There have been many questions asked about the proposed Zoning Ordinance in our Township and regrettably there has also been much misinformation circulating about zoning and this proposed ordinance. Some of these questions follow:

Q. What is zoning?

A. Zoning is the regulation of land use. A zoning law affects future land uses and accepts current uses.

Q. Why do we need a Zoning Ordinance now?

A. With the installation of sanitary sewage, the expansion of the township water system, and with the
improvements on S.R. 22, development is possible now where it was not possible before and a Zoning Ordinance is the only tool available to be sure future development is compatible with current land use.

Q. What does grandfathering a property mean?

A. A property that is "grandfathered" is a property whose use does not fit in its zoning district, but because this was the use of that property before the adoption of a Zoning Ordinance that use may continue; and the property may be sold and that use or a similar use may be continued.

Q. Will this ordinance restrict burning of household trash?

A. No. The burning of household refuse will be permitted in accordance with State Law.

Q. Would dog kennels be regulated by this ordinance?

A. No. All references to dog kennels were deleted.

Q. Is a six-foot fence required around all pools and ponds?

A. No. The six-foot fence requirement was reduced to four feet and it is only required around in-ground pools--not farm ponds or aboveground pools.

Q. Will existing farms be regulated regarding spreading of manure?

A. No. The ordinance only addresses concentrated animal feeding operations; at the present time, there are none in Jackson Township.

Q. May I have a business in my home?

A. Yes. A home business is permitted as a special exception in all residential districts.

Q. Will the ordinance restrict noise from mowing or cutting wood?

A. No. The references to noise control were deleted from the ordinance, as was noise generated from indoor shooting ranges.

Q. Must I build a home of 1200 sq. Ft. in an R-1 area?

A. No. The ordinance was changed to require 900 sq. Ft. in R-1, R-2, and agricultural districts. This area is the sum total of all floors.

Q. Does zoning regulate the height of grass?

A. No.

Q. Can I go out in my robe to get the paper?

A. Yes.

Q. Are there regulations on satellite dishes?

A. Yes. But these regulations only cover dishes whose diameter is greater than 36 inches.

Q. If one or more of the deep mines in the township wanted to reopen, could they?

A. Yes, deep mining is permitted.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions or comments we would encourage you to call or stop at the office so your concerns may be addressed. Interpretation of Ordinance Provisions: In interpreting the language of zoining ordinances to determine the extend of the restriction upon the use of the property, the language shall be interpreted, where doubt exists as to the intended meaning of the language written and enacted by the governing body, in favor of the property owner and against any implied extension of the restriction.

Jackson Township's Recycling Program is voluntary and convenient. Recyclable items can be dropped of at bins located at the following places:

Municipal Parking Lot, Mundy's Corner
Vintondale Landfill, Wagner Road
Jackson Twp. Senior Citizens & Handicapped Activities Center Parking Lot, Vinco

Recyclable Items include:
Aluminum and Tin Cans
(No aerosol or hazardous material cans!)
Clear & Brown Glass Bottles
Plastic & Newspapers (Vinco Only)

Drop off Hours are 7 days per week, 24 hours a day.
Please remember to place recyclable items only in the proper bins. Any unrecyclable items placed in the bins will jeopardize the recycling program.

Magazine Recycling bins will be placed at the township building on January 18, 19 & 20, 2002.

In March 2001, the Jackson Township Water Authority was awarded a PennVest loan of $2,256,669.00 with a 20 year payback period. Kukurin Contracting Inc. was granted the bid to do this work.

Included in this project is the following:
1. Installation of 2 new tanks - One on Mile Hill Road and 1 in Vinco.
2. Installation of Water Lines: Swigle Mt. Road to Adams Avenue forming a loop.
3. Down Mile Hill Road along Rt. 271 by JETSA to Harmony Drive forming a loop.
4. Upgrading of water mains on Griffith Avenue along Rt. 271 to Courter Avenue.
5. The Mundy's Corner tank had improvements which included installing a fence around it and the inspection of the inside of the tank.

Because of this project the rates were increased to $27.42 for 3,000 gallons (minimum).

The Jackson/East Taylor Sewer Authority is pleased to announce that the Authority has completed a feasibility study to expand the sewer system to the Cherrywood and Brazil Lane areas of Jackson Township. The Authority is in the process of applying for all necessary permits and loan applications so that construction can begin within two years.