Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Eagle Scout Project (A. J. Pagano)


A. J. Pagno's Eagle Scout Project involved landscaping an area around the flag pole between the two ball fields at Mitchell Park. In addition a flood light was installed to illuminate the flag pole and two benches were constructed.  The project was completed in 2008.

The beginnings of a great project

Let's get his done

Fellow scouts lend a hand

Time for a group photo

Look out. . here comes dad!

Trench for electrical cable to install a spotlight on the flag pole

Installing the light

Stuff to keep the weeds out

Beginning to take shape

Layin landscape bricks

Rodell Snyder, Troop 204 Leader gets in on the action

Troop 204 Scouts pitch in to get the project moving

A big improvement and more yet to be done

Time for another group photo!

A. J. starts construction on two park benches

Benches now in place and project nearly completed

A. J. attaches sign recognizing the project done by Troop 204

The finished project complete with flag

A nice place to sit and enjoy the games at Mitchell Park

American flag waves over project area

Thanks A. J. for a job well done and helping to beautify Mitchell Park!

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