Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania


Jackson Heritage Festival


Festival Videos
Jackson Heritage Festival Video (Courtesy of Judy Rose)
Seniors Movin & Groovin Video (Courtesy of Judy Rose)

It's time to construct the stage. . THANKS Dave!

The Festival grounds take shape for the big event

Supervisor Bruce wheels in to check things out

Baskets galore to be raffled off

What's the scoop?. . . ice cream that is.

Sno-Kones anyone?

Hagerich Auto. . the home of the fantastic funnel cakes!


Neighbors Who Care - famous for their fresh cut fries
& BBQ pulled pork sandwiches.

Won't you be my neighbor?

Crafts, crafts and more crafts


Check out the cool State Police vehicle!

Children's area at Veterans Park - lots of cool stuff to do

Every kind of food imaginable!

Crafts galore delight festival-goers

Nothing like hand made crafts by various artists & crafters

The woodworking genius - a regular at the Festival!

Boy Scout Troop 204 provide a variety of games

The ever popular throw the dime on the glass table game

Can I help today mom?

America rules!

Not just face painting. . .a work of art

Jester mingles in the crowd

Living Treasures Petting Zoo had a wide variety of unique animals

Do you believe this big guy is 25 years old???

Time for supper

This petting zoo stuff is wearing me out. . I need a break!

Did someone say dinner???

Hey kids. . come on over

This is my formal attire

I just love my job

This petting zoo stuff is not all it's quacked up to be

I'm not with the Petting Zoo. . I'm with the Benshoff Hill 4-H Club!

A. J. comes through again by providing hayrides


Betty & Dave have a much needed break

Breaks over. . time to get to work

Shane & Aaron. . . a few of the many Festival staff that help make things run smoothly. . .oh yes.. the pretty girl in the pink is Kim

Festival kicks off with the local popular Irish Folk Band, Tree

Yes. . that is a washboard he's playing

Jerry Inthiar gears up with Polka Time!

Jazz In Your Face, an 18 piece orchestra performs for the audience

All that jazz

How did they do that? . . she should be cut in half?

John Robertson, magician performs his magic by getting 4 grown men to dress up like women in front of a crowd. . now that's magic!

Daffy Dill pauses for a photo

Classic Clowns delight children with face painting
and balloons while entertaining the adults with unique
gags on the Festival grounds

Balloons are FUN!

Cambria County Arts Center provides
for children's crafts

This is not as easy as it sounds

Can't I use my hands?

I need some help. . . fast!

Concentrate. . . . .

I think I've got it now

Here goes the ole hoop

This is a prize winning hoop throw

OK. . what next

Let the games begin

The favorite game on a hot day involved ICE

Whew. . my feet are freezin!

Bobbing for apples

This is gettin pretty crowded

Steady does it

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce

Would you know it's an election year?

Brittany. . . will you marry me?

She said YES! . . . Yes. . Eric proposed to Brittany
during the break of the Fabulous Flashbacks

The family of the future bride

The family of the future groom

Sound man of the Flashbacks makes sure it's just right

Everyone needs a little shakin around now and then

The Flashbacks always pack the house

A Saturday night tradition - Flashbacks & fireworks

Oldies music tends to bring back many memories

Man. . what a sound system!

It's cuddle time on the dance floor

Slow dancin. . swayin to the music

The Fabulous Flashbacks back for their 5th year

Fireworks light up the sky behind the Veterans Monument

The Dively Family provide bluegrass
gospel music on Sunday morning

Jackson Township group, The Masters perform Southern Gospel

It's time for pickin and grinnin courtesy of Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek has quite a following up her in the mountains

Getting the Petting Zoo animals to safety
before an upcoming storm

A severe storm with 50-60 mph gusts
just about blows the tents away

Festival-goers get out of their seats and hold on to poles to keep the tents from collapsing - what a valiant effort on holding down the fort or should we say tents

It's amazing how everyone joined forces when the
storm came . . .great job everyone!

Weather causes many vendors to have an early exit

The winds calm, but the rain continues for awhile

The storm goes through and Clay Bowser takes
the stage as the show goes on and things get back to normal

Everyone rises as Clay ends his performance
with his rousing edition of "God Bless the USA"

Take note. . .this band is destined for Nashville and country music fame.  They recently won a country band competition sponsored by superstar Kenny Chesney.

Dave August . . . .introduced as the man with the golden
throat. . man. . this boy can SING!

Some of Jackson's finest. . . Bruce, Dave & John

Dave sings country with a rock style that wowed the crowd

Left to right:    Luke is a fiddle mad man while Johnny plays guitar      Geo gets crazy on the bass
Brian does electric guitar while Dave sings his heart out     NoMAD is definitely a great band. . no doubt about it!

Left to right:  Computerized lights add to the excitement of the show       Band members pose for photos and sign
autographs after the show      NoMAD clowns around as car lights shine on the band for those taking photos

NoMAD  . . . . . .what a great way to end the Jackson Heritage Festival. . .
we can get these guys for next year!

Ariel view taken by Sal Rubino at close of 2008 Jackson Heritage Festival.

Ariel view taken by Sal Rubino at close of 2008 Jackson Heritage Festival.

Ariel view of Veterans Park taken by Sal Rubino at close of 2008 Jackson Heritage Festival.

Ariel view taken by Sal Rubino at close of 2008 Jackson Heritage Festival.

Ariel view taken by Sal Rubino at close of 2008 Jackson Heritage Festival.

Everyone had a great time. . .plan
to attend next year for a bigger &
better Heritage Festival!

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