MAY 3, 2004

~The Board voted to adopt Ordinance # 129 which adopts the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code as set forth in Act 45 of 1999 to be effective July 1, 2004. Whether the Township opts in or opts out, the Building Construction Code will be law for all citizens of Pennsylvania beginning July 8, 2004. By opting in, Jackson Township will be able to participate in a local agency and have more local control rather than having residents deal directly with Harrisburg. Bruce Baker & Dave Bracken voted in favor of the Ordinance while Bob Stephens voted no.

~The Supervisors adopted Ordinance # 130 which enters Jackson Township into an Inter-Municipal Governmental Cooperation Agreement with the Cambria County Building Codes Enforcement Agency. The Agency would be similar to the Cambria County Sewage Agency which regulates on-lot sewage systems. The Sewage agency has 28 Townships and boroughs from Cambria & Somerset Counties. The Building Code Agency would operate in a similar fashion and tie the newly required State building inspections in with building permits. By combining with other Townships and Boroughs, Jackson Township will be able to comply with the code and the cost of permits and inspections will be kept as low as possible while being able to provide prompt service and not holding up construction. Bruce Baker & Dave Bracken voted in favor of joining the newly formed Agency while Bob Stephens voted no.

~Passed Resolution 05-04 authorizing participation in the Cambria County Building Codes Enforcement Agency. Baker & Bracken voted yes while Stephens voted no.

~The Board passed Ordinance # 131 which regulates sewage disposal systems in Jackson Township while complying with current sewage enforcement laws. This Ordinance will combine several other older Ordinances within Jackson Township and make it easier to refer to one Sewage Ordinance. Bruce Baker & Dave Bracken voted yes while Bob Stephens voted no.

~The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved acceptance of the low bid from Capital Construction Company to install a walking trail at Leidy Park. The bid was for $13,333.00. The bids not accepted ranged up to over $46,000.00.

Supervisor Bruce Baker made several motions to the Board that were unanimously approved including the following:

~The Supervisors unanimously approved a motion to authorize the Jackson Township Recreation Commission to gather facts and figures for constructing trails, pavilions and other related recreation acitivy for Leidy, Mitchell & Loraine Parks.

~The Board unanimously an additional motion to authorize the Planning Commission to create and mail a residents survey for encouraging thoughts and ideas for future growth, recreation and development of Jackson Township.

~Approved subdivision of Gary & Carol Scaife (side lot addition) to Douglas & Karen Nolan.

~Approved subdivision of Thomas & Amy Bango to Denny & Susan Wiley.

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Jackson Township Supervisors
Dave Hirko / Manager