September 4, 2003


Many residents have expressed their desire to have street lights installed at various Township intersections over the years.  The main concern has always been the safety of vehicles and pedestrians alike. Earlier this year a street light was installed where Old Nanty Glo Road turns off of Route 271.  Mr. Bob Albright who resides just off of Old Nanty Glo Road stated the need for a street light being installed at that location at several Township meetings.  Supervisor Bruce Baker asked him to get a petition with the signatures of neighbors in that area as additional support for the light.  The new street light was so well received by the residents of that area that the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a motion at their March  meeting to direct the Jackson Township Planning Commission to do a study of intersections throughout Jackson Township. 

The Planning commission considered many factors in their study including, safety,  traffic flow and those roads going off of busy US Route 22 and State Route 271. The Planning Commission voted at their August 18th meeting to recommend that the Board of Supervisors consider the installation of 35 street lights.  The Supervisors voted to approve the installation of the lights at their meeting the following week.  The new street lights will be installed at the following intersections:

Adams Avenue & Rose Branch Street
Adams Avenue & Poplar Street
Adams Avenue & Woodland Street
Adams Avenue & Leidy Lane
Adams Avenue & Swigle Mountain Road
Adams Avenue & Newcomer Road
Adams Avenue & Ogden Street
Anderson Drive & Route 271
Benshoff Hill Road & Route 271
Benshoff Hill Road & Sharkey Road
Benshoff Hill Road & Hunts Road
Blackburn Road & Kepple Road
Bracken Street North & Route 271
Bracken Street South & Route 271
Bracken Street & Leidy Lane
Bracken Street & Marhefka Drive
Brazil Lane & Kissel Lane
Courter Avenue & Route 271
Fords Corner Road & Finntown Road
Fords Corner Road & Loraine Road
Gillin Lane & Stoneridge Street
Griffith Avenue & Route 271
Harmony Drive & Blackburn Road
Loraine Road & Turkey Path Road
Moshannon Drive North & Route 271
Moshannon Drive south & Route 271
Ogden Street & Route 22
Patton Terrace & Route 271
Pike Road & Swigle Mountain Road
Pike Road East & Route 22
Pike Road West & Snyder Road South
Rose Branch Street & Fairview Avenue
Rose Branch Street & Griffith Avenue
Rose Branch Street & Brazil Lane
Simmons Lane South & Route 271       
Bruce Baker, Chairman of the Planning Commission said "Additional lights may be added in upcoming years but at least this is a start in the right direction to help make Township intersections safer for residents".   


Solicitor Bill Barbin mentioned at the August 28, 2003 Board of Supervisors Meeting that he had an inquiry about where an adult book store could locate within Jackson Township.  After researching the Zoning Ordinance, it was found that the necessary wording for regulating adult businesses was not to be found.  Mr. Barbin said that Conemaugh Township in Somerset County recently added the necessary wording to their ordinance to offer protection for Township residents. 

After doing some research he found a case where the City of Butler, by having certain regulations in their Zoning Ordinance,  won after being challenged by an Adult Book Store in Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court.  This same wording will now be considered by the Board of Supervisors who unanimously recommended that the Jackson Township Planning Commission review the proposed Amendment. 

Mr. Barbin said that nuisance ordinances similar to one in Jackson Township will not be able to keep an adult book store or business out of the Township as the courts rule them as unconstitutional.  A Zoning Ordinance can't restrict them from coming into a Township but they can say restrict where they could locate such as only in a Commercial Zone.  Zoning can also dictate many rules and regulations for adult businesses that could strongly discourage them from locating in Jackson Township.  Having the proper rules and regulations for adult businesses in the Zoning Ordinance is the strongest protection a municipality can have against potential adult businesses that wish to locate in that municipality.  


Since the "pay per bag" system was introduced to Jackson Township, the garbage bags have never been taxed.  This was the case even at the beginning of this year.  The reason there was never any tax is that residents are actually paying for a service and not just a garbage bag.  A problem arose this year when a Pennsylvania State Auditor was conducting an Audit at the Sheetz Convenience Store in Mundys Corner. He interpreted that the bags should be taxed and Sheetz was instructed to start charging tax on the bags.

Waste Management was notified of this problem and they are investigating to see what can be done to rectify the situation if at all possible.


In response to concerns raised across the State, House Bill 1654 was introduced to exempt minor home repairs from the permit requirements under the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, Act 45 of 1999.  This bill would define "minor repairs" as nonstructural repairs made to residential structures that cost $1,000 or less.  This bill is an attempt to make the UCC easier to implement. 

The State Department of Labor & Industry is making changes to the Administration and Enforcement Regulations of the Code to address a number of concerns.  L & I is expected to release the revised regulations for final approval and implementation in the near future according to the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors.  For more information on the UCC, log onto www.dli.state.pa.us (click on "Building Code" under Quick Links, then choose "Implementation Update". 

~Elmer Grove, Fire Chief presented a plaque to the Board of  Supervisors in appreciation for them funding the new Fire Truck.

~The Board unanimously passed a motion to rent equipment from the 12th Congressional District Regional Equipment Center for work on the Leidy Park Ballfield Project.  Another motion was to hire temporary workers recommended by the 12th REC to operate that equipment.

~Passed a motion to approve revised Holding Tank Resolution and set bond at $1000.  There are only 2 holding tanks currently in Jackson Township.  Holding tanks are temporary until sewage is available and must be approved by the PaDEP. 

~Voted unanimously to donate $500.00 to the Jackson Township Softball Association.  The Softball Association pays for lighting at Leidy Park which benefits not only the the softball teams but those playing volleyball or using the playground.

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Jackson Township Supervisors
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