December 7, 2006

~The Board approved Resolution 11-06 adopting the proposed budget for Jackson Township for 2007 as follows: General Fund $ 1,262,855.00, State Fund $ 145,955.00, Fire Hydrant Fund $ 10,500.00, Rescue Fund $ 8,500.00, Capital Reserve Fund $ 1,941,905.00, Senior Center Fund $ 56,428.00; Total of All Funds $ 3,426,143.00.

~The Supervisors approved Resolution 12-06 setting the tax structure for 2007 as follows: Real Estate Tax-3˝ Mills, Fire Hydrant Tax-˝ Mill, Rescue Service Tax-1/4 Mill, Earned Income Tax-˝ %, Real Estate Transfer Tax-˝ %, Per Capita Tax-$5.00 and Local Municipal Services Tax-$5.00. The tax structure remained the same as last year for local taxes. Local municipal taxes have not been increased in over 20 years.

~The Board authorized the Solicitor to draw up an amendment to Section 4-D of Ordinance # 126 (Real Estate Transfer Tax) to provide an interest rate equal to the amount charged by the Department of Revenue for unpaid Real Estate Transfer Taxes.

~The Board approved a new Police Policy & Procedures Handbook for the Jackson Township Police Department. The Handbook has been developed with input from the Police Officers and the Supervisors and combines many old policies into one easy to reference Handbook.

~The Board approved hiring two part-time policemen. The two new officers are Mark Westrick and Charles Nagle Jr.

~The Supervisors approved a contract with Richard Sutter & Associates to perform Planning & Consulting Services for the calender year 2007 not to exceed the amount of $24,500.00. Stephens voted no on the motion.

~The Board appointed Barnes, Saly & Company, Certified Public Accountants, to perform the audit of Township records for the calendar year, 2006. Stephens voted no on the motion.

~The Supervisors accepted the bid of Kevin Krouse for $650.00 for a Galion 4-6 Ton Roller that the Township no longer uses.

~The Board established a Historic Preservation Committee for Jackson Township to research, gather and preserve historical information and artifacts concerning the history of Jackson Township. Members appointed to the committee were Delores Bracken, Donna Davis, Zelda Dugan, Jim Lauffer, Linda Lesko, Dick McDowell, Betty Lou Shoup, Ed Smith and Barb Teeter. The recently adopted Comprehensive Plan recommended that Jackson establish a Historic Preservation Committee. The Committee will work hand-in-hand with the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum & Historical Society in supporting their efforts.

A letter was received by the Board of Supervisors from the Nant-Y-Glo Tri-Area Museum & Historical Society. Over the years volunteers within the group have worked diligently to preserve the area's history. The Society represents Nanty Glo, Blacklick Township and Jackson Township to form the Tri-Area group. Over the years, the Society has accumulated many artifacts. These are stored in various places. . the Nanty Glo Library, an unused building in Jackson Township, and members’ homes. The artifacts, many irreplaceable, deserve to be properly cataloged and displayed with consideration given to temperature, humidity, and lighting. Photographs from the Society’s collection were exhibited at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The event attracted more than 1,500 visitors. Saint Francis University also hosted the exhibit and drew over 900 visitors. The Society has been successful in gathering historically important items. Now, the time has come that they wish to establish a museum to catalog, to store, and to display these artifacts. Based on past success, the Society believes that if a museum is established, people will come. They asked the Township to support their efforts and they are planning a fund drive as well. The Society has acquired the Blacklick Valley Community Center, the former Liberty Theater whose building is 85 years old, and is moving ahead with plans to convert this historical building into a museum. The building, however, needs a facelift. The estimated cost of the first phase is $100,000. The Society is wholly operated by volunteers. The building is currently home to the Miner’s Community Food Pantry, Inc., which operates out of the basement of the old Theater. Their vision is to create a museum that the community can be proud of and that will add to the local economy.

The October, 2006 Police Report submitted by Police Chief Bob Fatula was presented. The figures for October were as follows: 911 Calls dispatched to Police were 221. 911 Calls by Type: Were 221 broken down as follows: Business Check-50, Follow-Up-20, Assist Other Agency (Fire/EMS/Road)-13, Traffic Warning-13, Information-8, Animal Complaint-7, Suspicious Activity (Vehicle)-7, Traffic Control-7, Harassment by Communications-6, Debris on Road-5, Disabled Vehicle-5, Administrative-4, Assist Other Police Department-4, Criminal Mischief-4, Phone Call (Return)-4, Theft (Other)-4, Alarm Business-3, Citation Issued (Traffic)-3, Domestic Situation-3, Driving Complaint-3, Juvenile Matter-3, Tree on Road-3, Vehicle Accident (D.U.I.)-3, 911 Hang Up-2, Burglary (Residential)-2, Child Custody Matter-2, Detail (Other)-2, Disorderly Conduct-2, Escort-2, Found Property-2, Interview-2, Noise Complaint-2, Patrol Request-2, Theft by Unlawful Taking-2, Vehicle Accident (Non-Reportable)-2,Vehicle Accident (Reportable)-2, Check Welfare (Person)-1, Civil Complaint-1, D.U.I. (Driving While Under the Influence)-1, Domestic (Non-Arrest)-1, Filed Charges-1, Harassment-1, Neighbor Dispute-1, Psychiatric Emergency-1, Suspicious Activity (Person)-1, Terroristic Threats-1, Traffic Hazard (Lights Out, Wires Down, Debris on Roadway)-1, Trespass Complaint-1, Vehicle Accident (Fatality)-1.

Jackson Township's first ever Light-Up Night turned out to be a huge success! 12 businesses, churches and organizations decorated and lit up trees. Those attending voted on their favorite tree and prizes were awarded as follows: 1st Place - Jackson Elementary PTO, 2nd Place - Jackson Twp. Boy Scouts Troop 204, 3rd Place - Jackson Township Lions Club and 4th Place - Vinco Brethren Church. Congratulations to all of the winners! In addition the Jackson Township Recreation Commission and Road Crew strung over 10,000 lights throughout the park. Santa was a big hit with a continuous line of children to visit him and give him their Christmas wish list. Carolers from Crossroads Community Church in Ebensburg and Pike Grace Brethren Church added to the festive atmosphere as they sang carols. The lights are lit every evening so be sure to visit Veterans Park at 200 Adams Avenue in Vinco to take in the lighting display. Plans are underway for next year's Light-Up Night with additional lights and displays to be added.

The Jackson Township Recreation is sponsoring a Home Decorating & Outdoor Lighting Contest. If you have not entered the contest yet, you can print off an entry form off the Township website at www.jacksontwppa.com Forms can also be picked up at the Township Municipal Building or from the Fall Jackson Township Newsletter. Cash prizes will be awarded.

A speed limit study will be conducted by PennDOT on Benshoff Hill Road from Route 271 to the West Taylor Township line. Results of the study will be known within 4-6 weeks.

Route 22 will be opening 4 lanes allowing two lane traffic in each direction. The "jug handles" or turn around areas will not be open yet. Mile Hill Road, the last road having access to Route 22 has now been opened. Interchange lighting is progressing at Dishong Mountain Road as well as Route 271.

The Vinco Stream Bank Stabilization Project was recently completed by Earth Shapers who was awarded the bid. The Project was done in order to alleviate flooding along the stream that crosses under Adams Avenue in the lower part of Vinco near Route 271.

Lighting fixtures in Veterans Park have not yet been erected due to several vendor delays. The fixtures should be in before the end of December and erected as soon as weather permits. Most of the electrical work has been completed including concrete bases for the new fixtures. In addition to the decorative lights throughout Veterans Park, parking lot lights will also be added. Many favorable comments have been received on the lighting of the Fire Company and Senior Center signs that previously existed but were never lighted before.

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Jackson Township Supervisors
Dave Hirko / Manager