September 11, 2006


~A Public Meeting was held on the Comprehensive Plan. Richard Sutter & Associates gave a slide presentation and comments and questions were received from those attending. Some of the items brought up were historical preservation, coal trucks on Pike Road East, the Laurel Highlands Landfill and fly ash. The comments were noted. The Plan will be on the Agenda to be officially adopted at the September 28, 2006 meeting.

~The Board of Supervisors approved a Neighborhood Crime Watch Initiative as an outreach program of the Jackson Township Police Department. The initiative was started by two Township families, the Gina & Dave Mumau family and the Justine & Al Harris family. The Program will involve posting signs in the neighborhood which encompasses Broadwing, Chaser, Niagara, Snably and Smith Streets in Mundys Corner. A meeting will also be planned with Chief Fatula and the residents. Chief Foust of Johnstown and a neighborhood crime watch leader from Johnstown has also volunteered to attend the meeting when a date is set.

~The Board unanimously passed Ordinance # 140 regulating wind turbine generators in Jackson Township. Several wind energy companies have approached Jackson Township about erecting windmills and the Ordinance offers protection to residents. One key element is establishing a 2500 foot setback from the nearest residence to where a windmill could be built.

~The Board adopted Ordinance # 141 regulating surface and land development associated with oil and gas drilling operations in Jackson Township. This Ordinance offers land owners protection from companies trying to access oil and gas which may be located under your land. In neighboring municipalities property owners have been threatened as companies try to access oil and gas which they have the rights to. These companies have built roads and drilled on properties without obtaining permission from the property owners.

~The Supervisors approved Ordinance # 142 was adopted which amends Ordinance # 71 clarifying that penalties for non attendance by Supervisors at meetings only applies to regularly scheduled evening meetings or the annual reorganization meeting.

~The Board approved the current inventory of traffic control and regulation signage. This approval is in conjunction with the recently passed Roadmaster Ordinance which allows traffic control signs to be posted at any time. The new signs are then approved at the next Supervisors meeting.

~The Supervisors authorized the advertisement of Ordinance # 143 authorizing entering into Inter-Municipal Agreement with Cambria Township and Ebensburg Borough for the purpose of developing a Joint Municipal Comprehensive Plan for the Central Cambria Coalition. They also approved an Inter-Municipal Agreement with Cambria Township and Ebensburg Borough for the purpose of developing a Joint Municipal Comprehensive Plan for the Central Cambria Coalition pending passage of Ordinance # 143.

~The Board also authorized the advertisement of Ordinance # 144 which amends Ordinance # 47 to require new property owners to tap into the Jackson Township Water System when a property with occupied structures is sold.

~The Board authorized the advertisement of Ordinance # 145 authorizing entering into an Inter-Municipal Agreement with Cambria Township for the purchase of a paving machine. They also approved a Inter-Municipal Agreement with Cambria Township for the purchase of a paving machine pending passage of Ordinance # 145. In a related motion the Board approved Resolution 10-06 authorizing the filing of a $25,000. DCED grant to be applied towards the joint purchase of a paving machine in cooperation with Cambria Township for the amount of $107,786.00 from Stephenson Equipment Inc.,

~The Board authorized the Solicitor to prepare Ordinance # 146 ordaining Pine Lock Street as a public road in Jackson Township and schedule a public hearing. The residents who own approx. 65% of the frontage along Pine Lock Street have petitioned the Board to take over the street. Only 50% is required according to the Solicitor.

~The Supervisors authorized the advertisement of bids for the Vinco Stream Bank Stabilization Project per specifications completed by the Cambria County Conservation District. There has been flooding in that area for several years and the Project should help resolve the situation.

~The Board authorized the advertisement for bids for the following Township Property no longer in use: Etnyre Stone Chipper, Galion 4-6 Ton roller, Galion 3-Wheel Roller, Schram Air Compressor, 2001 Ford Crown Victoria Police Vehicle, 1999 Ford Crown Victoria Police Vehicle, 1996 Chevy Caprice Vehicle, Aeroil Tar Buggy & Kerosene Burner, Ohan Diesel Powered Generator and Prismo Universal Line Painter.

~The Supervisors accepted the resignation of Joe Baxter from the Jackson Township Recreation Commission. They also appointed Walt George to fulfill the remainder of the position. A motion was made to table any action on the resignation of Al Slippy from the Recreation Commission.

~The Board approved list of recommendations by the Jackson Township Recreation Commission on activities and events to be developed by the Commission with assistance from Kelly Lundgren of Americorps.

~The Supervisors authorized the Solicitor to start an Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance to include Ordinance # 140 regulating Windmill Turbines.

~The Board authorized Mainline Midget Football League, Central Cambria Team to use Leidy Field as their home field if they so desire. An interest was expressed by several residents involved in the league.

The July, 2006 Police Report submitted by Police Chief Bob Fatula was presented. The figures for June were as follows:
911 Calls dispatched to Police were 399.

Reportable Incidents were 41 broken down as follows:
~Criminal Mischief-7
~DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-2
~Disorderly Conduct-1
~Underage Drinking-1

Accidents Handled-7
Traffic Citations Issued-27
Non-Traffic Citations Issued-2

Criminal Charges Filed were 7 broken down as follows:
~DUI (Driving While Under the Influence)-2
~Disorderly Conduct-1
~Underage Drinking-1

One of the goals of the Master Recreation Plan is to hold more events and activities for residents of all ages within the Township. This opportunity is now possible through a program called Americorps. Americorps is administered locally by the Pennsylvania Mountain Service Corps., an organization created under Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 in Ebensbug. A position was applied for earlier this year and Jackson received notification that a full time position (1700 hours) was awarded for one year from the end of August, 2006 through August, 2007. Jackson Township’s portion of the position amounts to $5200. which amounts to ˝ of the wages received by the individual. The remainder comes from Americorps funding. In addition, when the individual completes the term, they are also entitled to an educational award of $4,725. Interviews were held for the position from a pool of Americorps applicants and Kelly Lundgren from nearby Colver was chosen. Kelly previously served a full term with Americorps during the 1999-2000 year and worked as an Early Childhood Educational Consultant Assistant. Kelly said “I’m looking forward to working with different people. . .everyone from kids to senior citizens.” Kelly will be working with the Recreation Commission on planning and coordinating events and then helping to carry them out. She said, “It sounds like a lot of fun. . .I’m definitely looking forward to it.”. The Recreation Commission held a special meeting on August 22nd to discuss and prioritize what events and activities she could begin helping them with for the Fall and Winter months. Among the potential recreation activities, programs and events discussed were: fall festival, Halloween dance, Christmas light-up at Veterans Park, winter festival at Mitchell Park, scouting jamborees at Leidy & Mitchell Parks, walk-a-thons on the walking paths at Leidy & Veterans Parks, youth basketball leagues, three-on-three basketball tournament, ice skating, roller and ice hockey, miniature golf league, movie nights, fitness programs, Christmas lights contest and evening of caroling in the Township. Out of all the ideas proposed, the ones given the highest priority for Kelly to begin working on with the Recreation Commission were: miniature golf league, fall festival and / or Halloween dance, Christmas lights contest, caroling in the Township, winter festival, walk-a-thon, scouting jamborees and movie nights. The Commission members discussed the idea of partnering with private groups and organizations. One example would be working with the Chickaree Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club to hold a winter festival at Mitchell Park. It was also suggested a volunteer pool of Township residents be established. The idea is to match the talents and inclinations of individuals with programs and events that they are interested in supporting.

The Cambria County Building Codes Agency who administers the State Construction Code for Jackson Township and 29 other municipalities in Cambria County is anticipating some changes for 2007. When the Agency was first established, they contracted out to a 3rd party inspection agency (MDIA) to perform inspections for building permits issued due to funds and the time frame. At a meeting on August 23rd, the Building Codes Agency made their intent known that they are looking to hire their own inspector(s). By having their own inspectors they feel they will be able to provide better service to the citizens and have better control over the inspection process. Any complaints, issues or problems could be resolved more efficiently being that the newly hired inspectors would report directly to the Agency rather than go through a third-party chain-of-command

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