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Terrorism Awareness & Prevention Resources

National Crime Prevention Council
Responsible for "National Crime Watch" program and "McGruff" program.  Site is dedicated to crime prevention issues.

Federal Emergency Management Agency
The Federal agency responsible for the Governments response to, and where possible, prevention of disasters.  They are responsible for survival planning and cleaning up after disasters.

Office of Homeland Security
A wealth of information on the Government's domestic response to terrorism and includes the National Security Advisory Level.

Citizens Corp.
A national initiative encouraging people to volunteer to assist in the war on terror.

Center for Disease Control
Information on biological terrorism.

U. S. Postal Service
Tips on mail handling safety.

U. S. Department of Justice
Main link for investigative war on terror and includes latest press releases on the investigation as well as background documents.

FBI Home Page
Information on the war on terror.  Photos of suspected terrorists, links for reporting tips, and press releases.
          FBI Site Terrorist Information

Office for Victims of Crime
Information for assisting victims of terrorism and other crimes.

American Red Cross
Information on relief efforts and resources for recovering from terrorist attacks.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service
Site for many documents and reports relating to terrorism and the criminal justice system.

International Police Institute for Counter Terrorism (private)
Site for general terrorism related issues.  Israeli site so focus is primarily on those groups that target Israel.

Terrorism Research Center (private)
Good list of groups, significant dates, links, and documents related to terrorism.

Anti-Defamation League
Excellent resource for information on anti-Semitic groups targeting Israel or those of the Jewish faith.
          Militia Watchdog
          Good site for anti-government group information.

Southern Poverty Law Center
Provides information on hate groups and militias.  Education center for tolerance.

Security Management
Matters relating to security of industrial and business targets.

U. S. Department of State Travel Advisories
Information on countries that may be a risk or unsafe for Americans to travel or live in.
          U. S. Department of State Anti-Terrorism Page for Private Citizens
          Has a site for reporting tips and a practice site for observation skills and    
          suggestions for what to watch for by categories.
          List of Foreign Terrorists Organizations
          As designated by the U. S. Government with a link to descriptions of each group. 

OSHA, Anthrax and the Mail
Guidelines for dealing with biologically contaminated mail.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Nuclear Regulatory Commission Site for nuclear safety concerns.

ATF, Bomb Threat Planning
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms helps on bomb threat response and planning.
          Suspected Letter & Package Bombs

U. S. State & Local Gateway (look under public safety)
Links to additional sites, documents, etc. on a number of law enforcement and terrorism related issues.

Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania Websites
Office of Homeland Security
State website for information on homeland defense in the Commonwealth.

Pennsylvania State Police
Web site for PSP and also the Commonwealth's link for email reporting of suspicious activity or tips.

Department of Health
Search key words "Emergency Preparedness/Bioterrorism"

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
Responsible for survival and recovery from disasters.

Department of Environmental Protection
DEP's role in domestic preparedness.

Department of Labor and Industry
Search key words "Safety and Security"

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