Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Master Ordinance, Resolution
& Policy Index

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Master Ordinance Index


Vacate road (LR-11030)
2 Creating Water Authority and Articles of Incorporation
3 Prohibiting dumping & accumulation of garbage and refuse
4 Collection, removal & disposal of garbage and refuse
5 Approve contract with Jackson Township Water Authority for installation of fire hydrants
6 Granting rights to Water Authority to lay mains and replace lines in public roads
7 Prohibiting, opening, construction or dedicating roads or streets except by approved plans submitted to the Supervisors
8 Prohibiting dogs running lose
9 Authorize and regulate sanitary landfills
10 Regulating storage, collection & disposal of garbage & refuse
11 Erection of building for Township purposes
12 Regulating junkyards, dealers & licensing
13 Opening & adopting public road (off T-431)
14 Earned Income Tax (See Ordinance # 127)
15 Creating Planning Commission (Repealed - See Ordinance # 20 - 11/13/70)
16 Disorderly Conduct
17 Curfew - Boys & girls under 16 years of age (Repealed - See Ordinance # 19)
18 Regulating sewage disposal systems & permitting
19 Curfew - Boys & girls under 18 years of age
20 Creating Planning Commission (Repealed - See Ordinance # 49)
21 Parking on Township roads & streets during specified hours
22 Establishing weight limits on Township roads
23 Opening & adopting Price Street and First Street (Mackall Lot Plan)
24 Opening & adopting Glenn Street
25 Adopting Spruce Street
26 Creating Recreation Commission
27 Installation & regulation of holding tanks
28 Per Capita Tax Levy (Act 511)
29 Adopting Mulberry Street
30 Adopting Hemlock Street
31 Fixing rate of Tax Collector (commission)
32 Adopting Rose Street Extension & Kissell Lane
33 Adopting Extension to Harmony Drive
34 Adopting School Street
35 Amendment to Ordinance # 19 (Curfew - Boys & girls under 18 years of age
36 Increasing Recreation Commission to nine members
37 Permits required for opening, cutting along or across Township roads & streets (Road Encroachment)
38 Authorizing purchase of parcel of land
39 Conveyance of parcel of land (Joseph R. & Shirley Fletcher)
40 Regulating peddling & license
41 Building Permits (See Ordinance # 66)
42 Traffic Regulations (Signs) (See Ordinance # 67)
43 Amending Ordinance # 41 (Building Permits)
44 Building Permits (Flood Plain)
44-1 Building Permits (Flood Plain) (Ordinance 44 Amended)
45 Granting franchise to Johnstown Cable TV (See Ordinance # 68)
46 Police Dog (injury, tease or kill) (Repealed Ordinance # 50)
47 Requiring tap into water system (Amending Ordinance # 157)
48 Land Subdivision (See Ordinance # 150)
49 Planning Commission
50 Dog used by Police
51 Accepting plan & certain streets - Leisure Village
52 Adopting Anderson Drive
53 Realty Transfer Tax (See Ordinance # 126)
54 Adopting Thomas Lane
55 Adopting Zurenda Drive & Cherrywood Lane
56 Laying out, opening & adopting Zurenda Drive & Cherrywood Lane
57 Regulating weight limits on posted roads & streets requiring tarps (See Ordinance # 102)
58 Driveway Permits
59 Electrical Speed Device, Vascar & other devices
60 Adopt Robin Terrace
61 Occupational Privilege Tax ($5.00)
62 Sewage sludge & toxic waste materials (See Addendum # 82)
63 Adopting Margaret Street & Catherine Street Extension (Kline Lot Plan)
64 Adopting Maple Street & cul-de-sac (Mayview Lot Plan)
65 Granting franchise to Eastern Telecom Corporation Cable TV
66 Building Permits Procurement
67 Regulating streets & highways (traffic signs)
68 Granting franchise to Teleprompter Cable
69 Amendment to Ordinance # 66 (Building Permits Procurement)
70 Vacate Kinney Avenue
71 $2,000 annual compensation for Supervisor
72 No parking on Route 271 (Bracken Street)
73 Adopting Leidy Lane (Karlinsey Conveyance)
74 Vacating a portion of T-512 (Newcomer Road)
75 Stop Signs (Harmony Drive 4-way & Leidy Lane Extension)
76 Number inadvertently left out
77 Cambria County Drug Task Force - Attorney General
78 Cambria County Drug Task Force - Municipalities
79 PLGIT - Capital Reserve Fund
80 Compensation to Water Authority members
81 Jake Brake - Noise Abatement
82 Addendum to Ordinance # 62 (Sewage sludge & toxic waste materials)
83 Cambria County Drug Task Force - District Attorney
84 Cambria County Drug Task Force
85 Vacating a portion of Mackall Avenue
86 Fire loss insurance proceeds as security for clean-up (See Ordinance # 97)
87 Solid Waste
88 Building Permits
89 Township Manager
90 Authorizing non-electoral indebtedness for Sewer Authority - US Bank - $750,780.00
91 Authorizing guaranty of 56.81% of Pennvest loan to Sewer Authority - $350,000.00
92 Declaring certain activities as public nuisances - lewd dancing, etc.
93 Establishing the time and use of public facilities
94 Stormwater Management (See Ordinance # 132)
95 No parking, snow roads, fire lanes
96 Mandatory tap ordinance - sewage (See Ordinance # 98)
97 Fire loss as insurance proceeds as security (Repeal Ordinance # 86)
98 Amending Ordinance # 96 (Mandatory tap ordinance - sewage)
99 Civil Penalties (See Ordinance # 101)
100 Authorizing the incurring of lease rental debt 56.81% of Pennvest loan
101 Civil & Criminal Penalties
102 Weight Limits on Township Roads
103 Prescribing procedure & requirements relating to the cable franchises to reflect changes in applicable law
104 Prohibiting Smoking
105 Chambers Laurel Highlands Landfill Road
106 Self-Liquidating Lease Rental Debt
107 Participation of multi-municipal local agency for sewage
108 Establishing standards for sewage / wastewater collection & conveyance system
109 Providing for establishing and collection of reasonable fees - Jackson Township Fire Company
110 Number of members and terms for Planning Commission members
111 Mandatory Water Tap (Amending Ordinance # 157)
112 Conveyance of parcel of land from Beth Energy Mines
113 Conveyance of parcel of land from Richard P. & Sheila M. Machuta
114 Designating a primary provider of emergency medical services
115 Agreement with Jackson Township Water Authority to acquire, construct, own and operate certain water system facilities
116 Standards for sewage / wastewater collection & conveyance system - Amending Ordinance # 108
117 Authorizing & establishing a fee for Real Estate Tax Certifications
118 Zoning You can view a particular zone or the entire Zoning Ordinance by clicking on one of the following links.  The entire zoning ordinance takes time to load on your computer.  You can view each zone individually as follows: R-1 Zone (Residential), R-2 Zone (Residential), C Zone (Commercial), I Zone (Industrial), A Zone (Agricultural). You can view a small or large Zoning Map of Jackson Township to see what area you are in:Small Township Map, Large Township Map (See Ordinance # 168)
119 Pornography Ordinance (Amending Ordinance # 92)
120 Compensation for members of Jackson Township Water Authority
121 Addendum # 1 to Ordinance # 89 (Township Manager)
122 Motor vehicle weight limitations
123 Speed limits for motor vehicles on certain roadways
124 Authorizing & establishing participation in Cambria County Building Codes Agency
125 Regulates Adult Businesses (See Ordinance # 168)
126 Realty Transfer Tax (Amending Ordinance # 53)
127 Earned Income Tax (Amending Ordinance # 14)
128 Changes to Zoning Ordinance (See Ordinance # 168)
129 Adopting Pennsylvania State Uniform Construction Code
130 Authorizing participation in the Cambria County Building Codes Enforcement Agency and entering into an Inter-Municipal Agreement
131 Requiring working sewage disposal systems
132 Stormwater Management (Repeal Ordinance # 94)
133 Changes to Zoning Ordinance - hunters rights
(See Ordinance # 168)
134 Authorizing Manager to approve police schedules and resolve complaints (Addendum # 2 to Ordinance # 89)
135 Authorizes Fire Company to engage in Mutual Aid & Other Activities
136 No Parking Signs on Route 271
137 Changes to Zoning Ordinance - signs, lot size in Ag Zone
(See Ordinance # 168)
138 Mandatory Tap Ordinance for Croyle Township Water Project
139 Roadmaster Ordinance to regulate installation of traffic control signs and penalties established
140 Wind Turbine Generators
141 Oil and Gas Drilling Operations - Surface and Land Development
142 Penalty imposed for missing Supervisors Meetings (Amending Ordinance # 71)
143 Joint Municipal Comprehensive Plan with Cambria Twp. & Ebensburg
144 Mandatory Water Tap when properties change ownership (Amending Ordinance # 157)
145 Joint purchase of paving machine with Cambria Township
146 Pine Lock Street Ordination
147 Real Estate Transfer Tax (Amending Ordinance # 126)
148 Holding Tanks for Temporary Campground Sewage Facilities
(Amending Ordinance # 131)
149 Changes to Zoning Ordinance - campgrounds, home businesses, private game preserves, crematoriums) (Amending Ordinance # 118)
150 Land Subdivision Ordinance - Table of Contents, Article I General Provisions, Article II Major Subdivision Requirements, Article III Minor Subdivision Requirements, Article IV Mobile Home Park Design Standards, Article V Supplementary Land Development Requirements, Article VI Recreational & Seasonal Land Development Requirements, Article VII Fees, Article VIII Relief From Requirements, Article IX Administration, Amendment & Enforcement, Article X Definitions - Specific Terms
151 Pudliner Lane Ordination
152 Inter-Municipal Agreement with East Taylor Township for maintenance on Pudliner Lane
153 Sewer Dye Test Ordinance
154 Joint purchase of Asphalt Hauler and Road Repair Kettle with Cambria Township & Ebensburg Borough
155 Changes to Zoning Ordinance - Small Windmills
(See Ordinance # 168)
156 Johnstown Regional Sewage Collection System rules, pre-treatment program, permitting, enforcement and fees.
157 Mandatory Water Tap Within 200 Feet
158 Setting Compensation of Tax Collector
159 Violent Sexual Predator Ordinance
160 Parks & Senior Center Rules Ordinance
161 Contractor Responsibility with State Building Code
162 Changes to Zoning Ordinance - Public Sewer & Water Faciliti (See Ordinance # 168)  
163 Establishing Central Cambria Codes Enforcement Agency and Central Cambria Codes Enforcment Agency Inter-Municipal Agreement

Establishing Central Cambria Codes Enforcement Agency Board of Appeals and Central Cambria Codes Enforcement Agency Board of Appeals Inter-Municipal Agreement

165 Loan Guarantee Agreement for Swigle Mountain Water Projectd
166 Local Municipal Services Tax
167 Long Term Financing - Swigle Mountain Water Project and Guaranty Agreement
168 Zoning Ordinance - Seperate but Consistent Rezoning  
Zoning Map of Jackson Township - 2011
169 Nusiance Ordinance
170 Flood Plain Ordinance (Ammended)
171 Fords Corner North Sewer Line Mandatory Tap-In Ordinance
172 Fords Corner North Sewer Line - Blacklick Valley Municipal Authority
173 Obstructions or Nuisances on Public Streets and Roads
174 Changes to Zoning Ordinance - Animal Husbandry (See Ordinance # 168)
175 Property Maintenance Code
176 Zoning Amendment - Power Generation
177 Mandatory Sewer Tap Ordinance
178 Zoning Amendment - Miscellaneous Items
179 Establish Penalties for Intr. Property Maintenance Code Violations
180 Volunteer First Responders Tax Credit

Master Resolution Index

4-63 Edminston Agreement
  Contract between Merle Gillin and Jackson Township
  Jackson Planning Commission participating in regional planning of Blacklick Area
11-73 East Taylor Water Authority - Furnishing water to Jackson Township residents
  Formation of Advisory Council for Mainline Communications System
  Authorizing application for flood insurance
  Designate Wayne Horner to sign forms for Community Facilities Grant
  Appoint Dan Albright as Police Commissioner
7-75 Resolution authorizing participation of an Advisory Council for Mainline communications System & appointment of a representative to such Advisory Council
6-79 Resolution authorizing name change of Jackson Township Civil Defense Organization
  Retain Russell McCauliff as Sewage Enforcement Officer
  Municipal Engineer must file Financial Interest Statement
6-80 Approving streets in Leisure Village
2-81 Appoint Recorder of Deeds of Cambria County as Agent to collect Realty Transfer Tax
2-82 Extend life of Jackson Township Water Authority
5-82 Appoint Dowey Croyle to fill unexpired term of Leonard Kmett
6-82 E. G. Hammer Estate - Subdivision
7-82 Stop signs erected at Leisure Village
1-83 Appoint Ed Simmons to fill unexpired term of James Myers Sr.
1-83-2 Pension plan changed to Laborers International Union of North America
1-83-3 Termination of Pension Plan with Columbia Life Insurance Policies
2-83-4 Help Young America Week
2-83-5 Vascar speed checking device
6-84 Referendum on ballot - use of electronic voting machines
7-84 Adopting proposed 1985 Tax Structure
8-85 Appoint Cambria County Redevelopment Authority to administer CDBG Funds
10-85 1 mill tax for fire hydrant service
11-86 Appoint Dowey Croyle as Chairman of Supervisors
12-86 Appoint Gail Howie as Chief Officer of Non-Uniformed Pension Fund
13-86 Recreational Improvement & Rehabilitation Act Program
13-87 Reimbursement of expenses for Jackson Township Planning Commission for trips to the Cambria County Courthouse
14-87 Appointment of Paulette Ciner as Tax Collector
15-88 Pennsylvania Emergency Management Services
16-88 Approving application for 1988 CDBG Funds
18-88 Agreement to settle - Kist lawsuit
19-88 1/2 mill tax increase to support Jackson Township Fire Co. & Ambulance
20-88 Extension of Cablevision
22-88 Retention and / or distribution of excess spoil or fill
23-89 Local option - small games of chance
24-89 Approving application for Community Facilities Grant of $75,000 for Loraine sewer improvements
25-89 Approving application for 1989 CDBG Funds
26-89 Fair Housing
33-89 Laurel Run Watershed
1-90 Appointing Christine Gillin to 2 year term as Auditor.
2-90 Placing electronic voting machines on ballot
3-90 Develop Comprehensive Community Development Plan
8-90 Certifying completion of work done at Mitchell Park with a $50,000 RIRA grant
9-90 New Development Impact Fees
1-91 Municipal Waste Management Plan
2-91 Create Capital Reserve Fund
3-91 Approving application for 1991 CDBG Funds
4-91 Update Alternative 4 of the Sewage Collection & Conveyance System serving the Rt. 271 corridor.
5-91 Laurel Highlands Landfill Certification
6-91 911 Emergency System
7-91 EIT & OPT Tax Collector - Berkheimer Associates
8-91 Plan revision for new land development
10-91 Opposition to House Bill 678
2-92 Approving application for 1992 CDBG Funds 
3-92 Official Sewage Facilities Plan
4-92 Establish the Jackson / East-Taylor Sewer Authority
3-93 Sewage Feasibility Study
4-93 Sunshine Act - public comments
5-93 Approving application for 1993 CDBG Funds
10-93 Sale of truck to Jackson Township Water Authority
14-93 Compensation for members of the Jackson / East-Taylor Sewer Authority
15-93 Pennvest Loan
1-94 Compensation of Township Manager
2-94 Establishing Medical Insurance for Township Employees
3-94 Distribution of Grant regarding Seat Belt / Helmet Awareness
5-94 Approving application for 1994 CDBG Funds
6-94 Photocopies & research fees
7-94 Cablevision rate regulation
8-94 Cablevision allocates municipal resources
11-94 Holding Tank Agreement - Irwins
1-95 Compensation of Township Manager
2-95 Approving application for 1995 CDBG Funds
3-95 Establish position of full time Police Chief
4-95 Stormwater Management engineering fees
6-95 Study of law enforcement services
8-95 Pennvest Loan
10-95 Claim property of Jackson Township in possession of Treasurer of Commonwealth of PA
12-95 CDL Licensing
2-96 Funding for Volunteer Fire Company
3-96 Support development of Route 219
  Approving application for 1996 CDBG Funds
7-96 Capital Reserve Fund
2-97 Holding Tank Agreement - Burkharts
4-97 Approving application for 1997 CDBG Funds
5-97 Using CDBG Funds for the Senior & Handicapped Activities Center
6-97 Conemaugh Valley Conservancy, Inc.
  Approving application for 1998 CDBG Funds
8-98 Occupational Privilege & EIT Tax Collector - Berkheimer Associates
3-99 Participate in PA Dept. of General Services Cooperative Purchasing Program
4-99 Cambria County Sewage Enforcement Agency
  Approving Use of 1999 CDBG Funds
6-99 Appointment of Berkheimer Associates to collect taxes
7-99 Taxpayer Bill of Rights
9-99 Transfer of Cable Franchise to Charter Communications
  Approving application for 2000 CDBG Funds
4-01 Take action necessary to support the Connectiv Mid-Merit Proposal
5-01 Fire Company Mutual Aid Agreement
6-01 Designating Jackson Volunteer Fire Company & Ambulance as primary provider. 
  Interchange lighting on Route 22
  Support of the Cambria County Pathways to Progress Plan
  Approving application for of 2001 CDBG Funds
  Filing Grant Application with DCNR for Sr. Center Walking Trail
8-01 Zoning Ordinance Fee Schedule
1-02 Establishing Police Pension Fund
2-02 Approving application for 2002 CDBG Funds
3-02 Revised Zoning Fee Schedule
4-02 Revised Zoning Fee Schedule
5-02 Revised Zoning Fee Schedule
6-02 Act 537 Sewage Plan Revision (Brazil - Cherrywood)
7-02 Consent of Right of Entry Agreement
8-02 Adopting Proposed 2003 Budget
9-02 Adopting 2003 Tax Structure
1-03 Making Police Pension retroactive
2-03 Sunshine Act - public comment
3-03 Interchange Lighting on Route 22 corridor
4-03 Approving application for 2003 CDBG Funds
5-03 Approving application for 2003 Competitive Funds
6-03 Approving application for 2003 Competitive Funds
7-03 Applying for emergency aid from PEMA (snow emergency)
8-03 Designation of David Hirko as Agent for Resolution 07-03
9-03 Joining Cambria County Building Codes Agency
10-03 Waiving certain fees for driveways. 
11-03 Regulation of sewage holding tanks and sample maintenance agreement
12-03 Appointing Berkheimer to collect Earned Income Tax
12-03-01 Dedication of Pennzoil Drive
13-03 Contract with Berkheimer to collect Earned Income Tax
14-03 Contract with Berkheimer to collect Occupational Priv. Tax
15-03 Appointing Berkheimer to collect Occupational Priv. Tax
1-04 Taxpayer's Bill of Rights
2-04 Provide assistance to Water Authority, JETSA, Fire Company and PennDOT where necessary
3-04 Expenditure of Funds Policy
4-04 Approving application of 2004 CDBG Funds
5-04 Application for grant - Cambria County Building Codes Agency
6-04 Plan revision for new land development at Amfire Mining Complex
7-04 Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000
8-04 Revised Zoning Fee Schedule
9-04 Participation in PA Capital City Purchasing Program
10-04 Stormwater Management and Permits for Connection to the MS4
11-04 Authorizing application to DCNR for Recreation Planning Grant
12-04 Application to file for grant for playground equipment at Leidy Park
13-04 Acceptance of dedication of Raymond Drive & Eagle Drive
1-05 Appointing Berkheimer to collect delinquent Per Capita Taxes
2-05 Approving application for 2005 CDBG Funds
3-05 Approving application for 2005 CDBG Competitive Funds
4-05 Approving application for 2005 CDBG Competitive Funds
5-05 Implementing the National Incident Management System
6-05 Adopting Proposed 2006 Budget
7-05 Adopting 2006 Tax Structure
1-06 Join with Cambria Twp. & Ebensburg to form Cen. Cambria Coalition
2-06 Approving application for 2006 CDBG Funds
3-06 Authorization to apply for DCNR Grant for Leidy Park Recreation
4-06 Mandatory use of seat belts in vehicles covered under insurance
5-06 Mandatory random drug testing for police officers
6-06 Clarifying names of Township roads
7-06 Apply for LUPTAP for Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan
8-06 Amend Act 537 Plan for Dishong Mountain Road Sewer Line
9-06 Adoption of Comprehensive Plan
10-06 Grant for joint purchase of paving machine with Cambria Township
11-06 Adopting Proposed 2007 Budget
12-06 Adopting 2007 Tax Structure
1-07 Close Out of Grant for Recreation Master Plan
2-07 Filing Grant Application for Mitchell Park with DCNR
3-07 Approving application for 2007 CDBG Funds
4-07 Approving use for $500,000 in Competitive CDBG Funds towards Wagner Road & Chickaree Hill Road Water Project
5-07 Central Cambria Coalition Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee
6-07 Support of 2007 Tour de Toona In Jackson Township
7-07 Granting Deed of Right-Of-Way & Easement - JETSA Sewer Project
8-07 Not permitting early withdrawals from Conseco Police Pension
9-07 Adopting Proposed 2008 Budget
10-07 Adopting 2008 Tax Structure
11-07 Grant for joint purchase of Asphalt Hauler & Road Repair Kettle with Cambria Township & Ebensburg Borough
12-07 Adopting Fords Corner North Wastewater System Module
1-08 Approving application for 2008 CDBG Funds
2-08 PennDOT Agility Agreement
3-08 Filing of grant application for Leidy Park land acquisition.
4-08 Increasing Tax Certification Fee
5-08 Adopting Loraine Road Wastewater System Module
6-08 Grant Application for Planning Iniatives - Cen. Cambria Coalition
7-08 Restaurant Liquor License Transfer form Nanty Glo to Jackson Twp.
8-08 Restoring Coal Assessments to Prior 1997 Levels
9-08 Hildebrand Water Line Transition from East Taylor to Jackson
10-08 Adoption of Central Cambria Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan
11-08 Adopting 2009 Tax Structure
12-08 Adopting Proposed 2009 Budget
01-09 Filing DCED Grant Application for Swigle Mountain Water Project
02-09 Approving application for 2009 CDBG Funds
03-09 Filing reports electronically to PennDOT on dotGrants System
04-09 Extending life of Jackson Twp. Water Authority by 50 years.
05-09 Authorizing Submission of RACP Grant for Business Park
06-09 Interim Financing for Swigle Mountain Water Project
07-09 Settlement & Release Agreement - Swigle Mountain Water Project
08-09 Settlement & Release Agreement - Swigle Mountain Tank Site
09-09 Adopting 2010 Tax Structure
10-09 Adopting Proposed 2010 Budget
01-10 Interim Financing for Swigle Mountain Water Project - Som. Trust
02-10 Somerset Trust Banking Responsibilites & Authorizations
03-10 Approving application for 2010 CDBG Funds
04-10 Accept Land Donated Along Raymond Drive
05-10 Oppposition to Forced Local Government Mergers
06-10 Adopting 2011 Tax Structure
07-10 Adopting Proposed 2011 Budget
01-11 Petition PLCB for exemption from noise regulations for Pit Stop 271
02-11 Approving application for 2011 CDBG Funds
03-11 Adopting Proposed 2012 Budget
04-11 Adopting 2012 Tax Structure
05-11 Berkheimer Cost & Collection of Delinquent Taxes
06-11 Cambria County Hazard Mitigation Plan
01-12 Applying for DCNR Grant for Loraine Fishing Pond Project
02-12 Eliminate or Amend State Prevailing Wage Act (Act 442 of 1961)
03-12 Approving application for 2012 CDBG Funds
04-12 Transfer control of Cable Franchise from Atlantic Broadband to Cogeco Cable II
05-12 Approving Fire Protection Agreement with Jackson Twp. Water Authority
06-12 Adopting Proposed 2013 Budget
07-12 Adopting 2013 Tax Structure
08-12 Transfer of Liquor License from Cresson Borough to Jackson Township
09-12 Accepting the Dedication of Donjay Street
01-13 DEP Planning Resolution for Fords Corner North Sewage Project
02-13 Condemation of Easements for Fords Corner North Sewage Project
03-13 Appoint Berkheimer as Tax Hearing Officer for Per Capita Taxes
04-13 Appoint Berkheimer for Collection of Delinquent Per Capita Taxes
05-13 Appoint Liaison Between Jackson Township and Berkheimer - Delinquent Per Capita
06-13 Authorizing Berkheimer to Impose Penalties for Delinquent Per Capita Taxes
07-13 Approve revision of 2011 CDBG Funds
08-13 Approve application of 2013 CDBG Funds
09-13 Adopting 2014 Tax Structure
10-13 Adopting Proposed 2014 Budget
11-13 Procurement of Professional Services for Municipal Pension System
12-13 Dedication of Mallory Lane
01-14 Adopting Proposed 2015 Budget
02-14 Adopting 2015 Tax Structure
03-14 Approve Application of 2014 CDBG Funds
01-15 Environmental Mitigation for Fords Corner North Sewage Project
02-15 Adopting Young Lungs at Play Program
01-06-2015 CPV Fairview Conditional Use Permit
03-15 Adopting Proposed 2016 Budget
04-15 Adopting 2016 Tax Structure
05-15 Approve Application of 2015 CDBG Funds
06-15 Small Borrowing for Capital Purposes
07-15 Petition PLCB for Exemption from PLCB Noise Regulations
00-16 Applying for DCED Grant for Loraine Fishing Pond Project
01-16 Adopting Cambria County Hazard Mitigation Plan
02-16 Adopting Proposed 2017 Budget
03-16 Adopting 2017 Tax Structure
04-16 Approve Application of 2016 CDBG Funds
05-16 CPV Fairview temporary traffic signals on Rt. 271 during construction
01-17 Approval of Fords Corner Sewage Facilities Planning Module
01-17-A Approval of Fords Corner Sewage Facilities Planning Module Revision
02-17 Adopting Proposed 2018 Budget
03-17 Adopting 2018 Tax Structure
04-17 Approve Application of 2017 CDBG Funds
01-18 Adopting Rules for Tax Collection & Payments

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