JULY 3, 2003





The Jackson Township Board of Supervisors at their June 26th meeting voted unanimously to contribute $99,450 to the Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company to use for purchasing fire apparatus needed to outfit a new Rescue & Fire Truck. The Fire Companyís expenses have grown dramatically to over $400,000 last year and fund drives and raffles could not cover the expense of the apparatus for the new truck. Without the contribution from the Township Board of Supervisors, the Fire Company would have had to go in debt and take out a loan. Chairman David Bracken said the only money the Fire Company gets from the Township is from Ĺ mill Rescue Tax which brings in about $8200 which in no way could begin to cover this large of an expense. Barry Emerson of the Jackson Township Fire Company expressed his sincere gratitude for the donation and of the continuing support from Board of Supervisors as well as all Jackson Township residents.


The Board of Supervisors voted to pass Ordinance # 124 to enter into an Inter-Municipal Agreement with at least 17 other local Townships to administer the Pennsylvania State Uniform Construction Code which is to take effect on January 1, 2004. The agency which will be called the Cambria-Somerset Building Codes Agency will help local Townships control the cost and availability of inspectors required for new construction beginning in 2004. By acting now, the Agency can submit an application for grant money that is available from the State to start-up. For Townships or Municipalities who "opt out" of the State Building Code, the law would remain in effect for residents and then they would have to call Harrisburg directly to obtain an inspector and pay whatever rate that inspector would charge. By "opting out" a Township would also lose all control over any building activity in the Township and
individuals could be affected when they would try to sell their property or even obtain a bank loan.

Forty-Five States already have uniform building codes. Pennsylvania's Uniform Construction Code will only require contractors or individuals building to meet minimum requirements. The Code should eliminate "fly by night" contractors and provide greater safety for all residents of Pennsylvania. The proposed Inter-Municipal Agency will work similar to the Cambria-Somerset Sewage Enforcement Agency which has successfully administered all on-lot sewage in Jackson and many other Townships since its beginning. Having an agency with many Townships participating allows the cost to be lower but still provides the convenience of having local "contact people" that can address the needs of the citizens.

There have been some conflicting reports in the media on delays which would affect as to when the code would be enforced ranging anywhere from 30 days to 2 years. Supervisor Baker said that the Building Code is coming and itís not a matter of if itís coming but when its coming. To enter into The Cambria-Somerset Building Codes Agency would cost the Township $1000 which may be refundable once the organization gets up and running. The $1000 contribution will be required from each member Township of the newly formed organization in order that they can submit an application for matching State Grants. Bill Davis of Croyle Township who is heading up the new Agency said no money will be required until a definite date is established by the State as to when enforcement of the new law will take affect.

Supervisor Bob Stephens voted against joining the Agency and said he would rather have the State enforce the Building Code in Jackson Township. Supervisor Bruce Baker said the responsible thing for this Township to do is to protect its citizens by having local control over building activity and permits as well as the newly required inspections.


In an effort to serve you better, the Police Department is requesting that residents cooperate in posting their street numbers on their homes. Chief Robert Fatula advises, "When we are called to a home for an emergency, time is always critical. That means finding that residence as quickly as possible. Walk out to the street in front of your home and see if your house numbers can be easily seen. If they can be, then we have a greater chance of possibly saving a life."

Chief Fatula offers these guidelines:

*The numbers on residences should be at least 3 inches high and the numbers on businesses should be at least 4 inches high.

*Numbers should be a contrasting color to the background.

*Numbers should be placed on, above, or at the side of the main entrance, so that they can be easily detected from the street.

*If the entrance is more than 50 feet from the street, or cannot be seen from the street, a second set of numbers should also be displayed on the mailbox or on a post at the street or end of the drive.

*Remember - your mailman always comes the same way. Police cars and fire trucks may come from any direction. Be sure to mark both sides of your mailbox or mark your house number in such a way that it may be easily seen, no matter which direction they are approaching.



This event will be held on Wednesday, July 16th from 10 am until 12 Noon and 1 to 2 pm at the Jackson Township Senior Center. Checks will be distributed to be used for $20 of Pennsylvania Produce. You must be 60 years or older and your annual income must be $16,613 or less as a single person or $22,422 for a married couple. You must also be a resident of Cambria County and be able to show a valid Pennsylvania Drivers License or PA ID. Checks may be spent at any PA Department of Agriculture Approved Farmersí Market. Only 1 $20.00 voucher per person will be issued for 2003 and they are good until November 30, 2003.

New officers were elected for the next year at an election held at the Center on June 26th. Re-elected as President was Frank Singel. Also re-elected were Alice Gary, Vice-President and Mary Govekar, Secretary. The newly elected Treasurer is Phil Boyer. The Senior Center will also be purchasing a pool table in the near future for members to use and enjoy. It was also announced that the Cambria County Senior Games will be held on August 7th thru October 3rd. Last year, members of the Jackson Township Senior Center earned awards in several categories. Another upcoming event will be sponsored by the Red Cross on Wednesday, July 9th where they will talk about Disaster Awareness. This Fall, advanced computer classes will be held at the center for members.


Beautification awards were recently given by the Greater Johnstown Chamber of Commerce and one Jackson Township business earned this prestigious award. PitStop 271 located along Route 271 in Mundys Corner was given a Beautification Award by the Chamber. Beatification Awards are given monthly to businesses or organizations that have made a substantial effort to make their location and thus the community more attractive. Congratulations are extended to John Hamula and PitStop 271 for earning this award and putting Jackson Township in the spotlight.


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