Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Eagle Scout Project (Cory Henry)


Cory Henry of Jackson Township Troop 204 Boy Scouts completely refurbished the Bio-Diversity area at Leidy Park as an Eagle Scout Project and obtaining the Eagle Scout rank.  The Bio-Diversity area was originally put in in 2007 but needed some finishing touches.  Several of the original trees died and weeds started to overtake the area.  This project included the replacement of the dead trees, weeding and maintenance, installation of landscape fabric and a walking trail with mulch and putting in a rest area where people can sit down and take a rest and enjoy the natural habitat.  In addition, bird houses have been installed along with other enhancements to beautify the area.

Trees ready to go!

Before. . .

Trimmer Man

Gotta start somewhere

Mr. Henry ponders the situation

We are diggin this project

Three guys to dig one hole?

Looks pretty good


Straight on back

Are we done yet?

Water area before

Newly planted shrubs

Laying down decorative brick edging

Pre-packaged table

Here's the legs

Add four seats

I think that's the way it goes

Job well done . . .let's take a break!

Bringing in more supplies

Lotz of tools

More bricks

I think it's quittin time

More digging

More dirt

Here comes the dirt

Work, work, work

The boss lady leaving the worksite

Someone is up to no good

A scouts work is never done

No shortage of laborers

Morning brings a new day

Area starting to shape up

Let's get this show on the road!

Will we ever be done?

I've never seen so much dirt in my life

Getting closer to the finish

Plastic. . .we need more plastic!

Let's move this dirt from over here to over there

This is one big project!

That is one big load of mulch!

This stuff sure looks perty

This should help keep the weeds out


More mulch. . . we need more mulch!

Putting on the finishing touches

Starting to look like a park

Looking good

This is the way we rake the mulch


We got er dun

Makes you want to sit down for awhile

What a difference

Bio-Diversity area refurbished with mulch and
several trees replaced.  Also general
maintenance was done on the area.

New trail installed with decorative brick edging

Rest area along trail features new concrete table

View of Bio-Diversity area looking north


Great place for residents to enjoy a break at
Leidy Park's
new natural habitat area.


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