JANUARY 29, 2005

The Jackson Township Supervisors unanimously approved a new garbage contract for Jackson Township residents to go into affect on March 1, 2005. The current contract actually expired in December but negotiations were not complete and the best deal possible was trying to be worked out for the majority of the residents. There was only one bid received and that was from Waste Management which also owns the Laurel Highlands Landfill.

The new contract will be on a quarterly subscription basis as opposed to the current per bag system. A bid was received for a per bag price but the cost would have been $2.50 per bag plus the State of Pennsylvania was viewing the bags as a commodity and not a service adding sales tax to the cost. The other offer was for quarterly subscription service at the rate of $12.00 per month or $36.00 per quarter. The service would include unlimited curbside pick-up of trash and ANY large items you may have. A past complaint was that people had to store items from one spring clean-up to the next. This will no longer be necessary as you will be able to put those large items out at curbside weekly for pick-up. This eliminates the need for an annual spring clean-up.

Those subscribing will be mailed a sticker quarterly that should be placed in a visible location where the bags are to be picked up. This could be a mailbox, fence post, garage window or even on the
garbage can itself. Drivers get to know the customers and routes and will know who the subscribers are eventually and where the stickers are located at that address.

The subscription service although attractive is not mandatory. In addition, every household in Jackson Township is entitled to one free pass per quarter to take up to one pick-up truck load to the Laurel Highlands Landfill for free. This can include someones household garbage as well. There are some who use only 1 bag per month under the current system and do this by recycling, burning, composting, etc. If their usage is only 1 bag per month, they can actually take their 3 bags per quarter plus any large items they may have to the landfill at no cost and totally free to them.

The contract is for five years and pricing will be as follows: $36.00 for the 1st year, $36.90 for the 2nd year, $37.82 for the 3rd year, $38.77 for the fourth year and $39.74 for the fifth year. Fees
will be paid in advance of receiving service. The current green garbage bags will be accepted through the end of March of this year. Any leftover bags can be applied to the quarterly subscription
service OR they can be redeemed for cash from Waste Management. Waste Management will have three representatives at the Jackson Township Municipal Building on Thursday, April 14, 2005 from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Residents will mailed out a letter explaining all the information necessary to subscribe to the new unlimited curbside service. Waste Management will also continue to offer two recycling centers. . one at the Municipal Building and one at the Laurel Highlands Landfill. Waste Management also offers a tire recycling bin at the Landfill but there is a $1.00 charge per tire and a limit of 6-8 per household. Waste Management will also continue to provide dumpsters free of charge to the Municipal Building, Senior Center, Fire company, Mitchell Park and Leidy Park. Waste Management also distributes turkeys during the Christmas season as well as participating as one of the major sponsors as the Heritage Festival. Although the new contract may not fit everyone's needs as there are 2,000 households, the majority of residents should have additional service for no additional cost or experience substantial savings depending upon how many bags you are currently using. In the past the Township has also received many complaints on burning and illegal dumping from residents and hopefully this new quarterly unlimited service will cut down on those complaints.

~Unanimously passed a motion to pay Penelec a bill of $7304.10 under protest to relocate two poles on the right-of-way at Leidy Lane. The two poles are too close to the road and there have been some minor accidents in the past. The potential exists for a serious accident and an easement has already be obtained to move the poles off of the road. The Board will determine whether to legally challenge Penelec not paying to have the poles removed from the right-of-way. The Board decided that the concern for safety of the residents was of more importance than the bill to have the poles relocated.

~The Supervisors approved an addendum to amend Ordinance #89 establishing the authority of the Manager to review and approve police schedules and assume a role as designated in Township Policy
with regards to complaints and employee discipline.

~The Board authorized the purchase of a new Ford F550 Dump Truck through the Capital City Piggyback Program. The truck will replace a 1992 F350 that is falling apart body wise. Supervisor Baker commented that it is the most used truck by the Road Department.

~Authorized the transfer of a Colt Double-Eagle Pistol to Chief Robert Fatula in appreciation for services rendered to Jackson Township over his 20 years of service. It was the first gun he had
in the Department and the Supervisors felt it could be given to Chief Fatula as compensation being it had special meaning to him.

~Authorized a contribution to the East Taylor-Jackson Little League of $1,000 for their 2005 season.

~Agreed to arrange a public meeting with Chief Fatula and discuss trends of the Police Department in terms of accidents, citations and needs of the future. The meeting will be advertised when a date is known.

POLICE REPORT (December, 2004)
Submitted by Chief Bob Fatula
911 Calls dispatched to Police-312
Reportable Incidents-39 Broken Down as Follows:
~Criminal ischief-7
~DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-5
~Disorderly Conduct-3
~Public Drunkenness-1
~Receiving Stolen Property-1
~Underage Drinking-1
Non-Traffic Citations Issued-10
Traffic Citations Issued-27
Accidents Handled-27
Criminal Charges Filed-26 Broken Down as Follows:
~DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-5
~Disorderly Conduct-3
~Public Drunkenness-3
~Receiving Stolen Property-1
~Underage Drinking-1

There have been between 250 and 300 applications received for the proposed Veterans Monument / Memorial at the park area behind the Jackson Township Senior Center. The forms have been available at the Municipal Building, Senior Center, Sewer Authority and Water Authority and most recently in a Township newsletter mailed to each household. You can also print the form on the Township website at www.jacksontwppa.com The only two requirements to have a name on the
monument is that you are a (1) veteran and (2) a resident of Jackson Township (past or present). Forms have been received from seven states and through Pennsylvania. A complete listing is available on the website under the Veterans Link. the names highlighted in white and color coded to indicate branch of service show which names application forms have been received for the monument. If the names are not highlighted, they have been reported as Veterans but no
official Monument Form was turned in. A Monument Form / Application must be turned in for each Veteran to be listed on the monument. Each form will then be verified by various sources to be sure they are a Veteran and Township Resident to meet the criteria. The project involves alot of work and the Recreation Commission is heading the effort up with the help of the Township, Senior Center
and Veterans groups and organizations.

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Jackson Township Supervisors
Dave Hirko / Manager