Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania


Leidy Park Bio-Diveristy Project

Natural Biodiversity parterning with Jackson Township recently completed the planting for a Habitat Enhancement Project at Leidy Park.  The project when fully developed will include trees, native plants, flowers, benches, bird houses and a water feature along with educational signs along the walking trail.


Plants are ready to go!

Trees are ready to go!

Rakes and shovels are ready to go!

Bio-Diversity planting area just off the walking track
on the westerly side of Leidy Park.

Trees galore!


This tree should provide instant shade.


I told you these trees were tall.

Steady does it.

This tree dolly was a great idea!

Lets git er done!


Look out. . .tree coming on board!

Scouts and other volunteers get instructions
from Bio-Diversity organizers.


A planting we will go. . a planting we will go. .


Checking out the site.

This is the way we're going to do it.

Check out this tree guys.

Here's one in the ground.

Is this where you need me to dig?


Let's pick this baby up.


Heavier than you think. . huh?

This dolly saves alot on the back.


These trees have some big roots for sure.

Many hands lighten the load.


We really dig this Bio-Diversity project.

Here's how you shovel. . just like this.

Does this look ok?


Might need to dig just a little more.

Everybody lift on the count of 3.


Plants put in with loving care.


This one looks pretty good.

But this shovel is too big for me.


I'll try it if you help me.

Digging and more digging.


I got the hang of this now.

This looks like a good spot.


Rodell Snyder checks out newly planted bush.

All toghether now. . .


How many more of these bushes are there??

I think this is the spot for this one.

Let's make sure it's straight guys.

Is it break time yet?

One, two, three, PUSH!


Good work guys.


I think the hole needs to be a little deeper.

Dalton Baker does his part by digging a hole.

Look out. . here come's another one!


This little bush will grow into a big bush someday.


Hmmmm. . is it growing yet???

I can do this little one.


My dad taught me how to use all these tools!

Township Supervisor, Bruce Baker
helps to steady tree on tree dolly.

We're going to learn about trees and plants today.


Unloading trees off of truck.

Volunteers are busy as bees planting bushes and shrubs.

Timber. . . . . .


Nice and straight. . that's the way.

Look out. . here we come.

Get out of the way. . . tree coming through!


We're making progress guys.


One more coming through.

Is this the last tree yet?

Here we go again.


This looks like a good spot.

When's break time?


Township Supervisor, Bruce Baker
assists Jackson Boy Scouts Troop 204 in
 planting a large tree for the habitat

Volunteers rom Jackson Township, Bio-Diversity and
Jackson Boy Scouts Troop 204 carry out the mass planting
of trees, shrubs and bushes

Group photo of volunteers assisting in Leidy Park's Bio-Diversity Project Planting Day

Eagle Scout Project - Cory Henry



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