Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania

Jackson Township Road Department Photo Gallery

Jackson Township Road Crew - 2000.
Buck Alexander, Tim Ford, Denny Mackell, John Monyak, Ralph Mayer

Jackson Township Road Crew - 2004
Gary Mayer, Tim Ford, Frank "Buck" Alexander and
Dan Ditchcreek.  John Sirko Jr. not available for photo.

John Sirko Jr. painting lines on Leidy Lane

Line painting along Leidy Lane

Leidy Lane newly painted lines

Working on Whitetail Road near Mile Hill Road

Dave Bracken inspecting lines on Mile Hill Road
Line Painting Machine on Whitetail Road
allows Township to save money on work that
was previously contracted out

More painting on Mile Hill Road

John Sirko Jr. with new paving machine
jointly purchased with Cambria Township

Tim Ford observes Paver demonstration
at Leisure Village

Running Roller to compact fresh pavement
at Leisure Village

Dan Ditchcreek operating Township roller

View of new paving machine

Buck Alexander (left) patching roads
at Leisure Village

Paving machine allows Jackson Road Dept. to
do more paving than would be possible if
contracted out

New LeeBoy 8510 Paving Machine


More patching at Leisure Village

Side view of new Paving Machine

Road Department at Leisure Village

Adams Avenue safety improvement removed two utility
poles from the roadway area to a private easement area.

Truck has tough time on Nedrich Lane
Snowstorm of February, 2010


Record snowfalls cause havoc on Nedrich Lane
Snowstorm of February, 2010

Snowplow has difficult time making its way through the heavy snow
Snowstorm of February, 2010
Snowstorm of February, 2010

Snowstorm was relentless in amount of snowfall and drifting onto roads

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