Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

 Trick or Treat
Photo Gallery - 2008

Trick or Treat arrived back in Jackson Township after an absence of over 35 years.  Kids and the young-at-heart were out in full force collecting their goodies!  Here's some photos taken at the municipal building where free treats were given out to those stopping by.

Who's that clown with the big red nose?

Batman helps get the treats ready.

First trick or treater of the evening.

Where's the candy???

This is creepy!

Trick or Treat

Old man looking through the door
of the Municipal Building

Who let the dogs out?

Don't cry little cowboy. . . .

Supervisors watch over the stash of goodies

How about a pink flamingo?

Pretty and dressed up

Here comes Dracula!


What is this wild looking thing?

Check out the white hair!

Scary creature enters through door

One of many soldiers during the evening

They just keep on coming!

Oh no!. . .here comes Jason!

Minnie escorted by Presidential Candidate
Barack Obama who took time out of his busy
campaign schedule to make an appearance
in Jackson Township!

The old man opens the door for Minnie & Obama

The true identities: 
Minnie = Adrianne  & Obama = Ashley

This trick or treating has worked up
an appetite!  Maybe Pat & Carlene
can help with some Vinco Pizza!

Ashley, Adrianne & Levi surrounded
by ghosts at the Smith house.

The Smith's go all out for Halloween!

Welcome to the "Adams Family"
. .Adams Avenue that is . . .

Snoopy & The Gang

Eh oh. . .someone's brewing up some trouble!

Check out Morgan as a pirate!

Aahhh. . .ain't that cute.

The Incredible Hulk

Cute little elephant with big floppy ears

Check these guys out


May the force be with you

This is so much fun!

If you have any Trick or Treat night photos to share, contact the Township Office at 749-0725 or send an email to office@jacksontwppa.com   Hope everyone had a good time and see ya'll next year!

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