Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Washington DC Bus Trip
Saturday, June 27, 2009

A bus load of Jackson Township residents and guests toured the sights of Washington DC in fun-filled day with great weather.  Below are some photos taken in Washington DC
that day.


Smithsonian Museum Gardens

Hundreds of monuments throughout DC

Kim in front of the Capitol Building

Capitol Building is huge when you see it in person

Side view of Capitol Building

Library of Congress

Capitol Police patrol government buildings

Giant American flag hangs at entrance to Union Station

Inside of Union Station

Dave discusses issues of Jackson Township residents with Barack

Union Station Building

Fountains near Capitol Building

Folklife Festival happing on the National Mall

Washington Monument

Here's where the money is made!

Jefferson Memorial

Washington Monument overlooks Tidal Basin

Bureau of Engraving & Printing Building from Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Thomas Jefferson inside memorial

Thomas Jefferson statue is at center of Jefferson Memorial

Beautiful inscriptions on walls of Jefferson Memorial

Looking out of Jefferson Memorial

One wall of Pentegon Building can be seen just beyond the bridge

Lincoln Memorial

View from Lincoln Memorial

Reflecting Pool & Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial

Abe Lincoln statue inside the Lincoln Memorial

Honest Abe

Lots of tourists taking in the sights

Ducks enjoying the waters of the Reflecting Pool

Lincoln Memorial

View of Lincoln Memorial from Washington Monument

Beautiful new World War II Memorial

Fountains at World War II Memorial

Each pillar around World War II Memorial representates a State

The White House

Who would have thought you would find pork in Washington?

Safeway 17th Annual National Capital Barbecue Battle
 fills Pennsylvania Avenue

Interior of Post Office Building

Food Court & Shops inside Post Office Building

Tower Building at world famous Smithsonian Museum

Interior of the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

More planes hanging from Air & Space Museum

That tiny little yellow car can park anywhere!


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