JUNE 29, 2004

~Bids were opened for paving, seal-coating and miscellaneous road materials. The paving bid for 2004 Road Projects was awarded to Grannas Brothers. The seal-coating bid for 2004 Road Projects was award to Russell Standard. For miscellaneous stone, Grannas Brothers was the low bidder for six items. Three items were voted on to be readvertised.

~The Board passed a Hazard Mitigation Plan compiled by the Cambria County Planning Commission for the Cambria County Dept. of Emergency Services to address hazard identification, vulnerability analysis and risk assessment for the citizens of Cambria County. Each municipality was asked to pass the plan by Cambria County Emergency Management. Baker & Bracken voted in favor while Stephens voted no stating that the Board did not authorize the drafting of the plan.

~The Supervisors adopted a new fee schedule for zoning permits which will be effective on July 1, 2004. The fees were reduced as building permits will now be issued by the Cambria County Building Codes Enforcement Agency as they will be providing the necessary
inspections under the PA State Uniform Construction Code. The first step in obtaining a building permit in Jackson Township will still begin at the Township Office by applying for a zoning permit first. Once the zoning permit is approved, residents needing building
inspections under the new State Construction Code will then be working with the Cambria County Building Codes Agency in Ebensburg.

~The Board passed a motion to request assistance from the Dept. of Conservation & Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry to identify assistance programs and resources available to Jackson Township.

~The Board also unanimously passed a motion to request assistance from the Westsylvania Heritage Corporation in developing a long-range plan for recreation in Jackson Township.

~After much discussion among citizens and officials at the June meeting, the Supervisors voted to have the Township Manager write a
letter to the officials of Conemaugh Medical Center inviting them to consider Jackson Township as home for their new Medical Park. The Park was originally slated for along Elton Road in Richland Township but after residents voiced concerns, Conemaugh chose to look for another site where they would feel more welcome by local residents.

~The Board approved a subdivision submitted by Kevin & Carol Lieb.

Submitted by Chief Bob Fatula
911 Calls dispatched to Police-297
Reportable Incidents-27
~DUI (Driving Under the Influence)-7
~Disorderly Conduct-4
~Criminal Mischief-2
~Public Drunkenness-2
~Child Abuse-1
~Fleeing from Police-1
~Imtimidating a witness-1
~Resisting Arrest-1
~Terroristic Threats-1
Non-Traffic Citations Issued-3
Traffic Citations Issued-58
Accidents Handled-10
Criminal Charges Filed-
(Not available at this time)

We would like to invite those in the community who are interested in helping out with the festival to volunteer. This would also be an
excellent opportunity for organizations to volunteer such as church youth groups, community groups or organizations, school groups,
etc. One area where there is a special need is to have individuals with electrician skills. Other areas where volunteers are needed
include setting up before the festival, trash clean-up, helping with children's games, distributing programs or tearing down after the
festival. We welcome all volunteers. If you are interested in helping, please contact Dave Hirko at 749-0725 (day) or 322-3433
(evening) or Paulette Baker at 322-1863. Also if you still wish to set up a booth for the festival or as a business contribute towards
the festival, feel free to call as well.

We are currently in the process of putting additional ordinances and forms on the website for quick and easy reference. Having Zoning
Permit forms on the website has proven to be a useful tool for residents as well as the Zoning Ordinance itself. Township resident, Guy Ellenberger is helping to convert additional ordinances and forms to put on the website which should help to make the site even more useful. We should soon have the subdivision ordinance on the website along with about 20-30 other Ordinances thanks to his volunteer efforts.

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Jackson Township Supervisors
Dave Hirko / Manager