Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania


Jackson Heritage Festival


The Dively-Shawver Gospel Bluegrass Band

The Dively-Shawver Gospel Bluegrass Band started in the late 1960's after John Dively upset a farm tractor and spent nearly a year healing while taking therapy.  After teaching his wife JoAnn to play the guitar and encouraging her to sing, they started playing in church and for many civic organizations in the area.  They have 6 children and 15 grandchildren, of which one of them, John Jr. played the 5-string banjo with the Dively Family for over 20 years.  John Jr. wanted time off from their ever-busy schedule to spend more time with his family.  When John and JoAnn met with Ron and Missy Shawver in January, 2002 and realized Ron had played in many banjo contests with John Jr., they decided they all belonged together as a group.  Ron and Missy are very active in their Huntingdon area church and Ron also belonged to another group called Buffalo Run in the State College area.  John has written several songs over the years, the better known one is titled "Memories of Dad" which was written about his blind father.  The group has made three recordings and play a wide variety of instruments.  John plays mandolin, JoAnn plays the flat-top guitar, Missy plays the upright bass and Ron plays the 5-string banjo.  The Dively-Shawver Family enjoy their time together keeping bluegrass alive, but most of all enjoy singing and praising the Lord with old-time hymns and gospel songs. 

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