~The Supervisors approved a matching amount of $5,000 to match the grant received from the Cambria County Commissioners in their Community Initiative Program. The $10,000 amount total will be used for recreational projects at Mitchell & Leidy Parks within Jackson Township. Jackson Township was one of 20 communities in Cambria County to receive the grant.

~Authorized the Jackson Township Planning Commission to begin work on updating the Subdivision Ordinance to reflect changes made in State and local laws and regulations.

~Approved Resolution # 10-04 authorizing the issuance of permits for use of the MS4 separate storm sewer system including pipes, ditches and swales in the public right-of-away along with drainage facilities owned or installed by the Township.

~Voted unanimously to exempt the Jackson Township Water Authority and the Jackson-East Taylor Sewer Authority from fees associated with Road Encroachment Permits.

~The Board unanimously approved a donation of $1,000 to the Miners Community Food Pantry in Nanty Glo. The Food Pantry needs about $1,000 a month to stay in operation and a great deal of people use the pantry from Jackson Township.

~Approved the subdivision (side lot additions) of Fred Sell & Kathryn Eck, Allen & Kathryn Eck, Ed, Jackie, Doug & Tamara Simmons and the Joel Simmons Estate.

~Made a motion to request and if granted, accept an additional 6 foot right-of-way on Leidy Lane form Mary K. DeYulis. The right-of-way is necessary in order to move a pole further back off the road that has been a hazard in the past.

~The Supervisors reviewed bids received on a 1983 International Truck that the Township had for sale. The high bid was received from Wampum Hardware in Friedens, PA for $6,759.00. The only other bid received was from Petrunak & Company of Windber, PA for $4,100.00

~Voted unanimously to have the Solicitor draw an amendment to Ordinance # 118 (Zoning Ordinance) to clarify that no language in the Ordinance can be misconstrued in any manner that would discourage hunting as long as State and Game Commission laws are met.

~A motion was made and passed unanimously to take the necessary steps to have an independent zoning expert rezone the Township map to reflect the influence of new Route 22 among other areas and to give start and ending points on all Zones. It was made clear through further discussion that this motion would be to see what professionals could provide such a service and the cost involved.

~The Board passed a motion to send a letter to the Cambria County Building Codes Agency taking exception to their policy exercising permit fees for exemptions from the State Building Code.

~The Supervisors discussed the level of support and contributions given to the Jackson Township Fire Company. After much discussion it was decided to table the motion and talk to them further about long range goals and plans. Over the past five years, over $350,000 was donated to the Fire Company from the Township. This amount include the funds required to purchase a new fire truck.

POLICE REPORT (July, 2004)
Submitted by Chief Bob Fatula
911 Calls dispatched to Police-466
Reportable Incidents-30
~Criminal Mischief-7
~Domestic Violence-5
~Disorderly Conduct-2
~Vehicle Theft-2
~DUI (Driving Under the Influence)-1
Non-Traffic Citations Issued-2
Traffic Citations Issued-108
Accidents Handled-10
Criminal Charges Filed-7
~Disorderly Conduct-2
~Domestic Violence-1
~DUI (Driving Under the Influence)-1

~Master index added showing all ordinances, resolutions and policies (work still in progress on resolutions and policies but all ordinances are currently listed)

~Official minutes of the July 22, 2004 meeting

~New page featuring litter clean-up programs in Jackson Township

~Calendar of events updated as well as Senior Center activities

~Link section continually updated

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Jackson Township Supervisors
Dave Hirko / Manager