April 3, 2006


~Mr. Terry Shook, CPA of Barnes Saly & Company was present to comment on the 2005 Township Audit. Mr. Shook provided handouts to the Boards with various graphs and charts as well as a summary of the 2005 Jackson Township audit. Shook said the audit was a "clean" audit with no problems, unusual transactions or disagreements on accounting or auditing matters.

~2006 CDBG Application Filed for Wagner / Pintail Project - Mr. Larry Custer of the Cambria County Redevelopment Authority was on hand to discuss the 2006 CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) Program. He asked the Board for authorization to file the 2006 application of funds to be put towards the Wagner / Pintail Water Project. The allocation for Jackson Township this year was $109,837 and this is about 10% less than what the Township received last year. Two public hearings were held with about 30 people attending. Added to previous years of funds set aside for this project, there is currently $440,000. available to begin construction. According to Mr. Custer, a State Representative who works with special needs programs and applications will be touring the project area and that is very promising for the possibility of getting additional competitive funds to carry out the project. The project should be bid out sometime in the next few months.

~The Board authorized Larry Custer to file an application for a grant with the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Natural Resources for recreational projects to be determined at Leidy Park.

~Bids for unleaded, diesel and heating fuels were rejected due to the fact that there was no consistent way to measure the four bids received against one another. A simplified form and formula will be sent to the four bidders to submit a bid that can be measured against other bidders.

~The Board accepted the lone bid from Cambria Tractor & Equipment Company for an Air Compressor for the price of $11,295.00 with 1/3 cost to be paid by Jackson Township, 1/3 cost to be paid by the Jackson Township Water Authority and 1/3 cost to be paid for by the Jackson-East Taylor Sewer Authority. The new compressor will be shared by all three participating parties in the agreement.

~The Board approved Resolution 04-06 requiring mandatory use of seatbelts in all vehicles covered under the Jackson Township Municipal Insurance Policy.

~The Supervisors approved Resolution 05-06 requiring mandatory drug and alcohol testing of Township Police Officers. They will now be randomly tested as the Road Crew are under CDL requirements.

~The Board accepted the resignation of part-time Police Officer, Bruce Carlton and voted to hire Allen Berkey as a part-time Police Officer.

~The Board approved Resolution 06-06 authorizing the submission of a PennDOT application for a permit to install and operate a flashing beacon “traffic light” at the intersection where Fords Corner Road and Pike Road West intersect with U. S. Route 22. The blinking light at this intersection was made possible after several meetings and negotiations with PennDOT and County / State officials to get the best option possible for the citizens of Jackson Township.

~The Board voted to request PennDOT to conduct a traffic study on Swigle Mountain Road to reduce the truck speed limit. There have been numerous complaints about trucks going too fast down hills along Swigle Mountain Road where the Amfire Mining Complex is located.

~The Board requested PennDOT to make Pike Road in front of the Cambria County Christian School complex a school zone similar to the one in front of Jackson Elementary School on Route 271.

~Tim Hofecker, President of the Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company said that the Fire Company has decided to use a $75,000. Insurance settlement and apply it towards a new truck which won’t become a reality for at least two years. Hofecker said this was a good business decision rather than pouring up to $150,000 in repairing a 25 year old truck that would not sell for more than 10 to 15 thousand due to the age of the truck. He added that the Fire Company was considering a new truck 4 or 5 years down the road even before the accident occurred.

The Jackson Township Planning Commission recommended 35 additional street light locations in what will be the third phase of a highly successful program. Some of the criteria used include intersection locations, hazardous curves, safety, number of residents to benefit and additional costs that would have to be incurred such as installing poles and cable where they currently aren’t available. There are currently about 80 street lights in the Township from the first two phases. The Board of Supervisors approved the lights proposed by the Planning Commission at their March 30th meeting.

Locations proposed for new street lights include:
~Blackburn Road curve at top near Harmony Drive
~Cherrywood Drive at Cul-de-sac
~Courter Avenue & Fairview Avenue at Teal Street
~Courter Avenue at turn towards Fairview Avenue
~Finntown Road at Spring Glen Drive
~Fords Corner at Cardinal Street
~Fords Corner Road at Plank Road
~Gillen St. at Jackson Twp. Fire Company Parking Lot
~Griffith Avenue at turn around / end in Vinco
~Harmony Drive & Lower Courter Avenue
~Leidy Lane at Coyote Street
~Leidy Lane at Dry Run Street
~Leidy Park
~Leidy Park
~Mitchell Park
~Mitchell Park
~Ogden Street at turn around / end
~Old Nanty Glo Road at Loy Lane
~Pike Road at Aldan Road
~Pike Road at Bald Eagle Street
~Pike Road at Dovetail Road
~Pike Road at Heritage Lane
~Pike Road at Meadow Woods Lane
~Pike Road at Lower end of building
~Raymond Drive at Eagle Drive South
~Raymond Drive turn towards Eagle Drive North
~Wagner Road at Pintail Road
~William Penn Avenue at Custom Lane
~William Penn Avenue at Donjay Street
~William Penn Avenue at JETSA Building
~William Penn Avenue at Martina Lane
~William Penn Ave.at Moshannon Drive (W. side of 271)
~William Penn Avenue & Polaris Drive
~Zurenda Lane & Cherrywood Drive
~Zurenda Lane at Cul-de-sac

In addition, several existing Mercury Vapor lights on Township owned properties will be changed over to Sodium Vapor which offers more lighting capability. If you would like to recommend a location for a future street light, please do so by calling the Township office at 749-0725. Any recommendations will be evaluated by the Planning Commission for future consideration.

The Jackson Senior Center has a Membership Memorial Board to honor those members who have passed on. The Board features a photo of each member as a way to honor and remember them. They are asking your help in finding a photo for the past members listed below. If you have a wallet size or photo no larger than 3" x 5" that will not be returned, please mail or drop them off at the Center. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Madeline Brown
Ethel Cobaugh
Donna Cruley
Henry Dickert
Art Elliott
Mary Furman
Anna Gaboda
Weldon Hill
Barry Hunt
Loy Leonard
George Miller
Inez Miller
Vivian Reeger
Eleanor Stager
Loy Teeter
Francis Wright Jr.

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Jackson Township Supervisors
Dave Hirko / Manager