APRIL 25, 2003

Spring Clean-Up has been scheduled for May 5th thru 9th, 2003. Pick up will be on your regular collection day. You will be allowed one large item. Items that will not be picked up are yard waste, branches, construction materials, refrigerators, air conditioners, batteries, car parts, old paint, hazardous material, freezers and tires. Refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners can be picked up ONLY after the Freon is properly removed. Certification of Freon removal is required. Township residents wishing to haul their own refuse to the landfill may do so with a FREE permit issued at the Township Office only during the week of Spring Clean-Up. To insure the continuation of Spring Clean-Up, regular weekly garbage should be in regular Township garbage bags.


Tanya Caretti-McCoy of the Cambria County Solid Waste Authority announced that there will be an Appliance & Tire Clean-Up on Saturday, May 17th at two locations from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The first location will be in Ebensburg behind Laurel Crest Manor Nursing Home. The second location will be at the Portage Township Municipal Building. The program is sponsored by Pennsylvania Cleanways. The cost is as follows:

-Appliances with Freon / $6.00 each
-Appliances without Freon / $3.00 each
-Tires (Cars & Light Trucks) off the rim / $1.00 each
-Tires (Cars & Light Trucks) on the rim / $2.00 each
-All Other Tire Sizes - Call 472-1467 for prices

This program is a huge success and the response in previous years has been overwhelming. The program is offered to discourage illegal dumping or disposal of appliances and tires.


Warren Oil Company headquartered in Dunn, North Caroling recently purchased two plants . one in Marion, Illinois and the other in Mundy's Corner. The plant was formerly operated by Pennzoil and is located along Pike Road. Warren Oil is a rapidly growing manufacturer of lubricating oils and greases. Warren Oil hopes to ship products from the Mundy's Corner plant to the Northeastern United States. The company ships throughout the US and to 26 foreign countries as well. Warren Oil projects sales for 2004 to be in excess of $150 Million with a total of 300 employees. The plant along Pike Road could eventually employ around 50 people. Warren Oil is also planning on upgrading and investing in the local plant which combined with new jobs in Jackson Township should help to stimulate the local economy.


-Mr. Terry Shook of Barnes, Saly & Company presented the 2002 Audit of Jackson Township. The report was "clean" with no findings. Mr. Shook stated that the books were in good shape and he was impressed with what Jackson Township has done accounting wise.

-The Supervisors voted to approve a Resolution applying for emergency aid offered by PEMA for the President's Day Snowstorm.

-The Board of Supervisors unanimously passed an Agility Contract with PennDOT for 5 years. The Agility Program allows municipalities to trade services with PennDOT. As an example, in the past the Township has done grass cutting along State roads for PennDOT in exchange for them doing line painting on Township roads.

-The Board approved authorizing the advertisement of an ordinance to join Nanty Glo Borough in an Inter-Municipal Agreement. The Agreement would be to help get a small section of Loraine Street paved in Nanty Glo Borough. The street which joins on to Loraine Road in Jackson Township is primarily used by Jackson Township residents but is in deplorable condition. According to PennDOT, Jackson Township is permitted to provide labor and equipment to help pave the small section if Nanty Glo provides the materials. The Ordinance & Inter-Municipal Agreement will also be presented at the Nanty Glo Borough Council Meeting. Hopefully by working together, something positive can be accomplished for the residents of Jackson Township who live along the Northern side of Route 22 who use Loraine Road / Street on a regular basis.

-The Supervisors passed a Resolution that will ease up the requirements for Jackson Township to adopt pre-existing private roads within the Township. For the Township to consider taking over any private roads, they must meet the criteria as follows: (1) The private lane must be the primary means of access to three or more residences or businesses, (2) It must not require any new drainage facilities to be installed in order to meet PennDOT liquid fuels eligibility criteria, (3) The property owners must provide a survey of the private lane to be taken over, (4) All owners must sign the appropriate dedication of land, establishing a 33 foot right-of-way and on "dead end" lanes a turn-around area must be provided, (5) That at least one existing household residence or occupied business be served for every 150 feet of roadway accepted and (6) That the roadway can be brought into compliance with PennDOT liquid fuels tax eligibility requirements. The major change in the policy is that previously a road was required to be paved before the Township would consider taking over that road. The paving cost often was the MAJOR obstacle to residents requesting a road be taken over because of the extremely high cost. With that cost now removed, residents along private roads can obtain an application at the Township Office and submit it to the Board of Supervisors for review. If the residents meet the 6 criteria factors above, the Township can then consider taking over the road as part of the Jackson Township Road System.

-The Board also directed the Jackson Township Planning Commission to study all of the Zoning areas located along the Route 22 corridor from the Chickaree Hill / Mile Hill Road Intersection to the Cambria Township line. The Commission will evaluate the possibility of adding additional Commercial zones in light of the Route 22 Improvement Project which should begin this Fall.

Go to www.jacksontwppa.com and check out the approved minutes from the March 27th Township Supervisors Meeting.


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Jackson Township Supervisors
Dave Hirko / Manager