Jackson Township
Cambria County, Pennsylvania  

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This page is to honor Veterans from Jackson Township who have served our country

The Jackson Township Recreation Commission is in the process of collecting applications listing the names of any Veterans who have served in the Armed Forces and who currently or previously resided in Jackson Township.  The names collected will be put onto a Memorial / Monument to be erected in Jackson Township Veterans Memorial Park.  Please print out as many applications as you need at the following link:


Names are listed by panel and then column.  Panel 1 is on the front of the Monument facing out towards Adams Avenue.  Panel 2 continues counter clockwise to the right of Panel 1.

Panel # 1 (Front facing Adams Avenue)
Panel # 2 (Right of Panel # 1)
Panel # 3 (Right of Panel # 2)
Panel # 4 (Right of Panel # 3)
Panel # 5 (Right of Panel # 4)
Panel # 6 (Monument Expansion to left of Main Monument / Memorial)
Panel # 7 (Monument Expansion to right of Main Monument / Memorial)

You can submit names of Jackson Township Veterans to be added by sending the names in an email to: office@jacksontwppa.com 

Only those whose names are hi-lighted below to indicate branch of military service have submitted applications to be included on the Jackson Township Veterans Memorial / Monument. 

Veterans Memorial & Monument before official unveiling

Jackson Township Veterans Killed In Action

Civil War

Private Frederick Berge  
Private George Campbell  
Balsar Dishong Killed while held a P.O.W. - Died 9/15/64 - Andersonville, GA
Israel Daniel Dishong Killed while held a P.O.W. - Died 2/15/65 - Salisbury, NC

World War I

Loy A. Douglas Killed in France October 17, 1918.

World War II

John Martin Anderson Killed in action on November 5, 1942.
Pfc. William Russel Beatty 82nd Airborne, killed in Belgium January 8, 1945 and buried in France.
Private Samuel Leroy Burkhart Killed in Germany on April 6, 1945
Leo Fredrick Fetzer Killed on July 9, 1943 during the Batan Death March
Loman Davis Killed in battle during 1944.
Alonza Weaver US Army, killed in action.


Harry Lewis Amigh Died on November 20, 1950
Floyd Kent Burkhart Army - Killed on March 3, 1951 - Buried in Mundys Corner.
Damian Wright Army


John Larry Davis Marines, Killed on April 21, 1967
Gary Paul Gay Air Force, Killed on January 27, 1966.


Aaron James Rusin Army - Killed on October 11, 2004.

ARMY Air Force Marines Navy

     Jackson Township Veterans Listing    

Adams, Joseph C.
Adams, Leroy P.
Abrams, Lyndol R.

Abrams, George S.
, Robert M.
Adams, Russell
Aiken, Pau
Albright, William D.
Alexander, Duston M.
Alexander, Wayn
e C.
Allbaugh, Donald J.
Allbaugh, Richard L.
Allbaugh, Thomas J

Allison, Clifford Jr.
Allison, James R.
Allison, William J.
, Frederick

Altimus, Glen L.
Altimus, N. Von
Altimus, Richard L.
Amigh, David A.
Amigh, Harry (Buzz) L.
Amigh, James C.
Amigh, James C.
Amos, Milton
Anderson, Donald
Anderson, Glenn K.
Anderson, J. Gay
n, John M.

Anderson, Lawrence
Anderson, Russell L.
, Gary P.
Angus, George
Angus, Rita C. 
Angus, Walter G.
Antol, Jay J.
Antol, John
Arkwright, William
Arkwright, Wm. Dennis
Aurandt, Car
l L.

Aurandt, David E.
Aurandt, Earl H.
Aurandt, Earl L.
Averi, Dominic A. Jr.
Ayers, John W. Jr.
Bachik, Roger L.
Baker, Guy L., Jr.
Baker, Harry R.
Baligush, Theodore
Ballow, Alex
Ballow, Joseph
Baloga, Paul G.
Barber, Nicholas D.
Baresky, Nick J.
Barkley, Richard H., Jr.

Barnett, Nancy R. (Reed)

Barosky, John
Barosky, Samuel
Barr, Donald L. Sr.
Barr, Douglas G.
Barr, John A.
Barr, Robert
Barr, Stephen E.
Bartina, Edward T.
Bartina, Peter P.
Batovich, Edward D.
Baughman, Earl F.
Baxter, Joseph W.
Bearer, Brian T.
Beatty, William R.
Beiter, Theodore A.
Belles, Paul Jr.
Benedict, James
Benedict, John
Berg, Carl J.
Berge, Frederick
Berger, Inez (Tewart)
Berzonsky, Ronald J.
ichko, Thomas

Bickford, Paul M.
Black, Edward J.
Black, Gomer J.
Bombach, Robert J.
Bombach, Karl J.
Bongiovanni, Paul
Boring, Arthur L.
Boring, Bruce D.
Boring, Charles F.
Boring, Leonard
Boring, Lester
Boring, Richard F.
Boring, Robert L.
Boring, Ronald S.
Boring, Terrill "Pete" D.
Boring, Walter L.
Boring, Walter T.
Boring, Wilbur J.
Bowers, Harry J.
Bowman, Darrell J.
Bowman, Gale D.
Bowman, Ronald E.

Boyer, Arthur W.
Boyer, Jacob J.
Boyer, Philip D.
Bracken, Gayle Elwood
racken, Jacob
Bracken, Monroe

Brett, Christopher D.
Brett, William D. Sr.
Brett, William D. Jr.
Brett, William M.
Brickner, Herbert E.
Britton, Harold K. Sr.
Britton, Porter
Broad, Bernard F.
Broad, Edgar
Broad, James M.
Broad, Joseph
Broad, Robert C.
Broad, Thomas
Brosius, Francis P.
Brosius, Gerald E.
Brown, Ben A.
Brown, Charles E.
Brown, Daniel P.
Brown, Darren S.
Brown, Harry A.
Brown, Jack
Brown, Robert C., Sr.
Brown, Robert S.
Brown, Russell E.
Brown, Tommy L.
Brown, Troy T.
Brown, Walter
Buck, Melvin J., Sr.

Buchanan, James J.
Buckus, Mike Charlie
Buhaly, James A.
Bungard, Lonnie E.
Buriak, Michael
Buriak, William
Burke, Thomas J., Jr.
, Thomas J., III
Burket, Brian R.

Burkey, Daniel Q.
Burkey, Ronald W.
Burkey, Ross A.
Burkhardt, Paul G., Sr.
Burkhart, Floyd Kent
Burkhart, George T.
Burkhart, Wade H., Jr.
Burkhart, Philip
Burkhart, Samuel L.

Burns, Thomas P.
Buynak, Preston S.
Byers, Karl W.
Byich, George S.
Byich, John M.
Caladwell, Robert
Cameron, James A.
Campbell, James A.
, Eileen M.
Candler, John D.
Candler, John B. II
armel, Edward L.
Carmel, Guy Edward
Carmel, Jack
Carmel, James. H., Sr.
Carmel, James H., Jr.

Carmel, Donald R.
Carney, Emerson R.

Carney, Emerson R., Jr.
Carney, Herbert H.
Carney Robert J.
Carney, Samuel R.
Carrier, Robert V.
Cavender, Lester
Ceneski, John
Champion, Rene
Chapman, Edward R.
Chase, James L.
Churilla, Andrew
Churilla, John J.
Cigich, Joseph V.
Clawson, Richard L.
Clawson, Robert L., Sr.
Clawson, Robert L., Jr.
Claycomb, Lester
Cobaugh, John T.
Coleman, John J.
Coleman, Nesbit F.
Campbell, Joseph G.
Cook, William B.
Cook, William I.
Cooper, Lawrence R.
Corti, Mario
Cotterman, David E.
Cotterman, David E., Jr
Cotterman, Kenneth W.
Coulter, Calvin W.
Courter, Janice K.
Courter, Vaughn E.
Craft, Robert E., Sr.
Cramer, Charles
Cramer, Theodore
Croft, Herbert J.
Croft, Paul A.
Crouse, Donald W.
Crouse, Vernon G.
Crowley, Jason
Crowley, Randy
Croyle, Dowey C., Jr.
Croyle, Paul B.
Croyle, Robert G.

Croyle, Thomas G.
Cruley, Joseph R.
Cruley, William T.
Cullen, Vincent
Culp, Robert W.
Cummins, John M.

Cunningham, Donald L.

Cunningham, Jack L.
Cunningham, Robert T.
Custer, Phillip F. (Civil War)
Custer, Virginia R.
Cutlip, Diane

Damron, James W.
Daughenbaugh, Arthur
Daughenbaugh, Dyall
Daughenbaugh, Edwin P.
Daughenbaugh, Harry F.
Daugherty, William G.
Davis, Charles
David, Cyrus W.
David, John Larry
Davis John Lloyd
Davis, Lloyd G.
Davis, Loman

Davis, Samuel P.
Davis, Samuel, Jr.
Davis, Stanley, Jr.
Dean, John W.,Jr.
, John
Deetscreek, Ernest R.
Dernar, Robert
Devlin, Dennis P.
Devlin, Patrick H.
Devlin, Robert R.
Dickert, George H.
Dickert, Henry E.
Dickert, Stephen E.
Dillon, Robert
Dishart, Ed
Dishong, Balsar
Dishong, Barry P.
Dishong, Daniel P.
Dishong, David F.
Dishong, Israel D.
Dishong, Isaac P.
Dishong, Jacob P.
Dishong, John P.
Dishong, Noah A.
Dishong, Paul
Dishong, Peter
Deetscreek, William L.
Dembrosky, Richard
Demchak, John
Demko, Robert J.
Ditchcreek, David A.

Ditchcreek, Leo E.
Ditchcreek, Walter
Ditchcreek, William R.

Dixon, Dale L., Jr.
Dixon, Paul J.
Dodsson, Raymond F.
Dom, Merle
Donaldson, John W., Jr.
Donley, Joseph
Donley, Michael J.
Dostal, David
Dostal, Larry J.

Douglas, Loy A.
Doulan, Joseph M.
Dreikorn, William H.
Dubovecky, John A.
Dubovecky, Matthew A.
Dubovecky, Michael A.
Duda, Michael
Duda, Steve

Dudak, Michael D.
Dudak, Stephen
Dugan, Bertis G.
Dugan, David R.
Dugan, Donald R.
Dugan, Harry L.
Dugan, James H.
Dugan, Kenneth B.
Dugan, Lawrence J.
Dugan, Lawrence J., Jr.
Dugan, Robert E.
Dugan, Roger P.
Dulashaw, Edward L.
Dulashaw, Edward T.
Dulashaw, Fred J.
Dulashaw, George
Dulashaw, Joseph P.
Dunbar, James R.
Eberhart, George
Eck, Allan C.
Edmiston, Carl F.
Edwards, Ronald
Edmiston, Robert
Elliott, Donald C.

Elliott, Elizabeth B.
Emerson, Barry L.
Emerson, Raymond C., Sr.

Emerson, Stephen K.
Emerson, Thoams S.
Eppley, Donald F.
Evangeco, Alex
Eves, Marvin C.
Farabaugh, Ronald E.
Felix, Albert A., Jr.
Felix, Albert A., Sr.
Felix, Chad D.
Fenchak, Charles R.
Fertick, Ario T.
Fertick, Donald T.
Fetzer, Barry L.
Fetzer, Charles, Jr.
Fetzer, Clyde T.
Fetzer, Dean L.
Fetzer, Herbert Glen
Fetzer, Kevin D.
Fetzer, Leo F.

Fetzer, Roy
Fetzer, Willard M.
Finch, David
Findley, Archie M., Jr.
Findley, Dean E., Sr.
Findley, Harry
Findley, Rolley N.
Findley, Russell M., Sr.
Findley, Russell M., Jr.
Findley, Wayne E.
Findley, William H., Jr.
Fisher, Martin H.
Fisher, William G.

Fitz, Oscar R.
Fochtman, Harry F.
Folckemer, Junior M.
Forcellini, Vincent R.
Ford, James C.
Ford, Richard G.
Ford, Robert J.
Ford, Robert J., Jr.
Ford, Thomas G.
Ford, Walter L.
Ford, William G.
Fox, Gerald R.
Freidhoff, John J.
Freidhoff, Joseph J.
Freidhoff, Robert T.
Fry, Robert M.
Fulton, Lillian
Fulton, William A.
Furman, Donald J.
Fye, Joseph C.
Fye, Joyce M.
Fye, Richard E., Sr.
Gaboda, John
Gailey, Albert
Gailey, Lloyd
Gailey, Nathan
Gallagher, James A.
Gallagher, Jennifer L.
Gallo, Frank J.
Gallo, Frank Joseph, Jr.
Gallo, George T.
Gallo, Randall J.
Gallo, Stephen A.
Gallo, Stephen P.
Gallo, William J.
Garver, Jeffrey M.
Garver, Robert G.
Gary, Harold D.
Gay, Gary P.
Gay, Robert L.
Gay, Walmer T., Jr.
George, Albert A.
George, Alfred P.
George, Nicholas P.
George, Regis W., Sr.
George, Walter E.
George, Regis W. Jr.
Gerber, Raymond
Giesey, Arleen

Giles, Frank J.
Gilkey, Clyde

Gillen, David
Gillen, Greg L.
Gillen, Harold W.
Gillen, Stanton
Gillespie, Harold J.
Gillespie, Timothy P.
Gillin, Carlyle
Gillin, Dennis H.
Gillin, Irvin C.
Gillin, Jay
Gillin, Judd L.
Gillin, Roy H.
Gillin, Theodore E.
Gillin, Walter L.
Gillin, Wayne C.
Given, Albon E.
Glass, Kenneth J.
Glavach, Dominick G.
Glessner, Dorothy A.
Glessner, William J.
Goldie, Edward James
Goldie, Thomas K.
Good, Clarence, Jr.
Goodrich, Elaine
Gordian, Francis
Gossard, Clarence E.
Goughnour, Charles P.
Goughnour, Don
Goughnour, Matthew

Goughnour, Raymond E.
Goughnour, Robert
Goughnour, Robert L.
Goughnour, Roy
Goughnour, Ryan Wm.
Goughnour, William
Govekar, Max F.
Graffius, Emerson Roy
Graham, Kenneth R.
Graham, Richard J.
Graham, Robert E.
Grasser, David W.
Grata, Andrew C.
Grata, Andrew E.
Grata, Carl R.
Grata, Donald A.
Grata, Donald R.
Grata, Joseph A.
Grata, Joseph J.
Grata, Stanley A.
Gray, Charles R.
Green, Julianne (Allison)
Gresh, George D., Sr.
Gresh, Michael
Gresh, Peter
Gresh, Walter, Sr.
Griffith, Harry H., Sr.
Griffith, Jack D.
Griffith William A.
Grimaldi, David
Grimes, Daniel J.
Grove, Bill
Grove, Carl Wayne., Jr.
Grove, Dean L.
Grove, Donald D.
Grove, Elmer
Grove, Fred J.
Grove, John L.
Grove, Leland B.
Grove, Ralph L.
Grove, Raymond G.
Grove, Robert W.
Grove, William., Jr.
Hagen, Robert E., Sr.
Hagen, Robert E., Jr.

Hagerich, Jay L.
Hagerich, Paul T.
Hagerich Robert R.
Hagerich, Rodney
Hall, Della A. (Collins)
Hall, William P.
Hamara, Andrew J.
Hamara, Andrew, Jr.
Hammer, Domer G.
Hammer, Donald E.
Hammer, Gerald E.
Hammer, James G.
Hammer, Paul S.
Hammer, Robert M.
Hamula, Harry G.
Hanechak, Edward S.
Hancharick, Joseph S.

Harker, William E., Jr.
Harasty, Erik M.
Harper, Robert
Haschak, Michael J.
Hayes, Sally S. (Schmidt)
Haynes, Beverly J.
Haynes, Oscar W.
Headrick, William G.
Heidenthal, Andrew P.
Heidenthal, William J., Jr.
Heisch, April (Dickert)
Heller, Glenn D.
Helmick, Sherry
Henry, Charles W., Sr.
Henry, Frank V., Jr.
Henry, John C.
Henry, Justin P.
Hesse, Richard A.
Hessler, Matthew A.
Hessler, Robert J.
Hibbard, John W.
Hildebrand, Clifford S.
Hildebrand, Crawford W.
Hildebrand, Donald D.

Hildebrand, Donald S.
Hildebrand, Edward H.
Hildebrand, Forrest C.
Hildebrand, James W.
Hildebrand, Jeffrey J.
Hildebrand, Robert P.
Hildebrand, Ronald
Hildebrand, Ronald J.
Hildebrand, Roy W.
Hildebrand, Russell
Hildebrand, Ryan C.
Hill, Christopher Lee
Hill, Clemence
Hill, George E.
Hill, Larry A.
Hill, Walter C.
Hill, Walter D.
Hodge, James W.
Hodge, Nancy A.
Hofecker, Oliver E.
Hofecker, William E.
Hoffman, Max D.
Holsopple, Harold L.
Holub, Michael A., Jr.
Holupka, John
Homan, Christie L.
Homan, George W., Jr.

Homan, Steve
Hoover, Carl F.
Hoover, James W.
Hopfer, Edgar J.
Horn, Alton E.
Horner, Lavelle Ralph
Houska, Robert F.
Howells, Rodger A.
Howie, Gail V.
Howie, Ronald C.
Ivory, Carole A. Ivory, Gerald T.    
Jackson, LeeAnn   

James, Jessie L.
James, Milan R.
James, Morgan C.
Jarabak, Stephen T.
Jensen, Jay W.
Jessee, Terese (Walk)
Johns, Barry L.
Johns, Hubert D.
Johns, Lewzane V.
Johnes, Lionel B.
Johns, Thelbert E., Jr.
Johnson, Adam A.
Johnson, Harold
Johnson, Homer M.
Johnson, James A.
Johnson, Kenneth L.
Johnson, Malton
Johnson, Michael R.
Johnson, Raymond A.
Johnson, Walter
Johnson, William K.
Jones, Earl E. (Gene)
Jones, Elmer E.
Jones, Harry M.
Jones, John E.
Jones, Philip
Jones, Walter C.
Jones, William H .
Karan, Duzan M.
Karan, Milan
Karlinsey, Donald
Karlinsey, Jay D., Sr.
Karlinsey, Robert L.
Keilman, Robert D.
Keith, Robert H.
Keller, Donald M.
Keller, Gail P.
Keller, Richard B.
Kelly, Hal D.
Kelly, Merel
Kelly, Merle D.
Kelly, Mirl A.
Kelly, Peter
Kelly, Roy D.
Keppler, Edmund
Keppler, Richard
Keppler, Robert
Keppler, Roy
Kerr, Daniel J.
Kerr, Donald G.
Kerr, William G.
Kessler, Carrie L. (Grove)
Keyser, Thomas J.
King, Mary E. (Lehman)
Kish, William
Kist, Joseph X., Jr.
Kivisto, Wilmer H.
Kivisto, Ina S.
Kline, Lyhle A.
Kline, Melanie G.
Knauer, Harry Donald
Knauer, James C.
Knauer, Jerry
Knauer, Kenneth D.
Knobloch, David E.
Knobloch, Ernest H.
Knopsnyder, Richard E.
Konchan, William J.
Kondor, Francis
Kondor, George J., Jr.
Kondor, Joseph
 Kordish, Bernard J.
Kostora, Edwin C.
Kotelinicki, Edward F.
Kovaugh, John T.
Kowalczyk, Andy
Kozorosky, John
Krampy, Joseph J. Jr.
Kris, James S.

Kris, Robert J., Jr.
Kris, Robert J., Sr.
Krisko, Stephen
Kruper, John E.
Kuhar, John T.
Kuhar, Louis A., Jr.
Kuhar, Louis C., III
Kuhar, Marty
Kush, Henry
Lalich, Peter
Lamer, Leo F.
Lashinsky, David J.
Lashinsky, John
Lauffer, Bruce
Lauffer, George F., Jr.
Lauffer, James H.
Lauffer, Raymond C.
Lazeration, John
Leatherman, Jay C.
Leck, Walter F.
Leckey, Donald M.
Lee, Bernard A.
Lee, Dale A.
Lee, Dennis Roy
Lee, Merriman H.
Lehman, Mary E.
Leidy, Blaine I.
Leidy, Clarence, Jr.
Leidy, Edward D.
Leidy, Emerson F.
Leidy, Harold
Leidy, Kenneth
Leidy, Lewis B.
Leidy, Ray A.
Leidy, Roy W.
Leidy, Wayne I.
Leonard, Myron Loy
Leonard, Robert
Lesko, Andrew
Letavish, George, Jr.
Letavish, George, Sr.
Letizia, James
Letizia, Peter
Lewis, Harold

Lewis, Leonard
Ley, Francis E., Jr.
Ley, Thomas G.
Ley, Terry R.
Ling, Clarence H.
Little, Lester D.
Little, James A.
Little, Robert
Little, Roy L., Sr.
Little, William E., Jr.
Litzinger, Charles L.
Long, Donald C.
Long, Edward
Long, Steve
Long, Thomas E.
Long, Thomas Eddy
Lovekin, William
Lucas, Joseph
Lutman, Kenneth
Lybarger, Grant W., Jr.
Lythgoe, John R.
Mack, Larry D.
Mack, Tommy G.
Mack, Wilmer D.
Mackall, Chester M.
Mackall, Chester A.
Mackall, Glenn L.
Mackall, Terry L.
Mackanick, Andrew
Mackanick, Scott A.
Mackanick, Shane J.
Mackel, Charles R.
Mackel, Richard A.
Mackell, Dennis J.
Maderia, Emery
Maderia, Joseph T.
Maderia, Lawrence F.
Maderia, Patrick
Maderia, Thomas J.
Maguth, John E.
Maher, William M.
Majuri, Sharon (Barosky)
Marchu, Samuel R.
Marhefka, Albert
Marhefka, Bernard M.
Marhefka, James R.
Marhefka, Ronald P.
Marhefka, Stephen
Marhefka, Thomas W.
Markovich, Albert A.
Marsh, Raymond W.
Marsh, Willis V. Jr.
Martin, Dillon G.
Martin, Eugene G.
Martin, John K.
Mashensic, John J.
Mauk, Donald B.
Maus, Charles F.
Mayer, Donald D.
McClinsey, Harvey N., Jr.
McClure, Walter M.
McCullough, Jesse R.
McDermott, Morgan J.
McDowell, Louis Merle
McDowell, Thomas R.
McFeaters, Glenn
McGlynn, Bryan M.
McGough, James
McGough, Robert J.
McGraw, Keith
McGlynn, Francis M.
McHugh, John B.
McKeel, Carl
McKeel, Robert Dean
McLaren, Robert
McMullen, Clifford J.
McMullen, Michael A.
McMullen, William E.
McQuinn, Patrick L.
Melius, Gretchen
Mellott, Carl
Mellott, Donald
Mellott, Kevin J.
Mellott, Lorenzo
Mercik, Theodore C.
Metzger, Duane
Meyers, Richard C.
Meyers, Robert George
Michaels, Ann
Michaels, Carl J.
Michaels, Clair
Michaels, Clifford
Michaels, Jay
Michaels, Lester B.
Michaels, Lloyd
Michaels, Milford
Michaels, Raymond E.
Michaels, Roy
Michaels, Walter L.
Michaels, William
Miller, Everett J., Jr.
Miller, James R.
Miller, John
Miller, Justin K.
Miller, Robert E.
Miller, Robert J.
Miller, William E.
Minarchick, Victor S.
Mintmier, Charles H.

Mintmier, Clyde E.
Mintmier, Karl B.
Mintmier, Robert I.
Misner, Ronald E.
Mitchell, Donald D.
Mitchell, Elmer L.
Mitchell, George P.
Mitchell, Harold R., Jr.
Mitchell, Thomas F., Jr.
Mitchell, William H.
Molinik, John J.
Molinik, Nicholas
Molnar, Eugene J.
Monyak, John
Moore, Robert J.
Moore, Ronald E.
Morey, James R.
Morgan, James L.
Morgan, Lawrence
Morihlatko, Francis
Morrison, Fred D.
Morrison, Fred K.
Morrison, Joe D.
Morrison, Thomas R.
Mottin, Kenneth T.
Muir, Donald C.
Muir, Lawrence B.
Mullen, Gerald V.
Mullen, James
Mumau, Clair A.
Murin, Michael J.
Murin, Richard M.
Murton, Darl R.
Murton, C. Donald
Myers, Waid
Nagel, Robert C.
Nagle, Foster J.
Nagy, William C.
Nancarvis, Sidney
Nanna, Larry B.
Naugle, Eric J.
Naugle, William E., Jr.
Nealen, Ronald R.
Nealen, Ronald R. Jr.
Nealen, Vincent G.
Nealen, William D. Sr.

Nelson, Harry J.
Newcomer, Gary L.
Newcomer, Jack L., Sr.
Newcomer, Jack L., Jr.
Newcomer, Raymond F., Jr.
Nischalke, Edward W.
Noel, Alphonse, J., Jr.
Oblinsky, George (Pud) III
Ochenrider, Donald E., Sr.
O'Donnell, James E.
O'Donnell, James E. II
Olie, Frank
Ondriezek, William J.
Ott, Wilford E.
Overdorf, Richard H.
Overdorf, Tom R.
Owens, Hazel M. (Allison)
Packer, John E.
Page, Francis O.
Palencsar, John J.
Palko, Johnathan David
Palko, Joseph S.
Palko, Michael T.
Parloskey, Carl S.
Paskowski, Michael T.
Patrick, David M.
Patrick, Robert J.
Patterson, Dan R.
Patterson, Samuel B., Jr.
Patterson, William A.
Pearson, George E., Jr.
Pearson, Thomas V., Jr.
Pertulla, Ina (Kivisto)
Peschock, Robert N.
Peterman, Ernest L.
Peterman, Richard J.
Petrocelli, Randi (Fetzer)
Plouse, Cecil, R.

Plouse, Edward E.
Plouse, Wade Price
Plouse, Wade Richard
Plowman, Gerald C.
Polka, Thomas M.
Popovnak, James M.
Popp, Michael
Porada, Edwin J.
Powell, Richard
Prindle, Thomas
Pringle, H. Stanley
Price, Rickey R.
Pritchard, John J.

Puch, Joseph
Puch, Scott
Pudliner, Robert R.
Pudliner, Wilfred J., Sr.
Quam, Billie M. (Tewart)
Quinn, Allen
Quinn, Harold P. Quinn, James A. Quinn, John "Jack"
Rager, Alfred I.
Rager, John Michael
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Rorabaugh, Robert H.
Rorabaugh, Robert W.
Rose, Duane D.
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Rouzer, Barry W.
Rouzer, H. Alvin
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Rummel, Andrew W.
Rummel, Matthew M.
Rummel, Thomas William
Rummell, Floyd W.
Rummel, John E., Sr.
Rummell, Leroy H., Jr.
Rummell, Ralph H.
Rummell, William M.
Rusin, Aaron J.
Russell, William H.
Sabo, Charles
Sabo, Joseph
Sabo, Louis W., Jr.
Sabo, Robert
Sabol, John C.
Sajko, Alex
Adjko, Charles J.
Sajko, Gary
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Selfridge, John A.

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Willason, Kathleen M.     
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Wright, Gary
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Wyrwas, Raymond B., Jr.
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Wyrwas, Roger

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Yesenosky, Michael W., Jr.
Yoder, Craig J.
Yost, James F.
Yurasek, Stephen A., Jr.
Zanoviak, Pete Zapola, Clem Zapp, Andrew E. Ziga, Charles J.




The Jackson Township Honor Roll was situated between the old NAPA (Mundys Corner Auto Parts Building) and C & R Motors in Mundys Corner.  The sign was painted blue and white and was lighted.  The idea was conceived by a group called "Mothers Club" and constructed by Hank Quinn and Glenn Crouse.  It was built sometime after 1942 and was made from untreated wood and fell victim to the elements after the war.  At the time of this photo there were 132 names on the roll.

Veterans Memorial Park



Veterans Monument Dedication Program

Todd Swanhart home on leave from Iraq with Senior Center President, Frank Singel

Betty Lybarger, Scout Leader poses with former Boy Scout,
Todd Swanhart who is on leave from Iraq

Veterans & Military

Defend America
US Department of Defense
US Department of Veterans Affairs
Pennsylvania Dept. of Military & Veterans Affairs
United States Air Force
United States Army
United States Coast Guard
United States Corp. of Army Engineers

United States Marines
United States Navy
Vietnam Veterans Leadership Program
World War II Memorial