Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania


Jackson Township
Street & Road Index

        Abbey Lane
Adams Avenue T-429 4.6    
   US-22   Admiral Peary Highway  
        Aldan Road
        Allbaugh Park Road
Anderson Drive T-831 .14    
        Arrow Road
Bald Eagle Street T-837 .13    
        Ballow Lane
Balsam Street T-821 .19    
        Bear Lane
        Benedict Tower Road
   SR-3039   Benshoff Hill Road  
Blackburn Road T-419 1.28    
        Blue Dolphin Road
        Blue Spruce Road
        Bobwhite Lane
Bracken Street T-482 .76    
Brazil Lane T-714 .96    
        Brenton Drive
Broadwing Street T-809 .17    
        Bruin Street
        Buckhorn Road
        Cardinal Street
        Cee Jays Lane
        Channel Road
Chaser Street T-807 .17    
Cherrywood Drive T-833 .16    
   SR-3045   Chickaree Hill Road  
        Chime Road
        Colbert Place
        Coty Lane
  Country Spring Drive
      County Line Road  
Courter Avenue T-761 .27    
Coyote Street T-815 .20    
        Crane Street
        Creekside Drive
        Custom Lane
        Cyrus Lane
        Deerfield Lane
        Delta Lane
        Demeter Street
   SR-3041   Dishong Mountain Road  
Donjay Street T-830 .10    
        Dovetail Road
Dry Run Street T-804 .19    
        Dynamo Street
Eagle Drive T-825 .13    
        Ember Street
        Empire Street
Fairview Avenue T-510 .14    
Finntown Road T-440 .76    
Fir Street T-822 .08    
First Avenue T-814 .15    
        Flagstone Drive
        Flat Road
        Flintlock Street
Fords Corner Road T-424 2.95    
        Gaboda Lane
        Garnet Street
        Garrison Road
Gillen Lane T-439 .38    
Glenn Street T-810 .08    
        Goldfinch Lane
        Grass Lane
        Greenfield Lane
Griffith Avenue T-811 .76    
Harmony Drive T-438 1.06    
        Heritage Lane
        Herman Lane
        High Point Road
  Hofecker Drive
        Hollow Lane
Hunts Road T-405 .55    
        Johndora Road
        J. R. Lane
        Jude Drive
Kagey Street T-422 .27    
Kepple Road T-388 1.17    
        Kestrel Drive
Kissell Lane T-818 .17    
Kline Avenue T-511 .15    
Laurel Ridge Road T-446 .33    
Leidy Lane T-426 .93    
Leidy Lane Extension T-838 .05    
        Longspur Lane
Loraine Road T-437 1.28    
        Loy Lane
Lyle Street T-425 .30    
        Lynx Lane
Mackall Street T-812 .26    
        Mackinaw Street
Mallory Lane T-507 .23    
Maple Leaf Street T-835 .11    
        Margaret Lane
Marhefka Drive T-802 .11    
        Martina Lane
        Mary Avenue
Maywood Street T-803 .21    
        Meade Street
  Meadow Woods Lane
        Meander Lane
        Mechanics Road
Meiers Road T-417 .20    
Mile Hill Road T-428 2.08    
        Mockingbird Lane
Moshannon Drive T-801 .23    
        Mountain Top Road
Nedrich Lane T-716 .05    
Newcomer Road T-512 .16    
        Niagara Street
Ogden Street T-431 1.43    
Old Nanty Glo Road T-447 .39    
        Olympian Way
        Pace Street
        Paradise Road
Patton Terrace T-834 .16    
Pennway Drive T-436 .40    
Pennzoil Drive  T-839 .18  
        Pheasant Drive
Pike Road (East) T-508 1.31    
  SR-3043    Pike Road  
Pike Road (West) T-509 1.32    
        Pilot Street
Pine Lock Street T-427 .29    
        Pintail Road
Pergrim Street T-430 .05    
   SR-3047    Plank Road
        Pointer Street
        Polaris Drive
        Pompano Lane
Poplar Street T-501 .34    
Price Street T-813 .06    
Pudliner Lane T-756 .10    
        Ranch Road
Raymond Drive T-824 .23    
        Red Oak Lane
        Rimrock Street
        Rocky Road
Rohrbaugh Road T-433 .20    
Rose Branch Street  T-735 .96    
        Saddle Street
        Sculpture Avenue
        Shadow Lane
        Shaffer Road
        Shamrock Street
Sharkey Road T-434 .89    
        Sheffield Street
Shepard Street T-819 .14    
Simmons Lane T-739 1.36    
Smith Avenue T-808 .06    
Snably Avenue T-806 .18    
Snyder Road T-435 .48    
        Solar Street
        Spindle Street
        Spring Glen Drive
        Springhouse Lane
Stagers Road T-432 .25    
Stoneridge Street T-805 .17    
        Stoneridge Extension
        Sunflower Street
        Swan Drive
   SR-3043   Swigle Mountain Road  
        Teal Street
Thomas Street T-823 .46    
        Timberline Drive
Trout Street T-816 .25    
Turkey Path Road T-715 1.32    
        Tyke Street
        Valley Road
Venture Street T-836 .16    
        Viewtop Street
        Vision Street
Wagner Road T-445 2.55    
Warrior Street T-820 .20    
        Warrior Street Ext.
        Water Rock Road
        Weeping Willow Lane
        Whisper Street
White Street T-458 .18    
Whitetail Road T-717 1.15    
   SR-271   William Penn Avenue  
Woodland Street T-423 .30    
Zurenda Lane T-832 .25    

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