JANUARY 13, 2004

~Letter was received from Nanty Glo Borough stating that Council Members wanted to thank Jackson Township for their cooperation and the help of their employees on the recent Loraine Road repair. The letter went on to say that it was gratifying to see the two communities working together on a common problem. The much needed repair work was initiated after Loraine Road residents contacted the Roadmasters wanting to know if anything could be done about the small pothole-ridden section of road between Nanty Glo & Jackson Township.

~The Supervisors unanimously voted to adopt the proposed budget for 2004. The budget is as follows: General Fund $836,272.00, State Fund $140,000.00, Fire Hydrant Fund $10,000.00, Rescue Fund $9,000.00, Capital Reserve Fund $1,523,140.00, Senior Center Fund $63,500.00; Total of All Funds $2,581,912.00. Jackson Township will be starting 2004 in the black with a 1.3 million + surplus.

~The Board approved Resolution 17-03 setting the tax structure for 2004. The taxes will all remain the same and no Township taxes will increase. While Jackson is holding the line on taxes, Cambria County has chose to raise taxes for this year.

~The Supervisors approved a three year Labor Agreement between the Laborer's District Council of Western Pennsylvania - Local 910 and Jackson Township.

~The Board unanimously voted to waive fees for zoning variances of properties affected by the PennDOT property acquisition along Route 22.

~Accepted a bid from Tri-County Motors for purchase of a new Township truck to replace one that is nearly 20 years old.

~The Board unanimously voted to pursue the possibility of purchasing the neighboring NAPA property that is for sale. The NAPA property borders the Jackson Township Municipal Building, Garage & Storage Area for Salt & Cinders.


The Board of Supervisors held their annual Reorganization Meeting on January 5, 2004. Here are the highlights from the Reorganization:

~Dave Bracken reappointed to Board Chairman.

~Bruce Baker reappointed to Board Vice-Chairman.

~Dave Hirko reappointed to Secretary-Treasurer.

~Dave Bracken & Bruce Baker retained as Roadmasters.

~William Barbin reappointed to Solicitor.

~Lehman Engineers retained as Township Engineer.

~Barry Rowser reappointed to Vacancy Board Chairman.

~Harry Baker reappointed to Zoning Officer.

~Berkheimer Associates retained for collection of EIT & OPT Taxes.

~Township depositories retained are First National Bank of PA, Ameriserv & PLGIT

~Meeting dates set for the Supervisors were set for the last Thursday of each month except for November when it will be held on the 18th.

~Adopted proposed tax structure from December 30th meeting. The tax structure is the same as 2003 with no increase.

~Approved Jackson Township Fire Companys list of activities for 2004.

~Appointed Ellen Pentrack-Ocilka to a three year term on the Jackson Township Zoning Board. Ellen was previously an Alternate and is replacing the position left open by Tim Davis who resigned at the end of 2003.

~Reappointed Laird Rager to the Planning Commission for a four year term.

~Appointed Albert Gailey to a four year term on the Jackson Township Planning Commission. The former seat was held by Tom Marhefka.

~Reappointed Al Pagano to a five year term on the Jackson Township Recreation Commission.

~Appointed Joe Baxter to a five year term on the Jackson-East Taylor Sewer Authority. Joe is replacing John Hamula who was filling the unexpired term left open by Don Karlinsey who passed away. Don was a long time member of the Sewer Authority.

~Reappointed Walter Ditchcreek to a five year term to the Jackson Township Water Authority.

~Appointed Bruce Baker as Sewage Enforcement Agency Member and Dave Hirko as Alternate Member.

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