Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania


Jackson Heritage Festival - 2011



BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches - Neighbors Who Care
BBQ Ribs - Mercik's Ideal Supermarket
Beef BBQ Sandwiches - Camp 18 Concessions
Cake (Assorted) - Jackson Twp. Sr. Center
Chicken & Biscuit Dinner  - Jackson Twp. Fire Hall (Friday - 5 - 7 pm)
Chicken Fingers - Carol's Concessions
Chicken Salad - B & T Concessions
Chicken Tenders - Mercik's Ideal Supermarket
Chicken Teriyaki On A Stick - Paul Marsh
Chicken Wraps - B & T Concessions
Chippers - Carol's Concessions
Cinnamon Rolls - The Pie Shoppe
Cookies - Mercik's Ideal Supermarket, The Pie Shoppe
Cotton Candy - Sydorick Concessions
Curly Fries  - Don Yahnert
Egg Rolls - Paul Marsh
Fresh Cut American Fries - Neighbors Who Care
Fresh Fruit Cups - Mercik's Ideal Supermarket
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade - Sydorick Concessions
Fried Chicken - Mercik's Ideal Supermarket
Fried Rice - Paul Marsh
Frozen Smoothies - Mercik's Ideal Supermarket
Fudge - Fudgie Wudgie (22 Flavors), Hagerich Auto Sales,
Funnel Cakes - Hagerich Auto Sales
Gobs - Mercik's Ideal Supermarket, The Pie Shoppe
Halushki - Jackson Twp. Sr. Center
Ham BBQ Sandwiches - Camp 18 Concessions
Hamburgers  - Don Yahnert, Camp 18 Concessions
Homemade Rootbeer - Double H Rootbeer
Hot Dogs - Neighbors Who Care
Hot Sausage Sandwiches  - Don Yahnert
Ice Cream - Paulette's Ice Cream
Ice Cream Sundaes - Paulette's Ice Cream
Kettle Korn - J. S. D. Vending
Kielbasa Sandwiches - Mercik's Ideal Supermarket
Loaded Fries - B & T Concessions, Neighbors Who Care
Loaded Nachos - Cabin Cafe
Macaroni Salad - Blacklick Valley Band
Pancake Breakfast - Jackson Twp. Fire Hall (Sunday - 8 am - ?)
Pepperoni Rolls - Sal's Pizza, The Pie Shoppe
Pierogies - Mercik's Ideal Supermarket
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches - Carol's Concessions
Pies (Assorted Homemade) - The Pie Shoppe
Pigs in a Blanket - Jackson Twp. Sr. Center
Pit Beef Sandwiches - Camp 18 Concessions
Pizza - Sal's Pizza, The Pie Shoppe
Popcorn  - Judy & Terry Cooper
Pork Kabobs - Paul Marsh
Potato Melt Sandwich  - Don Yahnert
Potato Salad - Mercik's Ideal Supermarket  & Jackson Twp. Senior Center
Pumpkin Rolls - The Pie Shoppe
Punky's Soft Shell Tacos - Cabin Cafe
Roasted Cashews & Bavarian Almonds - J. S. D. Vending
Root Beer Floats - Paulette's Ice Cream
Shaved Ice Sno-Kones - Kiel's Sno Kones
Sloppy Joes - Blacklick Valley Band, Mercik's Ideal Market
Spaghetti Dinner - Jackson Twp. Fire Hall (Saturday - 5 - 7 pm)
Strawberry Shortcake - St. Pauls Lutheran Church
Stromboli - Sal's Pizza
Walkin Tacos - Cabin Cafe
Wings - B & T Concessions


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