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November, 2002

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We would like to invite you to join Jackson Township Online News where you can receive online newsletters, announcements, and important information concerning Jackson Township. To subscribe just go to the Jackson Township website at www.jacksontwppa.com and subscribe to the Jackson Township Online News by entering your email address in the space provided. We also encourage you to invite others to join. If you encounter any problem signing up, just email us at office@jacksontwppa.com or call us at the Township office at 749-0725 and you can be added manually. Once you are signed up with yahoogroups.com who host this free service, you will receive all information conveniently via email.

Check out the Jackson Township website where you can find a wealth of information such as meeting dates, phone numbers, water and sewer authority information, ordinances, recycling, garbage pick-up, upcoming events, link resources and much more. You can also view the minutes of the Township Supervisors monthly meetings. One new feature is an online group where residents and others interested in Jackson Township can get updated newsletters and announcements online via email. We hope to be adding additional information in the future and hope that you will ‘bookmark’ this website in your favorite places to keep up-to-date on your township. You can also contact the Jackson Township office at the following email address: office@jacksontwppa.com

Winter Weather Arrives Early
Winter arrived early in Jackson Township when an ice storm hit on the evening of Tuesday, October 29th. The Jackson Township Road Workers along with the Jackson Township Fire Department were kept extremely busy with trees falling down on many roads in the Township. The trees still laden with leaves, having ice accumulate on them made the weight too much to bear causing many limbs and trees to snap falling right onto the roads. The road crew worked endlessly until all of the reported problems were resolved. During the upcoming Winter months, if you encounter any road problems, please contact Roadmasters Dave Bracken or Bruce Baker at the Township office at 749-0725. Members of the road crew include Dennis Mackell - Road Foreman, Frank Alexander, Tim Ford, Gary Mayer and John Sirko.

Erroneous Letter Sent Out To Some Township Residents
A letter was recently sent out to Township residents living in and around Dishong Road, Benshoff Hill Road and Mile Hill Road telling residents that they were required to make a choice of what zoning district they wanted to be registered for. The letter was misleading and was completely wrong. Supervisor Robert Stephens sent out the letter on his own and he quoted Section 509.201B in the Zoning Ordinance which states the following:

Although he quotes this section in the letter, Mr. Stephens misinterprets the meaning. The understanding of the section is simply the APPLICATION. Unless you are applying for a zoning permit or a subdivision, there is no choice to be made and you do not have to respond to the letter.

The Jackson Township Municipal Office hopes this clarifies any confusion resulting from residents who received the letter. If you have any questions on Zoning in Jackson Township, feel free to call the Township Office at 749-0725.

Fords Corner Abandoned Mine Drainage Problem Being Resolved
Residents along Fords Corner Road have been experiencing water problems in their yards from a blocked pipe that drains an old abandoned mine. The fear was that pressure could build up and a "blow out" could occur causing damage to homes and Township roads. Initial contact with the PaDEP resulted in the Township being liable and the DEP taking up to two years to fix the problem.

After a discussion at the Supervisors September meeting, it was decided to further look into this problem. Supervisor Dave Bracken talked to State Representative Tom Yewcic to see what help the Township could get in correcting the blocked pipe. Supervisor Bruce Baker contacted John Murtha’s Aide, Brad Clemens. Mr. Clemens had Tom Carstensen from the Department of the Interior contact Supervisor Baker.

Baker explained the situation and expressed the Townships concern about being liable for a potential "blow out". Carstensen explained that dealing with deep mines are not a normal line of business for the Township and that he felt we had made a more than reasonable effort to correct the problem. By contacting the Federal and State officials, it relieved the Township of any liability. Mr. Carstensen contacted the PaDEP

St. Pauls Youth Group Heads Tire Clean-Up Effort
A youth group from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church near Mundys Corner recently participated in a tire clean-up project along Benshoff Hill Road. Dave Cobaugh, member of the Jackson Township Planning Commission, headed up the group which did the clean-up on October 26th. The project was made available through grant money provided to Pennsylvania Cleanways. According to Mary Vibostok, an arrangement was made with the Shade Landfill to take the tires which would then need to be processed for disposal.

Originally there were thought to be about 100-125 tires over Benshoff Hill Road in Jackson Township near the Middle Taylor Township line. It turned out that over 500+ tires were brought up from that area alone. Transportation was arranged by Dave Bracken, Township Roadmaster. Hopefully additional clean-ups can take place in the future. Once again, a special thank you to Dave Cobaugh and the youth from St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. You are to be commended for your volunteer efforts to make Jackson Township a cleaner and better place to live.

Recycling Bin Refurbished
Earlier this year there was a problem with the recycling bin located at the Jackson Township Municipal Building at Mundys Corner. Many loads in the recycling bin were contaminated by garbage and even items such as toilets, televisions, appliances, barbed wire, construction material and various others non-recyclable items. Much of the abuse stemmed from having large lift up lids on the top of the bin making it easy to put just about anything in there. The Supervisors had a choice to either have the bin refurbished with retro-fit lids similar to those at the Vinco Senior Center or have the bin removed altogether.

The Supervisors voted to have the bin refurbished with retro-fit lids which would allow for only small items such as aluminum cans or glass jars to be put in the bin. Dolan’s Welding & Fabricating of Mundys Corner preformed the work which included putting on the new lids and repairing rusted out areas of the bin. Waste Management then took the bin to their Davidsville facility where it was completely repainted free of charge. New lettering was then added by Cooper Signs, another Township business and the recycling bin now looks brand new. The Recycling Bin is used heavily by Township residents and since the new lids were installed, the abuse problem has been greatly reduced. Recycling can greatly reduce a family’s garbage bill as well as reduce the amount of trash that goes to landfills.

Sewer Authority Proceeds with Expansion
On October 31, 2002 the Jackson Township Supervisors approved the Sewer Authority’s request to amend the Act 537 Plan to proceed with a new conventional wastewater collection and conveyance system to serve the Brazil Lane and Cherrywood areas of the Township.

Shawn McDonald of Keller Engineering presented the Supervisors with maps and information regarding the Act 537 Amendment. The proposed project will serve an estimated 213 households at a projected cost of $2,723,000. The areas of the Township which will not be served by the public wastewater system will continue to utilize on-lot wastewater disposal systems.

Keller Engineers will meet with the East Taylor Township Supervisors to ask for their approval to proceed. If approval is granted, the Sewer Authority’s next step will be to submit a funding application to Pennvest. Sewer Authority members are George Burkey, Dowey Croyle, Don Karlinsey, Peter Yanko (East Taylor) and Ken Yarina (East Taylor). Jim Maderia works for the Authority and Nancy Oleksa staffs the office. If you have questions or concerns, please call 322-3444 and someone from the Authority will be able to assist you.

Jackson Fire Co. List Upcoming Events
The Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company is in the process of purchasing a new fire truck. The new truck will be a great asset for the protection and safety of lives and property in Jackson Township. Without your generous contributions and support the Fire Company would not be able to upgrade their equipment. They would like to encourage everyone to attend and support their upcoming events which will be held at the Fire Hall.

The events are as follows:  
Nov. 23, 2002 Turkey Raffle 7:00 PM
Jan. 17, 2003 Jewelry & Cash Bash
Feb. 1, 2003 Casino Night

Feb. 9, 2003 Golf Raffle
Mar. 7 - Apr. 18, 2003 Fish Fries (Every Friday)

The Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company and Auxiliary would also like to send the community, businesses and individuals a very special thank you for helping to make the July, 2002 Cambria County Firemen’s Convention a great success! Officers of the Fire Company include Timothy Hofecker - President, Angela Shoemaker - Secretary, Elmer Grove - Fire Chief, Abe Amigh - Assistant Fire Chief, Raymond Grove - Assistant Fire Chief and Donald Ochenrider - Assistant Fire Chief.

Senior Center Alive With Activities & Events
The Jackson Township Senior Center would like to invite those who are age 50 and older to become a member. The cost to become a member is $10.00. Nearly 389 members joined since the Center first opened in 1998. The Center is located at 200 Adams Avenue in Vinco. Dedicated volunteers operate the Center along with an Activity Director provided by AmeriCorps. The Center is always looking for additional volunteers and you don’t have to be a member to volunteer. Since lunch is served 3 times a week, the Center could use servers for the meals and volunteers to cook a Wednesday meal once a month or even every two months. If anyone is interested in volunteering to help the Center in any way, please call or stop at the Center. The Senior Center hours are Tuesday-Thursday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Recently horseshoe pits were installed which were first used during the Firemen’s Convention this past Summer. Members started to pitch horseshoes and the Center is hoping to start a league next year if enough members are interested in participating. The Senior Center are currently doing a fundraiser by selling a Cookbook which consists of many recipes submitted by members. There are only a few cookbooks left so if you’re interested call the Center at 322-3327. Cost is $8.00 if picked up at the Center or $10.00 if mailed. Some of the many events offered at the Center are flu shots, blood screenings, blood pressure screening, tax assistance, free health insurance counseling, bus trips, weekly pinochle parties, yearly "55" drivers training, computer classes, ceramics, yearly children’s Christmas party for children related to members, weekly movies and a reading library.

The Center held education programs for the members and community. Some of the programs
included: End of Life Seminar, Pain Management, Food Safety, De-Stress with Dean Ornish Program, Arthritis, Behavioral Health, Improving Your Memory and a good demonstration by local paramedics on the use of the 911 emergency number.

The Jackson Township Senior Center would like to thank the community and Township for the cooperation received over the last several years. The Center is independently run and this cooperation played an important part in helping them become financially sound along with improving activities and increase membership. Jackson Township should be proud of the Senior Center as it is the only fully independent Center in the area and maybe even in the State. It is by far one of the nicest centers in the area and this is because of the ongoing cooperation of the members, community and Township. For more information, you may contact President, Frank Singel at 322-3327. The Senior Center Board Members are Frank J. Singel - President, Alice Gary - Vice President, Mary Govekar - Secretary and Betty Lou Shoup - Treasurer. Bob Seamon serves as the Activities Director sponsored by AmeriCorps.

Reflectors Installed on Pike Rd.
A Township resident recently called the Township office and asked if something could be done about the islands where Pike Road East joins Route 22. She pointed out that it is very hard to see where to turn when it’s dark or foggy and the suggestion of painting them were made. Supervisors and Roadmasters Bruce Baker and Dave Bracken went out to look at the situation. Upon review of the islands, it was determined that painting them would not work because the snow would cover them in the Winter. It was then determined that two sided reflectors would work quite well to outline the islands. Supervisors Baker and Bracken checked with PennDOT for the type of reflector to use along with the proper placement on the islands. The Supervisors wish to thank this concerned resident for her suggestion and contributing to making the intersection much safer. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please call the Township office at 749-0725 or email to office@jacksontwppa.com

Speed Limits Addressed on Several Township Roads
Several residents of Jackson Township expressed concerns about speed limits on several Township roads. The roads at question were Adams Avenue, Blackburn Road, Kepple Road, Leidy Lane and Snyder Road. Adams Avenue was posted partly at 25 mph and partly at 35 mph. After a speed limit study was performed by Lehman Engineers, it was decided to post the entire length of the road at 35 mph. Blackburn Road, Kepple Road and Snyder Road were not posted at all. The Speed Limit Study advised posting those roads at 30 mph. Leidy Lane was currently posted at 35 mph and the Study recommended reducing the portion from Bracken Street to Trout Street to 25 mph and the
remainder from Trout Street to Adams Avenue at 35 mph. The 25 mph was recommended due to the number of households along that portion of road including Leisure Village Mobile Home Park. The further development of Leidy Park was also taken into consideration as more children and residents cross over Leidy Lane from residential areas to the park facilities.

New Playground Equipment Has Arrived
New playground equipment for Leidy & Mitchell Parks has arrived and should be installed in Spring of 2003. The equipment is currently in storage at the Township Garage until installation can take place. The equipment was purchased from monies received from select timbering at Mitchell Park. Soon the children of Jackson Township will be playing on and enjoying their new playground. A big thank you goes out to the Recreation Commission for their endless volunteer work in providing quality parks for all of us to enjoy. Members of the Recreation Commission include Joe Baxter, Bill Brett, Darrin Brown, Alfred George, Marty Kuhar, Al Pagano and Al Slippy.

Nant-Y-Glo Tri Area Museum and Historical Society News
Just in case you don’t already know, the above mentioned Society has been in existence for over two years and includes the areas of Blacklick Twp., Jackson Twp., Nanty Glo Borough and Vintondale
Borough. One of our latest projects was doing an Historical Calendar that contains 12 different photos with historical information pertaining to each photo. The date section of the calendar also contains facts taken from the Nanty Glo Journal over the years since its beginning in 1921. This calendar was mailed out to Society members on Fri. Nov. 8th as our way of saying "thank you" to the folks who have supported us with their membership. If you would like a calendar, they can be obtained at the Nanty Glo Library and the Society is suggesting a donation of $3.00.

The Society has also been working well over a year in the preparation of a computer CD to be available by Christmas. This CD contains over 500 photos, 30 essays, several original musical scores, and takes well over an hour to view. The Society voted at the Nov. 7th meeting to suggest a donation of $15.00 for the CD.

Both the Calendar and the CD would make wonderful Christmas gifts for that person who "has everything." The Society is located in the Nanty Glo Public Library with two bookcases and a filing cabinet filled with historical information, photos, census data, birth and death records, and much more. These items are for the public use and enjoyment. Growth of the Society has been steady and membership now stands at 91.

Meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the first Thursday of each month at the Nanty Glo Library and the public is most welcome to attend. Join us and get to know the wonderful rich history of our area.

Jackson Twp. Development On The Rise
Over 100 building permits have been issued in the township year to date. . far above the past several years. The great majority has been remodeling and additions to existing residences but there have been quite a few new homes as well. In addition, several commercial projects have been developed and other business owners are investing in remodeling existing facilities. There have also been many inquiries about purchasing land in Jackson Township for housing and commercial
development. This increased interest in development should continue with the 35 million Route 22 improvement project starting next year, the development of sewage and water infrastructure, the proposed power plant and the reopening of a deep coal mine in the Township. All this reinforces that people find Jackson Township a desirable place to live and do business.

Water Authority Update
The Jackson Township Water Authority had a busy Summer. The water pumped into the system via the Nanty Glo Water Authority this Summer kept the Jackson Water Authority office and field crew extremely busy along with installing new taps and fixing broken lines. Due to these unexpected events, customers in certain areas of the water system had their bills estimated for longer periods then ever before. The Authority strives not to estimate bills but had to in light of the problems incurred which they could not control.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) need and want the Authority to have a more accurate count of their customers. The total customer base controls how much funding, grants and testing is needed or required. For the next several months the Authority will be printing on the back of your water bill asking you to enter the number of people living in your household. By no means will these numbers affect your water rate or charges as this is strictly for office use only.

Water Authority Board Members include Walter Ditchcreek, Ray Dodson, Don Hrapchak, Rob Piper and John Wallet. Workers for the Authority include David Smith, Karl Smith and Dan Wisniewski. Debra Buksa and Georgia Frombach staff the Authority office. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 322-1262 and someone from the Authority will be able to assist you.

has the 5th largest population of any township in Cambria County?
has the 5th largest population of any township in Cambria County?
has 40.5 miles of Twp. roads, the 5th largest in Cambria County?
has not increased municipal taxes in over 20 years?
has 30,377 acres of land?

On behalf of the Township Supervisors and the staff at Jackson Township, we extend our warmest wishes for every family to have a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas! We look forward to serving you over the coming years.

David Bracken - Chairman, Supervisors & Roadmaster
Bob Stephens - Supervisor|
Bruce Baker -  
Dave Hirko - Manager / Secretary / Treasurer
Connie Fetzer - Administrative Assistant|
Harry Baker - Zoning Officer
Paulette Baker - Tax Collector
Alex Ballow - Tax Assessor
Ed Porada - Chairman, Auditors
Bill Headrick - Auditor
Christine Williamson - Auditor
Denny Mackell - Road Foreman
Ralph Mayer - Road Crew
Frank (Buck) Alexander - Road Crew
Tim Ford - Road Crew
John Sirko - Road Crew
Bob Fatula - Chief of Police
William Hines - Police Officer
Melanie Kline
- Police Officer
Chris Lytle - Police Officer
Tabatha Mulvehill - Police Officer
William Newman II - Police Officer  
Chris Saracena
- Police Officer