
If you are interested helping the Historic Preservation Committee, feel free to attend any of their meetings. If you have any knowledge of the history of the Township, you are welcome to share. The Committee meets the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Township Municipal Building at 1:00 pm.

Trick or Treat Night
Volunteers are needed to assist in making Trick or Treat Night on October 29th a big success. Help will be needed in patrolling area streets and roads, handing out treats at the Municipal Building and promoting the event. If you are interested in helping out, please phone, write or email your name to the Jackson Township Office.

Jackson Heritage Festival
Help plan and organize the 7th Annual Jackson Heritage Festival. Planning is underway for next year's big event and meetings will begin in January to help iron out all of the details. If you are interested in helping out, please phone, write or email your name to the Jackson Township Office.

Members wanted!!! Have you ever wanted to make a difference in your Community or even the world? The Jackson Township Lions Club is looking for a few good men and women to join them at 7 PM on the second Monday of the month at the Jackson Township Senior Center. Lions Club International is the largest service club in the world. Its members have the reputation of being doers in their communities. Join the Jackson Lions at a meeting and find out what the Lions Club is all about. For more information, please call Dave Perry (President) or Betty Perry (Secretary) at 322-0938 or Betty Lou Shoup (Treasurer) at 322-1678.

~Be Sure To Vote On Election Day

General Election Day is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3rd. Competing for the six year Township Supervisor Position will be incumbent Dave Bracken ® and Mark Westrick (D). Running unopposed on the ballot will be Paulette Baker for the position of Tax Collector, Marcia Shaheen for re-election to the Central Cambria School Board and Barry Rouzer for Constable. The position of Township Auditor received only write-in votes for the Primary Election in May. In addition there will be several County & State races on the ballot for Judge.

~Supervisors Adopt Contractor Ordinance
The Board of Supervisors at their July 9th Meeting adopted Ordinance # 161 which states that Contractors employed in Jackson Township will be held responsible for complying with the Uniform Construction Code. Prior to this Ordinance, many residents faced fines for non-compliance with the Building Code when they had thought their contractor had done so. This created a hardship on the residents and especially the elderly who often don’t know what is up to code and what isn’t. Every municipality that is a member of the Cambria County Building Codes Enforcement Agency was asked to pass this Ordinance which basically transfers responsibility of compliance with the State Building Code from the resident to the contractor. If a contractor is not involved, then the resident or person building would be responsible as before.

~Jackson Twp. Group Formed On Facebook
A Jackson Township Facebook Group has been formed and in a short time has 200 members. The Group is for those who live or have lived in Jackson Township. Anyone can join including those who once lived in the area but have moved away. There are lots of photos posted on the site and many people are writing nostalgic memories of their time living or growing up in Jackson Township. To find or join the group go to www.facebook.com and then search for the group name "Those Who Live or Have Lived in Jackson Township, Cambria County, PA".

~PennDOT Electronic Reporting
The Supervisors adopted Resolution 03-09 at their July 30th Meeting which authorizes Jackson Township to file Liquid Fuels Reports to PennDOT electronically on the dotGrants Reporting System. Each municipality has been asked to pass such a resolution and electronic reporting is part of a growing trend on the State & National level. Jackson Township already reports State Income Taxes, Domestic Relations Payments and a host of other items electronically including grant applications and reports as well as fund transfers between bank accounts.

~Youth Fair Rained Out
A Youth Fair that had been scheduled for Veterans Park on Wednesday, July 29th ran into some very inclement weather resulting in a poor turnout of children. Carol Lacey, Youth Fair Coordinator for Judge Long’s office said they were looking forward to the having the event at Veterans Park where children could walk or ride bikes to the event. She said that weather has a major impact on turnout and they will plan on hosting one next year at Veterans Park and hopefully with better weather conditions. The Youth Fair Program holds Fairs at various locations through Cambria County where children can have fun and at the same time learn about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Jackson Township had a Youth Fair event at Leidy Park in June and had over 50 children and 20 adults attend.

~Supervisors Authorize Complaint Filing
The Board of Supervisors authorized Solicitor Bill Barbin to file a Civil Complaint against Penelec at their July 30th meeting. The complaint has been served and Penelec has 20 days to respond to the complaint which involves recovering some of the cost for moving four utility poles that were located on Township streets. In 2004, Jackson Township had asked Penelec to remove 2 poles off of Leidy Lane onto a private easement area and were charged $ $7,304.10. After that in 2006, Jackson Township had requested that Penelec remove 2 poles off of Adams Avenue onto a private easement area and were charged $7,899.63. In both instances, Penelec required the payments to be made in advance before any work would be done. The bills at that time were paid under protest and the poles had to remove to eliminate potentially unsafe conditions for the traveling public. The Supervisors feel the charges were excessive and have never received any bills from the other utilities who also had facilities on the poles.

~Vintondale - Jackson Explore Options
Solicitors Joe Green for Vintondale Borough and Bill Barbin for Jackson Township are working together to come up with a proposed merger agreement for each municipality to consider. Vintondale Borough has had trouble effectively providing services to residents and often depends upon volunteers to do basic tasks. Vintondale originally was part of Jackson Township before becoming a borough. Over the years they have added many recreational areas and have strived to develop and maintain a nice community. Currently the borough has no outstanding debt despite having limited funds to operate. Discussion is in the very preliminary stages and there are many items to be considered before a merger could take place.

~Brazil-Cherrywood Sewer Project Update
The Brazil Lane-Cherrywood Sewer Project is now complete and both contractors have done an excellent job in addressing any problems or complaints regarding land restoration. Guyer Brothers did the work on the Cherrywood line while D. J. Wiser constructed the Brazil Lane line. Both lines were tested and notices sent out to residents to tap into the new line within 60 days. The new lines will provide sanitary sewer service to 205 families as well as making the area more attractive for new housing development.

~Central Cambria Midget Football League
Once again the Central Cambria Midget Football League will be using Leidy Park for their 2009 season practices. The Supervisors approved a donation of $500 that the League can use as they see fit. Last year a similar donation was used towards the purchase of safety equipment for the children.

~Board Supports Home Nursing Agency
The Board unanimously approved a donation of $350.00 to the Home Nursing Agency based out of Altoona at their September 24th Meeting. The organization is a non-profit agency and they provided 387 visits to children and adults in Jackson Township last year

~Water Authority Resolution Passed
The Board of Supervisors at their August 27th Meeting approved Resolution 04-09 which extends the life of the Jackson Township Water Authority by an additional 50 years. This extends the original agreement which would expire before the PENNVEST loan for the Swigle Mountain Water Project is paid off.

~Board Contributes to Library Fund Drive
The Board of Supervisors at their September 24th Meeting approved a contribution of $1000 to the Nanty Glo Library Annual Fund Drive. Some of the services provided include a weekly story hour for children, a book club for adults, summer reading program, Children’s Books Week, National Library Week, Pennsylvania’s One Book Program and Every Young Child Program. In addition, they provide free internet service to the public. Sally Albright, resident of Jackson Township is President of the Library.

~New York Bus Trip Cancelled
For the second time this year a bus trip had to be cancelled due to not having the minimum number of passengers required. Last year nearly two full buses took advantage of a one day trip to NYC and everyone had a great time. Many people had requested an overnight trip to have more time in the "Big Apple" but that didn’t materialize in sign-ups for the trip this year which was scheduled for Sept. 26-27. A higher ticket price than a one day trip and economic conditions could have contributed.

~Supervisors Support Food Pantry Efforts
A contribution of $1000 was given to the Miners Community Food Pantry to support their annual fund drive. According to Janet Reese, it takes about $1,500. per month operate the Food Pantry which serves 300 families or 1,400 individuals. Reese estimates that half of the families served are from Jackson Township. The Food Pantry expects to receive a grant from the Department of Agriculture around Thanksgiving but until then, funds are needed to continue operating.

~Delegates Appointed to County EIT Committee
Jackson Township announced the appointment of a Delegate and two Alternates to the Cambria County Earned Income Tax Collection Committee. Appointed at the August 27th Board of Supervisors Meeting was George Burkey as the regular attending Delegate and Bruce Baker and Dave Hirko as Alternate Delegates. The names have been submitted to the Cambria County Commissioners as required by law before the September 15th deadline. The first meeting of the newly formed Committee is scheduled for October 15th at the Cambria County Courthouse. Act 32 passed by the Pennsylvania House & Senate will consolidate Earned Income Tax Collection on a County-wide basis rather than each municipality collecting their own. Each County in the State of Pennsylvania will be going through the exact same process of forming a Committee comprised of a delegate from each municipality and school district within that particular county. The new system will be implemented over the next 4 years and in place by the year 2012.

~Crime and Vandalism
Jackson Township is a relatively safe place to live but no community is immune to crime. This is a reminder to keep a watch over your neighborhood and your neighbors in general. If you see anything suspicious, be sure to contact the Jackson Township Police Department at 749-0051. If no officer is at the Police Station you will be referred to the Cambria County 911 Non Emergency Line and they can have the officer on duty contact you.

~Recycling Bins M.I.A.??
For the past several years we have been able to get 200 free heavy-duty Recycling Bins from the PaDEP through the efforts of Central Cambria School District. Last year we followed the same procedure with Central Cambria putting in a request for the bins but to date, they are missing in action. All 200 bins are spoken for if and when they should come in. We're not sure if this has anything to do with the State Budget Crisis or perhaps something else. Should they arrive at some point in time, we will be sure to contact each person who has reserved bins from this year's shipment. We apologize for any inconvenience but this situation is out of our local municipal control.

~Free 911 House Numbers Available
The Jackson Township Supervisors in a cooperative effort of the Police Department & Fire Company want every home and business in the Township to have their 911 address number prominently displayed. In times of emergency, every minute is critical and it is important that emergency personnel be able to find you. If your house is not numbered, please stop at the Township Building at 513 Pike Road and we have free numbers we can give you. The Township also has mounting plates available if you need one. Numbers are available in black or white. If you are not able to stop by the Township Building between 8 AM & 4 PM, leave a phone message at 749-0725 with your name, address and telephone number where you can be reached in order that we can get the numbers to you.

~Want to Schedule An Event At A Park?
If you are interested in reserving a pavilion for a family get-together, party or event, please contact the Jackson Township Municipal Building at 749-0725 to make a reservation. A pavilion is available at Mitchell, Leidy & Veterans Park. Other recreation facilities that can be reserved depending upon availability include baseball fields at Mitchell & Leidy and Volleyball Courts at Leidy.

~Police Urge Residents To Use Caution
The Jackson Township Police are urging residents to use caution when answering the door to anyone they don't know. In the last month there was a forced entry into a residents home on Rose Branch Street. The resident fought off the intruder but the outcome could have been different. Please lock your doors and be careful when answering the door to strangers.

~Tire Recycling Available
The Laurel Highlands Landfill offers recycling. Tires can also be put in a recycling bin for a minimal cost of $1.00 per normal-sized vehicle tire. This does not apply to any commercial establishments

~Need to Sign Up For New Garbage Service? - Jackson Township’s garbage contract provides for unlimited curbside garbage pick-up as well as any large items
you have to dispose of with a few exceptions (i.e. - hazardous items, Freon, tires, etc.)
If you are interested in signing up for garbage service you need to call 1-800-677-4884.
The cost for 2009 is $39.74 per quarter.

Jackson Township has a valuable source of information to help keep you informed. If you haven’t checked out the Township Website, please feel free to visit www.jacksontwppa.com The website is constantly updated with new information. As always, you can read the monthly approved minutes of the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, Recreation Commission, Sewer Authority and Water Authority. There has also been over 100 new links added to the links page with nearly 800 links of interest to residents. The kids have their own links page with over 400 links ranging from homework help to video games. There is literally something for all ages from toddlers on up to teens. To see some of the pages that have been updated recently , click on "Whats New" on the home page. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see on the Jackson Twp. Website, please call Dave Hirko at 749-0725 or email to office@jacksontwppa.com

If you are planning on a building project be sure to visit or call either the Jackson Township Office at 749-0725 or Harry Baker, Zoning Officer at 322-1425. Your project could involve zoning, stormwater or planning. Also with the Pennsylvania State Building Code, inspections may be required as well. Be sure to allow plenty of time to get any necessary permits prior to building. By doing this, your project can be addressed in plenty of time before you actually begin construction. Also if you are planning to pave or alter your driveway, a driveway permit is required. Roadmasters Bruce Baker & Dave Bracken said that driveway permits are not to inconvenience residents but are necessary to make sure there is a swale or pipe to direct stormwater. They also make sure that driveways are not higher than the road so snow plows don’t catch the edge of the driveway. When a driveway enters onto a Township road, a safe sight distance is also very important. PennDOT requires permits for driveways entering onto State roads within the Township.

Township residents who have access to the internet can now join our new email group to receive up-to-date Township news by email. To subscribe just go to the Jackson Township website at www.jacksontwppa.com and subscribe to the Jackson Township Online News by entering your email address in the space provided. You will then be sent a confirmation verifying that you wish to subscribe to the online news. You must return the confirmation via email to be added to the newsletter list. We also encourage you to invite others to join. If you encounter any problem signing up, just email us at office@jacksontwppa.com or call us at the Township office at 749-0725 and you can be added manually.