Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania



2011 Jackson Twp.
Easter Egg Hunt
Photo Gallery

Sponsored by the Jackson Township Lions Club parterning with the Jackson Township Recreation Commisison

The 5th Annual Easter Egg Hunt was held at Mitchell Park on Saturday, April 23, 2011 after being cancelled the week before due to poor weather conditions. It was still a great turnout and everyone had fun!  Special thanks to the Jackson Township Lions Club, Jackson Township Recreation Commission and the Easter Bunny for making a special appearance!  Plans are already underway for next year's big Easter Egg Hunt!


I'm ready!

Me too. . .let's find those eggs!

Hi Mr. Bunny!

Which way to the Easter eggs?

I think I see one over there.


It's too early to be up!

Nice to meet you too!

I need a basket for my eggs.

When does this thing start?

On your mark, get set, GO!

Hurry. . get those eggs!

Eggs even on the playset.

An in the ballfields. . .

How many can we get?

There's one!

I better count em

Lots of goodies in here

I need help counting my eggs

Did I win anything?

You did really good!

OK. . .where did the Bunny go?

I think I seen him over there somewhere. .

Lots of fun, fun, fun

Hurry before they're all gone

Everyone wins at the Egg Hunt

I need 3 more. . do you see any left?

Let's check what's in these ones

Where did they hide them?

I think I got a special prize

Who. . me?

Ok. . I'm done now

Yeah. . .this is pretty awesome!

Isn't my Easter Basket beautiful?

This is serious business guys!

What's goin on?

Checkin it all out!

Easter Bunny. . come here

I made out pretty good

Is this smile ok?

How bout this one?

Yummy. . .candy!

Just let me get one more!

Let's see what all I got

First egg hunt for me

Hmmmm. . . .

Maybe next year I'll do this thing!

Thanks to all those who helped make
Jackson's 5th Annual Easter Egg Hunt
a huge success!

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